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How Tall Is Hillary Duff

How tall is Hilary Duff

American singer and actress best known for starring in the Lizzie McGuire TV series and films such as A Cinderella Story and Cheaper by the Dozen. At age 16 and 18 she said she was 5ft 1, although in 2010 in OK Magazine upgraded herself and in 2017 was saying “I’m only 5’2″ so I dress very specifically because I’m so short”

How tall is Hilary Duff

Photo by PR Photos

I’m 5’2″. I’d honestly be happy at 5’4″, but I’d maybe want to be 5’5″

I’ll tell you a secret: I’m only 5 foot 1 and I always have big heels on because I’m so short I can’t stand it. Heels all the time.
— Much Music (2004)

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Average Guess (36 Votes)
5ft 1.1in (155.2cm)

Alanna said on 28/Mar/23
Compared to her and Francia Raisa (5’2), I see being on the taller side of 5’1 from watching HIMYF.

Comentarista said on 28/Mar/23
155cm, don’t remember the footwear but she looked about the same height as Muniz in Agent CB.

Realist said on 21/Feb/23
Atleast 5’1 and very muscular in a lean way. I am surprised by how many actresses on here have so much lean mass.

Alanna said on 5/Nov/21
@Rob Don’t you think she could be at least 5’1.5”? I think the current listing seems a bit too low.

How Tall Is Hillary Duff

Editor Rob

Whilst I thought 5ft 2 was a bit high, I could see the argument for between 5ft 1 and 2

Alanna said on 19/Jul/21
People who have guessed under 5’0” are crazy. 5’1”-5’2” is about right for Hilary Duff.

GTB173cm said on 24/Sep/20
Gonna go with 154cm

FrankR1 said on 23/Sep/20
This is a good photo of Hilary Duff. In some photos she seems to have a very short neck. I’d say that 5’1″ is a fair estimate for Hilary Duff.

Alanna said on 5/Jun/20
Just to be clear Hilary had said she’s 5’2″, not 5’1″.

JohnMoore-162cm said on 17/May/20
@Rob- If Hilary Duff is 5ft1 (I believe she is) , how tall is her husband Mike Comrie , he is usually listed as 178 cm ? I think he is shorter.

How Tall Is Hillary Duff

Editor Rob

I’d agree with Mike looking 5ft 8-9 rather than a lofty 5ft 10.
Nik Ashton said on 29/Sep/19
She’s on the higher end of the short range!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 28/Sep/19
🎂🎉🎁 Happy Birthday Hilary! 🎁🎉🎂

Hilary Duff today celebrates turning 32. Some say it’s a woman’s best age. You still have your looks and you have the sort of confidence you don’t have when you’re in your teens and twenties – unless you’re exceptionally lucky! Added to that, you will definitely not have suffered any height loss, which Hilary can ill afford!

Bradley said on 20/Jun/19
Has to wear 6″ platforms in a recent location shot with Charles Michael Davis. The only way she can do scenes and not look ridiculous short.

Nik said on 4/May/19
She honestly comes across as being taller in the photograph above!

Oliver said on 5/Mar/19
Click Here
Rob,how tall do you think Miss Universe 2008,Dayana Mendoza is?
She is usually described in the 176-8 cm range.
Thank you.

How Tall Is Hillary Duff

Editor Rob

5ft 9.5 isn’t exactly improbable.
Jancys said on 22/Feb/19
I think she is really 5ft 1.
MAD SAM said on 10/Jul/18
Short and petite, 4’11” or 150 cm
Bee123 said on 7/May/17
Always looked around 5’0/5’1 never saw her as more
Claire said on 27/Feb/17
Hilary is a beautiful girl and I would say about 5′ 2″. Very talented too.

Anna said on 6/Jun/16
Not all girls stop growing at 16-18 like some people are saying on here. I kept growing until I was around 20, so it’s possible that she’s grown since age 18.

James B said on 8/Mar/16
Surprised how short she is

Mrfish said on 15/Jan/16
5ft 1in or 5ft 2in. doesn’t matter Hilary Duff is super hot, In my opinion she is more beautiful now than she has ever been and with Her new album which is outstanding.

plus said on 8/Oct/15
@theblacklab normally girls don’t grow up when they reach 16. And more so when the girl is not tall. At 16 and 18 she claimed 5.1 so I think it is right

Brad said on 7/Feb/15
Comrie is 5 foot 8, Duff as listed.

Clay said on 10/Jun/14
Zed says on 3/Sep/13
Mike Comrie is seriously around 5’6.5″. his height is grossly exaggerated. Hillary Duff is around 5’0″ flat foot.

He’s about 5’8.5, usually NHL players listed at 5’10 are really about 5’8.5-5’9. 5’6?? That would make her 4’10” roflmao.

Karen said on 8/Dec/13
I’ve seen her in person and she’s more likely 5 ft tall. I’m actually 5.075 and she was a tiny shorter.

Zed said on 3/Sep/13
Mike Comrie is seriously around 5’6.5″. his height is grossly exaggerated. Hillary Duff is around 5’0″ flat foot.

Jenn said on 23/Feb/13
I’m starting to think she’s an honest 5’2″. By looking at photos of her with husband Mike Comrie, she looks to easily be 9 inches shorter, if not just 8.5″ shorter. This isn’t even accounting that Mike has a footwear advantage – as he’s in trainers while she’s in flimsy flip flops.

Clover said on 7/Feb/13
5ft2in minimum and 5ft4in maximum, comparing with her ​​husband, who has 5ft10in

Clover said on 6/Feb/13
With 5ft10in Mike Comrie Click Here and Click Here

theblacklab said on 11/Nov/12
She may deserve an upgrade. Either she was 5’1″ at 16 and is now 5’2″, or she was inflating her height when she was 16 and was only about 4’11”-5’0″ – so now she is a truthful 5’1″. I personally think that she was about 5’0″ at 16 (sneakily upgrading her height) and now she is either 5’1″ or a generous 5’1.5″.

anon said on 25/Oct/12
Dang who knew she was shorter thn me. N my parents r pretty tall 5’8 n 6’0 but both me n my sister are short. 5’3 (me). 5’4 (sis)

sali said on 24/Oct/12
I can’t believe that she is just 5’1! I thought she was taller.

clue182 said on 1/Oct/12
true. Im 5’10” and my parents are 5’2″ and 5’8″. I got my height from my dad’s female cousins that are 6 feet tall. Still I’m shorter than them.

marla singer said on 29/Sep/12
@svetlana: it’s not the same for everyone. I have a friend whose parents are tall (her mum is 5’8″ and dad is like 6’6 or 6’7) and she got her periods late (when she was 15 or so). She was 5’7″ tall until 17 years old and it seemed she had stopped growing but from 18 to 19 she had a growth spurt up to 5’11”, her definitive height.

svetlana said on 14/Sep/12
at 16, girls growth stopped. So if she’s 155cm at 16-year-old she is still 155cm

marla singer said on 26/Jul/12
Rob, don’t you think she needs an upgrade?
5’1″ is too low, I see her taller than Shakira and Christina Aguilera. or at least same size. but shorter?

