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Where Are Hoka Shoes Manufactured

Where Are Hoka Shoes Made (Updated Data: 2023)

This post covers all the locations where Hoka One One shoes are manufactured

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Short Answer: HOKA shoes are manufactured in Vietnam, Cambodia, and China. Vietnam has 8 factories, Cambodia has 2, and just 1 in China. In total, they manufacture Hoka One One shoes in only 11 factories where Vietnam is the dominant Hoka shoes manufacturer.

Knowing where particular brands manufacture their shoes is not easy because most brands like Hoka do not mention their exact manufacturing location on their site.

Thus, we need to dig deep into Hoka to find the truth about where their shoes are made. In this article, all my work is backed by research, so the countries I share will have some Hoka manufacturing. However, some numbers may be off the mark, so please keep that in mind as I am just like you – a general running shoe lover interested in knowing where our shoes are coming from and whether they satisfy the price tag.

So, should we kick off our journey?

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The Countries Where Hoka Manufactures Shoes?

Suppose you have read my previous articles like wrangler jeans manufacturing. In that case, you may have noticed that the brand’s parent company has the most influence and control over where the subsidiary company should manufacture their product that will yield better profits to the parent company without overlooking the quality.

In the same regard, Deckers Brands owns the Hoka One One (commonly referred to as HOKA), where Hoka One One is pronounced as Ho-Kah Own-ay Own-ay. After summarizing and evaluating all the data provided by Deckers Brands and HOKA, As of April 2022, all Hoka shoes are manufactured in 3 countries: China, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

However, as we all know, Hoka is owned by Deckers, so it will be better to see where the parent company manufactures their footwear for other Decker footwear brands like Teva, Sanuk, UGG, Koolaburra, and KB. In that context, China and Vietnam take the most significant share by having 14 footwear Tier 1 manufacturing units in both countries, followed by 3 in Cambodia, 2 in the Philippines, and only 1 in the Dominican Republic. Vietnam has a bright future in terms of footwear manufacturing as other brands like Kizik and Under Armour are also made there.

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The supply chain plays a vital role in creating great shoes, so where are Deckers’ Brands getting its materials to proceed to manufacture? As per Deckers 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report, they have 109 suppliers in China, 52 in Vietnam, 12 in Taiwan, 3 in Indonesia, and 1-1 supplier in Cambodia, Thailand, Austria, United States, and Korea. All these are tier 2 suppliers.

Knowing this was needed because seeing Hoka shoe’s exponential growth, Deckers Outdoor Corp may decide to start manufacturing in the Philippines and the Dominican Republic. But for now, in 2022, most Hoka One One shoes are manufactured in Vietnam, followed by Cambodia, and last, China.

Other articles on the web claim the data to be otherwise, but their research is not that deep. For proof, you can download and study the data officially published by Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

This implies that while the HOKA & Deckers Brands is based in the United States, none of the Hoka shoes are made in the USA as of 2022; you may find older models or used Hoka shoes made in the USA but all new models are made overseas. This may seem rude to a patriotic person that while the home of Hoka is in the U.S., still none of their shoes can be claimed as American shoes.

But from an entrepreneur’s mind, this is the best way to reduce manufacturing costs while maintaining good quality, which indefinitely yields excellent profits to reinvest in creating better Hoka shoes. Brilliant strategy, HOKA! Yet, honestly, I also felt amused by not seeing any U.S. factory in Decker’s directory.

From the above list, it is pretty clear that Vietnam beats China despite having the same number of units in manufacturing diversification.

Market Served By Hoka:

In just 13 years, Hoka has expanded globally in North America, South America, APAC, and EMEA. Getting one step deep, HOKA ships in over 50 countries. You can get the complete list here.

Apart from the official Hoka online store, you can buy genuine shoes from Nordstrom, Walmart, REI, Amazon, Dick Sporting Goods, Zappos, L.L. Bean, and other online and offline retail stores.

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All these above brands are trusted and believed in providing genuine HOKA shoes; if you’re buying from any other stores or sites like eBay, then do your research as there are many websites named after Hoka, and people are trying to sell fake shoes on Facebook and other modes of advertisements.

HOKA Shoes Manufacturing Country (With Factory Name)

When talking about Hoka One One shoes, Vietnam, China, and Cambodia are the only countries where manufacturing occurs. Let’s check out each location’s exact no. of factories and their name.


According to Tricor Global, top companies choose Vietnam to manufacture products because of domestic reforms, natural resources, and structural advantages. Vietnam has become the leading manufacturing hub and one of the fastest-growing economies in South East Asia.



If there’s a country where Deckers Brands have the most manufacturing facilities, including the number of suppliers, and only one manufacturing partner is China. Yes, you heard it right. China is last on the list of where Hoka shoes are manufactured.

Dongguan Zhanfu Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is one of the leading partners of Deckers Outdoor Corp., and this facility only manufactures HOKA products or shoes for the parent company.

History & Future Of Hoka Shoes (Since 2009)

For many people, history seems to be a boring subject to which I can relate. But trust me, sometimes knowing the history of brands like Hoka becomes entertaining and a knowledge of mine to understand the company’s roots and inspiration that are held responsible for where Hoka currently stands.

Flying is about weightlessness. Flying is about the sensation of freedom that you have.

By Jean-Luc Diard (HOKA founder)

Let’s dissect the company’s history using key points:

1. In 2009, the former employees of Salomon Nicolas Mermoud & Jean-Luc Diard founded the company Hoka One One in France. Their central vision is to create shoes that can help run downhill faster. Hoka One One is grabbed from the Māori language that means ‘fly over the earth’ [source].

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2. The founders created a unique shoe design with an oversized outsole and cushioning than other running shoes.

3. Initially, the ultramarathon runners celebrated the HOKA shoes for the kind of stability and cushion comfort offered by the brand that no one else was suggesting.

4. Karl Meltzer & Dave Mackey, known among top trail runners, got sponsored by HOKA, which got customers’ attention. Gradually, more runners recognized the HOKA shoe specialty and opted for the shoes due to their minimal weight and better cushion.

5. Even after over a decade, HOKA is still manufacturing signature cushion shoes, racing shoes, spikes, and lightweight training shoes.

6. After taking a few stakes of Hoka One One in July 2012, Deckers Outdoor Corp acquired the company entirely on April 1, 2013.

7. In Q1 of 2022, Hoka saw a 95% growth in overall revenue of $213.1 million. This makes it one of the fastest-growing running brands.

8. Moving on, HOKA’s goals include a targeted greenhouse gas reduction of 20% per pair (footwear) and a targeted energy reduction of 25% per pair (footwear) by 2030. In terms of water usage, HOKA wants to reduce water usage by 20% per pair by 2030 [source].

9. HOKA footwear is working toward reducing 20% greenhouse gas emissions per pair and Energy usage by 25% per pair by 2030 [source].

10. REI presented the 2020 Vendor Partner Of The Year Award in 2021 for product innovations, effective collaboration, and progressive products.

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