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Rosario Dawson Height

How tall is Rosario Dawson

American Actress best known for roles in movies such as Rundown, Shattered Glass, Unstoppable and Sin City says regarding her appearance, “I’d be taller. I’m 5′ 7″, but my mom is 6 feet tall. In my family, I’m short.”

“@rosariodawson #WikipediaGoogle says you’re 5′ 9. I think that’s great kissing height with high heels.”
That‘s a #Wiki GoogleLIE! I’m 5’7″

How tall is Rosario Dawson

Photo by DFree/

[My Mother’s] 6ft tall, and for her party she wore stiletto heels and a bustier. Everyone stands in her shadow except my brother, who’s 6ft 5in. Sometimes I’m surprised at how small I am [5ft 7in]. I had a huge complex about it – I used to wear platform sneakers.
— Daily Mail, 2007

How tall is Rosario Dawson

Zoe Bell, Tracie Thoms, Rosario
Photo by DFree/

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Average Guess (36 Votes)
5ft 6.54in (169cm)
Funruffian said on 9/May/23
She’s between 5’5.5″ and 5’6.5″ in her bare feet.

berta said on 25/Feb/23
its strange i dodnt think she was good looking when i was younger but the older i get ( and the older shegets too she is looking better and better). She have a very good energi. Her height seems to be the listed hiehgt. I dont think she could ever be shorter than 168,5 but never over 170. Around 169-169,5 is maybe the most likely.

ViperPilot said on 5/Oct/21
Looks 5’6” flat.

Leesheff85 said on 25/Sep/20
Wow her mum looks very tall in that photo nik I could even see her being over 6ft since rosario had higher heels

khaled taban 175.3cm said on 1/Sep/20
She constantly looks 5’6″ , I can’t see her 5’7″.

Nik Ashton said on 27/Jun/20
Look at this:

JohnMoore-162cm said on 17/Jun/20
5ft6 1/2″ most likely

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/May/20
🎂💐🎁 Happy Birthday Rosario! 🎁💐🎂

Many Happy Returns to Rosario Dawson who turns 41 years old today. 🌹🎊🎈

I just found 170cm for her, but that was probably a case of rounding up. With a 6ft mother and a 6ft5 brother, I don’t think it’s surprising that Rosario feels swamped in her family home!

No doubt, she wakes up measuring 5ft7 or even more, but by nightfall, she’ll be that much less.

Johan123 said on 29/Dec/19
5’6 1/2” and rounds up.
Nik said on 19/Dec/19
I would love to know how tall her Dad is.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 9/May/19
💐🎂🎈 Happy Birthday Rosario! 🎈🎂💐

Have a wonderful day you statuesque beauty! Always saw you as much taller.

Johann said on 19/Feb/19
Gorgeous gal, is probably 5’6″ flat.
Nik said on 11/Jan/19
She obviously comes from a tall family!

Nik said on 6/Sep/18
It’s interesting that her Mom is 6’0″! Rob and the average vote look to be right!

Rosario Dawson Height

Editor Rob

It’s a quite noticeable difference to be looking near 5 inches up at a Mother.

Tall Sam said on 4/Aug/18
In some roles she can look taller on screen. She can seem to pop up in a lot of things but always a welcome sight.

josh jeffords said on 16/Mar/17
Very pretty lady good actor not a good photo, on the point seems a bit tall she looks pretty average in height.
Many short men look normal next to her I’m guessing this is rounded and maybe in shoes.

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Sandy Cowell said on 11/Dec/16
I actually thought she looked quite a bit taller in ‘Sin City’ – at least 2 inches. She looks the kind of girl who could easily make 6ft or more in high heels!

Aza said on 14/Sep/16
What a cracker! Looks super spicy
Terry said on 5/Feb/16
Consistently looks 5’6″.

Sam said on 27/Jul/15
I could buy a bit under 5’7″ but generally she looks close to that and, yeah, she’s stunning.

