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Fake Marc Jacobs Tote Bag Vs Real

How to Spot Fake Marc Jacobs Handbags: 5 Ways to Tell Real Bags (2023)

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Many people know Marc Jacobs for his years as the creative director of Louis Vuitton . But not everybody knows that the designer is also the owner of his own brand that goes by his own name.

With over 285 retail stores worldwide, the American fashion label is home to designer bags that you definitely need to add to your collection.

Where to Buy Marc Jacobs Bags

As we mentioned, Marc Jacobs has hundreds of retail stores that are spread across 60 countries. If you live near one of their outlets, then you’re in luck – that’s the best place to get your hands on Marc Jacobs.

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Marc Jacobs boutique in the Miami Design District, a shopping destination known for innovative fashion, design, art, architecture, and dining (Credit: Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock)

If you’d rather not head to one of their retail stores, though, you can always purchase through their official website Marc Jacobs instead.

And let’s not forget resellers. Websites such as Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Farfetch all guarantee authentic designer bags, Marc Jacobs bags included.

If you’re looking to save a little bit of your money, then these sites offer great alternatives to buying directly from Marc Jacobs stores.

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Window display at the Marc Jacobs store in New York City in 2016 (Credit: WENN)

Don’t try your luck at flea markets, as they’re full of cheap knock-offs that look just like the real thing. Should you decide to look for Marc Jacobs bags in one of these markets, however, then we’ve got a few tips that’ll help you tell what’s real and what’s not.

1. Check if the Bag Comes With a Dust Bag

If you’re looking for a brand-new Marc Jacobs handbag, then the first thing you should look for is the dust bag that comes with it.

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Marc Jacobs’ dust bags are identifiable from their simple designs, with only the logo appearing in front of the bag. Their dustbags can come in different colors and styles, though they’re mostly found in white.

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Dianna Agron leaves a Marc Jacobs store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles in October 2014 (Credit: WENN)

Keep in mind that this tip is only useful if you’re looking specifically for new bags. Pre-loved bags have a chance of not coming with their respective dust bag anymore.

Also, knockoffs can come with dustbags themselves, so make sure to evaluate other parts of the bag as well to confirm your suspicions.

2. Look for the Interior Brand Name in the Bag

Most Marc Jacobs handbags have the Marc Jacobs brand name printed on the inside lining of the handbag.

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The brand name is accompanied by a “Made in” stamp just below it, indicating where it was made. You’ll need to take note of a few things from here.

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Most Marc Jacobs handbags and purses are made in China (Credit: Sorbis / Shutterstock)

First, check if the “made in” stamp uses the same font as the Marc Jacobs logo. The fonts should be consistent across all authentic Marc Jacobs bags, meaning that if you come across a bag with different fonts, it’s guaranteed to be a fake.

While the leather may be from Italy, most if not all Marc Jacobs handbags are made in China. While an American brand, real Marc Jacobs bags get manufactured in China and other countries with low manufacturing costs.

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Small camera-style Marc Jacobs bag in airbrushed Saffiano leather with an adjustable crossbody strap

Secondly, pay attention to the spacing between the letters in the name and stamp, as well as its position relative to the handbag itself.

Many manufacturers of knock-off Marc Jacobs handbags don’t get the spacing and the positioning of the brand name right, so compare the interior brand name with pictures you can find on the Internet.

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3. Note the Stitching Used on the Leather of the Handbag

Designer brands spare no expense for their bags , which is why you should expect nothing less than perfection, or at least something close to it. This holds true, especially for their stitching, which is why it’s such a good indicator of authentic or fake handbags.

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The Tag Tote pays homage to Marc Jacobs’ favorite Peanuts comics with a screen-printed character on PVC-coated canvas with a signature leather logo tag

Simply examine all the stitches used in the handbag to see if they’re consistent. Marc Jacobs handbags, like all designer handbags, have perfectly-lined stitches throughout the handbag.

They’re straight, even, and neat. If you notice any inconsistency or flaw in the stitching, then it’s not the real deal.

4. Check the Zipper of the Handbag

One of the easiest ways to check if a Marc Jacobs handbag is authentic is to take a look at the zippers used in the bag. Real Marc Jacobs handbags use RIRI zippers or Lampo zippers, both of which have unique and distinct features that make them easy to recognize.

Just compare the zippers of the handbag you’re examining to RIRI and Lampo zipper images online, and you’ll get your answer in no time.

For RIRI zippers, just look for the inscription that’s found behind the zipper. It isn’t hard to miss. Be sure to also compare the letters of the RIRI logo too, as they might not match the real thing.

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Camera-style bag in Saffiano leather with top handle, two-zip sections, and an adjustable crossbody strap

In the case of Lampo zippers, you’ll typically find them in the side pockets of the bag. They usually don’t get used as the main zipper, as RIRI takes that spot.

(Video) Snapshot Comparison Original VS Fake Snapshot

A common trait that both these zippers share, though, is that they both have the Marc Jacobs on the front of each zipper. These logos should all be consistent, like with the other parts of the bag, so be sure to inspect them thoroughly.

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One dead giveaway of a fake Marc Jacobs bag is if the bag uses YKK zippers. Sure, YKK is usually known for its use in designer bags, but Marc Jacobs hasn’t used these zippers in their bags, at least not yet.

5. Find the Serial Number of the Bag

Last but not least is the serial number that comes with each Marc Jacobs bag. The serial numbers aren’t found in older Marc Jacobs bags, unfortunately, so you’ll only spot them in newer releases of Marc Jacobs bags.

The serial number contains a lot of information, such as the season and year it was made, as well as its model number. You can compare the serial number to authentic bags to see if they match.

Questions About Marc Jacobs

Who is Marc Jacobs?

Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer who was once featured on Time Magazine’s list of the most influential people in the world.

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Marc Jacobs (R) and his husband Charly Defrancesco got married on April 7, 2019 (Credit: WENN)

He was once the creative director of Louis Vuitton and is now the head designer for his own fashion label of the same name. He has a net worth of $100 million dollars and was born on April 9, 1963, in New York City.

How much do Marc Jacobs bags typically cost?

Marc Jacobs bags aren’t as expensive as other designer brands out there. Their most expensive saddlebags go for up to $550, while their priciest bags cost as much as $595.

(Video) Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag in Orchid Haze Unboxing – Did Vestiaire Collective Authenticate a Fake.

All of their bags fall between the price range of $125-$595, and they have a large collection of bags, so there are plenty of affordable options to choose from.