Aria said on 6/Jun/12
She’s definitely about 5’2″
Click Here

marla singer said on 14/Feb/12
She looked 5’1 while filming Lizzie McGuire, but now she’s at least 5’2. Just look at her more recent pics yourself.

SIlent d said on 24/Jan/12
Gordon on the lizzie mcguire tv show is tiny. He is shorter than hilary duff. She is 156cm. I heard she was close to 5 foot 3 somewhere. That guy probably grew a bit since then.

Dianne said on 23/Jan/12
18 is typically when girls are fully grown so she’s likely 5f1 now too. Plus she looks it too.

Attila_194cm. said on 20/Jan/12
Maybe 157. under 160.

wendy k. said on 25/Nov/11
There are tall people that wish to have a ‘regular’ height, then there are shortys like me who wish to be taller, then there is the people that have a common height and they’re bored or something and wish to be taller or smaller, so. love your height people! By doing so you will inspire other to love the way they are 😉

Zilla said on 26/Sep/11
Fyi Eli Brown, i watched her say she was 5’1 when she was about to turn 16 and was also talking about how she was sooo excited to get her drivers license and what not. It was either on Lettermen or Leno, i cant remember which one, but i know for a fact she said 5’1 because i was also 15 at the time and 5’1″. and now im 5’2 as well.

Eli said on 18/Aug/11
5’1 for her
jc said on 3/Aug/11
The true height of Hilary Duff is 5 & 2.5 inches so about 5.3 guys.
leonari said on 4/Jun/11
This perfect. She is tiny
alayna said on 10/May/11
in a book it says that she is 5 feet,4 inches.
SimplyAngel said on 7/May/11
Hmmm, I am so inspired by the testimony of Jobina.
lala said on 24/Apr/11
She seems taller 5’2.5ish

CoolKid said on 9/Apr/11
Do any of you people think she is in between 5ft 1, and 5ft 2? Just thinking.

Please reply yes I do think she is in between 5ft 1, and 5ft 2 if you think That she is Thanks.

Jimmy said on 8/Apr/11
On her Twitter :

@HilaryNews that made me laugh! How sweet! Buuuut. I’m 5’2″ biotches!! 😉

Wondering said on 7/Apr/11
I wonder when people say about the celebs height why do they have to say about their height too? Like, “i think she is 5’1″ and i am 5’9”. I mean whats the point? Nobody is curious about your height!

Eli said on 6/Mar/11
I’ll just say 5’1″-5’2″. I am 5’9″-5’10”

Short girl said on 23/Feb/11
I never understood the “problem” with being short I actually think that’s awesome and I agree with john!
Being short is sometimes difficult cuz people around u can be so mean, but I don’t really care cuz I think short people are the cutest ever!! It’s kind off a bonus u can be tall when ever u want just put on high heels, or be short just wear converse or something ;p

The Truth said on 26/Jan/11
She is actually 5’3 (1.60 cm) this is the truth.

shortie xD said on 22/Jan/11
john i just fell in love with you haha. i mean, people shouldn’t care about height, that doesn’t define anything..really ANYTHING. there’s way much more than what meets the eye 😉 personal experience

peyotetimes said on 29/Nov/10
i find it funny reading about women being insecure about their height. i mean, not ha-ha funny, but interesting. most guys are more insecure about their height b/c of the female perspective. apparently not as much vice-versa?

for what it’s worth, the average guy prefers a shorter-average girl, even if the media doesn’t. i know of no guys in the average range discriminating against that female height and a lot of tall guys who don’t either. yet most guys i know in the average range immediately discriminate against the taller girl range.

Eli Brown said on 22/Nov/10
I think she was 5’1″ in her teenage years. I’m like 5’9, 5’10 or 5’11. Corey is 6’1

stynn said on 20/Nov/10
i seems 5.3″

lee said on 25/Jun/09
in the photo with kristen bell kristen was in 6 inch heels so she goes from 5’1″ to 5’7″ so she will look taller than hillary in like 3 inch heels as hilary is also 5’1″

Jane said on 15/May/09
i saw her in concert before, i was in the fron row too and yes she was wearing heels, but she really did look taller then 5’1. i thought 5’4 at the shortest. she is really pretty in person too.

Somborac said on 10/May/09
I met her at a fan convention last month, I went strictly because I have a crush on her: she’s gorgeous, kind & a great actor. I told her that & she smiled & said “you’re very cute & sweet yourself”. But about her height, my brother took a pic of us, I’m 6ft & had nearly a foot on her. so I’d say she’s about 5’1″ 1/2.

leonari said on 24/Apr/09
give me a break. looking average height
her whole body screams super short.Nothing wrong with that. She is gorgeous and talented. 5’1 is max for her

Deb said on 23/Apr/09
Hillary is not even 5f because next to 5f2 Jennifer Love Hewitt she is at least 2″ shorter Click Here

Katrina said on 23/Apr/09
Whats really strange is that for my whole life I thought Hilary was about 5’5 at least, she never seemed to look like a short chick, but now that Ive seen all these comparisons she is obviously around the 5’1 mark, but if hayden is around the same height how come she looks super short while hilary looks to be of average height?

anonymous said on 22/Apr/09
5 foot 2 max.

Heightgirl said on 10/Apr/09
I doubt she ever hit 5f. She looks at least 2″ shorter in that picture with 5f1 Kristen Bell.

alex said on 26/Mar/09
she is actually as tall as hayden..a bit shorter than kirsten bell.
a little while ago she got very thin(during her album “dignity”z release) at that time she looked taller. She has short muscles just like hayden. Than makes her look even smaller. What saves her from lookin absolotly tiny is her very intelligent dressing sence which compliments her body.

cassie said on 25/Jan/09
Being 5’1 isn’t “very short”. it’s petite which is often a good thing.

When you’re petite, you’re cute and pretty rather than beautiful and goregous because you’re taller.

She LOOKS about 5’2 because she’s slim. I’m the same way. I’m 5’3 but people think I’m 5’4 or eeven 5’5 because I have long legs and am slim.

5 ft 3.2 said on 22/Jan/09
But the magazines say that she is 5 ft 2. Either way, she’s short. I don’t like Hilary Duff; she tries so hard to be sexy, but she can;t get rid of that innocent look. That goes for Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, and Miley Cyrus too.

Anonymous said on 10/Jan/09
so..guys im 15..n im just 5 foot dat means m very short right?
people keep telling me that

Anonymous21 said on 2/Jan/09
I think Hilary has always looked butch. She doesn’t have much of a waistline coompared to Hayden. What I did notice in some pics that some of you posted is that she has big hands or long fingers. I love her music.

anonymous said on 27/Dec/08
Chris noth is 6 foot 1 and he towers over her in the perfect man by about 30cm. She is 5 foot 1.

Anne Williams said on 23/Dec/08
she really is 5ft 1 i met her and i was about 5ft and she was barely taler then me

d said on 21/Dec/08
riley, remember she is wearing heels. that gives her so much more height, and she was on stage too so she appears taller than if you were standing next to her.