Kirk said on 26/Jul/15
I met her before few years ago & she’s clearly not 5′ 7″. I am & she is 2″ inches shorter than me with how taller I am over her. So I would say 5′ 5″ is the right height, but very close to 5′ 6″.

Bee said on 9/Feb/14
She’s beautiful too.
Len said on 17/Aug/13
5’6″ or 5’6.5″.

Sean73 said on 5/Oct/11
Ditto to that carter!I can see her in some kind of transending role that fits in to what hollywood is trying to metephysicaly express.Has anyone seen the latest kristen dunst movie?!

pual E.-S said on 17/Jul/11
I feel that Mis. Dawson is infact gourgouis looking for her hight! Thats how I feel she must be as stunning in person. She looks so sexy on my favioret show!

Carter said on 24/Jun/11
I saw her on Jay Leno and she is stunning both in looks and personality. and she also seems far smarter than most in Hollywood. What a woman. who cares how tall or short she is.

KC77 said on 23/Jun/09
I met Rosario back in June ’07 & she has to be at least 5′ 6″. I’m 5′ 7″ & she surely wasn’t taller than me as I thought she was when I met her. Both of us were wearing plain sneakers btw.

ZAQ said on 6/Mar/09
She is real lucky to be picked right off the streets for the movie kids back in 95
how many people get a chance to do that, and even more she somehow continued her career up until now whereas the other charcters were never heard off except for chloe

Realme2008 said on 19/Feb/09
Here is a picture with Usher. Not the best posture, but she never strikes me as that tall. Click Here I really think she’s about 5’6″.

Next to 5’6″ Jessica Alba- Click Here

Another picture with Jessica Alba: Click Here

She’s about 5’6″ or 5’6.5 max

glenn said on 1/Jan/09
hmm.5-7 sounds a little high.could be,but im with the other post ers at 5-6.
leonari said on 31/Dec/08
Glenn: she is 5’7″ right?

anonymous said on 21/Oct/08
Blake lively is 5 foot 11. Rosario dawson looked tall in welcome to the jungle. I would say five foot 6-7.

megan said on 9/Sep/08
She’s listed as 5’6 in other places.

Anonymous said on 1/Sep/08
I’m surprised my comments are still being referred to. Anyways the reason why I chose those young women in particular is because I have good reason to believe they aren’t as tall as they get listed as, or in Kate B’s case, use to get listed as. Amber and Alexis are both the same height, but neither seem 5’7″ to me. Alexis has been shown to be about 4 inches shorter than Lauren Graham. And simply compare them to their Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants costars. They don’t seem to be anymore than 4 inches taller than 5’1″ America Ferrera and 5’8″ Blake Lively even comment in the first film how she was 3 inches taller than them. Michelle Tractenberg doesn’t seem to be all that much taller than her female Buffy costars, and visit those costars page on this site, a lot of them aren’t very tall. Oh and Elizabeth Winstead who’s around 5’8″ towers over her. Ashlee Simpson is barely taller than her 5’3″ sister Jessica. Evan Rachel Wood’s height is all over the place. But I mostly compare her with her female costars. Which goes something like this. Her Upside of Anger costars Joan Allen, Alicia Witt, Erika Christensen and Keri Russell all make her seem this height. Keri and Erika appearing about the same height as her, Alicia having good inches on her and Joan towering over her. Then there’s Jane Krakowski who alot of the time seems to be taller than Evan. Not just in their movie Pretty Persuasion, but in real life photos too, especially the ones at Sundance. Then there’s the movie Running with Scissors where Evan’s character throughout the film is dawning massive heels (they’re like 5 inches), yet she’s still shorter than Gwyneth Paltrow and I think even Annette Bening. Now were up to miss Dawson. I guess I’m the only one here who saw all those photos of the cast of Sin City promoting that film. And if anyone ever saw those photos they’ll noticed something. Jessica Alba is taller than Rosario Dawson! Oh and also in the actual movie Sin City Alexis Bledel had a few good scenes with Dawson and the two of them were about the same height.

