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How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

How tall is Bill Skarsgard

Swedish actor best known for playing Roman Godfrey on the TV series Hemlock Grove and Pennywise in film IT. He is listed 191cm on his agency page, a height which he himself claimed in an interview when asked how tall he was: “1,91. Men Sam, min yngsta storebror är 1,98. Pappa är 1,93. Farmor är 1,80. Det är ovanligt med en så lång gammal tant. Så det är väl där längdgenerna kommer från.”

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

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Height of Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard
6ft 4 ¼ (194 cm)

Height of Gustaf Skarsgard

Gustaf Skarsgard
6ft 3 (191 cm)

Height of Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen
5ft 11 ½ (182 cm)

Height of Penelope Mitchell

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Average Guess (127 Votes)
6ft 3.25in (191.1cm)
RoR said on 3/May/23
@Cold Water
Camera angle bill 1.93
Cold Water said on 29/Apr/23
Click Here

Cold Water said on 27/Apr/23
Bill – 190.5-191.4 cm
Gustaf – 191.4-192.3 cm

Vsiwks said on 25/Apr/23
RoR said on 14/Apr/23
Solid 1.93

turtle said on 13/Apr/23
10 pounds? How heavy would that be Rob? Is 200 pounds too light or heavy for him in John Wick?Your thoughts Rob?

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

I’m not sure he’s quite as big as 200.

Sadie said on 12/Apr/23
He’s always looked a strong 6’4 to me in all the movies and series that he’s played in. He TOWERS over everyone in the John Wick Chapter 4 movie. Also the producers and actors in the IT movies made comments during production of both films about how tall he was which made him that much more scary playing Pennywise.

Sadie said on 12/Apr/23
He’s always looked a strong 6’4 to me in all the movies and series that he’s played in. He TOWERS over everyone in the John Wick Chapter 4 movie. Also the producers and actors in the IT movies made comments during production of both films about how tall he was which made him that much more scary playing Pennywise.

turtle said on 4/Apr/23
Rob how heavy does he look in John Wick? He looks beefier

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

Could have put on 10 pounds

5’7 and a fraction said on 5/Mar/23
This could be bang on, although he and Gustaf’s height seem to vary now and then. Sometimes one looks taller than the other.

Slim1.75m said on 8/Feb/23
Rob Sarsgard and Shannon who would be taller.

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

Maybe Bill
QM6’1.5″QM said on 5/Feb/23
Remember him, it’s Bill Skarsgard, textbook of 191cms tall guy!

Andrea said on 2/Feb/23
192.5 barefoot is a joke, whether he measured it in shoes would be interesting.
Still, I think he’s lucky to be 6’3 flat, and if anything he can look more 6’2 at times.

spainmen192-3cm said on 31/Jan/23
Rob, in the film “Simple Simon”, he takes his weight and height. His weight was 80kg, and then he measured himself in a stadiometer and it appeared 192.5cm in the screen. Maybe it was in shoes?

Here is the link, min. 9.45 to 9.55
Click Here

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

Would be interesting if he really got that figure barefoot!

berta said on 24/Jan/23
in sweden he is describes in papers at 191 or 192. Gustaf was funnily described at 193 in an old interview from maybe 10 years ago. Alexander is always desbribed at 194 cm and then theres is another brother that is 196cm. they also have a younger brother that seems tall but have no idea on how tall he is. he is clearly the shortest. Maybe 188cm? But he was described at 194. Must have been a misprint.

