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Shoes That Make You 3 Inches Taller

Best Shoes That Make You Taller: Top Budget Picks 2022

Not everyone comes with a great height and you can’t expect a normal shoe to make you taller. Different shoes offer different heel height so there is always a fluctuation in the height boost you expect from the shoe. In general a normal shoe with chunky sole will offer a height increase of 1inch while a converse with flat rubber sole will give a 0.6inch height incase.

So height increasing elevator shoes, whether you are a man and woman, serve as the best option for you to give yourself a height boost while maintaining the casual look. However it is not easy to find them so we have created a list of the best shoes that make you taller and add those extra inches to flaunt beautiful dresses.

So here are those best shoes we are talking about and we have found out shoes for both men and women;

Best Nike shoes that make you taller

(For Men)

1. Nike Men’s Air Max 720 Running Shoes


Without a doubt, the Air Max 720 from Nike shoes is the best choice when you want to have a significant height boost. Offering a 1.6 high heel, these height increase shoes not only give you the extra inch but also look tall.

The blend of ripstop fabric in upper and thick neoprene surrounding, gives these shoes an incredible durability. It is extremely comfortable to wear due to the chunky foam midsole. However it will take some time for you to get used to it.

Important Features:

  • Futuristic design.
  • 6inch height increase.
  • Thick neoprene surrounding.

(For Women)

2. Nike Women’s Air Max 720 Black/Silver


Nike women’s Air Max is one of the great elevator shoe picks that make you taller by 1.4inches. You will not only look tall but also have a greater reach. The slip-on entry with multi-color covering and unique design makes it a perfect outdoor Nike shoes.
With great design, this Air Max 720 also makes sure you have great comfort and you don’t feel any uneasiness even while using it for long hours. Since it is based on synthetic materials, you can expect huge durability.

Important Features:

  • Height increase of 1.4inches.
  • 100% synthetic outer.
  • Modernistic design.

Best Yeezy shoes that make you taller

(For Men)

3. Adidas Mens Yeezy 700 V3


Want to go for height increasing shoes that you can use on different occasions? Checkout Adidas yeezy 700 V3 that gives you a 1.2-1.3inch height increase and also assists you to blend well with your tall friends.
The futuristic design coupled with Eremiel colorway will make you stand out among everyone even while wearing a casual jogger. Once you start wearing these elevator sneakers, you won’t look anywhere and the credit goes to the signature cushioned boost midsole with premium insoles. The front lace-up fastening with wide opening makes it a great shoe for everyday wear.

Important Features:

  • 2-1.3inch heel height.
  • Primeknit construction.
  • Cushioned boost midsole.

(For Women)

4. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2


If you want to add some extra inches to your height when you workout, then we will recommend you Adidas Yeezy boost 350V2. The full length Boost cushioning technology based on semi-translucent rubber outsole takes the comfort to a whole new level.
Although it is the latest version of the 350 model, it still gives you a 1.2inch height increase, thus, you can couple it with jeans and workout outfit with ease. The orange monofilament with Primeknit upper gives these elevator shoes the unique look which you won’t get with others.

Important Features:

  • 2inch heel height.
  • Sleek body design.
  • Boost cushioning technology.

Top Adidas shoes that make you taller

(For Men)

5. Adidas Men’s Ultraboost 21 Running Shoe


Adding 1.26 height below you by providing high heels, Adidas men’s ultraboost 21 running will be your perfect companion when you want to look tall. The Boost midsole and heel counter gives you a cushiony feel while you run or use it for casual usage.
The sock-like fitting with soft tongue gives you complete comfort and freedom to wear it without any hassle. Unlike other height increasing shoes, it gets a stretchweb outsole that flexes properly and also offers a great traction.

Important Features:

  • Adds 1.26 heel height.
  • Midfoot cage and heel counter.
  • Stretchweb outsole.

(For Women)

6. Adidas Women’s Ultraboost 21 Running Shoe


Adidas women’s ultraboost 21 is a top-of-the-line running shoe catering to demand for a sports shoe offering a 1.26inch height enhancement and also optimum comfort. Made with stretchweb outsole and boost midsole, these elevator shoes give you the required cushioning and extra height you might need while running.
The Adidas Primeknit and Continental rubber combines durability and performance to live up to everyone’s expectation. It doesn’t awkwardly increase your height; rather offer a thick sole and sock-like fitting so you can use it without any issue.

Important Features:

  • 26inch height increase.
  • Made with Primeblue material.
  • Sock-like fitting.