5’1 seems right. she is a very very small girl.

Rileyyxxx said on 16/Dec/08
hilary duff is not 5.1 i saw her in concert she was about 5.4 and i saw that a lot of places too but she is definately taller then 5.1 idk where u ppl get this

Anonymous said on 7/Dec/08
Well, she’s definitely shorter than Kristen Bell:
Click Here

And she’s shorter than Hayden Panettiere too. She needs to be downgraded, or the other two need to be upgraded.

See also  Sydney Sweeny Feet

🙂 said on 3/Dec/08
I met Hilary Duff at her concert in dublin. when she walked into the room we were all sooo shocked how petite and small she was(yet looked stunning.)I wouldnt have believed she was 5 ft 1..if i hadnt have met her.

Alex said on 25/Nov/08
She was shorter than Hayden? Hilary I thought looked a little over 5’0. 5’1 would look right.

Becky said on 21/Nov/08
I always thought before i found out hilary duff’s height which is exactly my mom’s height that hilary duff was 5’4 or 5’5!It was because of what kind of shoes she was wearing to special events!I think hilary duff is not 5’1″ i think she is more 5’2″ not even!When i saw her on lizzie mcguire, she was a little bit taller than miranda!Miranda was wearing flat sneakers and she was wearing platform pink wooden sandals!She even looked taller than both gordo and miranda even though she was petite for a girl!I’m 5’5″ which is pretty average height for a girl my age or younger and when i wear high heels, most people can’t tell if i am taller or shorter depending on how high the heel on the shoe is!On camera, my film english teacher tells me for a girl my height i can either look much taller than i do on camera or i can look shorter and make the people around me taller than me!But, it’s my choice and i choose the first one because i want my height to be powerful than it needs to be instead of letting it be subtle and not show!Tall people look shorter on camera because they sometimes tend to slouch to not let their height show because they are tall which means it could look intimidating to most people or maybe it’s difficult for them to find clothes that are perfect to play their character in different movies!Short people on the other hand tend to look taller on camera because sometimes depending on body structure, they can easily get away with anything with the camera because they want it to make them look taller or maybe sometimes females wear extremely high platform shoes to make them look much taller than most people!I’m medium height and i am not either of one of those people because my height is unique and i am not afraid to let it show!

LilLee said on 21/Nov/08
Hillary was a head shorter than Taylor swift that makes her 5 foot 2

shayu said on 13/Nov/08
wow. me shiftin to singapore 🙂 me 20 & onli 5.1 🙂 realli dsnt matter hw tall hilary is,shes an amazin person and has got loads of brain and an amazin actress and singer :). dsnt make her any less thn all the tall chicks in the industry,shes better thn all of thm put 2gethr..

I know every thing. said on 9/Nov/08
True!like always! 😉
all of her boyfriends are in this range (168-178),all of her favorites actors are in this range (i forget his name but im sure he was,165-173,james dean) and all of boyz she works with,in her movies are in this range (like lizzie MG,166-180,Like Cadet Kelly) and i am sure she is 155.00 cm and she prefers a 170 cm boy like me.under 170 looks not so good and above this,is not so good for her dignity!because its look like a Bodyguard for her,not a boyfriend.

Anonymous said on 9/Nov/08
She is DEFINITELY shorter than Hayden Panettiere. Either Hayden needs to be upgraded or Hilary needs to be downgraded.

anonymous said on 9/Nov/08
She’s five foot 1 in the perfect man. Chris noth said she was tiny. In a cinderella story she does look five foot 1. She’s five foot 1.

Heightgal said on 8/Nov/08
She`s under 4f11.5 because she`s at least an inch shorter than 5f0.5 Hayden

Jessica said on 7/Nov/08
says on 7/NOV/08
I wish I can meet you anywhere around the world, because your voice really impresses me very much, but I have read in magazines that you were a 5’4 , is that true or not, it doesn’t matter, because a 5’1-5’4 is a good height to pose, and I’m honest about this, thanks for reading this!

runt said on 5/Nov/08
down in her range, 1″ is more signifigant and is a more signifigant lie not only because its a larger percentage of overall height (1/60 as opposed to 1/70), but because with the head being smaller than 8″ it makes for a greater appearance of height differences because of eye level differences. 5’3″ standing next to 5’1″ looks towering compared to 6’3″ next to 6’1″–which is in the 9″ head range.

Natalie said on 2/Nov/08
To some who said that an inch doesn’t make any difference anyway, then she can say she’s 5’2 if that what makes her feel good ^^ Why such a big fuss on whether shes 5’1, 5’2, or 5’3. NOw if some1 said she’s 5’7, then its really impossible. But a 5’1 can pass for a 5’2 or even almost 5’3 if they have good posture and nicely proportioned? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m 5’3 and sometimes ppl said I’m taller [and I exploited their belief by investing in good heels] :-p

Teresa said on 27/Oct/08
I met her in 2007 in november. I was about 5 feet and she was just a little taller then me, I’m guessing she 5 foot 1. Now im 5 foot 4 around there.

Anonymous said on 14/Oct/08
To Anonymous about Mike’s joke.. its Glenn in the background hehe
Anonymous said on 2/Oct/08
hilary said,”i’m almost 5’2″at some kind of interview about 2 years ago.

Harry said on 15/Sep/08
I think she should be about 5’8″ as she looks very tall in the movies & photos. I am great fan of hillary . I fall in his love when i saw him in the show lizzie Mcguire. I see hillary duff in my dreams in the roll of my girlfriend. I have never seen hillary duff really as i live in india & there is not a single show of hillary on TV. I am of 16 & i am of 5’5″. I can see hillary photos on net because there is not any sourse to see hillary . My best friend shekhar want to marry with hillary . He gone mad behind hillary. He have proposed one girl because she looks like hillary

Brad said on 8/Sep/08
Stood right next to her, as above at 5′ 1″ is correct, she’s tiny.

Sarah said on 7/Sep/08
Wow i think she should b abt 5’3? I’m from Singapore and i’m 5’4 and am considered tall. So hilary duff would not be short here. she’d fit right in.

Emily : ) said on 22/Aug/08
I never thought she was that small.Hmmmm. Also wondering about the person that claims to be Hilary not too far down the page. I think she looks taller than 5’1 though, but I don’t know and honestly it doesn’t effect me so whatever.She seems like a super person though. Also Alexia why are typing (talking) typing so weird it is kind of difficult to understand

Mark said on 19/Aug/08
Is it true hilary gained inches after losing weight..

iris said on 7/Aug/08
hilary and hayden are probably the same height. i just think hilary is more proportional, which makes he look taller

Anonymous fan said on 2/Aug/08
I saw her at her concert she was wearing massive heels but i would give her a solid 5’2 mabey even 5’3

Anonymous said on 23/Jul/08
Mike. I don’t get the joke. The pic is of Avril Lavigne.

