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Celebrity High Heels

20 Celebs Who Like Wearing High Heels

Celebrity High Heels

There’s aren’t too many guys who don’t appreciate the sight of a beautiful woman wearing high heels. It’s just human nature for men to enjoy looking at women who are dolled up, including a pretty pair of heels.

The twenty female celebs that I’m going to discuss today all look amazing in strappy sandals, pumps, and high-heeled boots. It’s a diverse group of women from music, film, sports, and TV. Each one has her own sense of style, which means that all of these ladies bring something unique to their high-heeled outfits.

Whether you like Dakota Johnson’s laid-back, hipster style or prefer the super-glam looks that Rihanna puts together, or enjoy the classic style of Katherine Heigl, who’s just joined the cast of Suits, you’ll find that this list is perfect for guys who love high heels, as well as being a lot of fun for women who are fashionistas.

Fashion is always changing. However, high heels never, ever go out of style. They are hard to walk in, they tend to cause a lot of blisters and trigger some embarrassing slips and falls. However, they elongate the leg and this is why most women won’t give them up. It’s also the reason why men never get tired of them. Now, let’s look at some fab shoes and the famous women who wear them so well!


20 Kate Beckinsale Looks Sultry

Kate Beckinsale is a woman that most men adore. She’s gorgeous and has a lot of range as an actress. She’s done Shakespeare movies and played a vampire who hunts Lycans (werewolves) in Underworld. Underworld is probably the reason why Kate is such an icon for guys. They love action flicks and Kate really shone in her role.

Kate isn’t afraid to wear towering high heels in everyday situations, such as at the airport. She’s bold enough to enjoy high heels almost any time. Also, she’s on the red carpet a lot, wearing dramatic evening gowns and up-dos, which are accented by delicate, high-heeled sandals. She’s five foot seven and some of her high heels make her as tall as a typical supermodel.

Beckinsale has an elegant and posh look, sort of like Victoria Beckham, who is also British, with fine features. Like Victoria, this English Rose looks best with pared-down makeup, because she doesn’t really need a lot of bright lipstick or blush to look good. She also looks wonderful with her dark hair pulled back.

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Her fave high heels may be Christian Louboutins, with the wicked red soles. She’s photographed in them often.

19 Katherine Heigl Is Fierce In Pumps And Sandals

Katherine Heigl almost ruined a promising Hollywood career because she was reportedly very difficult to work with. She used to be in so many popular movies, and then sort of disappeared for a while.

This classic American beauty has made comeback after comeback. She’s probably learned to be nicer and less demanding because she knows that a better attitude is the key to making money and getting glory in Hollywood. Also, she’s a Mom now, so she may have matured in general.

Katherine looks great in high heels. She’s got the model look and high heels give her even more glamour. She’s a natural brunette but says that she gets more parts when she’s blonde, so she’s gotten used to lightening her hair. I have seen her with both hair colors and I have to admit that blond does work really well for her.

Heigl was just cast in Suits. Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle aren’t in the cast anymore, so the producers of the show have decided to spice things up by hiring this popular actress, who played Izzie in tons of Grey’s Anatomy episodes.

Katherine is five foot nine, so she doesn’t need the height that heels provide. When she puts on heels, she becomes very statuesque and looks taller than a lot of men.

18 Jenna Dewan-Tatum Has A Dancer’s Body

Jenna Dewan-Tatum has a great figure. She’s a dancer and is fit and flexible, so it’s no big surprise that men want to see her in high heels. She’s known to wear some racy outfits, even though she’s a mom now, and she’s often spotted in very high heels which show off her perfect legs.

Married to Channing Tatum, she is also a loving Mom to daughter Everly, who is reportedly “obsessed with unicorns”.

Jenna’s official Instagram shows a confident woman who loves to pose in sensual ways. She is not afraid to show her body and her Instagram makes it clear that working out is a big part of her life. She dances, hikes and then throws on revealing clothes, which she often accessorizes with sky-high heels.

Whether she wears athleisure or high fashion, she looks toned and fabulous.

Jenna suffered from melasma in pregnancy, which caused unwanted pigmentation on her face. She’s been fighting back by visiting a Beverly Hills dermatologist, for LED therapy and microdermabrasion.