Best Basketball shoes that make you taller

(For Men)

7. CHAMARIPA Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Basketball Shoe


Make that extra jump while dunking with Chamaripa elevator shoes that make you taller by 3.74inch. The hidden height increasing insole with imported polyether layer make sure you have a proper arching with anti-collapsing property.
These Chamaripa shoes may get a typical basketball shoe design, but it gets a nubuck leather outer with lace-up system so that you can use it for various other purposes. The non-slip and wear-resistant flexible sole adds to the durability and also assists you to flex when you want to go for a smooth jump.

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Important Features:

  • Makes 3.74inch taller.
  • Lace-up design.
  • Nubuck leather built.

(For Women)

8. Nike Women’s Basketball Shoe


Dunking isn’t easy but with Nike women’s basketball shoes you can cross that obstacle. Having a constant outsole height of 1.5inch, you get that extra inch which makes it easier for you to go high. The rubber sole with a comfortable insole takes care of the comfort needed during long basketball matches.
Unlike Nike air force, it gets a retro styling with Air badging at the rear and specialized upper; thus making it one of the highly demanded elevator shoes. The cushioning at the opening is very soft and skin-friendly.

Important Features:

  • 5inch enhanced height.
  • Retro styling.
  • Thick cushioning.

Top Dress shoes that make you taller

(For Men)

9. CALTO Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Elevator Shoes

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Men who want to wear elevator shoes for their dress will find Calto invisible height increasing shoes as the most reasonable option. It comes with a thick rubber outsole that makes you taller by 3.2inch and we can assure you will have a classic look when you wear a suit.
The elegant stitching with classic dress shoe design will perfectly compliment anything you wear on the top. Not only a classic styling, but you will also enjoy huge durability with its premium rubber sole.

Important Features:

  • Heel height of 1 ¼ inch.
  • Perforated accent detail.
  • Elegantly stitched.

(For Women)

10. Clarks Women’s Adriel Viola Dress Pump


Clarks Adriel Viala dress style dress shoes is one of those footwear that blends with all dresses and also enhances your height by 3.26inches. However you shouldn’t worry about the high heel as the Ortholite footbed with synthetic and textile lining makes it extremely comfortable to wear.
To offer durability at the highest level, the manufacturer has used a TR outsole that makes it last for long. The upper layer is 100% leather which assists the shoe to flaunt a posh outlook while taking care of your feet.

Important Features:

  • 26inch heel height.
  • Synthetic snake print upper.
  • Ortholite footbed.

Best School shoes that make you taller

For Boys

11. Deer Stags Unisex-Child Wise-K


If you want to make your kid taller with some extra inches when they wear their school dress, then Deer Stags unisex-child shoe can be a good choice. It gets a 1.2inch heel height that gives a significant height boost to your kid while the padded tongue makes it easier for them to wear it.
Kids stay in the school for long hours so comfort is a huge requirement and that is why it gets textile lining, soft comfy midsoles and gore.

Important Features:

  • 2 height increase.
  • Rich leather upper.
  • Durable rubber base.

For Girls

12. Akk Girl’s Mary Jane School Uniform Shoes


AKK girl’s Mary Jane uniform shoe may not seem as one of those elevator shoes but you will be surprised to hear that it will make your kid taller by 1inch. These school dress shoes feature a round toe, breathable lining and memory foam; making sure you can go on with your classes without any discomfort.
The sturdy hook and loop strap keeps the shoe secured in your girl’s feet. The sole on the outside is really sturdy and it also comes with non-slip treads for better stability.

Important Features:

  • 1inch height elevation.
  • Memory foam.
  • Non slip outer sole.

Top Rated Tennis shoes that make you taller

(For Men)

13. Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker


Skechers Men’s afterburn sneaker can serve as a viable option for you to play tennis as it is lightweight and made with soft fabric lining in the interior. The imported rubber sole gives you the grip and stability to make powerful shots with ease.
The 1.5inch high heel allows it to serve as elevated shoes and help you to get the extra height often needed. You can easily wear this shoe with its pull tab system and secure your feet with a deep lace-up system.

Important Features:

  • 5inch increase in height.
  • 100% synthetic.
  • Soft fabric shoe lining.

(For Women)

14. MAFEKE Women Air Athletic Tennis Sneakers


Mafeke women Air Athletic is a highly rated tennis sneakers catering to the need of high-intensity elevator shoes as it comes with a 1.4inch height increase. You can use it for long hours as the low-density PU material with soft texture absorbs all the impact. The anti-skid performance and premium outsole reduce all the burden.
Since the upper is built with woven vamp, it makes the shoe quite light in weight which adds to the high maneuverability. A great fact about this shoe is that it comes in multiple color option; thus broadening up your choice.

Important Features:

  • 4inch elevated heel.
  • Low density PU insole.
  • Wear-resistant outsole.