Mike said on 13/Jul/08
hey glenn, i was surfing the web and i found this.. i couldn’t beleive it was you, but it is! (don’t know if you’ve seen it before) Click Here

alexia said on 30/Jun/08
hillary duff is no doubt NOT taller dan Hayden..if nt shorter.. dey both are very pretty. i think hillary’s body being more toned up( esp after her dignity album’s release). she looks taller..hayden is a bit chubbier..

Anonymous said on 20/Jun/08
she has a very short neck.. and also bad posture . not very helping.. 5’1” looks right,

Anonymous said on 20/Jun/08
I agree with alexia. There have been NUMEROUS instances of Hayden and Hilary together, and every single time, with no exception, Hayden looks taller. Yet this site still lists Hilary as a half inch taller.

alexia said on 19/Jun/08
Click Here

..another one..hillary lookin short in heels..though a liltle in front of camera. which shud make her look taller neways

alexia said on 19/Jun/08
Click Here
nw see dis. hayden looks taller..nw u wondering abt heels??
so chk dis Click Here
if u look closely..its d same heel.
nw i wonder is hillary is even 5’1″..she looks shorter dan hayden.
den inn NOT 5’2″ no manner. a 5’8″ milo towers on her
. bt bottomline..both gals r cute n super hot. hands down!

alexia said on 19/Jun/08
Hayden Panettiere[pardon the spellin] is 5’0.5″ max!!
so chk dis Click Here
dey look d same height..i’d say hillary no way taller dan 5’1

j said on 17/Jun/08
theres a pic of hil with madden guy and shakira, shes the same height as shakira and shakira is 5.2

Katherine16 said on 16/Jun/08
Hey,I am 16 years old and I am 5.3 1/2inch. so that’s not short. People who are short look very nice and petite. Oh,ok-back to Hilary-I think she is 5.4-I don’t think she is short,I don’t think she is tall-Normal height for me!

megan said on 15/Jun/08
she is not 5’1″. She is like 5’5″. If she’s just 5’1″, then how tall are her shorter costars. They would be like 4’7″!

Andre’sgrl said on 11/Jun/08
Really, Hilary is only 5″1″ I always thought that she was at least 5″3″ or 5″4″, she looks taller. I don’t believe it.

Mayur said on 1/Jun/08
For Clo:
Man being 5’1″ is not bad at all. I have my girlfriend 5’1″ tall and she is quite petite too. She looks very small compared to other girls who are again 5’1″. So just “knowing” how tall someone is, you won’t be able to tell whether someone “looks” that short/tall or not! You gotta take into consideration your build stature too!

Clo said on 24/May/08
Omg i cant beleive hilary duff is 5’1! I am 5’1 and get the piss taken out of me at school because i am so short nad i hate it! But Hilary Duff doesn’t look short at all so i can’t look that short either right?

Jes said on 21/May/08
Its funny how when you read about male actors everyone thinks they’re over 6’0 and they’re always like 5’10 and when you read about actresses everyone thinks they’re under 4’0

Izzy said on 18/May/08
I think she’s 5’2″ she looks a bit taller than 5’1″.

glenn said on 30/Apr/08
after all that,i realised it was brad too.surprised brad would get that low.after i tried to make peace with can delete my tirade.however,im gonna leave a message for brad.if he reads it.

Anon2008 said on 30/Apr/08
lol glen, “i’ll catch you fatman”

glenn said on 30/Apr/08
cro-ho-its easy to talk **** in front of a that **** in my face.i think i know who you ill catch you your back in nyc.crayton or tyler.your a sick fuk who cant get women nor has a life.your dumb cause i hear that youve been talking **** about me,but when i stepped in your face you were p u s sy kid..i was gonna knock your teeth out,but you were scared ****.kiss,kiss from me to you. :-0

How Tall Is Hillary Duff

Editor Rob

sorry, that was Brad slipping through the net there. I deleted the comment.

WZZA said on 27/Apr/08
its a surprise hilary never looked short to me 😛 about 5ft 5 or 5 ft 6 from what i though. my mum is 5 ft 2 but if shes in heels she can look 5 ft 5. i guess heels are realy helpful !! they should make shoes for men that makes u taller !! hehehe

ashwini priyaa said on 13/Apr/08
it’s quite weird than 5’1″ is short because i am 145m and havent been growing for over 5 years already. i am 15 and i am skipping alot and using the monkey bar and all but i never seem to grow at all .

Ramsay Fan #420 said on 2/Apr/08
I’m 6 ft and have met Hilary. Standing next to her, she came up to only my shoulders. I had about 9 inches on her, so she’s about 5’2″.

Melinda said on 2/Apr/08
Weird. Hilary never gave off a “short impression” to me. I always pegged her to be 5’4”.

Stephanie said on 20/Feb/08
Everyone is different and grows at different rates. Lots of girls are done growing by 12/13 so it’s not surprising you’re 12 and taller than she is. Hilary’s mom is only 4′ 10″ so she doesn’t have genes to be tall.

Grace said on 15/Feb/08
Hilary looks way taller than 5’1. I can’t believe she’s shorter than me!I’m only 12 and i’m already 5’4. How much does Hilary weigh?

C. said on 11/Feb/08
@ amused: Not necessarily. Most, but not all. However, if you haven’t grown since 12-13 as a female, then you most likely are not going to grow anymore. But obviously Hilary looks 5’1″. Possibly 5’1″ and some change, but really. can you actually tell too much difference? I think not.

amused said on 6/Feb/08
i’m always amused by how people like to come on here, pretend they are celebs, and claim that they are “in actuality” “this height”. Duff is no way in hell over 5’1″. Every picture proves otherwise. And yeah, I’m sure a girl like her (who looked to have reached puberty at 13 or 14) grew five or six years later. It’s common knowledge that girls only have a couple of years to grow after hitting puberty.

ruksa said on 2/Feb/08
so wat if shes 5’1 or 5’2 ders ova celebs even shorter lol. d thing dats important iz her talent nd shes got alot ov it bless her xx

Hilary said on 14/Jan/08
Hi, I understand most of you think I’m 5’1 but in actuality I am 5’2, and you probably think I’m lying coz of the collossal collection of comments suggesting so, but I have grown since the last time I publicly commented on my height. It’s nice however that most of you guyz have been really supportive- thanks.

Tracey said on 10/Jan/08
I was always very short and i admired mant of the celebs because they looked taller than most people. Turns out this is wrong. In fact, right now im taller than most of them, But im still short!

sjm said on 5/Jan/08
I saw Hilary and her sister last night at a sushi restaurant in Hollywood. She looked about 5’2″, her sister looked about 5’4″. Hilary didn’t look as small as I thought she would be. Both are real cute.

Dunken said on 4/Jan/08
Brazilian, pics or work.