Canson said on 4/Dec/22
@Andrey: agreed. That’s a low for him if so
Andrey200 said on 3/Dec/22
Lowest I see for Bill is 190.5

Ray (5’10/177 cm) said on 23/Nov/22
I’ll give my approximate guesses on all the older Skarsgard siblings in height order

Sam: 6’5 (196.2 cm)
Alexander: 6’4 (194.5 cm)
Gustaf: 6’2 (189.9 cm)
Bill: 6’2 (188 cm)
Valter: 6’1 (186 cm)
Eija: 5’9 (176-177 cm)

Andrey200 said on 13/Oct/22
Coldice said on 10/Oct/22
188 cm

I find that very unlikely

Coldice said on 10/Oct/22
188 cm

Tall San said on 22/Sep/22
I think Bill has both an angle and maybe a terrain advantage there. There’s a lot of shots with the brothers together, Bill is the shorter of the two: Click Here

Robert Felix said on 19/Sep/22
@ Tall Sam check these out

In the pictures above Bill Skarsgård is taller than Alexander.

Tall Sam said on 17/Sep/22
Yeah that’s a strange statement, I’ve never seen Bill look taller than Alexander Skarsgard in fact the latter can look up to 1 to 1.5 inches taller.

Andrey200 said on 15/Sep/22
Robert Felix said on 13/Sep/22
Bill Skarsgård is taller than Alexander Skarsgård

That is quite a claim.

Robert Felix said on 13/Sep/22
Bill Skarsgård is taller than Alexander Skarsgård
Canson said on 25/Jul/22
He’s at least 6’3”
192cm Leprechaun said on 24/Jul/22
He’s 6’2″ not 6’4″ and Tim Curry is 5’7″ not 5’10”.
Cold Water said on 18/Jun/22
1,88 m

Tall Sam said on 27/Apr/22
There is a few ways that Bill looks disadvantaged relative to Gustav at the It premieres, possibly inferior footwear, posture and camera angles.

Other instances:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Generally in these cases Bill and Gustav look close in height and you could see why Rob even lists Bill a touch taller. Other than the It premiere, though, you could say Bill looked quite short next to Winston Duke.

Andrey200 said on 26/Apr/22
Painrain said on 13/Apr/22
He looks 6’2 next to his brothers.

IceCold said on 31/Mar/22
His body proportions clear as day longer than only just 184 cm. He is not even a flat 188 cm. But could look it at times

Cold Water said on 23/Mar/22
Looks 184 cm in here

and 188 cm in here

Wehrmacht180 said on 17/Mar/22
Andy muschietti is 190 cm
So bill is 188 cm max

Cold Water said on 7/Mar/22

Gustaf: 191-192 cm
Bill: 186-190 cm , max 190 cm
Alexander: 192-193 cm

Rhys 6’1″ said on 5/Mar/22
6’3.25″ on the dot. He looks like a very solid 6’4″ on his own, but looks closer to 6’3″ around others. Very well proportioned.

Ian Momo ‘Questionable 5’10’ said on 10/Jan/22
@Tall Sam definitely not the best picture but i understand your meanings, here’s him with Winston, slouching, and still look 2+ inch shorter

Ian Momo ‘Questionable 5’10’ said on 8/Jan/22
He’s 191 cm, but i would gave his brother, Gustav at 6’3.5 or 192 cm, his current listing is waay to low

Cold Water said on 24/Dec/21
Bill: 190-191 cm
Gustaf: 191-192 cm
Alexander: 192-193 cm

Cold Water said on 28/Nov/21
191.1-191.5 cm – Night
192.1-192.5 cm – Lunch
193.1-193.5 cm – Morning
Cold Water said on 27/Nov/21
Bill – 191.0 cm
Gustaf – 191.8 cm
Alexander – 192.3 cm
Click Here
Cold Water said on 21/Nov/21
Bill – 190.6 cm
Gustaf – 191.0 cm
Alexander – 192.5 cm

ChaosControl said on 8/Aug/21
If anyone’s curious here’s what the quote means translated to English:
1.91. But Sam, my youngest big brother is 1.98. Dad is 1.93. Grandma is 1.80. It is unusual with such a tall old aunt. So that’s probably where the longitudinal genes come from.