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Anonymous said on 12/Aug/08
Yeah, it does seem as though people do add about two inches to their stature. My friend is a solid 5’5″ and tries to pass herself off as 5’7″ – even 5’8″ at times. I’m about 5’8.5″ (5’9″ if I stand up straight) and I don’t try to pass myself off as 6’2″. Maybe it depends on the person.

brapp said on 17/Apr/08
Anonymous, about the 5’5″ women saying they’re 5’7″, I absolutely agree! I used to be 5’5″ and everyone my height said they were 5’7″. Now I’m 5’6″ and a bit and people always say 5’8″. I know 5’4″ girls claiming to be 5’6″ when they’re clearly a lot smaller than me.

Basically everyone adds about 2 inches.

glenn said on 1/Apr/08
thanks mark d.she is one of the sweetest.if i lived near me,id take you to meet her.

Mark D. said on 31/Mar/08
That would seem about the right height. Beauty and tall too, nice for tall guys
like me. Lucky guy to get that close in the picture Glenn (high fives Glenn. )

myspace celebrity said on 15/Oct/07
yeah, you tell him glenn =] lol jk
shes 5’7 for sure, about 2 inches taller than devon in sin city

glenn said on 18/Sep/07
franco-your getting irritating again.

Editor Rob said on 16/Sep/07
“Sometimes I’m surprised at how small I am [5ft 7in]. I had a huge complex about it – I used to wear platform sneakers”

Alex said on 31/May/07
I’ve only seen the movie Kids once and that was 7 years ago.
D. Ray Morton said on 21/May/07
Kids was her big break.
Viper said on 21/May/07
She was in KIDS? Wow I didnt realize she was in that.

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Jasmine said on 20/May/07
I remember her in kids. she was a skank but in real-life she looks like a nice person

glenn said on 18/May/07

Anonymous said on 18/May/07
Was she wearing 2-inch heels? You both look about the same height.
D. Ray Morton said on 18/May/07
Cool picture!

glenn said on 18/May/07
she was a doll, yes.always heard that about cleaning up on my rent cast this accident.

Irshgrl500 said on 18/May/07
Rosario looks like a really nice person, Glenn. I like to hear nice things about Hollywood.

Anonymous said on 16/Jan/07
I don’t know why I care, but I made up a club in my head called the “I’m a young female star who’s apparently 5’7″, but 5’5″ seems more likely” club. Among the members are Rosario Dawson, Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel, Evan Rachel Wood, Michelle Tractenberg (sp?) and Ashlee Simpson. There might be more members, but those are the ones I can think of right now. Kate Bosworth is a former member. Just felt like saying it.

Franco said on 20/Oct/06
5’6″ is the proper height, 5’7 could be but i dont think so. 🙂

anon said on 15/Oct/06
No way 5’7″. I saw her on the scream awards and at first she looked a lot taller than Rose mcgowan but when they took a wide shot for Kate Beckinsale to receive her award, she was maybe 2″ taller than Rose (who on here is listed at 5’3.5″). She was also about 2″ shorter than Beckinsale, who on here is listed at 5’7″. I’ll give her 5’6″.

carl said on 25/Jun/06
no doubt 5-7.. saw her at a charity event with a bunch of athletes, dallas mavericks, dallas cowboys etc. was right next to her on the field. strong 5-7 at that.

J. said on 25/Apr/06
She says in the Nov. 2005 issue of the Parade: ” My mother is 6 feet tall,” ;“She’s also a licensed plumber, and she’s learning to become an electrician. My dad is 6 feet 3, and I have a brother who’s 6 feet 5.”

J. said on 2/Oct/05
In Spike Lee’s biography, ‘That’s My Story and I’m Sticking To It’, Rosario Dawson is quoted as saying about Spike:

“Spike is a control freak. My parents say he has a Napoleon complex. And my mom is six feet tall and my dad is six three. They would come on set and stare down at him, and he’d be like ‘Yes, can I do something for you?’ And I love that”.