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How Much Height Does Heels Add

How Much Height Do Shoes Add? Is It Even Possible?

how much height do shoes add

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Men and women both desire best fitting, comfy, and a bit height increase by inserting their feet into shoes. But the question is whether they really increase the height or not. If yes, then how much height do shoes add? Again, how many inches of height do shoes add?

Well, a shoe can add 0.75″ -1.5″ height on average. It varies from brand to brand and shoe types. Flat shoes may add less like 0.5″ height, whereas some shoes offer more than 2″. It depends on your comfort and purpose in using the boots or shoes.

It may sound strange; the added shoe height can enhance inner confidence and self-consciousness. Being an inch taller may also help to stand at right eye level in front of the person we are talking with. Additionally, a thick sole or heel makes the shoe last longer.

With so many benefits, you may also look for how much height enhancement you can get. That’s why we are here with a resourceful discussion. Give us some precious moments to know everything on the topic.

The Basic Concept

Usually, the height addition of shoes depends on multiple factors. Same design shoes from different brands can add additional amounts of heights. Again, different types of shoes may add versatile heights even if they are from the same manufacturer.

Think of a ballet flat. It is so thin that it may hardly add any height. Alternatively, shoes like high heels for dress may add approximately 4-5″ height. Different manufacturers produce thicker shoes for proper feet protection.

Factors of Shoes Adding Heights

shoes add hight

You may wear running shoes for jogging early in the morning. Also, a dress shoe may be suitable for the party, or boots for performing at workplaces. Or, you may love flat slippers like shoes to walk in the evening. Whatever you like, the height addition depends on several factors like below:

The Style / Design of Shoes

The shoe design or style plays vital role in how much height your shoes will add. You may love to see you taller by wearing unique style shoes or boots. For example, dress shoes and flip-flops can add different heights to your feet.

The shoe style fully covers the sole thickness and structure, heel pattern, and body build. If you want to appear taller, it’s good to wear shoes with a higher or thicker bottom.

Boots have thicker soles to get a fine grip on the surface and sufficient traction. They will add more height than flat flip flops or sneakers. Again, the internal cushioning of the boots is better than those flat sneakers.

Surprisingly, work boots will add even more height than regular boots. They are designed to work on tough, uneven surfaces. Also, they protect the feet better. You can get a maximum height increase from high-heeled shoes as they are purposefully designed to present us taller than others.

Sneakers can increase height like 0.5-1″. On the other hand, boots can add 1.25-3″ to your height. The flat ballerina shoes are so thin that they can barely increase the height by 0.25″. It helps the ladies to balance themselves well on the floor.

So, the style or design of shoes has a great impact on shoe height. Keep this fact in your mind.

The Heel Height of Shoes

Who doesn’t love to see themselves taller than their actual height? Maybe only the tallest person would deny the fact. Heel height is a notable feature of any shoe for men or women. Usually, thick heels and soles add a bonus height than thin ones.

When we wear shoes with a high heels, they rotate our feet towards the ankle back. This rotation can align our ankles more horizontally than vertically. So, we get a boost of our height and our impact on others.

You can mostly learn the impact of the heel by noticing the ladies’ high-heeled shoes. For example, a 5’4″ lady can easily add an extra 2-3″ wearing a high heel. But there is one thing: you should check if the heel has any platform or not. Heels with the platform can add a height of 3″ whereas heels without it may increase 2-4″. Heels without a platform can provide this height increase based on heel length.

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Therefore, heel impact isn’t only for shoes for women. Boots, running shoes, sneakers, etc., also have a heel impact.

The Sole of Shoes

Sole is also important if you want to get virtual height from a shoe. We divide the role of sole into two parts: insole/midsole and outsole. There are questions like these: can insoles add height? How much height can the outsole add? Yes, these are obvious questions, and the answers are logical.

Adding some insoles can get you a lift height. Also, there are some insoles specially designed for adding height. They are slightly different from the traditional insoles of the shoes. Again, they have a user-friendly design to provide you with cushion, shock absorption, and height together. But they may have a flat end and a heel.

The outsole works in the same way as the insole or midsole does. Usually, a shoe with a rubber outsole can add 0.5-1″ height on average. The heel length also includes this outsole length. After all, outsoles give sufficient traction and grip support.

Rubber soles are longer than the total length of shoes. They are also leveled to offer a perfect fit to the ground. But it doesn’t mean that rubber soles are thin. These soles add more height than leather shoes.

