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Stacy Keibler Legs

Top 20 Hot Photos of Stacy Keibler You NEED To See

Stacy Keibler Legs

Stacy Keibler is still fondly remembered by WWE fans, despite having left the company a decade ago.

Famous for her trademark long legs and unique ring entrance, Stacy failed to capture a Championship of any kind during her short stint in WWE but is still considered one of the most memorable WWE Divas of the last generation.

Keibler was in WWE at a time before its Divas were considered female wrestlers, and so was a part of the roster as a form of eye candy and used in the same way the likes of Lana and Summer Rae are currently used by the company today.

Perhaps ironically, Stacy would have fit in well with The Bella Twins and would probably have a leading role along with them on Total Divas if she was still with the Company today.

Stacy is also famous for competing on Dancing With The Stars following her WWE release back in 2006 and she managed to place third in the overall contest.

The following is a list of 20 of the hottest pictures that have ever been taken of the former WWE beauty and they are ones that you simply have to see.

20 20. Photo Shoot


As mentioned above, Stacy was a part of a Divas locker room that was of the impression that they were there as the WWE’s eye candy and in being so, the Maryland native was a part of many photo shoots as well, which included many like the one below where she was wearing a small amount of clothing.

In this photo Stacy is pictured in scantily clad attire while lying on a bed with a smile on her face. She shows how attractive she really is and sets some sort of scene with the way she looks at the camera.

19 19. Beauty


Stacy is one of the most attractive divas in WWE history, but wrestling wasn’t her only talent, following her release from WWE she has gone on to become a successful actress and model.

Stacy is the tallest WWE diva in history and in the following picture she proves that she doesn’t need to show off her legs to be attractive. She is once again sitting on a bed wearing a bikini that is double layered and tied while once again smiling at the camera attempting to look seductive.

This picture was taken during Stacy’s time with WWE and differences in her appearance are distinctively noticeable.

18 18. Lingerie


WWE certainly are a big fan of allowing or even asking their Divas to take part in lingerie fashion shoots. Even now, the current WWE Divas have many images available of them online after being a part of these photo shoots or even booking their own.

Keibler was no different and as well as playing a part in many of WWE’s Divas DVDs, she was also a part of many of these lingerie fashion shoots. The following is a picture of her donning a purple attire and crawling across the floor in a distinct fashion as a way of looking more seductive.

17 17. Mass Seduction


During her time on season two of Dancing with the Stars, where she eventually came third overall, Stacy was nicknamed “The Weapon of Mass Seduction” by judge Bruno Tonioli because of the size of her legs and her undeniable sexual appeal.

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It’s easy to see why when you look at the following image, one taken later on in Stacy’s career. This one shows the distinctive change mentioned above and it also shows the blonde haired beauty looking tanned in a baby blue bikini while sitting on the beach. One of those Summer snaps that should definitely be a part of the album.

16 16. Debut


Stacy Keibler made her WWFEdebut back in 2001 when she was then put into a rivalry with Trish Stratus and Lita while she was partnered with Torrie Wilson.

The foursome competed in one of the first ever tag team bra and panties match on WWE TV at the Invasion pay-per-view where Trish and Lita were victorious when they stripped both Torrie and Stacy down to their underwear. It is easy to see why Stacy was chosen to be play her part of these type of matches when you see the photo above, as she once again leaves very little to the imagination.

15 15. On-Screen Relationships


Stacy was paired with many superstars during her time in WWE, her first of which was Vince McMahon when she once again used her assets to secure herself the job as the Chairman’s personal assistant.

After she competed with Dawn Marie for his affections, she then moved on to be aligned with real life boyfriend Test, a person who she managed to have some success with. WWE decided to place Stacy with other wrestlers as a way of her gaining experience of being in and around the ring, but the WWE Universe liked to see Stacy play her part and looking at the photo above, you can easily see why.

14 14. Sultry


Another picture from Stacy’s now famous bedroom photoshoot, Stacy is once again lying on the bed in her underwear, while using a rather fluffy pillow to cover up the fact that she isn’t wearing anything on her top half but a sultry smile.

Stacy wasn’t one of the Divas who had breast enlargement surgery during her time with the company and seemed rather happy with the size of her chest. This photo is more proof of Stacy and her confidence to look and feel attractive.

13 13. Leather


This is one of the most famous photos of the young Diva during her time in WWE and it sees her standing in a thoughtful pose while wearing a variety of dominatrix attire.

She is wearing what looks like a leather corset with knee high fishnet stockings, while also having heels on. It also seems as though she has had her hair crimped so as to look like something other than herself, like she was playing some sort of character for this photo shoot.

I am sure many men would be happy for her to play that character for them.

12 12. Simplicity


In a lot of the photos, it’s seemed apparent that Stacy is playing a part in a photo shoot where she’s able to play out whichever character or fantasy she wanted at the time. With that in mind, it was refreshing to come across a rather simple image of her.