Languages are pretty fascinating things

Lee Parker said on 7/Aug/21
That’s one tall family. Bill is 6ft 3, alexander is 6ft 4 their father was 6ft 3 peak, gustaf is 6ft 3, younger brother valter is about 6ft 3 and sister eija around 5ft 11. Are swedish people naturally kinda tall

Canson said on 31/Jul/21
@Tall Sam: he’s definitely not under 6’3”. The other two may be however. Stellan and Gustaf. I’d say Gustaf is today for sure but not

Canson said on 17/Nov/20
Alexander 193.5-194 (he’s listed appropriately according to Berta)
Stellan 190-191
Bill 190-191
Gustaf 190-190.5

Canson said on 31/Jul/21
@Tall Sam: he’s definitely not under 6’3”. The other two may be however. Stellan and Gustaf

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Tall Sam said on 28/Jul/21
Giving credence to those who think him under 6’3”, he looks quite a bit under 6’5” Winston Duke, who is certainly someone who would also have a comfortable edge even on Alexander Skarsgard.
Click Here

ALEXIZ/180cm said on 28/Apr/21
He is shorter next to 190 cm Andy Muschetti

Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 12/Apr/21
Maybe i miss out his posture but 6’3 1/4-1/2 no way. Don’t think he is over 6’3.

Noah pollmann said on 30/Mar/21
How tall is their mom?
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Mar/21
Gustaf listing should be exchange with Bill.

johnnysidgursson said on 1/Feb/21
I see him on 192 or low as 191.5, he is the third tower with his brothers

Canson said on 16/Jan/21
@Junior: he isn’t less than 6’3 but that’s exactly where I have him. The 190.5 is rounded to 191 or maybe a hair under 191

Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 11/Jan/21
Need downgrade instantly. Big Bro Alexander at the very minimum between 3-4cm taller than Bill.

slim 6’1 said on 8/Jan/21
Looks similar in height to Liam Hemsworth so yeah 191cm for me 👍
Canson said on 6/Jan/21
@Crane: there’s a reason why he was Banned
Vincent Caleb said on 8/Dec/20
Alexander Skarsgard 6’4.25”
Stellan 6’3” peak
Bill 6’3”
Gustaf 6’3”
Canson said on 4/Dec/20
@Junior: I’m confused by your post. Bill looks taller if anything

Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 24/Nov/20
When maintain a good posture Gustaf can seem like 3/4″ on Bill but i believe Gustaf could just be 6’3 1/4 and Bill 6’2 3/4 if talking about a better comparison. Click Here

Canson said on 17/Nov/20
Alexander 193.5-194 (he’s listed appropriately according to Berta)
Stellan 190-191
Bill 190-191
Gustaf 190-190.5

Canson said on 16/Nov/20
Where did anyone say he’s sub 190?
Andrea said on 14/Nov/20
Not sure about that much under, Crane, but he’s definitely not 191.

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

I could see him at 6ft 3 on the nose, he does look at times like he’s a bit of a sloucher.
recapa said on 12/Nov/20
6ft3 1/8

Crane said on 12/Nov/20
@Rob With all due respect, I genuinely think you need to homeworking this one cautiously. Calculate all the pictures of him that available online.

Bill is seriously overlisted here and I’m talking 3 cm of overlisting or even more.

Andrea said on 11/Nov/20
Maybe give him 6’3 flat at least (or at most I should say), Rob?

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

It is a real possibility
Canson said on 11/Nov/20
@Junior: I’d put him at 190-191 a full 6’3” and Gustaf at 190ish 6’2.75”

Andrea said on 11/Nov/20
“sometimes can seem over an inch shorter than alexander.” is a bit of an euphemism. More like, he generally looks well over an inch shorter than him: Click Here Click Here Click Here (if anything, his brother Gustaf looks the taller. and he only claims 190 apparently)
I’m gonna be generous and say that 191 is maybe an early measurement, but that’s the most I can see. He also looks quite “short” next to Winston Duke: Click Here

Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 9/Nov/20
Click Here Bill is 100 % over listed. His hair fool on Rob with a bald brother Gustaf all the time. Click Here Gustaf is at least 2cm taller than Bill not 1/4 lower than Bill. Alexander Skarsgard had hidden height when standing next to 6’3 3/4 Ed Quinn i remember there is solid 3/4 inch between them also look like 1″. so 6’4 1/2 not surprise me for Alex. One point is maybe Joe Manganiello really was a solid 6’4 3/4. When Gustaf standing straight he really wasn’t over an inch below Alex. I would believe 6’3 1/2 for Gustaf, Bill 6’2 3/4 and Big Brother Alexander 6’4 1/2 not far from their lowest measurement.

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

Bill at 6ft 3 flat is probably more likely than say 3.5

Ray ? Atikian said on 16/Oct/20
I think Valter is 6’0-6’1 (183-185 cm) I think Bill is 6’2 (190 cm) Gustaf is about 6’3 (191-192) Alexander is a full 6’4 (194 cm) and Sam is 6’5 (196-197 cm)

Slim 6’1″ said on 2/Oct/20
Never seen IT but I want to
Slim 6’1″ said on 2/Oct/20
190.5-191cm at his low
Yuhhh said on 19/Sep/20
Rob how likely do you think 6’3.5 is for bill? He seems to fit that well

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

I don’t think he’s quite that tall, sometimes can seem over an inch shorter than alexander.

Babara said on 8/Aug/20
He belongs to the 189 branch, maybe 6’2.5″

But Not 6 feet 3 for sure.

And neither of his father, mother, brother are 5’11, 6’4, and 6’6

I spoke Swedish, so I actually know that are straight up Lie

Saitama said on 26/Jul/20
189 — 190

Crane said on 22/Jul/20
He’s a little shorter than 190 cm Gustaf. Not much of a difference really between him and Gustaf. But with 193.5 cm Alexander, it is huge.

Canson said on 19/Jul/20
@Rampage: I think they’re very close.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jul/20
Bill shorter than Gustaf?

I’m not sure I buy that. There’s definitely a case that both of them are 6ft3 flat though

cuda said on 14/Jul/20
The range likely would be

Bill – 188 or 89,
Gustaf – 190 as he said,
Alexander – 193 or 93.5

Sarei said on 8/Jul/20
No. Bill is over listted in this site. Take a look at him again carefully. The real figures would be something similar to this. Bill: 6’2.5, Gustaf: 6’2.75, Alexander: 6’4.25

Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Jun/20
I atually start to see Bill 6’3, Gustaf 6’3 1/2 and Alexander 6’4 1/2.

berta said on 14/Apr/20
yeag he and gustaf looks the same height always. maybe gustaf is 6´3 he always look it. this guy always looks legit 191 and pull of 192 many times but i think 191 is good. he doesnt look taller than that beside alexander

LatinMix said on 13/Apr/20
Bill next to Amazon Eve
Click Here
Jkiller said on 5/Mar/20
Small tad over 6’3.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Feb/20
Rob, who do you really think would measure taller Bill or Gustaf?

They look so close to be honest. Not sure about a full half inch difference. For me either Bill should be downgraded to 6ft3 flat or Guf upgraded

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

They can seem quite close, but when measured I think Bill could edge him, though it might be less than half inch

Crane said on 24/Jan/20
Gustaf edges Bill by about .5 cm from their pic together. Bill isn’t 190.5 cm barefoot, more likely 189.5/190 cm. The correct list would be 190 cm for Bill Skarsgard. Otherwise, you will need to make Gustaf Skarsgard full 6’3 190.5 cm or even 6’3.25 191 cm too.

