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Are Open Toe Heels Business Casual

Can Open-Toe Heels Be Classified as Business Casual

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Open-toe heels are a breathable sets of heels that you can wear effortlessly, take off, and walk around without fear of blisters.

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Despite the open-toed shoes being relaxing and comfortable, they have been caught in a series of controversies regarding their appropriateness as a professional fashion shoe.

You might wear open-heel shoes if your workplace or office accepts a more casual dress code. In a casual business office, open heels, leather boat shoes, athletic shoes, clogs, sneakers, loafers, and dress heels are accepted and can be worn with or without stockings.

However, avoid wearing open-toed heels to a more serious workplace as it is considered inappropriate for a professional setting.

Are Open Toe Heels Appropriate for Work?

Are open toe heels appropriate for work

It is a no. Open-toe heels are not appropriate for work. Most business and corporate environments open to heels and sandals are not considered professional.

Styling up an open-toed heel with a business suit can look great and elegant, but this still does not make it fit for corporate settings.

Some professional setting specifically references open-toe shoes in their employee handbook, so you must go through your employee handbook to see what is required and what is not required, like the standard dress code as an employee.

Are Open Toe Heels Appropriate for Interview?

Are open-toe heels appropriate for work

Please, under no condition or situation, should you wear open-toed shoes to an interview. It is strictly inappropriate.

Even if they are nice, it is safe not to wear them for an interview because you don’t know whether your interviewer is one of those people that hates open-toed heels.

For an interview, I will advise you to wear black or brown closed-toe flats or low heels. Please avoid bright-colored shoes, flip-flops, and sandals.

Is it Unprofessional to Wear Open Toed Heels?

Are Open Toe Heels Business Casual

In many workplace settings, wearing open-toed heels is considered unprofessional.

It is considered highly distracting due to the toes shooting out from the shoe.

Open-toed shoes are, however, appropriate for casual events like attending a summer wedding or a professional dinner party, where you need to flirt with your beauty and colorful nail polish.

Most times, open-toe shoes are regarded as summer and spring essential. You can easily pair an open-toe shoe with a body con dress, a jean, and a nice t-shirt to achieve a sexy and attractive look.

Do Work Shoes Have to be Closed Toe

Are open toe heels appropriate for work

Closed-toe shoes are regarded as professional shoes that are accepted in any workplace. A proper professional dress style requires the use of closed-toe shoes.

It can be a high heel or short heel, but it shouldn’t be too high.

Although closed-toe shoes are considered appropriate for the workplace, please avoid bright-colored toe shoes like orange, pink, yellow, and so on.

Go for more neutral and dark colors, like gray, black, white, ash, blue and purple.

Are Peep Toed Heels Professional?

Are Open Toe Heels Business Casual

Peep-toe shoes are considered more professional than open-toe shoes due to their more conservative silhouette.

However, not all workplace accepts peep-toed heels. For a professional look, you can try out a pair of black peep-toe heels of a moderate height; an example is the Bandolino Rainaa pumps from Zappos.

If you must wear peep-toe heels for the office, go for a neutral color in patent leather of moderate height.

You will also have to complement your outfit by wearing a longer hem-line and higher neck-line to perfectly balance your pair of peep-toed heels.

Also, Peep-toe heels are sexier than open-toe shoes, making them an excellent choice to wear for a night date or an exclusive night party.

Also, if you want to attend a touch of playfulness to your outfit, you can try out the peep-toe shoes. It is mostly worn in warmer water conditions like fall and autumn.

Why are Open-Toed Shoes Unprofessional

Are Open Toe Heels Business Casual

Open-toed shoes are considered to be unprofessional due to their distracting nature. Most times, you can distract your clients with your toes.

A senior happened earlier this year, and this teacher wore a pair of open-toed shoes to the class to teach high school students.

Instead of the students to be listening, there were busy talking and admiring the teacher’s nail polish.

After a while, the teacher noticed some female students weren’t following, and she asked one, and the student rose and said, “Ma’am, your nail polish is fine. Where did you get it done.” The teacher was shocked, and when the school authority heard about the incident, open-toed heels were immediately prohibited for all the teachers.

So, you can see that open-toed shoes can be highly distracting.

What Types of Shoes Are Appropriate for the Workplace?

Are Open Toe Heels Business Casual

Below are the seven types of shoes considered professional and appropriate for the workplace .

  1. Back Pumps – Perfect professional shoe to wear to the offices in all seasons perfect
  2. Slingbacks Closed-toed heels – For a more comfortable professional shoe, especially if your work demands a lot of walking and standing.
  3. Boots – Everything from booties to under-the-knee boots is perfect work shoe choices for warmer and colder seasons like autumn and winter.
  4. Loafers – Perfect professional shoe to achieve a high level of footwear comfortability.
  5. Printed and Patterned Heels – For more styled and fashionable professional-appropriate shoes.
  6. Sandals – Everything from heeled and wedge sandals are perfect to be worn to the office during summertime.
  7. Ballet Flats – For a super relaxed and comfortable dress code to the office.


It is essential that you can through your employees’ handbook to see what is accepted or not in terms of dress code, as this will give you a better understanding to know how to dress appropriately for your workplace .

  • Most business and corporate environments open to heels and sandals are not considered professional.
  • Some professional setting specifically references open-toe shoes in their employee handbook.
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