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How Tall Is Saul Goodman

How tall is Bob Odenkirk

American actor and writer best known for his role as Saul Goodman in Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad. He also had a memorable role as Bill Oswalt in the series Fargo and appeared in film Nebraska. In a interview he claimed to be “Five-Ten”.

How tall is Bob Odenkirk

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Average Guess (76 Votes)
5ft 9.03in (175.3cm)

Malcolm Oliver said on 14/Jan/23
ID claiming 5’11: Click Here

I’m the same height as him and have found that passing for an inch or two above what you actually measure comes up so often. A friend of mine who barely edges me out claims the same and it makes for interesting debate.

Malcolm Oliver said on 14/Jan/23
Saul Goodman: 5’9 character, 6’9 personality

Ndomingu said on 20/Aug/22
@Patrick 1.76m

I thought the show runners had the character Jimmy’s/Saul’s Government ID (like his driver’s license) say he was 5’11” often, but you get the sense that wasn’t true when Saul was standing next to taller characters (who clear the 6’0” barrier easily) like Howard Hamlin and Cliff Main. Saul often looked tall next to Mike, Nacho, and Tuco in the earlier seasons of the prequel show. Chuck tended to look only a little bit taller than Saul (0.5-1 inch on him). Lalo had a little bit more of an edge on Saul too (probably 2 inches, a more legitimate 5’11” character), but not exactly to the point of towering over him like Howard and Cliff do (3+ inches). Howard’s wife Cheryl was listed at 5’10” online. She definitely looked noticeably taller than Jimmy/Saul at Howard’s memorial service, but that may be because she was wearing high heels for that scene too.

Patrick 1.76m said on 17/Aug/22
Yeah, got mentioned as 5foot11 when the police were looking out for him in the final episode.
I do not know why the caracter needs to be taller than the actor? Or did the showrunner really think of bob as an 5foot11 guy?

How Tall Is Saul Goodman

Editor Rob

Sounds like the scriptwriter and maybe Bob wasn’t complaing when reading the script 😃
John pinkman said on 17/Jul/22
I guess

Paul21 said on 29/Apr/22
I’m 174cm with a fairly average sized head, would we look about the same height?

ratalada said on 14/Mar/22
Here he is. The perfectly average guy with average built.

berta said on 26/Jul/21
I saw the movie nobody and thought he looked 174-175 cm but then i saw that the girl that played his wife is 178 cm and they looked pretty close that means he cant really be under 175. His build make him look shorter than he is.

Andrea said on 14/Jul/21
I was going to mention his 5’10 claim, but you apparently already added it 😀
While that obviously is too much, I still wouldn’t rule out a fraction over 5’9 for a potential peak.
Here’s a clip with Michael: Click Here

How Tall Is Saul Goodman

Editor Rob
9.25 is a figure that could work for Bob
Jtm said on 22/May/21
Same height as Eddie Murphy
Tys da 5’10 7/8 said on 10/Feb/21
This seems pretty acurate

Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 18/Nov/20
That 6’4-6’5 guy head size makes him look shorter like 5’7 standing alone.

Kieran S said on 14/Jul/20
Definiton of a solid 5’9 guy. Can pass for 176 easy
Jkiller said on 12/Jul/20
A solid 5’9 for sure

Blanc said on 12/Jun/20
Watched BCS s6 Rob? If that desert scene actually happened with all the dehydration and physical strain and long walk how much would you expect him to shrink to?

How Tall Is Saul Goodman

Editor Rob

I haven’t caught up yet with Saul, but you could drop at least a 1/4 under your typical low with some extreme conditions.

Andrea said on 17/Apr/20
Yeah, Tony could be somewhere in 5’11 range.
As for Bob, he had his height down as 5’11 on his driver’s license in one of the last episodes (along with Rhea’s 5’5, which at least sounds a lot more believable): Click Here . Of course, if you see him with Michael Rosenbaum, he’s miles away from it: Click Here Click Here

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Mar/20
172-173cm looks ridiculous
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Mar/20
Strong 5ft9 is likely. Never looks short on Better Call Saul

191 cm Jason said on 10/Feb/20
I thought he was 5’10’ for some reason he looks taller and he’s not super slim.

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Frank R said on 26/Nov/19
Bob Odenkirk is “deceptively shorter” than he appears on screen. He and Will Forte each look taller than 5’9” in the movie “Nebraska”, but apparently they’re not.

