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Jamie King Feet

How tall is Jaime King

American actress, best known for films such as Sin City, White Chicks, The Spirit, Slackers and Pearl Harbour. She has claimed 5ft 9 and also said in Life and Style magazine about her weight: “I’ve had this weird expectation that I should weigh 118 pounds, even though I’m 5-feet-8 1/2” and in 2015 “I weigh 125 pounds and was a bit thin in my pregnancies”.

How tall is Jaime King

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Kate Moss actually really paved the way for me to even be able to be a supermodel at all, because you had to be five-ten, like a minimum of five-ten.
I’m five foot eight and a half. I was like, “Oh, I’m never going to be a Cindy Crawford or a Claudia Schiffer, or an Evangelista or a Naomi.” I just thought, “If I could only grow taller.” I knew that you had to be a certain height to be a supermodel. When Kate Moss and Jaime Rishar, these women came in, and were thinner and waif-ier, then it actually gave me the opportunity to do that. Kate’s, what, five-seven, I think? Something like that. It’s kind of crazy that we have to think about something in inches and heights.
— EverGreen Podcasts, 28 Jan 2021

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Average Guess (18 Votes)
5ft 7.71in (172cm)
Leesheff1985 said on 18/Nov/22
Mohammed three to four inch heels help

Mohammed 170cm said on 8/Feb/22
I’m an inch shorter than her, but she looks at least 6 inches taller than me. God, she really looks so tall!

Littlelee5ft6 said on 17/Nov/19
She looks barely taller than keir o’donnell in photos when shes in heels when she’d be around 6 foot in heels maybe shes a bit shorter than listed

Nik said on 4/Sep/19
It would be great if she was pictured with Rob!
Jacky Huynh said on 2/Sep/19
Spot on listing!
Nik said on 5/Aug/18
She does look very tall!

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lee168cm said on 20/Jul/18
Rob don’t her and Lana del rey look the same height in photos? Could Lana be taller than 5ft 6?

Jamie King Feet

Editor Rob

They seem at most 2 inches apart, sometimes in poses they can look closer at times.
Just said on 18/Dec/17
Oops, here is the link Click Here

Just said on 18/Dec/17
She must lost a lot of height, but no way she‘s 5’8”5 now! Kelly Rowland is 5’7 and is 3 inches taller than Jaime with only 2 inches heels.

Lana said on 3/Sep/17
Either she needs downgrade or Lana Del Rey needs super upgrade.

az said on 23/Jul/17
I just saw her albeit I didn’t get to meet her! She is sooooooooooo thin! Very beautiful. Not more than 5’7″. We were in a room full of models and she was noticeable shorter than all the models I know but taller than 5’6″. I was pretty star struck by her style and presence.

BirchGirl said on 22/Feb/16
@Laura You are very bad at judging heights lol.
Idk said on 12/Feb/16
Listing about an inch generous

Az said on 19/Jan/16
Jaime and 5’6″ Lana 🙂 Beauties. 5’5-5’6.5 IRL (in real life;-)

anon said on 5/Nov/15
Another, with Cindy Crawford. whos listed as 5’9.
looks same height as cindy, but Jamie’s heels seem higher!
So again I would say 5’8 is reasonable.

anon said on 5/Nov/15
she is no less than 5’8
Here with 5’9.5 Mandy Moore and similar heel, good postures, she looks about an inch, give or take, shorter than Mandy

Laura said on 2/Jun/14
Yeah I think she is one of these people because she is thin gives off the impression of being 5″8.5, yet realistically is probably 5″6.5-5″7 tops. Rachel Bilson isn’t over 5″0, look at her with 5″1 Kristen Bell and that’s obvious. So looking at pictures of Jamie and Rachel, I’d give her 5″6.5, and that’s being generous.

Alice5-2 said on 14/Feb/13
I SAw many pictures of her and Rachel Bilson(5’1 listed) and I don’t see more than 4 inches difference between them. absolutely.

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Silent d said on 31/Oct/12
I remember she claimed 5 foot 10 somewhere. 5 foot 9.

LAN Jiao said on 2/Nov/11
i saw pictures of jaime at least 174cm , shes in small 1.2″ heels talking to supposed 176cm but listed 5’9 justin long in big nike air 1.5″ , he did’t look over 1in taller than her.

LAN Jiao said on 1/Nov/11
andrea,, but next to solid 181 jensen ackles in boots she looks 5’9 without have heels advantage.

ANDREA[ITA] said on 29/Oct/11
Rob, she looks 171-172 most of the time. you want pics to let you see it? She’s not 174 at all!

LAN Jiao said on 18/Oct/11
legend, you are underestimate this one..
watch my bloody valentine. she is really 5’9 or 5’8.75 she does apear the 5’9 frame alot in that show. especially next to 6’0 here listed jensen ackles she only look 3inch in converse shorter than jensen in regular boots. i assume jensen 181cm and jaime 175cm. lowest i”ll go 174cm even a fraction more much possible.

Victorian said on 3/Jul/09
Looks almost consistently 5-7 on i m d b.

Byron T. said on 19/Feb/09
I’d say that the beautiful Jaime King is 5’6-5’7 tops. When she was on Jimmy Kimmel Live back in December promoting ”The Spirit,” she wore 3 inch heels and was almost the height of a 5’10 Adam Sandler.

Ras said on 13/Mar/08
I’d go with 5’8 if she’s using big heels, as Glenn said.

Bad Radio said on 23/Aug/07
In the movie slackers she looked 3 2-3 inches shorter than her co-star laura prepon.

glenn said on 23/Apr/07
she had big heels.i also met her in 2000.and i dont remember her being this big either.

CJ said on 22/Apr/07
Glenn- What type of heels was she wearing. I’m surprised not only by how tall she looks, but how big she is overall. She appears to have a good sized head; broad shoulders and big hands.

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Elizabeth said on 6/Apr/07
I feel like I keep commenting twice one after another, so sorry for that, but I got nosy and looked up the same event that the other photograph was taken at, but I don’t have a subscription so excuse the tiny preview pictures from Judging from these she kinda looks no more than 2 or so inches taller than Zooey after you take into account camera angles.:

Elizabeth said on 6/Apr/07
I randomly did a google image search for her, and came up with this puzzling picture:

Christian Slater is listed here at 5’8″, and here Jaime King is about his height. Zooey Deschanel who is listed at 5’5.5″ is about the same height as both. I guess there is the possibility that Zooey is wearing heels and Jaime is not since you can’t see the footwear, but it still seems possible Jaime might be shorter than 5’9″.

Thought this might be interesting 🙂

Donna said on 11/Feb/07
hey glenn
What size heels jaime wearing ?
Glenn said on 1/Dec/06
I love her too.

Leung said on 30/Nov/06
James is awesomely hot, I remember years ago watching Happy Campers and thinking “stop the press, who’s that?”

At 5’9” she is ideal height.

Markus said on 30/Nov/06
What size heels is she wearing ?? looks 5-10 to 5-11 here next to Glenn ?

Glenn said on 30/Nov/06
Once known as James a more cozy looking pic in 2000.couldve sworn she was shorter.

What said on 2/Nov/05
With 5’5″ Jessica Alba

What said on 2/Nov/05
Here she is with 5’7″ Jeremy Piven.

CelebHeights Editor said on 1/Nov/05
There was a comment I remembered on diesel’s page:

“Jaime King- about 5 ft 6. Do not let those Revlon covers fool you, both Halle and Jaime are about the same height. I was very suprised that both her and Luke Perry were listed at 5’9″. If those two are the same height, then Cynthia Nixon and Uma Thurman are the same height as well.”