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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Melanie Martinez

melanie martinez

Melanie Martinez is a name you know from her time on the hit reality television show, The Voice, where she was one of the most successful singers in her season. She made it through nine weeks of competition before she was eliminated, and she was hugely successful during her time on the show. Upon auditioning for a spot on the hit show, three artists fought over her, including Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Ultimately, Melanie Martinez chose to allow Adam Levine to become her mentor and she made a good decision. She made it quite far, but she did not win her season. In fact, Levine was left with no team at all after her elimination 9 episodes into the fall 2012 season. However, despite not winning the show, she maintains a positive attitude and has managed to continue her singing career with some success. If you haven’t learned much about Melanie Martinez yet, now is your chance as she is about to become even more famous. Here are 10 fun facts about Melanie Martinez you never knew.

She Cannot Paint Nails

With hair and makeup as elaborate as she likes it, it would seem as if Melanie Martinez would be good at painting fingernails, especially belonging to someone eels. However, she is not. In fact, she says she is downright bad at it and that while she’s super good at her hair and makeup, nails just are not her thing no matter how hard she tries. You will never see her with a homemade manicure or pedicure.

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She Hates Vegetables

As many of us grow up, we learn to appreciate vegetables. Not Melanie Martinez, however; she hates them. In fact, she states that she will avoid them at all costs and she has to have chocolate of some sort after every single meal or she cannot function. It’s a life problem we all wish we had.

She’s a Klutz

We all trip, we all fall down and we all have moments in which we cannot seem to stand up straight no matter how hard we try. However, Melanie Martinez is really, really bad ant maintaining good posture and standing up straight. She says she falls down, trips or has some sort of accident of that nature at least 8 times a day no matter how careful she is and how carefully she watches what she is doing.

She’s 20 with Two Baby Teeth

Melanie Martinez was born in 1995, which makes her 20. However, unlike the rest of the kids in her age range, she still has two baby teeth. Apparently, they never fell out and she’s never bothered to have that checked out in any way. If she has, though, her dentist is obviously not concerned about the fact that she should have had her adult teeth most of her life now, but two of her baby teeth have yet to fall out.

She Does not Own Jeans

If there is one thing we all own in our closets, it’s jeans. I love jeans; I have a favorite designer and I will wear them every day, all day. I dress them up and down and all around and I adore them to every extent possible. However, Melanie Martinez does not own jeans. She does not prefer them. Though she’s never said it herself, we believe she might feel that they are not quite ladylike, and that is why she chooses not to wear them.

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She Doesn’t Tie her Shoes

All right; there is a truth about this but it’s not entirely that she does not tie her shoes. We don’t know if she doesn’t tie them at all. What we know is that her shoes are never tied at any time, and we just assume it’s because she never ties them. After all, it’s difficult to have untied shoes all the time when you are tying them, is it not? So it’s our belief that she has tied shoes and they just come untied so she no longer bothers with them.

She Wants to Be a Tattoo Artist

If she wasn’t a famous singer about to go on tour in 2016, Melanie Martinez would love to be a tattoo artist. It’s not a huge stretch, really, since many artists are artistic in many areas. She’s a performer who loves to do hair and makeup, so why wouldn’t she have an artistic gene that might make her a great tattoo artist? I feel she might be a good one if trained properly. However, she’s going on tour so we won’t see her tatting anyone up anytime soon.

She Does Not Wear Jewelry

For someone who loves to dress up and glam herself up in every aspect, Melanie Martinez is always noticeably missing any jewelry. It is simply not her preference and she does not care for it. We aren’t even sure whether or not she even owns any.

She Collects Stuffed Animals

More specifically, Melanie Martinez does not collect just any stuffed animals. She actually collects them from the 50s and the 60s and prefers them to come from this time frame. She likes them all, per say, but the singer simply prefers that her stuffed animal collection come from this time frame and this era. There is something unique about the animals made back then, and it appeals to her in a way that other stuffed animals simply do not.

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She Refuses to Wear Shoes when She Performs

Another odd fact about Melanie Martinez is that she never wears shoes when she performs. It’s interesting, too, that such a feminine young woman would choose not to wear shoes to complete her ensemble. However, I imagine that it takes a lot of concentration and work to sing and dance and not fall over in shoes, so I think there might be a part of me that gets it. On that note, don’t expect to see her in shoes on stage when she goes on tour in 2016; she won’t be wearing them.

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