TheBat said on 19/Nov/19
Solid 5’9″. Great actor as well
Keith 5’10 said on 4/Nov/19
Strong 5’9

DarkPower729 said on 22/Aug/19
He’s an average dude who could give a tallish impression at times. Solid 5’9”- I’d give him 176cm.

khaled taban said on 10/Jun/19
He is 5’9.25″, he looks tallish!

Monkey knees said on 28/Sep/18
5ft 9 is spot on. Cranston has an inch on him. All the BB/BCS listings here are perfect.

Mike5 said on 11/Sep/18
On Breaking Bad I’d factor in Bryan Cranston having already begun going from 1.79 to 1.78 so Odenkirk is 5’9 flat. No less however

Tall Sam said on 29/Aug/18
Perhaps should as be credited with his sketch comedy show Mr. Show and films The Post and Incredibles 2. Can pass for 176 cm at times for sure.

Caroline Pinto Torres said on 22/May/18
Is really 5’10
Jake94 (5’9 said on 24/Jan/18
Likely 176cm, stocky build makes him seem shorter.
Height said on 9/Jan/18
175 cm, in Breaking Bad he looks shorter with Bryan Cranston

Dale said on 3/Jan/18
@randomuser Only 14.5% of men in the US are over 6′. Take that for what it’s worth.

Nick said on 7/Dec/17
I’m gonna say a solid 5’8.5 no shoes. Looks about 1.5 inches shorter than 5’10 Bryan Cranston on BB.

randomuser said on 10/Nov/17
KH said on 18/Apr/17
Odenkirk doesn’t really stand out heightwise so not surprising at all he is about average. The vast majority of men are in the 5’8-5’11 range.
No, less than half of all men are 5’8-5’11. You can’t pin down the “vast majority of men” in a 3 inch range.

Sacred said on 6/Nov/17
I think is 182 cm
Bank said on 18/Sep/17
Hm, clearly a 5’7″ body with 6’2″ head.

MichaelR said on 15/Sep/17
Y’all wrong guys. I want you to check Michael Mando’s (168 cm) Instagram account. His latest update features the pic of him and Bob. They have an inch difference max!
The next shot also reveal that Michael is wearing heels (an inch approx.), so Bob is no taller than 172-173 cm imo.

5’9 said on 1/Sep/17
This is a bit low, 5’9.5″ seems more like it.
Nolan said on 11/Aug/17
5’9″ flat seems a bit low.176-177 cm seems more likely

MichaelR said on 16/Jul/17
No hate on Bob, but in Better Call Saul S02E01 @ 30:50 he is with Rhea Seehorn’s character in the bathroom, both are barefoot.
I believe in that scene he had four inches max over her.
So his claim as 6ft is ridiculous. I wonder how Google ever let it landed in their search system.

How Tall Is Saul Goodman

Editor Rob

he could look sometimes 1.5-2 inches on someone like aaron paul.
S.J.H said on 11/Jul/17
This guy look like Bruce Willis. Lol
Qwvew said on 27/May/17
delancey said on 2/May/17
Looks 5’8 to me
Gray said on 1/May/17
Big head short legs guy

Murray said on 24/Apr/17
Odenkirk certainly seems to want people to think he’s 6 feet tall, though he clearly isn’t. Latest “Saul” promo has him in front of police height chart hitting 72 inches. Not buying.

KH said on 18/Apr/17
Odenkirk doesn’t really stand out heightwise so not surprising at all he is about average. The vast majority of men are in the 5’8-5’11 range.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Apr/17
He’s a good example of how 5ft9 isn’t actually that short
Lacy said on 2/Jan/17
I’m 5’10” and edged him out by an inch when I met him
Omar said on 30/Nov/16
the tallest 5’9″ guy ever
Peter175 said on 25/Oct/16
I can believe 176

Charizard said on 15/Jul/16
This dude is like the tallest small dude out of a cast of the cast is short if you get what I mean by a hair.. Barely noticeable and he’s not short for sure but he isn’t tall. Can look 176cm and quite shorter to 174cm too

5’7 body with a 6’5 head

Tall(ish) guy said on 13/Mar/16
I’m 6ft dead on and bumped into bob in a bar in New York. 5 9 is 100% correct

Nick said on 10/Mar/16
I’d buy 5’9 or 5’10

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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/16
He’s definitely not 5ft11-6ft range. I don’t know how those crazy figures end up on the internet. That would make Patrick Fabian 6ft3-4 and Ed Begley Jr. about 6ft8!
He could be a fraction over 5ft9 and might wear bigger shoes to clear 5ft10 on BCS.

alex said on 23/Feb/16
he looks 5’8 in this pic

MaskDeMasque said on 22/Feb/16
I think you could argue 5’9.25 for him. This is pretty accurate though.

