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Ideas To Store Scarves

How to Store Scarves for a Clutter-Free Closet

These methods will keep scarves of all shapes and sizes organized and easy to access.

Mary Cornetta has been in the professional organizing industry for over 5 years. She knew she had a passion for decluttering and organization upon graduating Marist College in 2007, however, pursued it as a hobby instead of a career. All of that changed when Mary founded Sort and Sweet Inc on Long Island in 2017. Since then, she has worked hands-on and virtually with hundreds of clients to clear their clutter and create functional systems in their homes and offices. Mary runs the Sort and Sweet social media accounts, creating content and writing captions with organizing tips and inspiration for more than 12,000 followers. Recently relocated to Savannah, she continues to own and operate the business with the help of a talented team. Mary has been a weekly contributing writer for House Digest and has been interviewed as an expert by Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, and Health magazines. She is the owner of the blog, Organized Overall, in which she details how she creates organization in her home.

Published on January 30, 2023

scarf storage hanger

Whether you have just a handful or own a considerable collection of scarves, they deserve to be properly organized. Doing so will help to keep them in good condition for years to come and make it easy to find the specific one you want to wear with your outfit of the day. If you haven’t found a solid system for scarf storage yet, try out one of the following ideas to streamline your neckwear.

1. File Folded

It might sound intimidating, but file folding is a simple way to keep clothes neat, and it’s an ideal way to store scarves too. By making this easy change, you’ll be able to see all your scarves at once. Instead of stuffing them into a drawer or bin, fold them into squares and line them up vertically as if they’re folders in a filing cabinet. This method is most effective with bulkier scarves, since they’ll stand up better on their side. For smaller scarves, consider rolling and stacking them. This method works in any of these spaces:

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Dresser Drawers: Use spring-loaded drawer dividers to keep your scarves lined up in rows or to separate them by season.

Drawer Unit: A custom freestanding drawer unit in the closet can be a game changer for accessories. Stack folded scarves into one or two of the drawers and add a label on the front handle(s).

Bins and Baskets: If you have empty shelf space, you can still fold the scarves using the file method. Simply assign a few rectangle-shaped open containers (opt for fabric-lined to prevent snagging), file them in, and label the front to indicate what’s inside.

white wall hanger with scarf

2. Wall Displays

A bit of blank wall space is all you need to make a pretty (and functional) presentation. You’ve heard of a hat wall for hat storage, so why not use the same idea for scarves? Try one of these ways to get it done:

Racks: Think of a towel rack, but prettier. Find a horizontal rack in a finish that matches your style and then fold over wool scarves like you would a hand towel. Or, knot scarves of lighter material in a row.

Hooks: Arrange individual hooks on the wall, spaced out with enough room for scarves to hang. This option works well if you have a variety of scarf materials and lengths. If you have too many scarves to hang this way, display your favorites and store the rest using another method.

3. Sweater Cubbies

While the title implies that you should store sweaters in them, these space savers are ideal for a variety of clothes and accessories. File-folded sweaters can be stored in a hanging sweater cubby if you use the accompanying drawer inserts that many hanging cubbies come with. The inserts are also ideal for lightweight scarves that can’t be folded well, but can be knotted and tossed in. Foldable scarves can also lay horizontally on a shelf, making them easy to reach for on busy mornings.

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scarf storage hanger

4. Accessory Organizers

Have a slim space on your closet rod? Consider a hanging organizer made specifically for items such as scarves, belts, and ties. They come in a wide variety of patterns and finishes so you can find one that matches your style and aesthetic.

Before searching for the right accessory organizer, go through all of your scarves and declutter your collection so you. It will be helpful to know exactly how many you have left, since most organizers have a definitive amount of hooks or loops. You can always double up on them if you need to, but it’s better to let the scarves breathe, and they’ll be easier to locate if they’re hanging individually. A hanging accessory organizer works best with thin to medium sized scarves such as pashminas. If you primarily have thicker, heavier styles, you might want to consider another method.

5. Sweater Boxes

Again, the name is deceiving because these drop-front organizers can store virtually anything. From jeans to purses, they sit or stack well on shelves and protect items from dust and dirt. They’re optimal for chunkier scarves, which would have to be folded horizontally in a pile and then slid into the box. Most have a clear window in the front, allowing you to see exactly what’s inside without even opening the lid.

6. Use S Hooks

If you like the idea of hanging scarves individually but don’t have the wall space for it, S hooks are an inexpensive solution. Tally how many scarves you’d like to hang, then attach the same number of hooks to the closet rod. They can also hang from a wall rack, if you’re short on hanging space. Loop the scarves in whatever order you’d like—by season, color, or occasion. For an even cheaper organizing solution, use an extra set of open-ended shower curtain rings to achieve the same result.

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closet door hooks with yellow vest and scarf

7. Over-the-Door Hooks

An over-the-door rack can easily fit on the inside of your bedroom or coat closet and house as many scarves as there are hooks. Along the same lines, an over-the-door shoe organizer works well for scarves that can be knotted up and tucked into individual pockets.

8. Blanket Ladder

You may already have a blanket ladder in your living room, but it can be just as useful for scarves. Just like blankets, scarves can be stored on a ladder as decor in the bedroom, closet, or entryway. Fold chunky scarves over the bottom rungs (like you would a blanket) and knot thinner scarves on the top rungs.