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10 Celebrities You Forgot Guest-Starred On Parks And Recreation

Parks And Recreation is a hilarious and popular mockumentary that had a star-studded cast and plenty of prominent celebrity guest stars.

Guest stars on Parks And Recreation

Comedy sitcoms often face immense competition due to the number of them on-air. However, Parks And Recreation showed up on top due to its likable characters, the star-studded actors who did an excellent job portraying them and its hilarious mockumentary-style format.

Series regulars include the childish but hilarious Andy Dwyer and the stern but quotable Ron Swanson. Although, like most sitcoms, Parks And Recreation has had its fair share of guest-stars over the course of its seven-season run. This includes various actors and even prominent political figures.


10 Heidi Klum Plays The Mayor Of Denmark

Heidi Klum cameo on Parks and Rec

Heidi Klum is best known for her role as the host of fashion designer competition Project Runway and on the judge panel for America’s Got Talent. Klum initially made a career as a supermodel before appearing on both shows.

She also makes a guest appearance on Parks And Recreation for the premiere of the sixth season. Klum stars as Ulee Danssen, the mayor of Denmark. In London Part 1, Leslie Knope meets Ulee on her trip to London to receive an award for her achievements in the Pawnee local government.

9 Andy Samberg Plays An Obnoxious Park Ranger

Andy Samberg cameo on Parks and Rec

Andy Samberg is recognizable for being a cast member of Saturday Night Live from 2005 to 2012, and his role as Jake Peralta in comedy sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Samberg makes a cameo during Park Safety as an obnoxious park ranger named Carl. Leslie seeks the help of Carl after Jerry is allegedly mugged in the park. Carl reveals to Leslie that the park is under budget, which prevents security in the park. Although, it turns out Jerry wasn’t actually mugged. He just dropped a breakfast burrito in the lake and hurt himself trying to reach it.

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8 Kristen Bell Guest-Stars As Snooty Councilwoman

Kristin Bell on Parks and Recreation

Children could recognize Kristen Bell for her voice acting role as Princess Anna in Disney’s Frozen. She also stars as Jeannie Van Der Hooven in another comedy series, House Of Lies. Bell guest-stars on Parks And Recreation for seven episodes during the sixth season. She plays Ingrid De Forest, a councilwoman from Eagleton, a well-off town near Pawnee. Ingrid has a snobbish attitude due to her upper-middle class life and winning the Miss Indiana beauty pageant. Pawnee and Eagleton merged later in Parks And Recreation due to debt they raked in. How unfortunate.

7 Paul Rudd Runs Against Leslie Knope

Paul Rudd on Parks and Rec

Paull Rudd is recognizable for his role as Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Mike Hannigan, Phoebe’s love interest on Friends. Rudd was also voted the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine in 2021. Rudd stars in Parks And Recreation, as the recurring character of Bobby Newport. Bobby is the heir to the Sweetums fortune and is unaware of any problems due to his luxurious lifestyle. Bobby even attempts a run against Leslie Knope in the city council election, but ultimately loses by a narrow margin.

6 Patton Oswalt Rants About Marvel And Star Wars

Patton Oswalt on Parks and Rec

Patton Oswalt paved his way in the industry by becoming a stand-up comedian in 1988. Oswalt also voices everyone’s favorite rat-chef, Remy, in Pixar’s Ratatouille. He has made various guest appearances on television shows throughout the years, the earliest being Seinfeld.

Oswalt makes a cameo in Article Two on Parks And Recreation as a Pawnee citizen named Garth Blundon. Garth goes on a rant about Star Warsand the Marvel Cinematic Universe at a town hall meeting. Keep in mind this episode aired in 2013, before The Force Awakens film was even a thing.

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5 John McCain Was A Fan Of The Show

Senator John McCain Politician

Several prominent political figures make cameos throughout Park And Recreation‘s seven seasons. Senator John McCain appeared on two episodes of Parks And Recreation before his death in 2018. Other political figure appearances include President Joe Biden and former First Lady Michelle Obama. “It’s one of my favorite shows. I’m a fan, it’s hilarious. the whole schtick about an election, and being elected and now coming to Washington. And of course, Amy Poehler is such a talented actress. My experience with her goes back to hosting Saturday Night Live a long time ago,” states McCain in an interview with HuffPost.

4 Justin Theroux Plays Leslie’s Love Interest

Justin Theroux cameo on Parks and Rec

Justin Theroux is known for his screenwriting career for films like Tropic Thunder, Iron Man 2, and Rock Of Ages. Theroux also made various acting appearances in films since 1996, and was previously married to actress Jennifer Aniston. He guest-stars as Justin Anderson for four episodes during the second season of Parks And Recreation. Justin was in a relationship with Leslie after her amicable breakup with Dave Sanderson. He is also a former friend of Ann Perkins and it was rumored that she still had feelings for him during her relationship with Andy Dwyer.

3 Andy Dwyer Fangirls Over John Cena In Parks And Recreation

John Cena - WWE/WWF

John Cena began his career with World Wrestling Entertainment in 2001, and is celebrated as one of the greatest wrestlers in wrestling history. Cena stars in various film roles over the years like Jakob Toretto in F9 and Jack Burns in Bumblebee. He is also involved in charity work, having granted over 650 Make-A-Wish wishes, which is a foundation record. Cena makes a guest appearance as himself in the episode The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Exposion Show on Parks And Recreation. Pawnee police arrest John Cena on the show for stealing Andy’s guitar.

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2 Dax Shepard Plays Executive Of Pawnee’s TV Station

Dax Shepard on Parks and Rec

Dax Shepard is the host of the podcast Armchair Expert and portrayed Crosby Braverman in another NBC show called Parenthood. Shepard is also married to fellow Parks And Recreation guest-star, Kristen Bell.

Shepard appears in the episode Gryzzlbox as Hank Muntak, an executive of the local Pawnee TV station, Channel 4. Hank initially disapproved of Andy’s Johnny Karate TV Show until Tom Haverford convinced him. This is the same show John Cena guest-stars on.

1 Jon Hamm’s Character Gets Fired Almost Immediately

Jon Hamm guest stars on Parks and Recreation

Jon Hamm is best known for his role as Don Draper in the period drama TV series Mad Men. Flash forward a few years, and Hamm stars as Ed in the episode Moving Up in the sixth season of Parks And Recreation. Ed works with Leslie and not much is known about him, except his incapability to be an upstanding employee. Ed gets fired almost immediately after viewers meet him. Ouch.