How Much Height Do Shoes Add by Style?

People worldwide wear versatile styles of shoes, from dress shoes to work boots. These different styles offer you a unique lift of height. Below is some relevant discussion of height addition of shoes by style:

Dress Shoes

The height you get from dress shoes depends on heel thickness and sole areas. Dress shoes can add 0.75-5″ height on average.

The style and heel of dress shoes are different among men and women. So, they will provide a significant boost of height. Men’s dress shoes can add 1-2″ height. On the other hand, women’s dress shoes add 1-5″ height depending on their heel size.


Heels can give an expected height increase to relieve you from stress. They can do so depending on their length and type of heels. Also, it can be different based on the kind of shoes they come with.

For example, high heels and stilettos can add extra height, whereas sandals with heels may provide 2-4″ height. If you wear heals without any platform, you may not get maximum height lift.

Heels can add height in these ways:

  • Low heels – 1-2″
  • Mid heels – 2-3″
  • High heels – 3-5″
  • Cuban heels – 1-2.5″


Boots are a favorite choice to many of us for their bold look, full cover, and sturdiness. They are available in versatile sizes and styles. These boots can add 1-2.5″ height depending on the style. Also, some popular brands of boots may offer boots with more height addition features.

Brands like Timberland Dr. Martens offer boots with lug soles. These boots can increase your height by 1.5″ on average. Cowboy boots for males and females add height of 1.5-2″ and 3″ respectively. Again, Combat and jungle boots can make you 1-1.25″ taller than your real height.

Chelsea boots are famous for their tall and thick heels. They are mostly known as “boots for short people.” They can impact your height by adding 1-1.5″.

Basketball Shoes

Do you love playing basketball? Or desire to wear basketball shoes? If yes, you can also have a chance to appear taller from now. Wearing shoes can make you play better on the court. You may search for these shoes online and buy them at affordable prices.

Under Armour Jet Nike Jordans are some popular basketball shoes. They have thicker soles to absorb more shocks and give more traction on the court. Usually, these shoes add 1-2″ to your height.

Running Shoes

Running shoes and sneakers may feel the same. We also use them regularly. But there are some slight variances between these two types of shoes.

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Running shoes can make you 0.5″ taller. However, the height addition depends on the outsole and midsole.


Sneakers are mostly considered low-profile shoes for sports, walking, and running. But you can also find high-end sneakers at the market. Low-profile sneakers are almost flat. They can add barely 0.5-1″ height, whereas high-end ones offer 1-2″ height addition.

Thick outsoles and elevated insole are the main features of these sneakers. So, the thickness of these soles can also let you know how much height they will add. Some sneakers like Vans and Converse offer 0.5-0.7″, Adidas sneakers add 1.25″ height.

Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes are my favorite as they are mostly worn for getting a better height.

Elevator shoes boost your height from 2 to 5 inches. They can make you tall as they have thickened insole.

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are preferable for making yourself ready for any special events with a boosted height. These shoes have raised platforms at the back and front sides.

So, you can get an overall increase in height than regular shoes. However, these shoes may offer different height boosts based on brands and styles.

How Much Height Do Shoes Add by Shoe Brands?

Let us talk about the height increase of shoes by their brands. Some brands prefer extra height addition and believe in serving the wearers medium heights. We hope you will continue reading this article:


If you consider some popular brands of shoes, Adidas will lead the list. The manufacturer produces a wide array of styles and shoes for versatile purposes.

They mostly use thicker soles made with advanced technology like reinforced foam and cloud foam. They are very comfortable and lightweight to use for regular gaiting and sports purposes.

You can increase your overall height by an extra 1-1.4″ wearing Adidas shoes. Usually, average casual shoes cannot add that much height, whereas these shoes can be more favorable.


Vans mostly produce shoes and sneakers for skateboarding. But they are equally accepted like other top-notch shoe brands. These shoes are greatly efficient for getting better traction grip on the ground. Also, the soles prevent unexpected falling while providing good height support.

Vans shoes can add 0.5-1″ height to your feet. It may vary from different Vans skate shoes. Skate shoes from this manufacturer may add 0.5″ height on average while some models like Exo, Goretex may boost 1″ height.


Converse shoes are often recognized as casual sneakers. But it is a shoe brand after all, fulfilling people’s demands with height-boosting shoes. Also, these Converses are good to ride on skateboards. You will love to wear two types of Converse shoes: regular and platform.