It seems that in this one Stacy is happily standing in a very basic underwear set and looking like she has had her hair straighten to add to the simplicity of the whole image. It looks like this image is going for the naturally beautiful look and it seems she’s easily pulling it off with style.

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11 11. Bikini


Much like the image above, this picture is another one that seems to be going for a much more natural look for the former model, as her hair is also different in this one and gives an added feel to it.

Stacy is sitting outside on the rocks near what looks like a beautiful ocean, where she is wearing minimal makeup and wearing a polka dotted blue bikini that seems to effortlessly show off her natural curves. This was another of the images that were taken of her during her time in WWE and it seems this was part of their promotion for SummerSlam the same year.

10 10. Stylish


It has been made apparent throughout the images of Stacy that can be found online or even in magazines that she is a fan of lying on beds in her photo shoots.

This image further proves this theory as it shows Keibler lying on a bed looking rather grown up. It seems the look for this photo shoot must have been much different than the previous ones because she looks like she is wearing upper class clothing and is looking very stylish and proper.

The thought is that she might be trying to be like a character from the early 1920’s, but she is looking very good while attempting it.

9 9. Fun Side


As previously mentioned, everyone has more than one side to them and so far we have seen that Stacy has a sultry, sexy and stylish side, but finally it seems her fun side has been documented in print.

This image sees her wearing a late 1970s night dress while harboring a huge smile on her face which gives the impression that this was during the time that she was really enjoying her work. Sometimes models have to fake their joy for the camera in order to sell products, but the smile on Stacy’s face in this image looks very real and her happiness is slightly contagious.

8 8. Bed Time


So it’s already been stated that Stacy likes to pose on beds, whether this is because they are comfortable when it’s a very long day of posing and smiling or maybe she’s just smart enough to know that beds make her look good.

Either way, we are once again drawn to a picture of the Maryland native that shows her posing on a bed but this time she is in tights and heels.

7 7. Sports?


Keibler has always been naturally gifted at sports. Keibler didn’t have to go through WWE’s developmental training in order to land a place on the main roster, she was already a naturally gifted performer and had proven that in WCW.

This is one of the few images of Keibler in which you will see her wearing trainers, as she is posing in what looks like a locker room in a T Shirt that has been tied so that it shows off her toned stomach and a small pair of panties that were regularly worn by the Divas of her day when competing on WWE TV.

6 6. Just Being Stacy


This photo was taken really early in Stacy’s WWE career because her change in facial features are apparent throughout. Even though she failed to capture any championship belts during her time with WWE, Stacy still managed to play a big part in WWE’s programming and aligned herself with many superstars.

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Stacy had a well documented storyline with Randy Orton as well as a brief stint managing The Dudley Boys, and in the following photo she proves that her managing skills are not her only assets. Another one taken while she’s lying on a bed, this is a definite need to see image.

5 5. Two Sides?


The saying dictates that there are two sides to every story, but could there be two sides to Stacy Keibler? This picture shows that the former WWE Diva could actually have a much more playful side.

She is pictured holding onto a rope while looking somewhat afraid. This is one of the few pictures on this list where Keibler is seen to be wearing shoes and they are black knee high boots, which always give off a different kind of vibe.

4 4. Chains


There is something very attractive about a women wearing chains and Stacy proves it in this image, as she has her back to the camera while looking over her shoulder with a sultry glance.

Stacy is once again wearing red panties but this time they have black lacing and she is only wearing a top that is held together by a chain. The white background to the picture gives off a new kind of vibe and makes her eyes a lot more piercing than they usually would have been.

3 3. Bed Scene


It seems that Stacy posing on beds is the on-going narrative of this entire article because once again at number three on the list, Keibler is seen here sitting on a bed.

The former Raw superstar is definitely going for the look here that sees her as perhaps the girl next door. As if she knows she is attractive but there is an air of innocence that surrounds her with the colors of the bed covers and the underwear she is wearing. The smile on her face doesn’t seem forced either which overall blends well with the rest of the image.

2 2. Explosive


Well and truly exploding into second place is one of the hottest pictures of Stacy Keibler that you are ever likely to see, as it seems that white isn’t the only color she can pull off.

This one is not looking for natural beauty or innocence as she stands in front of a chained gate and looks as though she is holding it closed. She is wearing a matching black bikini that also matches the short heels that she is wearing.

1 1. Angel


So we know that Stacy can pull off black, white, blue and sitting on beds, but this is the hottest image of Stacy Keibler that you need to see.

Stacy is seen in this image posing as an angel with all of the feathers and pieces while being sat in the middle of a WWE ring, a ring that is usually not known for being a place for anyone to look THIS attractive. Her beauty allows her to pull off the concept of the image and the white of her attire makes the angel idea a lot more believable.