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How To Tell Fake Yeezys

How to Tell if Yeezys are Fake

How to Tell if Yeezys are Fake

With the popularity of Adidas Yeezy sneakers, fake sneakers are going to make their way into the market. Some flaws on fake Yeezys are obvious, such as wrong serial numbers on tags, fraudulent sneaker boxes, and generally incorrect colors and styles of the shoe. If a fake is really bad then you will most likely be able to notice one of those flaws immediately.

In the last few years, sellers of fake shoes have gotten much better at creating and distributing their unauthentic products to people around the world. These days, fake Yeezy sneakers are much more common and of better quality to where they look almost exactly like the real thing. This is where a trained eye is needed to identify a fake Yeezy from a real one to make sure you and your collector friends aren’t getting ripped off. Spotting fake sneakers is also important if you invest in sneakers because you won’t be able to sell unauthentic shoes to buyers and get away with it.

What are the most common signs of fake Yeezy Adidas sneakers?

One of the more obvious signs of a fake pair of Yeezys starts with the box it comes in. Fake boxes are typically smaller than regular shoe boxes and the label on the box might have the wrong style code or have misspellings. Another common sign of fake Yeezy Adidas sneakers is miscolorations. Just by searching how the shoe looks online and comparing the color to your pair of sneakers will tell you whether or not your colors are close. Checking the Boost material underneath the shoe to make sure it’s spongy and examining the shape of the shoe to an authentic picture of it online are also both easy ways to identify common signs of fakes. Some Yeezy colorways even made list of the best white sneakers for men.

How to tell if Yeezy V2 are fake

The Adidas Yeezy V2 is one of the most commonly replicated shoes because of its popularity and design style. Since there are so many different colorways of the sneaker, it can be difficult to nail down a specific flaw because every fake is different. The most obvious flaw when determining if a Yeezy V2 is fake can be found on the size tag. Sometimes words are missing, letters are missing in the word Adidas, and the wording in general can fuzzy on a fake V2. Spotting flaws on specific Yeezy V2 colorways can be more difficult to do.

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How to tell if Pirate Black Yeezys are fake

Pirate Black Yeezy 350s have their own set of flaws since they are one of the most popular colorways of the model and Yeezys in general. The most common flaw on replica Pirate Black Yeezys is the pull tab on the heel. The red dots on the pull tab of an authentic pair will be centered, but on a fake pair the dots can be aligned to the right instead.

Besides the dots on the pull tab, the stitching lines on the Pirate Black Yeezys will have flaws on a replica pair. A quick examination of the stitching across the shoe to make sure it doesn’t look crooked or flawed will help determine whether or not you’re dealing with a fake.

How to tell if Zebra Yeezys are fake

Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra sneakers are another commonly replicated shoe because of how popular they are. The unique colorway of Zebra Yeezys are what make it easy to spot fakes. In the middle of the sneaker’s toe box, if you check where the black lines on the pattern meet it should be easier to see the thread in the middle of the sneaker. It’s difficult to see the same thread on replicas because they aren’t made the same way that Adidas makes the authentic version.

Another common flaw on the Zebra Yeezys is where the red writing is on the side of the shoes. The “Y” on the side of the shoe will be thinner and have a lower drop than on the authentic pair.

Also, since this sneaker is a V2 you can also check the size tag on the sneaker to look for any of the flaws that were previously mentioned.

Where can you take your Yeezys to be authenticated?

For starters, your local sneaker boutiques and consignment shops are typically filled with sneaker enthusiasts who would love to legit check your Yeezys. If you already have a relationship with a local shop, or just walk in genuinely and ask a question, you’ll most likely be able to get some answers regarding whether or not your Adidas Yeezys are authentic.

This is because these kinds of shops come in contact with many different kinds of shoes, both used and new. They have to be sure the products they are selling to customers are authentic and so they usually have an authenticator around to reference when they need it. Authenticators are people who have developed a trained eye for identifying fake sneakers. They aren’t always right, but they typically have authenticity guides they follow to make sure they are ruling out different kinds of fakes. If an authenticator can’t confidently tell you whether a shoe is real or not, most of the time they will tell you to try a different method, like the ones mentioned below, to authenticate your sneakers.

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Another great place to take your Yeezys for authentication is a Sneaker Con event. Yes, these events happen all over the country but if you notice one is coming your way then it might not be a bad idea to get a ticket and take your shoes. These events typically have legit check booths because a lot of business is done there and they don’t want people getting ripped off. Also, don’t be worried about bringing a possible fake pair of Yeezys to a Sneaker Con event because the sneakerheads there want to help you and as long as you aren’t trying to sell them and pass them off as real, you’ll be just fine.

What apps can you use to spot fake Yeezys?

There are multiple apps you can use to spot fake Yeezys, with most popular being:

The Legit Check App has been around for a long time and has compiled a collection of real vs authentic pictures, diagrams, and instructions to walk you through authenticating your sneakers. It’s free and if you’re just starting out it’s a great place to get an idea about if your shoes are real or not.

One great thing about the Legit Check App is that there is a section specifically for Yeezys. You can use this section to rule out a lot of lower tier Yeezy fakes and determine that your shoe is either authentic or a very high-quality fake shoe.

The CheckCheck App has recently hit the scene and is proving to be reliable for the most part. To use this app, you pay $1 per check and you send pictures of your shoes through the app to sneaker authenticators. Based on the pictures, the authenticators will be able to tell you whether or not your Yeezys are authentic.

The CheckCheck App is great for catching all types of fakes. There have been times when the authenticators can’t determine whether a shoe is real or not based on pictures, but they will let you know that when you get your results back. If you’re really unsure about your shoes, this is one effective method you can use.

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The last app, and most underrated, is Reddit. The r/sneakerreps and r/sneakers subreddits are great for legit checking shoes. If you type “legit check” or “LC” in the search bar of these groups you’ll see tons of users posting pictures of shoes and getting replies about whether or not they are fake. You can also try comparing images from your Yeezys to those on the best sneaker blogs.

This works because members of the sneaker replica community are very aware of what fake shoes look like and so are members of the regular sneaker community. The comments found on these legit check posts are usually positive and helpful. And the best part is it’s free to create a Reddit account and post your Yeezys there for review.

Five-step checklist to spotting fake Yeezys

If you have a pair of fake Yeezys and you’re not sure if they are authentic or not, use the previously mentioned resources in this order to authenticate your sneakers.

  1. Download the Legit Check App and find the specific Yeezy you want to legit check. Do your research and rule out if it’s a low-tier fake or not.
  2. If it passes the first step, download Reddit and ask for a legit check with pictures in the r/sneakerreps and r/sneakers communities.
  3. If you’re still worried, download the CheckCheck App, pay $1 and have your sneakers professionally authenticated.
  4. The next step you can do if you’re still not sure is take your Yeezys to a local sneaker boutique and ask the employees if they can inform you about the authenticity of your sneakers.
  5. If there is a Sneaker Con coming close to you, seal the deal by attending and showing your sneakers at the legit check booth there.

You most likely won’t need to go through all five steps to authenticate your Adidas Yeezy sneakers. After the first two or three you’ll more than likely know if you have a real or fake pair of Yeezys on your hands.

If you do find out your Yeezys are unauthentic, you won’t be able to sell them, but you could learn how to customize your Adidas sneakers with your replica pair.

Where to find additional information about fake Yeezys?

YouTube has a wealth of information about fake Yeezys. Doing your research on YouTube about people buying fake Yeezys and people spotting replicas is a great way to learn more about what fake Yeezys look like and make a conclusion about your own pair.