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Ugg Blanket Washing Instructions

How to Wash Ugg Blankets? Step-By-Step Procedure

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Last Updated on December 3, 2022


What could be cozier than a thick, fluffy Ugg blanket wrapped around your couch so you can roll and warm yourself?

In winters, it gets difficult to maintain the optimum body temperature by wearing winter clothes. You also need other things to keep you warmer, and Ugg blankets are considered the best on the market.

The thick and cuddly fabric gives a soothing effect with its soft texture. However, by regular use, it will get dirty and require proper cleaning, but unlike other blankets, it requires special care. Therefore, we have elaborated on how to wash Ugg blankets and some extra maintenance tips suggested by professionals.

How to Wash Ugg Blankets: Step-By-Step Procedure

Several functional methods are available to wash Ugg blankets. One of them is by washing them inside the machine at a delicate cleaning cycle with mild cleaning agents. You can also hand wash it by using cleaning detergents. Whatever method you use, try to follow instructions in the right way to avoid any damage to the fibers.

Set Apart Ugg Blankets


Due to the soft and delicate texture of Ugg blankets, they shouldn’t be washed with other coarse fabrics. The blanket fibers will fall or get extra frizzy with every wash. If you have a comfort set, then wash the blanket, bedsheets, and each piece of a set separately. This will reduce the shredding of fabric.

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Washing Without Fading Colors

You must wash Ugg blankets carefully in the machine by segregating the colorful clothes. Blending colored clothes with these blankets disrupts the original pattern. Also, some clothes may discolor your blankets. So, once again, independent washing should be preferred for Ugg blankets.

Machine Washing At Optimal Temperature

After arranging the clothes and blankets separately, move towards setting the temperature on your washing machine. Temperature setting can be difficult to manage as for Ugg blankets, you will need cool water, and the washer cycle must be gentle.

Washing in hot water will damage the blanket’s texture by loosening the fiber and fluff. So, fill your washer with cold water and turn on the delicate washing cycle.

Add Detergent & Fabric Conditioner

Once you have adjusted the right temperature, now add a good but mild cleaning agent or detergent for cleaning Ugg blankets. Also, pick a fabric conditioner to add fragrance and remove absorbed dirt in the fabrics.

Professionals do not recommend using bleach as a cleaning agent as it will enhance the stiffness in fibers. Vinegar is another alternative option if you can’t get a fabric conditioner. Though its smell can cause problems, a small quantity of it will be enough to do the job.

Drying Ugg Blanket

The extra fluff and thickness of these blankets make them longer to dry. The experts advise drying in the air naturally to remove all moisture. Any quick way of drying may cause damage to the fibers.

Hang your blankets under the sun and let the wind do the remaining task. However you can also use a spinner for drying purposes, but keeping the lowest temperature settings is highly suggested. Increasing the temperature to speed up drying will deteriorate the original fabric, and all soft material will start coming out.

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Do not wring or fold a wet blanket as it isn’t safe for the texture.

Important Tips to Wash Ugg Blankets


Now you know the proper method of washing Ugg blankets, we have also enlisted some important tips to consider to maintain better quality .

  • Do not overwash your Ugg blanket. It isn’t good and not recommended.
  • Underwashing or never washing will put you at high risk of health hazards. A blanket with regular use can easily get filled with bacteria, germs, and allergens such as pollen and molds. As we all know, these all are toxic to the skin and cause several diseases.
  • It isn’t hygienic to use the same blanket daily as skin secretions and sweating add to it. So, washing it will keep it clean and germ-free.
  • You should wash your Ugg blankets twice a month or every two weeks to keep them in a better state and fluffy as new.
  • Keeping the soft texture for longer could be difficult as several factors can destroy it.
  • Vinegar is the best ingredient to enhance the delicacy and softness of the Ugg blanket. A half cup of vinegar mixed with cold water will fix the blanket’s broken edges and loose fibers.

How to Remove Stubborn Stains From Ugg Blankets

Once you have stained your Ugg blanket, the tension of cleaning will increase ten folds due to the danger of its wearing. Even with great care, we can’t avoid situations when sauces, wine, and other things spill on your cozy blanket.

You may try several cleaning detergents to remove the stains quickly, but they will destroy the fibers. Rather you can get rid of such stains most effectively and efficiently.

  • Take a spray bottle, and add water, vinegar, and chlorine-free bleach to it.
  • Sprinkle the mixture with a spray bottle over the stains.
  • Do not apply the mixture to other areas of the blanket.
  • Let it rest for one hour, then put it inside the washer for further cleaning.
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How to Wash Weighted Ugg Blankets

You can wash a weighted Ugg blanket in the machine or wash it by hand. Fill a large water tub or bathtub. Add only cold water into it and also add a chlorine-free cleaning agent. Put your blanket in such as way that it gets soaked inside water. Let it go for almost 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it thoroughly. Keep rinsing and washing till all solutions squeeze out. Allow it to air dry or use a dryer for this purpose.

How to Bring Back the Softness of Ugg Comforter

You may wonder how to get the glory of your Ugg blankets . Don’t worry; just take a cup of baking soda, a cup of liquid detergent, and one cup of white vinegar to add to the washer along with the blanket. Turn on the delicate wash cycle and let everything clean on its own.

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