Alex 6’3.25 said on 7/Jan/20
He’s a legit 6’3 at least

Canson said on 18/Dec/19
@Greg: there are other things that this poster has done such as touching on and berating people about their political views too. Political views shouldn’t be a topic of discussion on this site

Canson said on 28/Nov/19
You’ve listed yourself 188 and 189 so if he’s 1cm taller he would be under 6’3”. He looks the full 6’3”

Canson said on 28/Nov/19
It would’ve been nice if Rob had not allowed you back on this site

Tall Sam said on 23/Oct/19
He shows the way to make an inch difference vanish when walking with Alexander, you could be fooled into thinking at a glance that Bill is a big 6’4″ there by his camera proximity and standing straighter. Click Here

Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Oct/19
Agree with Canson he doesn’t look over 6’3 especially compare next to older brother Alexander Skarsgard and Gustaf.

Nik Ashton said on 19/Sep/19
@ Sandy Cowell – Many a person gets greedy and want to **** ***** **** and eat it! Not Bill Skarsgard though! 🍰👃🍓!

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Canson said on 17/Sep/19
Legit 6’3” at a low. 190.5
Canson said on 17/Sep/19
Legit 6’3” at a low

Nik said on 16/Sep/19
@ Sandy Cowell – Not Bill Skarsgard, that’s for sure! I bet many a person in his shoes would say 6’4″! 😂😂😂😂😂😂! 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 16/Sep/19
Hey Nik! Who, standing six foot three plus, would have it necessary to lie, though I’ve heard via this website that it has been known! 😂😂😂

Six three and a quarter. 🤡🎈

185 said on 15/Sep/19
@Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173)
We do use kg for weight measurement and cm for height measurement here in my country Viet Nam too.
About Bill he definitely look this range and appear really tall in It. But his brother Alexander sometime can look 4-5 cm taller than him.

Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 29/Aug/19
He is one of the true lister height tall and handsome Swedish actor. sometimes, if person gives his or her height with centimeter instead of inches like here in US, it could be more accurate than just inches like two guys both claimed 6 footer as an example, A guy can be 1cm taller than B guys like that.. I do know most of the countries including my country China uses metric system for weight and height and distances etc unlike US which doesnt use those metric systems for measurement. I am happy to go with this handsome swedish actor as 6ft 3 quarter like he claimed.

Nik Ashton said on 22/Aug/19
It’s great that he is honest and I am so pleased to give him his 100th comment!

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 18/Aug/19
I have actually got round to watching the remake of ‘It’. My boyfriend assured me that it is quite funny, but I haven’t laughed once – yet!

We’ve only seen Bill in the sewer so far and he bit the arm off a trusting little boy who was trying to retrieve his paper boat. His mouth was dripping with blood and he looked nowhere near amusing, but then I have never liked clowns anyway; horrible things! 🤡😝

I can’t see it being long before we see the full elongated version of Bill, and then I will be able to size him up properly. I don’t recall ever seeing him in anything so far. What a weird and creepy introduction!

But the kids are lovely little things. 👧👦👌😁

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/Aug/19
With a height like that, over 6ft3, Bill was a natural choice to play Pennywise the Clown in the remake of Stephen King’s ‘It’. I hear they’ve done a follow-up too!

Bill turns 29 today so.

Have a great time with your supersized, as in super TALL, family!

6ft3.5 is my Birthday guess for Billy-Boy.

berta said on 23/Jul/19
looks 191-192 most of the time but if he claims 191 then i guess he is that height. He and Gustaf looks about the same height

Oneiroi said on 20/May/19
Bill solid 191ccm
Gustaf solid 190cm
Alexander decent 194cm
Canson said on 22/Mar/19

Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 20/Mar/19
Bill 190.8cm
Gustaf 190cm
Alexander 194cm

berta said on 4/Jan/19
he and gustaf can look the same height most of the time. This guy have a build that can fool people into thinking that he is 6 foot 4

Shashank-6’3 3/8 said on 3/Dec/18
Spot on 191.5cm
Dream(5’9.5″) said on 29/Sep/18
A lipstick-loving 6’3″ range guy

Wayne said on 14/Sep/18
Strangely he refers to his father as a 193 cm man and himself as a 191 cm man while he is visibly taller

Dream(5’9.5 said on 12/Sep/18
Rob, do you think Bill Skarsgard could be ‘added’ to the ‘Horror Actors’ or nah?

