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How To Tell If Crocs Are Real

How to Spot Fake Crocs? | Orginal Crocs vs Fake!

How to Spot Fake Crocs? | Orginal Crocs vs Fake!

Can You Tell If Crocs Are Fake ? 10 Signs of Fake Crocs!

If you have worn Crocs, you know that Crocs are one of the most comfortable shoes out there. They are available in different sizes for everyone starting from kids to adults. People love Crocs for their comfort as well as their stylish designs.

The popularity that Crocs have gained in recent years for their lightweight foam sandals is insane! Which made so many companies produce and sell fake Crocs.

Now the real question is: How can you spot fake Crocs? How to know if Crocs is original?

In this guide, you will learn about many easy tricks to recognize fake Crocs and the difference between original Crocs vs fake Crocs. After all, the money you spend on Crocs should be worth it! Nobody wants to buy a cheap rip-off of a great product. If you want to experience the utmost comfort, you will have to make sure you buy the right Crocs. Fake Crocs are often tacky and feel very uncomfortable when you wear them.

How to Spot Fake Crocs? 10 Signs of Fake Crocs

In this section, we will discuss how to know and check if crocs is original. We will elaborate on ways to recognize fake Crocs. Let’s dive into the differences between real crocs vs fake crocs.

1. Crocs Label

The authentic Crocs come with many labels and tags that provide you with adequate information about: model, fit, color, size, product code, barcode, and country of manufacture. They also have labels attached with information about the importer and warnings about using the Crocs.

Crocs company also has a link on their page to check if your Crocs are genuine or not. Usually, the fake Crocs display results like “No results available.”

You can also make sure the Crocs are genuine by checking the barcode on the tag. You can be 100% sure that the Crocs are fake if the barcode is similar to some other model of the Crocs shoes.

2. Crocs Company Lettering

How to Spot Fake Crocs? | Orginal Crocs vs Fake!

Real Crocs come with either all small letters or all capital letters on the shoes. If you see something like “Crocs” on the shoes, there is a high chance that the Crocs are fake. Real Crocs do not use mixed lettering.

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3. Crocs Shoes Crocodile Logo “Duke”

The crocodile logo on the Crocs is called “Duke.” An interesting fact is that the logo is named after one of the founders. And I must say that the logo is designed in detail, which makes it easier for you to recognize an original pair of Crocs.

If you see any of the following features on the logo is missing, you can be sure that the Crocs are fake.

• The crocodile in the logo has six humps.

• The fourth hump from the top is a little bit larger than the rest of the humps.

• The crocodile has two harms with three fingers on each of them.

The original logo is supposed to be shiny and accurate. The fake ones usually have a sticker slapped on the buttons.

This is one important difference between Crocs original vs fake,

How to Spot Fake Crocs? | Orginal Crocs vs Fake!

4. Material And Smell Of The Crocs Shoes

Crocs are made of Croslite, which is a very soft and durable material. The material is a mixture of foam and closed-cell resin. Crocs bought the rights to use this material from the very beginning.

This material is incredible since it is organic and does not have pores. This makes the texture extraordinarily smooth and comfortable. It is also very lightweight and does not have any smell.

Fake Crocs will feel very stiff and rough. You can also smell chemicals and adhesives from the shoes, and trust me, the smell is terrible!

I hope you are enjoying our guide on how to spot fake crocs. You can also check our article, how to spot fake Doc Martens?

5. The Branded Hanger

You will find the authentic Crocs sold with a hanger that has the company logo on it. Fake Crocs usually do not have that hanger, and that is how you will know that the Crocs are not authentic.

6. The Sole

You want to check one more thing on the sole. Original Crocs have the Crocs logo right in the middle of the sole along with the link ( to one side of the sole. Fake shoes may also have this on the soles, but the position would be different. Authentic Crocs also have the words “boulder, colorado” written on the other side precisely like that without a full stop or mixed letters.

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7. The Packaging

Never fall for buying Crocs sold in cardboard packaging or something like that if you want original Crocs. The authentic Crocs are only sold in transparent bags of plastic or white paper. It will be branded bag.

8. Color Of The Crocs

Crocs are available in specific colors that are all listed on their website ( If you find Crocs that have colors that are not listed on their website, you can be sure of them being fake.

9. Size Of The Crocs

There is this thing about fake Crocs that their sizes are not done correctly. If you notice carefully, you will see that your regular Crocs size is not helpful while buying fake Crocs. The actual size of the fake Crocs is usually smaller than the size written on their soles.

10. Circulation Nubs

Both original and fake Crocs have circulation nubs, but there is a difference between original Crocs vs fake crocs. The original Crocs shoes are made sure to have that soft and comfy feeling added to the nubs. The nubs designed in fake Crocs usually feel stiff and uncomfortable.

Are Fake Crocs As Good As Real Crocs? Crocs Original vs Fake

This question has been in the minds of a lot of people: Are fake Crocs just as good? Well, they do have a point. Millions of pairs of fake Crocs are sold worldwide, and people are still buying them without giving a second thought. Is there no difference at all? Do fake Crocs feel the same as original Crocs?

I have bought fake Crocs to try them out and see the difference. The differences that I have described above about the tags and logo were pretty much visible. But, in terms of quality, fake Crocs are not just as good as the real Crocs. The shape of the fake Crocs was weird as well as felt very tough. They were cheap but not worth the money. The hard band made my feet ache for a while, and they are not suitable for wearing the whole day.

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Fake Crocs lack durability as well as odor resistance. If you want to have a pair of Crocs, I would highly recommend carefully buying so that you can differentiate between original Crocs vs fake Crocs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we will discuss some relevant questions related to how to spot fake Crocs.

What are fake Crocs called?

Fake Crocs do not have a specific name, but they are often known as the “knock-off Crocs” and “rip-off Crocs.”

How to Tell if Crocs are Fake?

How to recognize fake Crocs? Well, if you keep a pair of genuine Crocs beside fake Crocs, you will know which one is real and which one is fake if you have read the guide above. Besides that, you will also notice that fake Crocs usually have those ugly square-shaped holes on the sides and the top, whereas the real ones stick to circular and oval-shaped holes. This is how to check if crocs is original.

How to spot fake Bad Bunny Crocs?

Bad Bunny Crocs are super popular and sell out almost immediately after the launch. If you buy Bad Bunny Crocs from the official website, you are good to go.

Other than the quality, you can distinguish fake Bad Bunny Crocs by seeing the price. The original Bad Bunny Crocs are usually priced at $60 or above. Fake Bad Bunny Crocs are way cheaper.

How to Spot Fake Crocs? Original Crocs vs Fake Crocs (Summary)

Crocs, which initially came as a boat shoe, is now rocking the fashion world though not all styles are as popular as others. If you have read all the instructions carefully in this guide, you can now consider yourself a pro on how to spot fake Crocs. All you have to do is to check the tags, labels, and price. Make sure to buy good quality and authentic Crocs to experience the maximum comfort and style. After all, why would you waste money buying lousy fake Crocs? So buy Crocs or any other shoes sensibly.

I hope that after going through our article on original Crocs vs fake, now you know how to recognize fake crocs and understand the difference between real Crocs vs Fake Crocs.