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Amy Schumer Height

How tall is Amy Schumer

American comedian and actress known for Trainwreck and Inside Amy Schumer. In the Baltimore Sun she mentioned “I’m 5-7” and she also stated her weight: “I’m 160 Lbs, And I Can Catch A D–k Whenever I Want”

How tall is Amy Schumer

Photo by PR Photos

How tall is Amy Schumer

Goldie Hawn & Amy
Photo by kathclick/

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Average Guess (35 Votes)
5ft 6.81in (169.7cm)
Comentarista said on 29/Apr/23
170cm blonde.

Realist said on 4/Feb/23
She’s about 5’7 honestly in the pictures where she is lean and muscular looking can definitely see 160 for her.

John Moore-162cm said on 9/Jul/21
@How Amy is 5ft7, when she looked shorter than Joe Rogan (5ft7 on her)?
I guess she’s 5ft6 1/2

Chaos Control 6’2.5 said on 19/Feb/21
No way she’s 180. Highest I can see her being is like 165 and she rounded down to 160

Realist said on 6/Jun/20
At 5’7 she has a larger frame at 160 she’s actually lean I think she’s usually in the 170 range maybe even 180. I have larger frame myself at 5’10 and I am scrawny at 160.

Nik Ashton said on 8/May/20
She looks like she is one of the more convincing members of the 5’7” club! 🦆

Nik Ashton said on 14/Mar/20
A page for Jim Norton would be grand!
Nik Ashton said on 14/Mar/20
She looks 5’7” to me and I am chuffed to give her her 25th comment!
truthteller25 said on 11/Dec/19
SHe is about 5’7 and 160 to 180 is about her range

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Callum Brown said on 22/Nov/19
How tall do you think Jessi Klein is? She’s listed as 5’7 1/2 (1.71m) from some other sites.

I’d guess somewhere around the 5’6 1/2 (1.69m)-5’7 1/2 (1.71m) range.

khaled taban said on 6/Oct/19
Weak 5’7″ actress.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 9/Sep/19
She only looks 5ft 6 in my eyes.
Joel Masterman said on 26/Aug/19
Rob how tall would you say her Husband Chris Fischer is?

Amy Schumer Height

Editor Rob

Maybe over six foot
tom henderson said on 16/Aug/19
nope. More like 5’5″ 175-180lb

Mohsen said on 10/Mar/19
She doesnt taller then emily ratajowski I you wanna know how I know watch the movie I feel pretty

MAD SAM said on 18/Jun/18
I think she’s pretty tall gonna give her 171 cm
lee168cm said on 12/Jun/18
Rob how tall would you reckon her sister Kim is judging from photos of the two together maybe 5ft 6 ish?

Amy Schumer Height

Editor Rob

From a quick glance, that range for her sister seems a good shout.

Micky said on 4/May/18
Perhaps somewhere in the 5’6″ range makes sense? She’s shorter than Joe Rogan who some try to argue isn’t even a full 5’7″ (although I’d peg him as a solid 5’7″ guy personally).

Blade25 said on 29/Apr/18
Jennifer is more than 10cms taller than Amy in similar footwear. If Jennifer is around 1,70-1,75m, then Amy is somewhere between 1,60-1,65m. Another thing is that Amy’s husband is slightly shorter than Jake Gyllenhaal, making him less than 1,80m. If you’ve seen the wedding photos, Chris is way taller than Amy. If she were really 1,70m, then she would easily be the same height or even taller than Chris in high heels. It seems that most of these celebrities are measuring themselves with high heels and not barefoot. That’s not how it works though..

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Blake said on 18/Dec/17
Rob, why do you use comedienne for some female comics and then for others just comedian?

Amy Schumer Height

Editor Rob

well a lot of females in comedy have been referring to themselves as comedians. I have noticed it more the longer I have been reading information on the web.

I generally like the term comedienne, as it refers to a female in comedy. but there are definitely many who frown upon gender-specific nouns. I should in time change to just describing all as comedians though!

Celebheights is actually very equal in terms of listing females and males, you are talking a near 50:50 split today, even though Hollywood is inherently bias towards male performers (and level of fame) than females.

Rose said on 19/Nov/17
I am glad she stated her weight. That is what 5’7″ and 150 looks like. She is not skinny but she also is not fat.

anonheight said on 15/Jul/17
In this ( Click Here ) picture, she looks between 5’4 and 5’6, almost. Even at the end of 5’5. But she looks to have the build of someone 5’7?

Evan said on 12/Jan/17
If Amy is 1.70 then Brie Larson is 1.65
Click Here
Red said on 13/Nov/16
Revising my former guess, I would estimate her at 5’6.5

Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 18/Jun/16
TJE said on 27/May/16
5’6.5. More than an inch shorter than 5’8 tops Amber Rose.

Amber Rose is 5’7″

TJE said on 27/May/16
5’6.5. More than an inch shorter than 5’8 tops Amber Rose.
paulkersey32 said on 27/May/16
Exactly my thought. Only looks tall because of heels.
haile said on 25/Apr/16
She looks taller.

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Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 15/Jan/16
Don said on 26/Dec/15
Think she might be taller than 5’7. Anyway, she’s pretty hot.

I don’t know if I’d call her hot, but it’s all subjective anyways. 5’7″ seems fine. Could be just under but I don’t think it’d be by too much.