Brazilian said on 3/Jan/08
Hello you all!! I have been visiting this website for quite sometime, since I find it really funny how actors like Sylvester Stallone and Tom Cruise try to look taller than what they actually are. First of all I`d like to say that I find it really odd that there are no pictures with Hilary on this website, there are such less known celebrities with pictures around here, and a person like her is not on this web I find it quite hard. About her height, I can guarantee all of you she`s 5ft1, to be more precise a little bit less. I`m 5ft5 myself (not tall at all for a man) and when she`s wearing high heels she still doesn`t reach my height. We`ve actually seen each other a lot these past days in all kinds of footwear (we even went to the beach, both barefoot) and she is really a small person. Before Hilary, I met Hayden Panettiere, and they are the same height, maybe Hayden is 0.2 inches smaller, but they are both around 5ft1. She`s small, but she`s really cute, we`ve been seeing each other since she`s in Brazil for 2 shows, and I really love the way she looks, her look totally matches her size. Well, I`ll see if I get you guys a picture than. Regards

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Bob said on 31/Dec/07
it’s good to be 5 ft 1 in, because it’s not too tall and not too short

Doo said on 30/Dec/07
Hi everybody, I was just watching ‘a cinderella story’, and I was wondering how tall she was. That’s how I got at this site. I don’t know if everything I’m saying is ‘good’ english, because I’m Dutch. But it’s kind of a kick to be sort of in contact with people from countries like America and England. I myself am only 159, but I don’t know how much foot that is. And I was also wondering, how tall is 5’10, is that like 170? because that would sort of mean that that 10 means about 5 centimeters or so.. well, whatever, i’m okay with my height, it is sort my won thing, and everybody always recognises me because i’m so small, everybody knows and I have many (k)nicknames. But they all mean it well, it makes me who I am! 🙂 Byebye, i really enjoyed writing all this down, you have no idea how big my smile is at this moment!:D

sandeepshimpi said on 19/Dec/07
Hi Guys,

Found some cool new videos of Hilary Duff on a film set of her latest movie
Safety Glass movie, not sure if anyone has seen this already, credit to
Hollywood North Insider website as I found it there, you can see them below:

Tanzie said on 18/Dec/07
on one of her fansite it said she was “5’2”
P.I.M.P. said on 11/Dec/07
Gen, you look up to everyone cause your shorter that fergie

Gen said on 8/Dec/07
It’s good to know she’s only 5’1″ and that celebs can be short. Im 14 and only a little over 5’2″ and HATE being short cause everyone always towers over me 🙁 oh well at least i have ppl to look up to: hilary, hayden pannetière and kristen bell 🙂

Sarah said on 4/Dec/07
i don’t know what to think about it cause alot of website says that hilary is definatly 5’4″ .;;

Christy said on 1/Dec/07
Lol I need that confidence. I’m 4’11” I think. 15. Ah well ^-^ I’m okay with my height because my boyfriend, friends and family is too lol.

eliza masen said on 27/Nov/07
yes. i agree completely with haydenn. that is VERY true. i myself am 5’10. and i HATE being tall! and i actually stopped modeling, for several reasons, but i still believe that u honestly should not even care about your height, especially all of u young ladies out there, i know it probably is even harder on u guys, but keep ur head up and dont let those comments get to u. oh right! back to hilary..sorry i personally think she is 5’1 or so because a friend of mine has seen her in person and well, she ( my friend) is only 5’2. and she said the hilary was just a little shorter than her.

haydenn said on 23/Nov/07
hey gurlies. who even cares how tall you are. i model. i’m 5’6. which is very short for a model, and i guess kind of tall, for normal. ok i got SICK of ppl telling me i am short when i modeled. and ppl saying ‘wow you are tall’ like in normal life. WOW people. you just learn to say ok and like not CARE how tall you are because it’ll be different in everyones eyes. there will always be ppl taller than you, and always shorter. So it uh kinda doesnt matter in the long-run. we’re all different. we’re supposed to be. so um we dont need to like idolize celebrities and try to figure this stuff out to ‘be just like them’. WHO CARES. the hottest girls are the most confident ones!! 🙂

anonymous said on 20/Nov/07
im only 4’9″ ..why would people understimate shortie like me. they luk at me with weird eyes. help.

Anonymous said on 10/Nov/07
I don’t think Miley is 5’6″ yet. She’s 5’4″. 5’4.5″ max.
Therefore, a “few” inches shorter would mean 5’1″ is probably correct.

maddie said on 7/Nov/07
if you look at the pictures where she’s standing next to miley cyrus who is like 5’5 or 5’6, she only looks a couple of inches shorter than her.

Anonymous said on 7/Nov/07
It’s not that people on here are underestimating shorties, remember this is It’s the fact that these celebs are lying about their height. If you’re short, than you’re short, why lie. I’m a guy and stand at only 5’5″ and I don’t lie about that.

alia said on 7/Nov/07
ohh guys!! dont underestimate the shorties. it’s not because they want to be short. it’s because of their genetics! duh! shortie can rock the world. they also can be tall in many other ways. maybe in careers and sports. just dont look down to them just because you are 5’5″ or taller than that. that is so pathetic ok!

nowadays we can do surgery to be tall/ if u have the money just do it. but stand the pain.

p/s: all humans are the same. because we’re humans. nothing can change it. physical apperance can be changed. =) the most important thing is out heart and honesty.

Anonymous said on 6/Nov/07
Hilary Duff is officially very short. Probably under 5′ b/c here she is with Hayden Panettiere. One picture you can she their shoes and the other one they’re standing side by side.
Click Here

A said on 6/Nov/07
Click Here
Is Hilary Duff under 5′, she looks shorter than Hayden Panettiere in this pic.

Jessi said on 23/Oct/07
Ti Giulia- that wasn’t a prejudice comment or anything was it? Tall people rock to, chica. I’m 5’10 and a 1/2, my mom is 5’8”, my 15-year-old twin sisters are both 5’9”, and my eldest sister is 5’11”. No one has ever told any of us that our heights are unattractive- the very opposite, in fact. So- being tall is pretty neat too, little one.

aloha wau ia oe said on 22/Oct/07
I’m 4’10 and live in Hawai’i.
I’m glad to be short because not everyone is tall here.
Plus, the guys like my height too.

fatima said on 20/Oct/07
hiiiii mariam! don’t worry about your height coz my friend is 17 years old and she’s also 5’2 and i’m 5’1 and only in the 7th grade trust you will be at least 5’4 not to make any girl upset but girls heigts stop at the age of 15 or 16

Evanna said on 16/Oct/07
Oh yeah, I forgot the 5’7″ Ellen Pompeo. 😉

Evanna said on 16/Oct/07
A couple of days ago I watched MTV’s “All Access – Hollywood’s Skinniest Celebrities” show (a re-run probably, but I hadn’t seen it before). It was hilarious, as every single height (except Keira Knightley’s) was inflated by 1-2 inches. They went on talking about (sic!): * 5’7″ Kate Bosworth, 5’7″ Kate Moss, 5’6″ Lindsay Lohan, 5’6″ Ashlee Simpson, 5’6″ Victoria Beckham, 5’2″ Hilary Duff, 5’4″ Thandie Newton * etc. Of course the point of the show was the said celebrities’ weight (i.e. the lack of it), but I couldn’t stop thinking: Yeah, right. You guys should visit sometimes!

chloe said on 15/Oct/07
if you want to be tall, try eating very healthy. im not sure there is much you can do about getting taller unless you get constuctive surgery. im 5’8 and everybody calls me the grasshopper. (

Mariam said on 12/Oct/07
Im 5’2 And Im 15 Years Old .. And I Want To Be 5’7 Want Can I Do ? Please Give Me Some Advices

Giulia said on 8/Sep/07
I’m 5’1.5
I agree too. Short people rock. And I’ve seen lots of people already on this site who are around our height.

