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Ashley Judd Face Surgery

Truth about Ashley Judd’s Face Accident and Plastic Surgery Rumors

Truth About Ashley Judd's Face Accident And Plastic Surgery

In the past decade, there have been many controversies regarding Ashley Judd.

Many have complained that her face looks like plastic surgery gone wrong case. Similarly, netizens had asked if Judd’s face looked puffy because of the accident she had when she was in Congo.

Moreover, many have even asked her not to get Botox anymore.


Ashley Judd had a massive accident in Congo that led to a broken leg.

Ashley Judd had a massive accident in Congo that led to a broken leg. (Source: Instagram)

She explained that her light was not working correctly, causing her to tumble over a fallen tree. He confessed that she knew she was breaking my leg as it happened. “What was next was an incredibly harrowing 55 hours,” she said.

Soon after the accident, people noticed her face looked slightly different. After that, they presumed that Judd was hurt in the face because of the accident.

However, that is not the case. The actress did not get any face accidents and did not get plastic surgery because of it.


Ashley Judd’s plastic surgery

Judd received unwanted public attention in early 2012 due to her bloated face, according to ABC News. During her appearance on a Canadian talk program that April, the media suspected Judd had undergone surgery, calling her insults ranging from “cow” to “pig,” as she revealed in a Daily Beast essay written in response.

Judd denied having any plastic surgery, stating that the swelling in her face was caused by heavy medicine, including steroids, that she had been taking for over a month to cure an illness.

As for her body measurements, it is 32-24-34 inches or 81-61-86.5 cm. And her bra size is reported to be 32B, and her shoe size is 7 US or 37.5 EU.

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How old is Jessie Mei Li?

Mei Li was born on August 27, 1995, in Brighton, East Sussex, England. Going by her birth date, she is 27 years of age as of this writing. Her birth name is Jessica Mei Li, and her zodiac sign is Virgo.


Jessie Mei Li alongside her father Art Li

For her studies, she attended Reigate College after completing her high school education. In addition to that, she studied languages at university but dropped out very soon.

Jessie Mei Li alongside her father Art Li (Photo: Instagram)

Jessie continued by saying what that meant for her childhood, stating she spent her childhood in a predominantly white area in the South of England. “Racism towards Asian people in the U.K. generally, I think more so than the States, is so weird and not taken seriously.”


“[People were] outright racist and mocking… You know, the silly accents and the pulling eyes. Even my own dad makes fun of himself for being Asian, because that’s just how things are and how people are socialized,” she added.

Besides her parents, Jessie also has a sibling; a brother named Tom Li, who is a National Health Service (NHS) doctor in the UK. It’s currently unknown if she has other siblings, like another brother or a sister.

Jessie Mei Li embraces mixed ethnicity

As mentioned above, the Locked Up Abroad actress was born to an English mother and a Chinese father. Thus, she belongs to mixed ethnicity; half-Asian and half-Caucasian.


Karen Gillan’s impressive net worth allows her to live a lavish lifestyle. (Source: Instagram)

The actress often collaborates with various brands and companies for promotional posts. Recently, on May 1, 2023, she shared a post featuring a stunning outfit, which she credited to the luxury fashion brand Bally. In the post, she also gave credit to her hairstylist, Danilo Dixon, and makeup artist, Jenna Kristina.

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As the actress continues to actively pursue her career and maintain a strong presence on social media, it is likely that her net worth will continue to grow significantly in the future.


Inside Karen Gillan’s successful acting career

Gillan rose to fame through her portrayal of Amy Pond in the renowned British sci-fi series Doctor Who, a role she played from 2010 to 2013. Following her departure from the show, the actress relocated to the United States to pursue a Hollywood career.

Later, her breakthrough in the film industry came in 2014 when she secured the role of Nebula, a fierce and complex character in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Her impressive portrayal of Nebula led to her reprising the role in subsequent Marvel movies, such as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and many more.

Millie Bobby Brown before and after pictures. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, some reports suggested that she might have used Invisalign and possibly veneers to achieve her gorgeous smile and straight teeth.

There are also rumors that she has undergone chin augmentation, but some have pointed out that the noticeable change in her chin shape may simply be due to makeup and contouring.

Additionally, some internet sleuths claimed Brown may have undergone lip fillers to add volume to her lips. They have speculated that her lips look fuller than they used to.


Despite the plastic surgery claims, it appears that most of her beauty can be attributed to puberty and her natural genes. Also, there are no confirmed reports regarding her plastic surgery.

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Fans claim Millie Bobby Brown looks different

In May 2022, Brown attended the premiere of Stranger Things season 4 with her now-fiancé Jake Bongiovi, and her pictures from the event quickly went viral.

However, some fans noticed a change in her appearance and took to social media to voice their opinions.


Millie Bobby Brown and her now-fiancé Jake Bongiovi at the premiere of Stranger Things season 4.

Millie Bobby Brown and her now-fiancé Jake Bongiovi at the premiere of Stranger Things season 4. (Source: Twitter)

A user on Reddit uploaded a picture of the 19-year-old from the event and expressed their concern that she might have had surgery on her face.

The Reddit user under the handle @sandrizzy stated, “there’s something about Millie Bobby Brown that looks weird to me? did she get surgery on her face?”

Many others joined in the discussion, with some expressing surprise and disbelief that it was really her in the picture.


A fan said, “oh my gosh, I thought you accidentally chose the wrong photo for this post… nope, that’s Millie. omggggg what did she doooooo.”

Fans claim Millie Bobby Brown looks different.

Fans claim Millie Bobby Brown looks different. (Source: Reddit)

Another said, “Hang on, I’m going through these comments because I thought this was satire and not actually Millie but is it really her??”

However, others speculated that it could just be the heavy makeup and hair she was wearing, which was different from what fans are used to seeing her on the show.


“Honestly, I think it’s the heavy makeup and hair. It’s not what we’re used to seeing her with on the show,” a fan noted.

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