I can’t wait to see him in IT: Chapter 2!

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

Not sure on that one.

hal said on 15/Aug/18
Is he wearing lipstick in that picture? XD

And he’s a strong 6’3″, I’d say. Another one of Stellan’s genetically gifted children.

Tall Sam said on 22/May/18
@Monkey knees, there’s almost no way he’s that short especially in the morning.

Dream(5’9.5″) said on 20/May/18
@Monkey Knees

Then Papa Skarsgard gets 6’1″ (which I find bizarre).

Monkey knees said on 19/May/18
6’2.5 morning height.

Dream(5’9.5″) said on 17/May/18

You’re right. There are times that Gustaf tends to position himself to look taller. Bill stands a loop–or he’s very loose in posture.

Gustaf Skarsgard = 6’2 7/8ths” — 6’3″ flat.
Bill Skarsgard = 6’3 1/8ths” — 6’3 1/4″ depending on the day.

Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Apr/18
Bill maybe a small fraction taller than Gustaf. He could measure 6’3.25″ early in the day.

Dream(5’9.5″) said on 11/Apr/18
Here’s a photo where Bill looks taller than Gustaf.

Dream(5’9.5 said on 4/Apr/18
@Rampage Actually, the more I see Bill and Gustaf, the more I noticed that Gustaf tends to position himself to look taller while Bill is very loose in posture–standing a loop.

Notice that Gustaf tends to position himself higher while Bill stands a loop.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Mar/18
Both really look around the 6ft3 mark. Gustaf can also appear taller than Bill at times. Both generally look a good inch below Alexander and a good inch above Stellan.

Sean73 said on 21/Feb/18
This listing is fair. I think the Skarsgards and the Gronkowski’s should see which family can eat the most!

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/18
Rob, are you sure Bill edges out Gustaf?

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

The closer it is between them, the harder it can be to tell them apart!

Johno said on 1/Jan/18
It is a probably the combination of talent, decent looks and family connections that there are soo many Skarsgards you see on Primetime entertainment. Providing that Skarsgard boys were a bit above in looks, they had a talented father who was always going to nurture them and get them various slots. Talent is innate but it can also be nurtured. They are all pretty tall too.

Dreampuffe(5’9.5″) said on 27/Nov/17
Rob, he also edged out Gustaf in this gif.

Dreampuffe(5’9.5″) said on 26/Nov/17
He edges out Gustaf in these pictures.

Alex 6’3 said on 24/Nov/17
Maybe he’s not a 191 cm, because his brother Gustaf is always taller than him in all the photo, and Gustaf can’t be taller than 6’3..

Dreampuffe(5’9.5 said on 23/Nov/17
Ah s#@. Rob, there is also ‘Sam Skarsgard’ and more and more and more Skarsgards!

Dreampuffe(5’9.5 said on 23/Nov/17
Rob, every time a ‘wild Skarsgard’ appears, we should probably say ‘F#@! it! They’re over 6’0″ for sure!”

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

wait until the current generation have kids of their own, you never know, there may be a shorter than 6ft appear!

Dreampuffe(5’9.5″) said on 23/Nov/17
LOL that was beautiful Rob! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Anonymous said on 13/Nov/17
gustaf looks taller than bill in all of their pictures together

Sam said on 29/Oct/17
Might’ve been posted before somewhere, but the director of It, Andres Muschietti, is taller than him, looks like a good inch difference, so Andres might be around the same height as big brother Alexander. Muschietti also looked more than 2 inches taller than Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Muschietti has mentioned Bill being intimidating as Pennywise due in part to Bill’s height of “six-four” and that he looked seven feet on camera.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Borats Chicken said on 29/Oct/17
rob, who has the longer head him or alexander?