Converses offer 0.5-1.5″ height boost depending on their style. Regular Converse shoes can add 1″ height. But you can use extra padding to the sole for more height enhancement. Alternatively, platform shoes can give your body up to 2″ extra height with their chunkier platform.


Timberlands are popular for their lug soles. These soles are thicker enough to let everyone notice you’ve become taller. Wearing them, you can keep your feet stable and get improved traction while putting every step. Again, the elevated rise off the floor can easily satisfy your mind.

Shoes from Timberlands offer 1-2″ height enhancement depending on the model you purchase. However, most of the shoes have a 1.5″ thick sole, which can be added to your height.


Crocs shoes are so unique in their style. You can make yourself happy if the main concern is adding or getting extra height. The cup-like-looking enclosure provides a lifted angle from the toe to heel. Besides, with the extra cushion and thicker sole, you can get quite an assurance of height boost.

Crocs shoes are good for adding 1-2.5″ height lift. Regular models of Crocs add 1,” and Platforms offer even more like 2.5″ height when you wear them. However, the height boost covers from toe to heel.

Doc Martens

Dr. Martens shoes are also lovable to many wearers. You can prefer this brand for using a dual sole structure in their shoes. These soles are sealed together in special ways. So, the shoes offer a lumpy platform to the users.

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Some Doc Martens shoes add 1.3-2″ height while buying shoes with 2-5″ height boost. Even the elevated platform and rugged looks can easily attract anyone to a tall, bold, and stylish appearance.


If you want flexible shoes with a height increase, you can choose Skechers. These shoes have mostly low-profile designs with flat-gum rubber heels. Again, the heel is slightly lifted to the front side. You may also get more comfort from the thick memory foam with multiple curves.

Skechers can increase your height by 1-1.5″ on average. So, you can fulfill your desire to get taller.


Ask any sportsman about Puma and learn what they talk about this brand. It is a world-class brand offering flat to thick shoes for versatile users. So, you can make yourself taller wearing their shoes and be comfortable with what you are in. Different styles of Puma shoes offer versatile elevation of height.

Puma shoes can add 0.5-2″ height on average. Some models with basic heels provide 0.5″ height. Other models like RS-0 offer 1.3″, Creepers add 5-5.5″ height to your body.


Like all the brands we have mentioned here, Nike is also a super cool shoe manufacturer for all classes of people. You can find many categorized shoes from Nike. Therefore, they have thick midsoles, foam cushioning, and ventilation features.

So, how much height do Nike shoes add? Below are some series or models of Nike shoes offering different height boosts:

  • Airforce 1 – 1-1.2″
  • Air Jordan 1 – 0.8″
  • Air Max 97 – 1-1.5″
  • Air Max 90 – 1.2″
  • Air Max 720 – 1.6″
  • Air Max 270 – 1.3″
  • Blazers – 08-1.2″

Other Shoe Styles

Some shoe brands like Yeezys and Dawgs are also there, fulfilling the customers’ wishes. Shoes from Yeezys can add 1.18″ to your height. Also, the Dawgs shoes can increase your height by 1-1.5″.

However, if you look at the market, you can find more styles and brands of shoes. They can also enhance your confidence by growing height at an undefined length. Additionally, the invention of new technologies helps them achieve more success and happy consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of question comes about how much height do shoes add are there. Here are some of these queries:

Can people notice a 2cm height difference?

It is tough to notice 2 cm (0.787″). So, people can barely notice that you have an increased height wearing the shoes. It is good if you wear shoes with more heigh boost.

Can you measure the height with shoes?

When you measure your height, you should remove the shoes first. Then, stand in an upright position following meter rules. Now, you can get an idea about your height.

Can army boots add height to you?

Army boots, aka tactical boots, can increase your height. Usually, you can make yourself taller by adding 1-2″ height wearing these boots.

Can Nike Shoes Make You Look Taller?

Nike shoes are good for adding height to your posture. They offer different height enhancements depending on the shoe models and designs. Thus, the average number is 1-1.2″ which you can wear Nike shoes or sneakers.


We all love presenting ourselves in a better version. Shoes are the part of our overall appearance that can allow use presenting with boldness. But nothing to worry about how much height do shoes add. In this article, you have a complete idea about this topic.

The major concern is the style, heel, and sole design of the shoes. These factors can give you a primary idea of height boost. Besides, you can follow this article to make selecting shoes easier. We hope you are happy now to get the answer. Thanks in advance for coming back to us again, hypothetically.

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