Anonymous said on 4/Sep/07
i agree with Selen I’m 5’2 and it is good to know celebs can be short

Selen said on 2/Sep/07
Well, im fifteen and i’m 5ft 1 too, actually it feels really good to know that celebrities could be short too.

Anonymous said on 2/Sep/07
She is quite short. She looks taller in some movies by wearing high heels.

Tammy said on 31/Aug/07
Actually, I am 5 feet tall-and I love it. I rarely meet tall girls who love towering over everyone else.

Anonymous said on 7/Aug/07
I just saw Hillary in Vancouver on Friday, August 3rd. I was standing beside her in an elevator and got a very good look. She is maybe 5’0. definitely no taller then 5’1. She was wearing flip-flop shoes.

Chris said on 6/Aug/07
i guess she’s 5’1 (1,55 m).
she’s short. i watched her movie “raise your voice” and she seems to be very short! oliver james (jay) is 1,80 m. he’s not so tall and she seems to be a child by his side! she’s definitely 5’1! maybe 5’2, but not more!

Crissy said on 6/Aug/07
Chloe actually is normal height for an 11 year old. I’m guessing 5’2-5’3? Well I am 14 and 5’7.5-5’8. But I was her height when I was 10!! lol. But she should be a tall girl. Unlike Hilary duff apparently

Anonymous said on 16/Jul/07
And you trust US Weekly, Hey? One time they listed Lindsay Lohan at 5’7″.

Anonymous said on 16/Jul/07
Well, Chloe, you’re tall for an 11 year old. You have probably more than 5 years to grow. so you’ll be like 5’8-5’9″+ I’m guessing. Congratulations.

Chloe said on 14/Jul/07
I am 11 years old and I am taller than her!

Flower said on 11/Jul/07
The shorter the better for women.. I mean also for the men, because they adore short women.

Hey said on 11/Jul/07
Click Here . in the new issue of Us magazine she states she is 5’2” and 109 pounds.

Anonymous said on 9/Jul/07
Click Here
Here’s Katie & Hilary. Either way, her comparison to Katie and Meredith establishes her as 155-157 cm.

Anonymous said on 9/Jul/07
Meredeth Viera is 5’3″. And she said so many times. (Click Here)

Not 5’5″. Hilary is shorter than Viera. So Hilary is no more than 5’1-5’2″.

Anonymous said on 7/Jul/07
Click Here

If you look at the picture of Hilary standing next to John Cusack (who is 6’2″), she is definitely more than a foot shorter.
Click Here

Franco said on 6/Jul/07
just watched MuchMusic june 2007 live in canada video of her. HOT AS HELL.

she had also heels (fetish ones like 10cm ones) she looked 163cm at most.

Hilary is no more than 156cm.

Brad said on 1/Jul/07
Couric? Viera is about 5′ 5″. Hilary is wearing massive heels.

Anonymous said on 1/Jul/07
She’s definitely 5’1″. Katie Couric is an “official” 5’1″.
Click Here
Hilary and Katie are both wearing heels for sure but I can’t compare since it’s not in the picture. Hilary’s heels are pretty big. Click Here

Brad said on 1/Jul/07
Wears massive heels but still looks short.

Anonymous said on 26/Jun/07
Franco says on 8/Mar/07
absolutely true! she just appeared on italian TV and she was short as hell even with heels. true.

That must be a typo Franco, come on, she’s got to be at least 2 cm’s tall. Haha. I finally found a human that is smaller than my jock strap. She’s a pocket size pop star.

Anonymous said on 22/Jun/07
You can still grow suddenly at 18/19 years old, I’m now just a little over 5 ft and 14(almost 15)year old. In a hospital they made a picture(for my skeleton age)and they said I would grow until my 19/20, They said I would grow from now on 2 cm I’ll be 5 ft 1 in. I think she is rounding up to 5 ft 1, I think she is 5 ft/5 ft and a half

Anonymous said on 10/Jun/07
She’s 5’1. Shorter, maybe. No way she’s more than 5’2. She looks to me about 5’4 or 5’5 in 3ish-inch heels? And after stating that she was 5’1 since she was 16. I doubt she’s had a growth spurth and that’s exactly why I don’t believe that she turned 5’2 this year. But still, she looks tall, that’s an accomplishment =D.

yay said on 7/Jun/07
she can be 155 maybe taller maybe smaller. better she should start to think bout her weight.

Daniel said on 5/Jun/07
i think she’s about 5.1 (about 1,55m) but there’s a thing i’m used to the metric system, and somehow it might be more accurate if someone get’s the opportunity to measure her then go ahead and then say something or try to compare her with tony braxton, tony’s about 1,53m

Flower said on 28/May/07
She didn’t really grow up. There were rumours she suffered from anorexia so that means no doubt she can get taller. Hmm I don’t know. somewhere says she could be 5’4″ and people look taller on tv.

voodoo doll said on 18/May/07
I met her once outside a restoraunt and i am 4’7 and she was wearing 2 inch heals and looked the same as my friend who’s 5’3 so i would guess 5’1.

glenn said on 18/May/07
where do you live?

Kassidy said on 17/May/07
She was at my school today, no lie!! I think she’s about at least 5’2″ or 5’3″ because she had on like 3-5 inch heels and was just a smidge taller than me and I’m 5’7″ & i got her pic & a copied autograph, not the real thing, but close enough coz the copy was from a real siggy. & She didn’t even sing.

hayden said on 16/May/07
hilary looks taller right now cause she’s thin. but i think she is 5’2..

Anonymous said on 15/May/07
if she said she is 5 ft1(I saw 2 videos)I think she is rounding up a little bit, I think she is 153 cm..but you can’t see 2 cm difference good, so it doesn’t matter anyway

Anonymous said on 13/May/07
In Blender Magazine, she now claims “I am five-feet-two.”
Click Here

Anonymous said on 13/May/07
2007–CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN PUMPS–“Hilary Duff adds some serious height to her 5’1″ stature with her wood platform pumps while out and about in L.A. and N.Y.C.”
Click Here
At least one source goes by Hilary’s real height–5’1″

Anonymous said on 13/May/07
Pictures can be deceiving. Just look at the picture posted on Jessica Simpson’s page next to John Mayer. She looks taller than John even though John is one foot taller than she is. It’s all about the camera angle.
Hilary is definitely 5’1″—she looks 5’1 next to other 5’1 people, like Hayden Panettiere and Nicole Richie.

Franco said on 2/May/07
looks kinda tallish, maybe 5’2 after this pic, maybe my impression.