Best Soles for shoes that make you taller

(For Men)

15. ERGOfoot Height Increase Insoles 4-Layer


Not satisfied with the heel height of the existing shoe? You can use Ergofoot 4-layer insole to increase your height by 3.54inches while you wear the shoe. The air cushioned layer not only adds to the overall comfort but allows you to gain height when wearing any kind of dress.
The option for adjustment makes it an ideal choice because you customize it to fit your shoe. Although it is only an insole, it is made using durable soft PVC that won’t tear and cause slippage.

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Important Features:

  • 4 layers insoles.
  • 54inch height increase.
  • Soft PVC material.

(For Women)

16. Burlingham’s Height Increase Insole


Burliangham’s height increase insole is a highly effective alternative to elevator shoes as it holds the capability to increase your height by 2inch. Crafted with highest quality materials and smart air cushion design, you will love using it in your daily wear and even in dress shoes.
The chance of sweaty feet is almost nil with this insole as it carries breathable membrane and you can also use it with your Air Max. The cushioned layer is extremely comfy to wear and it lets you wear it all day with arch and heel support.

Important Features:

  • 2inch height lift.
  • Smart air cushion design.
  • Crafted with breathable fabric.

Top Rated Shoes that make you 3 inches taller

(For Men)

17. CHAMARIPA Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Elevator Shoes


When you want a shoe that will make you 3 inches taller, then you can go for Chamaripa shoes that offer a height rise of 2.96inch. The classic formal shoe design with premium leather upper and lace-up system blends with all the formal dresses.
The build quality with leather insoles is really commendable and surprisingly you won’t feel any weight. What makes it stand out is the brogue detailing and seam tracing which you won’t generally find in shoes in this price range.

Important Features:

  • Taller by 2.96inch.
  • Genuine leather upper.
  • Stunning brogue detailing.

(For Women)

18. DADAWEN Women’s Classic T-Strap Platform Dress Shoes


Dadawen women’s classic t-strap dress shoe is not your usual footwear; rather, these are specially designed elevator shoes that offer a timeless appearance. What makes it more demanding is its height increase feature and it can make you tall by 2.75inches.
You will have a custom fit when you wear this shoe as it gets t-strap with buckle and synthetic leather upper. However you shouldn’t underestimate it based on its chic look and it is due to the heavy duty rubber outer that can last for long and also prevent skidding.

Important Features:

  • Heel height is 2.75inch.
  • Square toe design.
  • Slip resistant outsole.

Best Shoes that make you 4 inches taller

(For Men)

19. CALTO Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Elevator Shoes


A highly trendy runner shoe is the best way to describe Calto men’s invisible elevator shoes and it is built using synthetic upper and rubberized bottom. The sole area may not look thick but it can increase your height by 3.8inch and that too without any awkward bump.
The modern trendy design with high ankle structure and lace up system will leave you in awe once you start using this shoe. The inner mesh lining and synthetic upper comforts your feet and makes it suitable for long usage.

Important Features:

  • Makes 3.8inch taller.
  • Ankle top design.
  • Synthetic upper layer.

(For Women)

20. MACKIN J G574-1 Women’s Mary Jane Vintage Shoe


Mackin J G74-1 women’s Mary Jane vintage footwear may seem like a normal dress shoe but in reality these are elevator shoes offering a unique outlook. If you want to look tall wearing your favorite dress, then it can make you tall by 3.7inch and that too without causing any disbalance.
The patent leather material construction with a non-slip insole makes sure you have complete comfort while you walk. The heel may be tall but it is quite chunky so you can expect proper footing.

Important Features:

  • Heel height of 3.7inches.
  • Soft and non-slip insole.
  • Mary Jane shoe design.

Best Shoes that make you taller 6 inch

(For Men)

21. CALTO Men’s Black Leather Lightweight Elevator Shoes


When you want to increase your height by a significant margin, you should then take Calto men’s black leather elevator shoes into consideration. It offers a massive height enhancement of 4.5inch which is more than sufficient for anyone to look tall.
Although the heel may be high, overall the shoe is quite light in weight and you can use it all day long. It has double stitching throughout the body with rubber lower area and together they ensure huge durability.

Important Features:

  • 4.5inch height increase.
  • Double stitching throughout.
  • Blacked classic leather design.

(For Women)

22. DREAM PAIRS Women’s Swan-30 High Heel Shoes


Bought a new designer dress and want to look heightened in that dress? Then what’s better than Dream Pairs Swan-30 that has revolutionized the elevator shoes segment. Offering best-in-class 5.5inch heel height, it can make anyone look in their dress and create a distinctive outlook.
With great height, you also get a premium comfort with faux leather insole and wide heel coverage. The TPR rubber out-sole on the other hand takes care of durability and doesn’t die even after regular usage.

Important Features:

  • Increases height by 5.5inch.
  • TPR rubber out-sole.
  • Padded faux leather insole.