Lelolel said on 17/Feb/16
WTF Google says 182cm I knew they were wrong
Dominik said on 12/Jan/16
Look at Bob with Norman Reedus
Click Here

Hahah said on 9/Jan/16
This guy is listed as 6’0, how pathetic. Do people really think they can get away with nonchalantly adding 3 inches to their height?

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jan/16
Looks right between Cranston (5ft10½) and Paul (5ft7¾).

“Bob Odenkirk’s height is 5ft 9¼in (176.89cm)”

He could pass for 5ft10 back in his Second City days.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jan/16
Happy 2016, Rob! Good to be back!

Rob, how tall do you think Patrick Fabian is?

How Tall Is Saul Goodman

Editor Rob

ah, happy new year! He looks a guy who could clear 6ft

Paleman said on 9/Dec/15
Yeah, he looks pretty tall for a 5’9 guy. He always gives me the impression of being a little bit taller than that, like 176-177cm. He doesn’t seem to be that much shorter than the 5’10.5″ Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad.

Sam said on 17/Nov/15
Just watched the first first episode of With Bob and David on Netflix.
Click Here
Cross w/ rest of Arrested Development cast: Click Here
Click Here
w/ Michael Cera & Jack Black: Click Here
w/ Jason Lee: Click Here
w/ Will Arnett: Click Here
w/ Louis CK: Click Here
w/ Scott Aukerman: Click Here
What do you think, Rob, on Cross now? Maybe 5’8.25″ is really the top for him? Any closer to adding him?

How Tall Is Saul Goodman

Editor Rob

I think 5ft 8.25 is probably a good figure to put him on.

Sam said on 13/Nov/15
Rob, any chance you’d upgrade him slightly to 5’9.25″ and add David Cross at 5’8.5″. I think that’s pretty fair for both. Also a good time for the change as they are in the press a lot right now due to their new show together

slothee said on 10/Nov/15
As others have stated, I really think he needs an upgrade. He gives me a 176-177cm impression. I’d give him at least 5ft 9.25!

Sam said on 14/Oct/15
Rob, could you also add Mr. Show and Nebraska to his known fors?

colin said on 16/Aug/15
lol ppl, where did you look when watching bb? he never looked beyond 175cm
he is a very weak 175cm

if you’re comparing him with aaron paul, you’re wrong, cause aaron is a dwarf

an anonymous peach said on 15/Aug/15
The tallest 5ft 9er i’ve ever seen.

heydude78 said on 16/Jun/15
Rob is a bit off on this one. From watching Breaking bad & BCSaul and scaling him next to the other actors I’d have to give Bob at least 5’9.25-5’9.5 or 1.76 m. but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was weak 5’10

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Mar/15
Rob, you need to add Better Call Saul to the line.

Patrick Fabian might be closer to 6ft.

shawn said on 17/Mar/15
Patrick fabien DWARFES him, he literally makes saul look 5’7, i’m going to assume Fabien is actually 6ft and Bob is 175cm at best. In breaking Bad he looked tallish by himself, but 178-179cm bryan cranston was always taller. No taller than 175cm

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Mar/15
He looks 176-177cm range.

dm1 said on 12/Mar/15
bob odenkirk is 5’9ish in shoes,absolutely dwarfed in better call saul by hamlin(actor Patrick Fabian) who is a LEGIT flat 5’11,you would think he is 6’2 but is definitely 1.80m

Manlet said on 28/Feb/15
I think Bob’s going to have to be upgraded. Look at him next to Michael Mando (billed at 5’9, seems more like 5’7.5):

Looks consistently an inch shorter than 5’10.5 Cranston and 1-1.5 inches taller than 5’7.75 Aaron Paul. I’m willing to bet Odenkirk gets out of bed at 5’10 and goes to sleep at around 5’9.5, averaging at 5’9.75.

Bean said on 24/Feb/15
Wow, looks 5’11″ish. Gives the impression of a taller guy.

maslow said on 24/Feb/15
In breaking bad he alwaysed looked 5’9, bryan cranston was always taller,in better call saul he looks 175-177cm though. It’s hard to say, like someone said, his head does give him a lot more height(lol) 176cm was my guess but 175cm looks well also.

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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Feb/15
Looks between 5ft9-10, IMO.