Daria Pezzella said on 27/Apr/07
She is shorter, i’ve seen her on flight from new york to l’Aquila, on the plane suddenly she took the feet of the steward becouse she was very nervous becouse she was angry and started screaming to us that she didn’t eat girella since she became a popstar

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ally said on 22/Apr/07
Ok. so why does it matter that much, how tall Hilary
is? She is human and 5’1″ or 5’2″ is not much of a difference. If she said 5’1″ to 5’7″ that would make a difference! Come on. get a life people.

Sam said on 20/Apr/07
U are crazy people! why should she lie bout her height? thats not normal. Noone can tell : ” Yeah im 5’2” and no more or no less. because like i thought im maybe 5’4” but then i saw im 5’3” and now i know im only 5’2” thats just because i havent see me like many people..i`ve seen me just in mirror and i thought im taller but not im not. and sure sometimes i think im almost 5’3” but maybe thats not true. and sometimes i look like shorter thatn 5’2”. Well i just want to say U that U can talk about her weight because weight is not still sure..or about many other things. but her height. thats funny! ALL

aspiration said on 20/Apr/07
I agree. How can she say that she is 5’2″ all of sudden after saying she is 5’2″ all of these years. Here is what she said on an interview with that one blender website when asked about the type of man she wants to date,”They should be taller, which isn’t that hard, because I am five-feet-two.” Yeah right hilary.

X said on 19/Apr/07
Not everyone is right on the dot of any specific height. Saying she was “5 ft. 1” and now “almost 5 ft. 2” would still put her somewhere in between 5 ft. 1 and 5 ft. 2.
Perhaps her posture got a little better between then & now and she gained a quarter of an inch (slight lessening of spinal compression).

Wannabetall said on 16/Apr/07
i was watching teen nick last night and she had to name all these random facts about herself and she said, “i’m almost 5’2″ ”
yeah right! it’s too late to bump yourself up to 5’2″ hilary, you’ve already said too many times that you’re 5’1″. plus, does 1 inch make that much of a difference anyways?

hilz said on 12/Apr/07
Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’d grow suddenly at age 19 almost 20. (note the sarcasm). Evidently, she is lying like all other celebrities do when they get older. Even if she is lying though and saying 5’2″, that still means she is 5’1″. She’s been claiming that for almost 4 years come this September.

SiMoN said on 9/Apr/07
I’m from Italy.. and Hilary has been here few days ago and to a question she said the only thing she would change about her is her height : “I’m just 5’2″ so. ” . I don’t know if she was right but I guess so.. sorry if my english isn’t perfect.. bye bye simon

Brenda hernandez said on 7/Apr/07
im short too, and proud of it and so should other people, they shouldint feel bad about biening short.Because bieing short can have its advantages, so dont feel bad.

X said on 4/Apr/07
I’ve seen her listed anywhere from 5 ft. 1 to 5 ft. 5.

Her build and style can also be deceiving so it’s hard for me to guesstimate this one. She is definitely one of those who appear taller or shorter depending on whom she is with in reference.

Xx candyxX said on 3/Apr/07
Just got to meet her! she’s 5’1 same as my little sis exactly! both were in flip flops

Ellie said on 3/Apr/07
gaia, you can’t see their shoes in that pic.

XxSusanxX said on 23/Mar/07
i never would have thought that hilary duff was 5ft 1 in i thought that she would have been taller because i am 5ft 3 in lol!

Gaia said on 17/Mar/07
hilary is 5’2”:look this pic with eva longoria hilary is taller than eva Click Here

LucyXxX said on 14/Mar/07
I thought she was 5ft 4 cos im 5 ft2 and i saw her @ her concert wen i was about 5/5ft1 and she was way taller than me and she had no shoes on.

nm said on 13/Mar/07
tk alot of people do lie about their height expesially celebertiys

i have a firend thats almost 5’8 but she tells people shes 5’6 cause she like that number more and i always thoght i was 5’8 but i just found out im 5’9 1/2

Gaia said on 9/Mar/07
she says she’s 5’2”today at mtv trl italy!

Franco said on 8/Mar/07
absolutely true! she just appeared on italian TV and she was short as hell even with heels. true.

Brad said on 7/Mar/07
Stood right next to her in Burbank when she was signing for a cause. She’s 5′ 1″ tops. Casting problems without big heels.

potato said on 5/Mar/07
Hilary Duff is 5″1 or 5″0 because i saw her on tv during her canadian tour and her fans said that she was shorter than they thought and there only 8!! also duff remarked on how tall the fans were.

Christy said on 18/Feb/07
Hilary duff is about 5’5 coz when i saw her backstage after the concert i am 5’4 n she was a bit taller than me and she had flats on.

TR said on 18/Feb/07
Amazing how there can be such a long discussion about one person’s height. Why do people disagree with how tall she said she is? You think she’s lying? You think you know better than she does? How dumb would that be to lie? It’s not as if we’re talking about weight. Women lie about their weight all the time, but I don’t know anyone who ever lied about their height when they know they’d look like idiots if they did, and then, if they’re celebrities, have to explain the dumb lie.

Anyway, the thing I wanted to point out is how do you know she’s not still growing? She’s like 19? Maria Sharapova is about the same age and last I heard, she was still growing like a weed. Not all girls stop growing when they’re 14 or 16.

If she’s still 5’1″ I see why she often wears heels. I saw a pic of her at an airport in heels. Who travels in high heels? Has anyone noticed her feet kind of curl in? It could be from wearing heels too often to look taller.

The national average height for women in America is 5’4″. But Hil is above the national average when it comes to talent. ;/

Anonymous said on 9/Feb/07
Saw her on The View on 2/8/07. She walked out and greeted all the ladies before sitting on the couch with them. She didn’t seem that short. She was slightly shorter than Elizabeth. Don’t know Elizabeth’s height but she strikes me as around 5’4″.

Jim said on 28/Jan/07
Hilary might be 5’5 with huge heels, but otherwise, no way. I’m 6’2, and she was noticably below my shoulder. She’s at most 5’1, probably shorter, I’d guess 4’11, maybe 5’0.

carla said on 27/Jan/07
her sister (Haylie Katherine Duff) is 5″5!! So obviously if Hilary is ‘a little shorter’ she can be 5″3-5″4!!

Eva said on 16/Jan/07
I really don’t know how hight she is.. but i can tell she doesn’t look very high on pictures or in movies.. but if you look up her hight on the internet she always seems to be 5’5 in. But as someone wrote earlier her sister is around 5,2 in. and hilary is defiantly smaller than her sister. so she’s got to be around 5’1 in. And on this webside it is said, that hilary herself said that she was 5’1 in. . and that i think we just have to believe in.. end of discussion .

carla said on 7/Jan/07
well she wasnt wearing flats. not high heels but heels

belen said on 20/Dec/06
carla, when hilary stood next to you, was she on heels? because maybe she’s taller than you because of the shoes.