Top Shoes that make you taller without heels

(For Men)

23. Fila Men’s Transition Athletic Sandal


Undoubtedly, the Fila men’s transition athletic sandal is an impressive footwear that caters to your athletic needs and also creates a tall stance. It not only gets athletic sandal design but also utilizes a man made sole to give you all the support you need.
Apart from offering support, the sole also increases your height by 1.2inch which is impressive for a shoe without having a separate heel. It also has a great midsole which absorbs all the impact and offers proper cushioning.

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Important Features:

  • 1.2inch high heel.
  • Man made sole.
  • Soft and comfy midsole.

(For Women)

24. Cestfini High Heel Wedge Sneakers for Women


Cestfini wedge women’s sneaker is a casual footwear that has been designed to meet your everyday need and also give you a height enhancement of 2inch. The interesting part of these elevator shoes is that it has a thick man-made sole that increases the height and also offers stability.

The curvy design of these shoes is combined with a breathable upper so that you feel complete comfort throughout the day. The soft inner lines protect your skin during long hours and add to your comfort.

Important Features:

  • Heel enhancement of 2inch.
  • Fabric and synthetic upper.
  • Man made sole.

High Rated Shoes that make you taller for kids

25. Fila Disruptor II Sneaker


Fila Disruptor II sneaker in vintage style inspired sneaker that may have a classic design but holds all the features of the modern era. Based on 100% Filabuck and rubber out-soles, your kid will have complete stability while they play with their friends.
The outsole is 2inch high so you can expect your kid to look tall giving them a slight advantage while they play. Your kid can wear it within a few seconds as it has a long opening with a soft collar.

Important Features:

  • 2inch increased height.
  • Soft padded collar.
  • Rubber out-sole.

Top Shoes that make you taller for girls

26. Hatley Girl’s High Top Sneakers


You can gift your baby girl Hatley girl’s high top sneaker and she will love it as it gets a great sneaker design with rounded toes. The 1.5inch thick sole brings out a major change as it adds to the beautiful outlook and also increases the height of your girl by 1.5inch.
The zipper closure with lace-up system ensures easy access while the padded collar takes care of comfort.

Important Features:

  • 1.5inch increased height.
  • Zipper closure.
  • 100% Polyurethane.

Best Shoes that make you taller for boys

27. COKAFIL Boys Running Sports Sneakers


Running tall by 2inch in heels, Cokafil boys running sneaker is a trendy footwear that your big kid will love wearing all the time. The fun color blend with uniquely designed rubber out-sole create a head turner outlook.
The slip-on closure makes the sneaker easy to pull on and take it especially. Beside offering stylish design, it is geared with padded insoles that take all the impact and ensure full comfort while they are in use. It comes in multiple fun colors, making it a must-buy sneaker for your boy.

Important Features:

  • 2inch height enhancement.
  • Slip-on closure.
  • Trendy body structure.


Before we bid final goodbye, here are some vital FAQs that you should check out;

Top shoe brands that make you taller

Adidas, Crossword, Yeezy, Nike shoes are some popular brands that make you taller in height. Although the height boost is not constant, you are going to look taller when you wear them.

What are shoes that make you taller?

Height-increasing elevator shoes are the ones that make you taller but they don’t increase your height by a huge margin.

How can I look 2 inches taller?

Wearing elevator shoes can make you look 2inch taller without hampering your overall outlook. They come in different styles and sizes so you can wear them with different dresses.

How much do shoes increase height?

On an average, height increasing shoes enhance your height by 0.75-1inch which is quite sufficient for any woman and man.

Do high top shoes make you taller?

Height top shoes may look large but they don’t make you taller than what normal shoes make you. However you can use a shoe lift or insole to opt for height increase without ruining the outlook.

What is the purpose of high-heeled shoes?

The high-heeled shoes are basically designed to give you a height boost and make you look taller which is needed when wearing certain attires.

Why do women wear such loud shoes?

Loud shoes may not be visually appealing for some but women wear them to look a bit taller especially when they wear long dresses. They generally come with different high heel heights so there is no standard increase in height.

Final Word

Finding shoes that make you taller may not be easy to find but we are confident our guide will make things easier for you. We have come up with a huge list of height increasing shoes that not only cater to the requirement of men and women but also kids, boys and girls.

We have compiled shoes from all the top brands so you will have the right pair to wear when you want to look taller in your dress. There is a myth that these shoes are slightly uncomfortable to wear but it is entirely false as they are designed in such a way, you will have proper grip.

Hi, This is Jack Patrick. Since my childhood, I have been passionate about footwear, and I just love to study and research different types of footwear. This led me to build this blog. Our aim is to provide updated & in-depth information so that you can choose the right pair as per your requirement or problems. Lastly, the quote by Marilyn Monroe – “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”