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Christina Hendricks Boobjob

Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Having big and beautiful breast is every woman’s dream. However it seems to be dilemma for some woman whose big breast and the small one because they will be praised and mocked, especially if they are celebrity. 39 years old actress, Christina Hendricks, is of them. Her large breast triggers many disputes among her fans and celebrity viewers.

Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Before And After

Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Before And After

Many people believe that she has done under the knife to get her current cup size, while others defense her. Other suspicion is that the daughter of United States Forest Service, Robert Hendricks, has changed her nose appearance through plastic surgery.

Did Christina Hendricks Have Plastic Surgery?

Christina Hendricks Breast Implants Before And After

Christina Hendricks Breast Implants Before And After

The four times nominee for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series by Emmy Award has overhanging breast area. People who accused her for having breast implants referred to the comparison of her look in old photo with her current one. Her breast seems to have grown, a bit too much. People can not receive that woman still could increase the breast size after 30 years old. They think the cup size has unnatural roundness, it does not have any gap and it does not look improper with her chest. Those facts convinced them that Christina Hendricks breasts are fake and have implant in it.

On the other hand, people who defense her, have their reasons. They believe that Hendricks’ breasts are real because some of them have the breasts size as hers and they are natural. They also believe a woman’s breast size still can change due to pregnancy or gaining weight. From what they look on the star, they agree that the Mad Men TV show cast is using a push up bra. That is why her breasts look unnatural because it pushes upwardly, giving no chance to any gap and make a weird chest wall. They even refuse some surgeons statement which said that Hendricks breasts are implant.

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Aside of her controversial breasts, public believe that Hendricks has done nose job. Her nose looks smaller and thinner than before. The star has stated that her breasts are real. But she has neither admitted nor denied a rhinoplasty surgery. No matter what is the truth, one thing that could be accepted by all people that Hendricks is one of gorgeous icon in among celebrities.

Definitely fake.
1) They look the same in every single dress she wears, whether it’s strapless, halter, tank, etc.
2) Who cares if they jiggle? That proves nothing; she has fat to camouflage the implants, so it’s her real fat jiggling.
3) She personally claims a 15 pound weight gain, not enough to make that dramatic a change.
4) Her boobs were CONSIDERABLY smaller even I’m the first Mad Men episode! Watch her in Undressed and Firefly– not NEARLY as big as they magically became the second episode of Mad Men.
5) I believe she also had some face work done in the cheek and jaw areas.
6) Real boobs do not square off or look like rectangles in a push up bra, like in some other pics of her. To me, this is the most telling of all the evidence.

So what if she got a breast augmentation? So what if she lied? It’s not like it’s ANY of your business to know if they’re real or not, if she is happy with the way she looks or she wants to make changes that’s up to her. It’s not YOUR body, it’s HER’S, and so what if she lied? It’s not like any human in the history of the human race has never lied. Heck, I bet you’ve lied so what’s the problem? I really don’t understand what is wrong with a boob job because as long as you’re happy it doesn’t matter.

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It makes a difference because lying is gross. Of course you have the freedoms to do whatever you want to your body. Getting breast implants is like buying a really nice classic car and entering competitions vs making the car yourself. People have infinitely more respect for the “real thing”.

They are fake, there are pictures of her you can find on the internet from when she was in her 20’s in a bikini and they were maybe a C at best and now they are larger than an F and she still claims they are real, maybe if she took some butt fat and had it injected into her boobs then she thinks because it came from her then that makes them real but I’m still calling BS and saying they are fake af

Fake. Her breasts look just like Dolly Parton’s except Dolly is honest & knows how to dress better. Those peaks up to her chin makes her look desperate & stupid. Her thinking we can’t see through her obvious charade is pathetic. I liked her in Mad Men but her dated thinking is a crutch that needs to retired. Nothing attractive about hard plastic parts glued to your chest. lol