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Yeezy Made In China

Where Are Yeezys Made?

As famous and unique Adidas Yeezys are, do you ever wonder where they are made? Because it’s the same with me. So I did my research out of curiosity and here’s what I found out.

The infamous Yeezy shoes are manufactured by the Adidas company. They mainly have factories in China, which is where most of the Yeezy shoes including Yeezy 350, Yeezy 380, Yeezy 500, and Yeezy 700 are made.

Knowing where Yeezys are made is important so you can spot a fake according to the place of manufacture tag. The most authentic Yeezys you can get today should have a ‘Made In China’ tag.

Are Yeezys Made In China?

Yeezys are made by Adidas, which has most of its production factories in China. This is why you will even find the most legit Yeezys with a ‘made in China’ tag.

Should Yeezys Say Made in China?

Authentic Yeezys usually feature a ‘made in China’ tag because most of Adidas (official manufacturers of Yeezys) company factories are in China. So China is essentially where most Yeezys are currently made.

So if your Yeezys say they’re made in China, they are probably legit.

adidas Mens Yeezy Boost 350 V2 FY2903 Cinder - Size 4

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Shoes

Are Yeezys Made In Taiwan?

Currently, most of Adidas’ production factories exist in China, where Yeezys are usually made. There are no Adidas or Yeezys production factories operating in Taiwan as of now.

If you see a Yeezy with a ‘made in Taiwan’ tag, make sure to check the serial number to know if it’s a fake one since it’s very less likely that an authentic Yeezy was made in Taiwan.

Are Yeezys Made In Vietnam?

Adidas used to have factories in Vietnam but since 2010, most of their production was moved to China. So authentic Yeezys can’t be made in Vietnam since production stopped there years ago.

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If your Yeezys say they’re made in Vietnam, it’s probably not an original one. However, you can always check the serial number to confirm that.

Are Yeezys Made In the USA?

Kanye West, the owner, and designer of Yeezys plans to shift most of Yeezys production to North and South America. Since that is still under construction, most Yeezy production currently still happens in China.

Maybe you’ll start seeing Yeezys with a ‘made in the USA’ tag soon, those will likely be original Yeezys since the owner already spoke about moving production to the USA.

adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Arzareth Mens G54850 - Size 5

adidas Yeezy 700 V3 Shoes

How To Tell If Yeezys Are Real or Fake

Since original Yeezys are hard to get by, we, unfortunately, see many fake ones circulating the aftermarket. Here are some things to check to make sure your Yeezys are real:

Check the manufacture label on the shoe

Authentic Yeezy manufacture labels will most likely say ‘made in China. If you spot Yeezys with a tag that says ‘made in Taiwan’ or elsewhere, they’re most likely fake.

Fake Yeezys also usually say ‘sample’ on their manufacture label, whereas real Yeezys do not.

Crosscheck the information on the shoe label and box label

The information on the box label and shoe label should be the same. If they’re different then it’s likely a fake Yeezy.

Check the placement of the heel tab

The heel tab and the ankle collar are aligned and at a minimal distance on the original Yeezys. However, in fake Yeezys, the distance between the heel tab and the ankle collar is a little further away

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adidas Mens Yeezy Boost 380 Blue Oat Q47306 Size - 5

adidas Yeezy Boost 380 Shoes

Check the stitching on the midsole

The stitching on the midsole in the original Yeezys follows a clear pattern of an X and a square in repetition. But in fake Yeezy’s the stitching pattern is very haphazard and random, clearly not following a pattern.

Check the insole

The insoles have an Adidas x Yeezy logo which is originally written in black and has a faded sort of effect. However, fake Yeezys will have the logo written in prominent white ink. Moreover, the size and the font might be different on fake Yeezys.

Check the logo

The logo on the side of the original Yeezys should be centrally placed with a velvet-like feel to it. Fake Yeezy usually has the logo on a rough stamp. Also, the font of the YZY logo is much larger on fake Yeezys.

Check reviews for the place you’re buying Yeezys from

Lastly, make sure the place you’re buying your Yeezys from is an authentic site/store.

Always opt for more reputable stores like StockX, GOAT, Stadium Goods, and FlightClub who verify the product before shipping it to you. Avoid controversial sites like Grailed, Kixify, and Gumtree that may or may not have fake products.

adidas Mens Yeezy Boost 380 Calcite Glow - Calcite/Calcite/Calcite Gz8668 - Size 11.5

adidas Yeezy Boost 380 Shoes

How to find the Yeezy serial number

Since original Yeezys are super difficult to acquire, we, unfortunately, see a lot of fake ones circulating on online websites. The serial number can help tell you if your Yeezy is fake or real so you can avoid getting scammed.

There is a tag on the interior lining of the shoe indicating the serial number. It is a 13-digit code made of both letters and numbers.

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Yeezy Made In China

First, check if the number is the same on both the shoe and the box since fake ones might put different information on the shoe and the box thinking no one would notice.

Since the serial number is unique to each shoe, both the left and right shoes of the same pair will have different serial numbers. Counterfeits usually miss this detail and will put the same serial number on both left and right shoes.

Then scan the serial number barcode using the barcode scanner (such as google lens) on your phone. Your phone will compare the code with other original Yeezys online and will give you a result of original Yeezys online or to an authentic website that sells Yeezys (such as StockX, GOAT, and Stadium Goods).

However, when you scan a fake serial number it will give you dubious results. And that’s all for spotting fake Yeezys! If you want to learn more about where you can purchase verified authentic Yeezys, be sure to check my article on where to buy Yeezys.

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