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Michael Kors Bag Serial Numbers

Have you been a fan of Michael Kors bags for a while now? If so, you may have already heard a lot about Michael Kors Serial Numbers and how they can help you recognise the difference between an authentic Kors purse and a complete fake.

Purchasing your MK bag from the official website or boutique is a great way to make sure that the bag you’re buying 100% original. But there are many other places to buy Michael Kors bags too, so it’s important to know what to look out for.

There are so many fake MK bags out there, and you may have heard that serial numbers make it easy to differentiate what’s real and what’s not.

In this article, we’re going to tell you the truth about MK serial numbers, so that you don’t rely on them too much to spot a fake. We’ve also listed everything you need to know about the information tags that all real Michael Kors bags have.

If you’re interested in knowing the full list of what to look for in a genuine Michael Kors bag, then check out our dedicated article to find out more.


Do all Michael Kors bags have serial numbers?

Michael Kors bags do not have serial numbers. The code that is printed on the tag is a style number and manufacture date. It can help you to identify which model of bag it is. However, this is not a serial number because it is not unique to each bag. Other bags of the same model will have the same number on the tag.

This definition from Science Direct explains it clearly:

A serial number (SN) is a number assigned to each individual product in order to distinguish that product from all others.

We also confirmed this with Michael Kors customer service, although it must be noted that this is not an official statement.

screenshot of conversation with michael kors customer service about serial numbers

Buying a designer bag like Michael Kors can be a significant investment, so it’s essential to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Cheap fakes and replica bags have flooded the market, and unfortunately, Michael Kors bags are no exception.

Off-price retailers like TJ Maxx and online, third-party retailers like Amazon are known for their discounted prices, but they can also be hotspots for counterfeit products.

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In some cases, these retailers may even unknowingly sell fake Michael Kors bags, which is why it’s crucial to verify the authenticity of the bag before making a purchase.

Don’t get discouraged however, especially if you’re trying to authenticate an MK bag. If the bag has a tag in the first place that displays the style code, country of origin and manufacture date then it is a good sign.

Most counterfeiters will not bother trying to replicate such small details. But even if a bag has a tag that matches the correct style number, you cannot be 100% that it is real.

That’s why a “serial number” is not the only method that you should use to check if a Michael Kors bag is genuine or not. Here are the main things to look for on a tag, that all genuine Michael Kors bags display as well.

A manufacturing date code: This is a four digit code. The first two digits correspond with the year the bag was manufactured. The last two digits refer to the particular month that it was created. So if a tag shows the code 1608, that means the bag was manufactured in August 2016.

photo of michael kors bag tag identifying the codes and information displayed

A country of origin: All Michael Kors bags show where the bag was made. Don’t be alarmed if you see that two Michael Kors bags were made in different countries. The brand has a number of factories in different countries that produce different products. Some of the countries where Michael Kors handbags are made include; China, Indonesia, Italy, Philippines and Vietnam.

A style number: On all Michael Kors bag tag you should find a long string of digits that contains letters and numbers. This code is the style number of the bag. If you type this number into Google you should see many product pages appear with the exact same style bag. However, you may see different colors of bag in the results because this number is not a serial number. The three digits below the style number correspond to each color.

image of michael kors tag and style code match with screenshot from product page on walmart

Brand name: Underneath the style number you should see MICHAEL KORS in all caps.

QR code: On the other side of the tag you may find a QR code. When you scan the code it should bring you to the Michael Kors website. It’s not clear whether all tags have this QR code, but a lot of MK bags do.

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photo of michael kors bag tag showing qr code

Unidentified code: You may also see another long digit code beside the QR code but it is unclear what this code is used for, so it is most likely used for internal purposes. As soon as we find out, we will update this blog.

Where is the serial number on a Michael Kors bag

While Michael Kors bags don’t have serial numbers, they do have a style code that’s printed on the information tag. This tag can be located inside the bag. It is usually quite small and is sewn into the left or right side of the lining. If your bag has pockets, be sure to check the inside seams of the pockets as well.

It’s important to note that the Michael Kors bag tags have evolved over a number of years. The label has been using a small black tag since around 2016 on all its models. This means all new Michael Kors bags should contain a black tag with all of the information listed above.

Older Michael Kors bags that were made before 2016 could have a white or clear tag. They may also only show a partial amount of the information above. Some old styles that have been discontinued may not even contain a tag at all.


Do Michael Kors Outlet purses have style codes

All Michael Kors bags, whether they come from the Michael Kors Outlet or not, should contain a style number. We haven’t been able to decipher if there is a way to tell whether a bag is from the outlet or not using the style code. If we do, we’ll let you know 😉

Where is the serial number on Michael Kors wallet?

Michael Kors wallets do not have a serial number. However, they have a style code that is printed on the product tag which is typically found inside the wallet, often sewn into the lining or a small pocket.

The location of the tag may vary slightly depending on the specific style and design of the wallet, but it is usually visible and easily accessible. The tag will usually include other information such as the manufacture date, country of origin, or the materials used.

photo of the inside of a michael kors wallet and an arrow pointing towards the tag where the codes are

Do all Michael Kors bags have a metal logo?

No, not all Michael Kors bags have a metal logo. While many Michael Kors bags do feature a metal logo plate or emblem, some styles may have a logo that is removable or printed onto the fabric or leather of the bag like their well-known monogram coated canvas bag. The design and placement of the logo may vary depending on the specific style and collection of the bag.

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We hope you better understand why it’s important to verify the authenticity of a Michael Kors bag, especially if you’re not purchasing it from the official website or boutique.

Serial codes are unique numbers that can identify an individual product. However, Michael Kors uses style codes to identify a particular style of bag. They do not use serial codes for individual bags.

This means it’s important not to fully rely on these codes to tell the difference between a real and a fake bag.

If a bag has the tag with all of the information above on it, it’s already a good sign. This is because most counterfeits will not try to replicate the bag on this level of detail.

However, there is nothing unique about the information on the tags that can say for certain whether the bag is original or not.

Inspecting the tag is just one method that you should use to authenticate your Michael Kors bags. If you cannot see the bag in person, be sure to purchase from trusted retailers and always check the bag for other defects or quality issues.

Remember, investing in a genuine Michael Kors bag is worth the money and effort, as it will last for years to come and add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe.

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