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Stacy Keibler: 10 Best Moments In A Hall Of Fame Career

Stacy Keibler is entering the WWE Hall of Fame in 2023. Take a look back at the 10 greatest moments of Stacy’s career.


Stacy Keibler is a recent member of the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame class. The legendary WWE Diva is very deserving of the honor. Keibler broke into professional wrestling in WCW in 1999. While she would join World Championship Wrestling in the company’s dying days, Keibler was always a highlight on WCW television. Once WWE officially purchased it’s Monday Night Wars rival, Keibler was brought to World Wrestling Entertainment.

Keibler always popped off the screen as a larger than life celebrity on both WCW and WWE television. Keibler would flirt with fame as a teenager. She would have small parts in multiple movies before finding herself in professional wrestling. At 18, Keibler would become a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader. Fame seemed to always be the destination for Stacy Keibler. During her time in WWE, she would become a magazine cover girl, a reality tv star and compete with some of the most famous sports entertainers of her generation. Stacy Keibler is a bonafide Hall of Famer.

10 Nitro Girl


Stacy would enter a nationwide search to find the next Nitro Girl in 1999. A total of 300 ladies would participate in the dancing contest. Keibler would be named one of 8 finalists that would be voted on by fans to name the winner. Her winning routine was watched by 4.4 million viewers and guaranteed her 10,000 dollars and a spot on the Nitro Girls. Stacy was named Skye due to her 5’11 height and trademark 42-inch legs. As Skye, Keibler would dance every Monday night with the legendary Nitro Girl’s dance troupe. Keibler’s role as a professional cheerleader, helped her excel as a Nitro Girl.

9 Miss Hancock

Miss Hancock

Soon Stacy Keibler would leave Skye behind (but not the dancing) and become Miss Hancock. Miss Hancock was a part of the kayfabe Standards and Practices faction that wanted to “clean up Nitro”. Keibler would wear a business suit to ringside and carry a clipboard.

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Yet, quickly Keibler would end up letting her hair down, jumping on top of an announce table and dancing to a thunderous crowd response. This would be one of her most recognizable roles in professional wrestling. Her dancing would once again highlight her leg length and absolutely jump off the screen in WCW.

8 Mud Wrestling Match


While Stacy Keibler’s first match would be at the Bash At The Beach against Daffney in a “Wedding Dress Match” her most memorable WCW match occurred at New Blood Rising. Keibler would battle Major Gunns in a “rip your clothes off” mud wrestling match. During the match Keibler would be kicked in the stomach. While she gained control of the match and went for her signature dance taunt, Keibler would grab her stomach and show great discomfort. The next night on Nitro, Keibler revealed she was pregnant and began a new storyline.

7 WWE Invasion PPV


Stacy Keibler would debut in WWE during the WCW invasion storyline. Keibler would be a mean girls-esque heel along with real life friend, Torrie Wilson. Keibler and Wilson would be the WCW tag team that challenged Team Bestie (Lita and Trish Stratus) at the Invasion pay-per-view. The match stipulation would be a “Bra and Panties” match and the match would be refereed by Mick Foley. Keibler and Wilson would lose the match in 5 minutes, but their pay-per-view debut was right before the main event. Plus the two WCW girls, would mix it up with the two best women on the WWE roster in their first big feud.

6 Duchess Of Dudleyville

Stacy with Dudleys

In October 2001, Stacy Keibler would become the Duchess of Dudleyville. As the manager of the Dudley Boys, Keibler would show a vicious side ringside, including ordering the Dudley Boys to put her friend Torrie through a table. As the Duchess of Dudleyville she would battle Torrie at No Mercy in a Lingerie Match. Then she would make her WrestleMania debut supporting the Dudleys in their match. Unfortunately, the Duchess of Dudleyville gimmick would end when Stacy cost her men a match and they powerbombed her through a table.

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5 Mr. McMahon’s Personal Assistant

Stacy and Vince

Stacy Keibler set her eyes on becoming Mr. McMahon’s personal assistant in 2002. As McMahon was trying to hire a candidate, Keibler performed a seductive dance to convince the chairman to hire her. The dance worked and Keibler become the onscreen assistant to Mr. McMahon. During this time, Keibler and McMahon would be seen flirting throughout the backstage. As the personal assistant, Stacy Keibler could continue to develop her vicious side, becoming down right evil. During an episode of SmackDown, Keibler would try to push Torrie Wilson off the stage.

4 Test’s On-Screen Marketing Agent

Keibler Test

Stacy Keibler would become a babyface on Raw in 2003. Keibler would become the onscreen marketing agent to Test. As Test’s agent, she began calling his fans ‘Testicles’. While Stacy would continue to be a fan favorite, Test would begin to turn heel by verbally abusing her. During this time, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner would try to win Stacy’s services from Test. The two men would battle for months, both winning and losing Stacy’s services until they decided to team up and make Stacy their personal slave. Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff would free the popular Keibler from any obligations to Test and Steiner by temporarily firing them on Raw in December 2003.

3 First WrestleMania Match


Stacy Keibler would team up with Miss Jackie to battle Torrie Wilson and Sable in the first ever Playboy Evening Gown Match at WrestleMania 20. While the match would last under 3 minutes and Keibler’s team would lose, wrestling at WrestleMania is a highlight for any sports entertainer. While the premise of the match was over which Divas deserved to be on the cover of Playboy, it turned out to be a popular angle in WWE in 2004. As all four women’s competitors would be turned baby face during their feud.

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2 Super Stacy

Super Stacy

Stacy Keibler would become a superhero when she joined Hurricane Helms and Rosey in 2005. Keibler would be renamed Super Stacy and be one third of the superhero trio. Keibler would be given a skimpy superhero costume that attracted a lot of attention and help Hurricane and Rosey in their World Tag Team title bouts.

Super Stacy would battle the heel Victoria during this time period. Keibler showed her presence with any potential team (client) could help a gimmick get over. That type of mass appeal makes Stacy Keibler a Hall of Famer.

1 Inducted Torrie Wilson In WWE Hall Of Fame


Stacy Keibler would leave her full time position in WWE in 2005. She would go on to compete in Dancing With The Stars, finishing in third place and being named the Weapon of Mass Seduction. Keibler would make sporadic appearances after that with WWE, yet maybe her favorite moment of her career would occur in 2019. Keibler would induct her friend and on screen rival, Torrie Wilson into the WWE Hall of Fame. The two young ladies from the dying days of Monday Nitro would entertain the WWE masses and Keibler would get to place the first of the dynamic duo into the Hall of Fame in 2019.