Anonymous said on 16/Dec/06
In later episodes of Lizzie McGuire, LaLaine was definitely taller than her. See the screencaps provided a few posts down.

carla said on 16/Dec/06
No way is Hilary that short. She stood next to me and I’m 5″4.5. She said so herself-she is 5″5. Plus, in the old Lizzie Mcguire shows she was taller than Miranda [LaLaine] WHO IS 5″2. Hilary is 5″3 minimum. aND i remember that night when she was with Shakira, Hilary was wearing ballet flats but Shakira was wearing 3-inch heels.

carla said on 14/Dec/06
No way. She said so herself, she’s 5″5. Plus, I met her and she’s a couple of cms taller than me.
To Hilz, if you’re reading this.
Hilz-Hope you liked the present!! Remember all the fans?? Lol it was crazy..we had to run out into the rain remember??

mir said on 6/Dec/06
yeah guys. I’m sure Hilary is just about 5 feet 1 inch.
If she’s here, no way. She will think this is so crowded with many views.
Klang klangs there. She’s not too tall. 5 f 5 in = 16? no, it cant be Hilary.

anonymous said on 15/Nov/06
shes got to be about 5’1-5’2. i met her sister haylie and haylie was really short like 5’2 and they are about the same height

Lovely B said on 12/Nov/06
i think hilary is less than 5’1. 5′ i’d say or even 4’11.5. Her 4’10 mother hits her eyebrow. I’m 5’1 or 5’2 max and my 4’10 grandmother hits my nose.

vixen said on 20/Oct/06
Hilary CAN’T be 5’5.
I’d say 5’0 – 5’2.

Dave said on 20/Oct/06
Yes she described herself as 5 ft 1 on jay leno “can u imagine me driving a hummer? im like five one. ” or something along the lines of that.

FanOfHils said on 15/Oct/06
Actually, It is true that Hils is 5’1” she said it herself in the Perfect Man Bonus features, hangin with Hilary. I must admit that she looks taller. But hey, shes the one who knows herself best.

Anonymous said on 14/Oct/06
She’s shorter than Hayden Pantierre, who can’t possibly be much taller than 5’1″. I think Hilary’s gotta be around 5′ and half an inch. The second picture shows that they seem to have on similar sized heels.

Anonymous said on 20/Sep/06
Hilary’s heels always average around 4inches, its a general height for heels, so there you can do the math. Vanessa’s there are actually around 4.75inches.
But one thing’s for sure, Hilary is not taller than Haylie. And sorry studboy, but Hilary realy does win the beauty stakes.

Wicked Kid said on 9/Sep/06
Is it because of the front part of her shoes which gives her the extra inch? Then Vanessa would only be like 5’6″ approx.

How Tall Is Hillary Duff

Editor Rob

yeah, its an advantage to vanessa, and she very well might be 169cm

Wicked Kid said on 8/Sep/06
For those unconvinced of Hilary’s height, compare her to Vanessa in 2006: Click Here

As you can see, their heels are about the same height. Both girls wear huge heels. And their height difference is 6″. Let’s take Minnillo’s height to be 5’7″, even then, Duff’s height would only be 5’1″.

How Tall Is Hillary Duff

Editor Rob

I would bet my house vanessa has a 1 inch advantage

Anonymous said on 6/Sep/06
If she’s 5’3-5’4 now she must have grown much the last year,it’s not impossible but i doubt it.When she said she was 5’1,she and her mom were about the same height,that makes her mom a little bit taller than 4’10,maybe 5’0 . Hilary is maybe an inch taller than her mom from recent pics,so she couldn’t be more than 5’1.She’s seems to be 2 inch smaller than her sis but i don’t think Haylie is 5’5,maybe more like 5’3.And Joel maybe is 5’8,but he surely doesn’t look it.

ThisGirl said on 5/Sep/06
Hilary looks taller than 5’1″ to me. In fact, she looks about 5’3″-4″.
Here’s a very recent photo of her and her boyfriend Joel Madden (who is listed as 5’8″). they do NOT look that far apart. They’re both wearing flat shoes, and Hilary is even slanted a bit while Joel is walking straight up.
If she’s 5’1″ than he’s gotta be like 5’4″-5″.

Anonymous said on 4/Sep/06
On this site vanessa is listed at 5’7,if she’s is 5’7 then hilary is 5’0,and if she’s 5’8 then hilary is 5’1.I think 5’0 sounds reasonable if her mom is 4’10,Hilary doesn’t look much taller than her,and she probably add an inch or 2

Jangstrom said on 3/Sep/06
Maybe you’re right,but just because she looks it,it doesn’t mean that she’s 5’1.My sister is 5’1 and people think that she’s like 5’2,and then there’s me who are 5’0 and looks 5’1.She could very well be 5’1,but if you got skinny legs it make you appear taller,like in hilary’s case.

Anonymous said on 2/Sep/06
well she looks about 5’1″ maybe 5’0.5″. But no less than that.

Anonymous said on 2/Sep/06
That she has said that she’s 5’1 doesn’t make her a clearly 5’1,it only means that she’s not taller than 5’1.Most celebritys add 1 inch or 2,so why wouldn’t Hilary since she wants to be taller.

niyah said on 30/Aug/06
how come you deducted the cm?

anonymous said on 28/Aug/06
on the dvd the perfect man under bonuses you get to see a clip called hangin gwith hilary she is playing this game with one of the actors and she says” im tiny im only like 5ft 1 or something and hes like 6ft”. so she is cleraly 5ft 1

claraj said on 25/Aug/06
hilary is very short.

and heather is not that tall

Studboy said on 25/Aug/06
My guess is that she’s 5’0.5″ and rounds up to 5’1″ I’m 5’11.5″ and I tell everybody I’m 6 feet tall. Most short people are a little embarassed about their height, and they try to round up. In fact most shorties just say “I’m 5’2 when in all reality their most likely an inch or 2 or 3 shorter. Society tells us that being short isn’t very attractive so everybody tries to be taller

SweetGirl21 said on 17/Aug/06
Were they at the Shakira concert that was in San Diego yesterday?

rwfender said on 17/Aug/06
I think Joel Madden is a max of 5’7. I saw him with Hilary Duff at a concert. Duff seemed 5’1 max..maybe closer to 5′

Polska said on 16/Aug/06
Wow, she looks less than an inch taller than her mom in those pics anonymous. Her mom’s sandals probably give her an inch on Hilary, which would still put Hilary closer to 5 ft 0. She looks tiny there. That’s really surprising, I always thought she around 5 ft 3 just from seeing her on TV.

Anonymous said on 14/Aug/06
Further proof that Hilary is a fair amount taller than her mother:

In these pictures, you see that Hilary’s wearing paper-thin sandals, while her mother’s shoes have a slight heel. and Hilary is still a bit taller than her.

Wicked Kid said on 10/Aug/06
I would say Joel Madden’s 5’7″-5’8″. Definately not a 5’9″. But how’d you know her mom’s 4’10”??

Becky said on 7/Aug/06
Her boyfriend Joel Madden from Good Charlotte is about 5’7″ or even a little more and when she is wearing 3 or 4 inch heels standing next to him and he is still about 4 inches taller.

gee said on 7/Aug/06
I saw Hilary Duff Saturday night in LA, she is definietly 5’1 or less. She is quite tiny.