Patrick 1.75m said on 20/Feb/15
i wouldnt lose money. I am 1.75m. I know how tall a 1.75m have to look. And Bob is taller. You are a verry tiny dude with 1.75m. And Bob looks average tall.

horacle said on 19/Feb/15
Click Here
horacle said on 19/Feb/15
beside 6’1 jon hamm he looks taller than 5’9, he never looks short to me

Jake 6ft0.5 said on 17/Feb/15
Strange. He really looks 5’10 to 5’11 in Breaking Bad sometimes. Then again, I would’ve guessed Cranston to be taller, too. Amazing what a screen does

MD said on 13/Feb/15
Then, you should be prepared to lose some money. Sorry, but we don’t go on gut feelings, here. This guy is lucky if he’s his listed height, let alone nearly 5’11”. You’d do yourself well to go research for some pictures of him to see how ridiculous your gut feeling is.

Patrick 1.75m said on 11/Feb/15
I say it again: He isn´t 1.75m. I am, and i´m not looking that tall as him. He is at least 1.80m. Put him next to me, you would see, he is taller than me. I meassured myself so many times, i know how tall i am. He isn´t my height! I bet Dollars on it.

vilgotaan said on 10/Feb/15
He seems taller on stage.
EzioAuditore711 said on 10/Feb/15
Looks to be on the short side.
john said on 10/Feb/15
Bob is deceptively short because he has a tall head. He is only about 5 8.

Adamz said on 10/Feb/15
Previously i was comparing him with Cranston on BB. He looked about 1-2 inches shorter. Now ive seen him more on new show “Better Call Saul”. I think this 175cm is accurate. hes not above it after re-assessing. could even be 174, actually. I am 174 and he looks to be my height.

BGee said on 26/Nov/14
Dude got bad proportions, makes him look shorter than his average height.

MaskDeMasque said on 23/Nov/14
Looked an inch smaller than Cranston in Breaking Bad.

Odenkirk- 5’9 maybe 5’9.25
Cranston- 5’10 maybe 5’10.25

Sam said on 21/Nov/14
I would say he looked consistently a bit taller than Will Forte, maybe Odenkirk is more a 5’9.5″/176 cm guy?

1.75m Patrick said on 19/Sep/14
Never looked small to me. And 1.75m is small.
So i don´t think, this guy is 5foot9.

Mr.V said on 30/Aug/14
In “Nebraska” he looked similar height as Will Forte, maybe a hair taller. I agree that he might be 176 cm.

Sam said on 19/Aug/14
He never seemed 5’11’ or 6′ on BB, although at times he looked similar to Cranston in height, more similar than photos would suggest.

Chris said on 18/Aug/14
His shoes look really stuffed
mike said on 18/Aug/14
Bob Odenkirk’s height is 5ft 9.25in (176 cm)
between 5ft 9 and 5ft 9.5.
med said on 17/Aug/14
I thought he was 5ft11 6 ft in Breaking Bad

Balrog said on 17/Aug/14
Yes, legit 5’9″. Could buy 176cm for him he looked this next to Cranston in Breaking Bad.

L said on 15/Aug/14
5’8.75 or 5’9 is probably right on

cole said on 14/Aug/14
@Editor Rob: FINALLY! Completely agree with 5’9. He’s listed 5’11.5 a lot of places lol, hope that’s not his own claim! He’s about 1.5in shorter than Cranston and 4in shorter than Colin Hanks in Fargo for sure. “Artillery” Arthur Hobbs also looked about 2in shorter than NPH on HIMYM. He appeared in 8 episodes of the show, worth mentioning at the top?

Andrea said on 14/Aug/14
Yeah, once again i totally agree with you, Lorne 😉
PS I thought you left the site because i haven’t seen your comments for a while, good to hear you’re still here 🙂

Lorne said on 13/Aug/14
His posture isn’t always so great, but 176cm “peak” wouldn’t surprise me.

Andrea said on 13/Aug/14
He for sure is worth adding 😉

Sam said on 13/Aug/14
Yeah, I suppose he does look about 1.5 inches under the 5’10.5″ listed Bryan Cranston.
Click Here

jtm said on 13/Aug/14
i thought he was taller.

Andrea said on 13/Aug/14
Yeah, Saul. I would have guessed him somewhere between 5’9 and 5’9.5, so 5’9 is a fine guess! I wouldn’t rule out a fraction over it, though! Rob, what convinced you to add him? 🙂

How Tall Is Saul Goodman

Editor Rob