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Gina Carano Bf

Who is Gina Carano’s husband? Here’s everything you should know

Gina Carano is a former MMA sensation turned actress who has appeared in various films and reality TV shows, including Fast & Furious 6, Deadpool and Cara in The Mandalorian. She has shown fans that there is a thin line between two diverse genres, and all it takes is going for it. Her popularity in MMA and rising recognition in the acting industry have raised numerous qualms about her personal life, more so her dating history. Is she dating someone, or is she married? If so, who is Gina Carano’s husband?

Gina Carano's husband

Fans admire their movie stars because of certain qualities. For instance, who wouldn’t find a former MMA fighter still killing it in acting interesting? Such creates a beautiful impression on the audience that they cannot help but wonder how they do it.

And with such amazement comes queries about their personal lives, and there is nothing as enticing as relationships. So, who is Gina Carano dating in 2021?

Who is Gina Carano’s husband?

Gina is not married but has a boyfriend called Kevin Ross. Gina credits her successful mixed martial arts career to her long-term boyfriend, popularly referred to as The Soul Assassin.

Kevin Ross is an American Muay Thai fighter who has won many titles in his 18-year career. These include Super Lightweight (140 pounds), WBC International Championship, the Welterweight (147 pounds), and the United States Muay Thai Federation Welterweight champion.

Kevin Ross was also voted Muay Thai North American Fighter of the year. The talented fighter currently trains at Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California.

When did Gina Carano and Kevin Ross start dating?

How did Gina Carano meet Kevin Ross? Fans got wind of their relationship from Kevin Ross’ Instagram post after keeping it a secret for more than six months. In the post, Kevin claimed that he felt comfortable sharing his feelings with the public after six months of dating.

I’ve been contemplating if I should post this or not, as I wouldn’t post any information about my private life, but I can’t just keep this to myself any longer. A lot has been kept private for a while to avoid involving every other person, even though it is so obvious now that we are in a relationship. Therefore, I wish my beautiful angel @ginajcarano a happy 6-month anniversary. For those that aren’t aware, we were in a relationship for about four years, broke up for a decade thereabout, and then reconciled on a day which is the meant to be the 14th anniversary that we knew each other….

The Instagram post was accompanied by a photo of them kissing, and they looked cute.

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The couple started dating in the early 2000s for about four years but called it quits after some time. However, they remained great friends. It wasn’t until 2005 that they got back together. They confirmed the relationship six months after reuniting, in December 2015.

Gina Carano’s boyfriend, Kevin Ross, always shares sweet messages about her girlfriend on Instagram whenever he gets an opportunity. In one of his posts, he expresses how Gina has been a great pillar in his life and changed it forever. Such posts show the love between the two.

We tend to keep our private life private, but I couldn’t let today pass without at least a few words. Twenty years ago, today, you changed me and my life forever and have done so ever since. Your light pulled me from the void of darkness. My inspiration, my best friend, my light, my love, my life ❤ You are my sun. My moon. My starlit sky. Without you, I dwell in darkness!

Gina credits her MMA success to her boyfriend

Gina Carano's husband

There is no doubt that Gina Carano is a renowned mixed martial artist and is also talented in acting. However, she credits her success in the sport to her long-term boyfriend?

Gina Carano’s partner was always interested in a career in MMA from the beginning. So, Gina supported her dream and attended his training sessions multiple times. During training, Kevin’s trainer suggested that she trains as well to maintain her body weight issues.

I went and saw Kevin train, and the Muay Thai master called me fat; he told me, ‘Hey honey, you need to train; you are too fat; you need to train.’ I was overweight at the time, so I signed up, and since then, my life has changed and taken off.

Influenced by the suggestion, she started training alongside her boyfriend. The simple decision to take charge of her weight by training got her interested in mixed martial arts. And that is how she grew to become one of the best MMA female fighters.

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In an interview with Lasvegassun in 2009, Gina Carano expressed her appreciation for her husband’s support.

He really did start off my career and gave me meaning to my life. It’s weird that it happened; I don’t know if it wasn’t for him. He’s the kind of person who in one day completely just changed his life, and that affected mine.

She also expressed her gratitude in a birthday post for Kevin Ross in July 202. On the Instagram post, Gina Carano thanked her boyfriend for believing in her and never giving up at the beginning of her career.

Gina Carano and Henry Cavill relationship

Gina Carano’s personal life is quite interesting, more so her dating history. She has once dated the Superman star, Henry Cavill. They were in an on-and-off relationship starting in 2012 in between her split from Kevin Ross.

Gina Canaro and Henry Cavill met at Jessi J’s Live Program in London. Unfortunately, the relationship ended after two years. Nevertheless, they remained great friends, and Canaro has even shared fan art of them on Instagram, captioning it:

Oh, the good old days @henrycavill #JohnSteed#EmmaPeel#fanart#TheAvengers.

Do Kevin Ross and Gina have children?

Gina Carano's husband

Although they had an on-and-off relationship, Kevin Ross and Gina have been together officially since 2015. And it is now five years, and their relationship is growing strong. Many people have been wondering about Gina Carano’s children? Does she have any in her relationship with the professional fighter, Kevin Ross?

No evidence points to them having children yet, but most people hope that they will marry soon and create a family. They have an incredible bond that many people admire.

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Gina Carano’s husband has been by her side, supporting her even during the start of her MMA career. The two have a great bond, and they often share touching posts on each other’s social media pages expressing their appreciation.

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