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17 J.Lo Accents Her Curves With High-Fashion Heels

J.Lo takes really good care of herself. She looks truly amazing for her age. While good genes probably have a lot to do with it, her disciplined approach to diet and exercise definitely help her to look wonderful in everything, including high heels.

Her boyfriend, A. Rod, says that she’s super-healthy. She noshes on quinoa, goes to the gym and generally lives a clean lifestyle. She rarely drinks. She’s into healthy living and this is the reason why she glows. She and A. Rod seem like a really good match, right down to their similar nicknames.

In winter of 2017, Jennifer teamed with designer Giuseppe Zanotti to create a line of fashion shoes. One of the pairs of shoes was named after her character in Maid in Manhattan, which co-starred Ralph Fiennes.

I love how Jennifer Lopez is fit without being too skinny. She’s a good role model because she isn’t skeletal. Men also appreciate the sensual curves on this pop star and actress.

16 J.Law (Jennifer Lawrence) Looks Bold And Confident

Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress and she wears a lot of high-fashion outfits at special events and while she’s doing press events. She’s done ads for Dior, just like Charlize Theron has, so she has access to the most impressive designer clothing and high heels.

While J. Law trips in her high heels sometimes, usually, because she’s wearing very long formal gowns, she continues to wear heels anyway. However, she seems like the type of woman who’s more at home in casual clothes. She does seem like a “jeans and t-shirts” girl.

Is fame changing Jennifer Lawrence for the worse? It’s possible. She recently got some flak because she wasn’t gracious to Absolutely Fabulous star, Joanna Lumley, when Joanna complimented her at an awards ceremony. Joanna said the nicest things about Jennifer to the crowd and Jennifer let the world know that Joanna’s praise was a bit over the top. A lot of people thought that J. Law acted like a spoiled, rude brat.

Jennifer Lawrence has leaked nude shots all over the Web, so a lot of guys have seen her without her clothes. This may be one key reason why men want to see Jen in high heels and other titillating accessories and outfits.

15 Kendall Jenner Looks Longer And Leaner

Willowy model, Kendall Jenner, has a Vogue body. This means tall and thin. She frequently accentuates her long and lean build with high heels. When she puts on heels or boots with stilettos, she looks exceptionally thin.

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Fashion is about extremes and this is why so many models go for extreme slimness. High heels make them look even skinnier. Models get more jobs when they have very lean bodies. Fashion designers like the way their clothes look on these types of bodies.

In general, a model in the high fashion game needs to maintain a size 2 figure. This is because sample clothes from fashion designers are made in the smallest sizes. There is a lot of pressure on models to be thin, although society is changing a bit and becoming open to more looks.

If you thumb through an issue of Vogue (and I do so often), you’ll notice that most models featured in this mag are still really skinny. Once in a while, Vogue branches out by showing us different types of ladies, such as curvy babes, Kate Upton and Ashley Graham.

Kendall is five foot ten and a half inches tall and wears a size ten shoe.

14 Gigi Hadid Is A Classic Beauty

Gigi Hadid is one of the more interesting models right now. She seems to have more personality and fire than Kendall Jenner, so I prefer her to Kendall, even though Kendall is probably, feature for feature, a more beautiful young woman.

Gigi is not afraid to speak her mind and I like her confidence. She stands up for herself when it’s appropriate and stands up for others, too. Plus, she is classically beautiful.

Perhaps growing up in a rich family gave her the confidence to be herself and be comfortable with who she is. Kendall grew up with wealth, too, but seems timid in terms of expressing her personality to the world. A lot of girls who grew up rich do seem to have major confidence and strong senses of self.

Dakota Johnson and Gwyneth Paltrow are two examples, with Dakota being far funnier and less annoying than Gwyneth.

Gigi’s dad is a mega-successful Jordanian-American developer of real estate, so Gigi likely had the “Tori Spelling” type of childhood.

Gigi has a contract with Maybelline and appeared in a Vogue editorial with her boyfriend, Zayn Malik. It’s safe to say that she looks gorgeous in heels, although she finds that dressing up is often uncomfortable. She tried to do a bunch of looks at Fashion Week, and then reverted to comfortable shoes, because she just got tired of feeling uncomfortable.