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

from looking at them, it’s harder to tell, but I think possibly Alexander by a small amount.
Dreampuffe(5’9.5″) said on 24/Oct/17
I’m sure they had a good father who was very good in acting!

Dreampuffe(5’9.5 said on 18/Oct/17
Rob, this is my opinion, but he really nailed the part of Pennywise (I’m a Stephen king fan though!)!

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

I think the Skargard lads had a good Father to learn some acting tips from!
Jake said on 17/Oct/17
He’s 6’3 max.
Canson said on 8/Oct/17
6’3” flat

Johno said on 6/Oct/17
With his proportions, looks taller than his older brother but is actually shorter.

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Overall a decent actor although some of his critics call him some what of a clown .

Jjak said on 2/Oct/17
Wow this kid can act and looks very tall onscreen.
Stills more helpful for comparison looks solid 6 3.
Could be a smidgen either side tough to tell.

184guy said on 30/Sep/17
He looks almost 2 inches shorter than Alex in ”It ” premiere
Slim said on 29/Sep/17
191 area(6’3.5″) needs an upgrade.

Wayne said on 19/Sep/17
how Alexander who claims to be 6’4″ manages to look so much taller than his brothers and Joel Kinnaman ? his posture must be perfect

Mark(5’9.5″) said on 14/Sep/17
I honestly can’t blame Bill
Agreco4l said on 11/Sep/17
Strong 6’3″

Deathstroke said on 10/Sep/17
Hey Rob, how tall is the director of the recent “IT” movie starring Bill Skarsgård? Here is the director and Bill: Click Here

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

could be 6ft 5
Jacob said on 9/Sep/17
I saw him next to his brother Didn’t think they where much off
Logan Johnson said on 8/Sep/17
Hi rob what would you say his height is at night and evening

grizz said on 7/Sep/17
Click Here His brother Alexander seems to have way more than 1in advantage over his brother.

even said on 20/Jul/17
a decent 6 foot 3 dude

S.J.H said on 28/Jun/17
The Skarsgard lowest evening/night/before bed:

Papa Stellan – 187.5cm
Big Alex – 193.0cm
Gustaf – 189.5cm
Bill – 190.5cm

Mark(5’9.25″) said on 27/Jun/17
Solid 6’3.25″. Similar to Roland Mann in person.
Borats Chicken said on 29/Mar/17
Rob, you should add ‘it’, he plays Pennywise (clown) in the movie.

berta said on 24/Mar/17
this guy is no way shorter than his cliam. he is 191 and in the morning he is 192,5 wich he was measured in one of his movies. and that scene was in the morning when he was going up from bed he also weight himself and i think he weoght 82 kg. but that was maybe 5 years ago

Sandy Cowell said on 12/Mar/17
Bill looks different facially to his Dad and brother Alexander and he has dark hair instead of the more commonplace blond in Sweden! But he certainly has the Skarsgard height!
I haven’t seen him act though and my opinion about his facial characteristics could change if I did, not to mention, there is such a thing as hair-dye!
But his height is typical Skarsgard! I go along with 6ft3.25 as I have no right to say otherwise, having never seen him in action!

S.J.H said on 8/Mar/17
Bill is 190cm, gustaf 189cm and big brother alexander a true 6’4

growtallerguru said on 6/Mar/17
it would be so cool to be his height and proportions, he’s definitely 6’3.25″ to 6’4″. agencies sometimes lower height so as not to limit actors roles. side note this whole family is proof that the swedes are all giants. other side note: I’m on day 29 of my grow taller program and have grown 1.15cm

S.J.H said on 22/Feb/17
Lol dad 6’4 is no way. Stellan at most 6’3 peak or 190cm and 6’2 now

berta said on 8/Feb/17
i can translate what he saying if anybody wants to know. “191 but Sam, my youngest bigbrother is 198 cm. Daddy is 193. Grandmother is 180. Its unusuall with a old lady that tall.I guess thats where the height-genes come from” thats pretty mutch excactly what he said.

berta said on 7/Feb/17
rob you should put that on the top so peaople can se that it really comes from his mouth. thanks

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

yes berta, I have added the line in now.

berta said on 18/Dec/16
192 is good for him ore very strong 191 guy i think he is right beetween the two

Ibracadabra said on 5/Dec/16
Rob, for me he looks taller than Chris Hemsworth by near an inch, what do you think ?

