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Where Are Hoka Shoes Manufactured

Where are Hoka shoes made 2023 – Is Hoka made in USA?

where are Hoka shoes made

Most of these shoes are made in Vietnam across over 8 factories. Hence Vietnam is considered the dominant Hoka shoe manufacturer.

The company was previously known as Hoka One One. However, now it is best known to people as HOKA. The brand was first introduced about 14 years ago in France.

  • Low weight & incredibly fast
  • Geometry designed
  • Stability & designed with Meta-Rocker
  • Efficient & natural stride
  • Compression-modeled midsole
  • Inner heel support & very comfortable
  • Active foot frame

Currently, the brand ships its products over 50 countries. In addition, Hoka is expanding its business in other countries as well.

Currently 80% of Hoka shoes are manufactured in China & Vietnam now.

are Hoka shoes made in the USA

Are Hoka shoes made in the USA?

No, Hoka shoes aren’t made in the USA. These shoes are predominantly manufactured in Asian countries including China & Vietnam.

The company is currently headquartered in Goleta, California. Although it is based in California, it does not have any manufacturing facility in this country.

Despite Hoka’s parent company being an American brand, it has no production unit in the United States to produce shoes.

As the company is in a great expansion mode as well as a strong presence in the USA, there is a vast possibility to establish a shoe producing factory here.

Currently, Hoka shoes are popular with the American people. About 70% of China-made shoes are sold in the USA.

As a result, the company is generating its maximum revenue from this country.

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are Hoka shoes made in China

Are Hoka shoes made in China?

The answer is “Yes.” Hoka shoes are extensively manufactured in China.

There are multiple manufacturing facilities in numerous locations including Fujian, Guangdong, and Jiang Xi in China to produce Hoka shoes.

However, Hoka has been moving more & more of its manufacturing facilities from China to Vietnam over the years. But still, there are world-class manufacturing plants of this brand in China.

Currently, Vietnam and China take the most significant share for having more manufacturing factories than other Asian countries.

On the other hand, Hoka’s parent brand has around 100 suppliers in China. They have been playing a vital role in creating great shoes.

who are Hoka shoes made by

Therefore, China has been a leading manufacturer of Hoka shoes since 2009. Labor cost as well as the production cost is remarkably reasonable in this country.

Who are Hoka shoes made by?

As a parent company, Deckers Brands makes Hoka shoes in its numerous factories worldwide.

HOKA shoes are designed to be smooth, soft, and efficient. These shoes became special for their unique designs as they support the human body at the time of running or casual walking.

It has been engaged in manufacturing premium-quality shoes mainly for athletes for 14 years. It offers an expanded model of athletic shoes.

who owns Hoka shoes

The manufacturers use eco-friendly manufacturing modern technologies to produce Hoka shoes. These shoes are made of high-quality and durable raw materials including,

  • rPET fibers
  • Recycled polyester
  • Leather & suede
  • Rubber

Who owns Hoka shoes?

HOKA ONE ONE, better known as HOKA, is currently owned by Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

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Based in Goleta, it is an American popular footwear designer and distributor. In 2013, it acquired HOKA for approximately $1.10 million.

Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard are the founders of the footwear brand. Deckers Brands not only owns Hoka but also owns other footwear brands including UGG and Teva.

HOKA has been operating as a subsidiary company since 2013. The innovative design & passionate marketing of Deckers Outdoor Corporation has grown HOKA ONE ONE into a lifestyle leader in the industry.

Is HOKA a Chinese company?

No, HOKA is not a Chinese company at all. But the majority of the shoes are manufactured in China-based factories.

The company originated in Annecy, France in 2009. In addition, its corporate headquarters are currently based in California, USA.

From the very beginning of the business, Hoka has manufactured athletic shoes in China. Hence, it can be considered as a shoe manufacturing hometown of the footwear brand.

Since the inception of the company, China has been responsible for making unique and premium shoes for the company. Hoka shoes have made colossal fame due to their cushioning and minimal weight.

Although Hoka is not a Chinese company, it is impressively competing with some renowned footwear brands including Anta Sports.

Where Are Hoka Shoes Manufactured

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Where Are Hoka Shoes Manufactured

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Where Are Hoka Shoes Manufactured

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