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What Happened To Taylor Swift’s Parents? Are They Still Together?

Arguably one of the most successful artists in the world. You can’t discredit someone who has 11 Grammy Awards, 49 Guinness World Records, 11 MTV Video Music Awards, 32 American Music Awards among many other inexhaustible awards. Her music already has a legacy. There are several accolades and accomplishments that she has had in recent years that makes you doubt if she is not more than 31 years old. Unbelievable. In this article though, our focus will be on Taylor Swift parents. Are they still together? What happened to them?

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Taylor Swift parents

Even though this article is centred around Taylor Swift parents, we cannot but extol the gargantuan persona Taylor has built over the years. This shows that with hard work, there is actually nothing that is unassailable. Okay, for balance, we must also say, talent also is critical. But, the two qualities work hand in hand and who else than Taylor Swift exhibits both profoundly.

If you are named Woman of the Decade by Billboard, everything you are doing is right. This may be true, but as is often found with geniuses, there will always be some sort of personal problem that would be the trigger to even more ingenious art. In this case, it was Taylor Swift parents, whom she has over the years claimed to love with all her heart.

Some of her songs were inspired by her personal experiences, not excluding her relationship with her parents.

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Meet Taylor Swift, One of The Greatest Ever Musicians

Taylor Swift started out as a country singer but has over the years grown into a renowned pop star. Her voice, according to many critics, is one of the most intense vocals you can come across. Her lyrics over the years have evolved. In fact, she is most known for her songcraft and the ability to make emotional lyrics that appeal to the heart. For her efforts, she has won several awards and is referred to as one of the most influential people in the world by Times.

Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Pennsylvania, United States of America. She is the second child of stockbroker Scott Kingsley Swift and Andrea Gardener Swift. The second child of her parents is, Austin. For her early education, she attended Alvernia Montessori School. After her family moved, she enrolled at Wyomissing Area High School.

The Early Years of Taylor Swift

Right from her younger years, Taylor has shown that she was born to be a musical star. At the mere age of nine, she got her first show at the Four Berks Youth Theatre Academy Productions. Her love for music saw her grab the initiative to teach herself how to play musical instruments. However, she was properly taught how to play the guitar by Ronnie Cremer.

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Taylor Swift’s debut album reached platinum and stayed in the Billboard 200 chart for four years, five months and three weeks. It is one of the albums that stayed that long on the Billboard chart. She accomplished this at the age of 15! Taylor would go on to have her albums named Album of The Year three times. The most by an artist dead or alive. She is also among those who won the Grammy Award eleven times.

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Who Are Taylor Swift Parents?

Two humans noticed early enough the immense talent their little girl possessed but couldn’t manage the success the talent brought their little girl. The irony! Taylor Swift was born to Scott Kingsley Swift and Andrea Gardner. Scott was a stockbroker in his early years. Andrea on the other hand was a mutual fund marketing executive. As good parents, they did what every right-thinking parent would do; notice their daughter’s musical talent and saw that she was allowed to float. Consequently, she excelled. And at a very young age. Taylor has her parents to praise for that.

To ensure that Taylor Swift had an impeccable launchpad to her music career, the family moved from West Reading, Pennsylvania, to Hendersonville, so as to create opportunities for Taylor. Finding herself in an environment that had producers’ kids and record labels kids, it was going to be hard to find her feet. But, heck, Taylor did it with reckless abandon. And today, she has her parents to thank for making that bold move.

Taylor’s Success Took Its Toll on Her Parents

There will always be a flaw or something of regret most successful artists have these days. For Taylor, it was her parents. While Swift had several successes as an independent artist, her family suffered for it. Taylor’s mother, Andrea, who is always on the road with her, became a problem for her father, Scott. After trying several means to resolve the vacuum the success of their daughter was creating between them, they decided it was best to call it quits.

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In 2011, Taylor Swift parents found a way to divorce secretly. The divorce was amicable as neither party made a fuss out of the whole process. The couple kept the separation a secret before it was divulged to the public.

Taylor Swift parents

Taylor Swift Dedicated A Song to Her Mother

For years, many thought the song, The Best Day was written about her father. But, in an interview with her record label in May 2011, she said the song was written for her mother. According to her, she wrote it in the summer and recorded it secretly.