Slothee said on 6/Oct/16
One thing I’ve noticed about all the Skarsgards is that they’re all very honest about their heights! Like all of them are around 1/8in or around 2mm over the heights they each claim.

Canson said on 20/Aug/16
@Matthew: Lol nope it’s not you he absolutely has some on. I’d go with 6’3 flat for him

Rampage(-_- -_-)Clover said on 22/Aug/15
Very strong 6ft3 guy

joe 193cm night said on 28/May/15
Famke Janssen seems strong and 182cm to 183 cm looks she is already 50 years old still seems to have mantindo height do not believe that bill is 6’3.25 closer to 6’3

berta said on 23/May/15
seems right 191-192 in thwe movie its probably early in the da. but still this is the lowest for him he is probably more 192

Andrea said on 15/May/15
What do you mean, Joe? I already saw those pictures, which are the only ones where he can look no less than this listing next to Alexander but of course i wouldn’t call them reliable pictures since they’re outside so there’s always room for ground differences!

spainmen192cm said on 14/May/15
Yes the film is in youtube, and the sceene begins at 9:26
Click Here
@Editor Rob
What do you think Rob could he be a 192 guy?

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

it’s tough to say without knowing if he was barefoot or if it was filmed earlier in the day.
joe 193cm night said on 11/May/15
Andrea, always consistent
joe 193cm night said on 9/May/15
the soil is not very good to buyClick Here

Andrea said on 8/May/15
In the few pictures with Alexander, he looks noticeably shorter than him! I’ve found the movie “That one swede” talked about and looked for the part where he “gets measured”, you basically see him standing under some kind of stadiometer and you can read 192.5 on it! In the previous scene he weighs himself, barefoot! But as far as we know he could be either in shoes or he could even be standing on a box (under the stadiometer) because you really can only see his head and a few marks on the stadiometer.

That one swede said on 8/May/15
It was without shoes

Sam said on 7/May/15
Ironically, dad Stellan is the only one sinking below the mark, he looks more 6’2″ these days at his age. If you see Stellan in Zero Kelvin, he could be one big, scary mofo, more bear than man, back 20 years ago.

Sam said on 6/May/15
Was it with or with shoes, swede?

Ud-6’3.25 said on 5/May/15
Hey Rob,
Is skarsgard the tallest family in hollywood with every member atleast 6’3 or taller?

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

looks like that.

That one swede said on 4/May/15
He actually meaured himself on screen in a swedish movie called ¨i rymden finns inga känslor¨. He was measured at 1,925m.

joe 193cm night said on 3/May/15
Arch Stanton,Sam still has that appear to be 6’5.25 (196)

Jakob said on 3/May/15
I didn’t think he looked taller than Gustaf who you think is 190cm. Neither of them has especially great posture though, I guess that could make it hard to tell.

MaryAnne said on 3/May/15
Handsomee. Mwah mwah :*
joe 193cm night said on 2/May/15
Rob, look at me Gustaf is 6’3.25Click Here
Andrea said on 2/May/15
So, Rob?

How Tall Is Bill Skarsgard

Editor Rob

he could be slouching there. but he may also have been someone who gained near 20-21 range. he has a young look, maybe he had later spurt?

Arch Stanton said on 2/May/15
LOL when you see the name “Skarsgard” you know he’s going to be 190cm or over LOL. How many more are there of them??

jordan said on 2/May/15
Thanks mate

Andrea said on 2/May/15
Was he still growing in this picture, Rob?
Click Here
He looks noticeably shorter than Alex, maybe 6’1 at best in this picture.