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What Shoes Did Eddie Munson Wear

Overview of Eddie Munson’s Shoes

If you’ve been binge watching the hit TV show Stranger Things like the rest of us, then you’re probably familiar with our favorite Hawkins Middle School ’80s kid, Eddie Munson. Eddie’s wardrobe isn’t complete without his signature shoes. If you’ve been wondering what shoes Eddie wears in Stranger Things, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the shoes Eddie Munson wears in Stranger Things and offer some styling ideas to inspire your own look. Get ready to learn more about Eddie’s favorite shoes and the many ways to style them!

Nike Cortez

For those who watched the hit show Stranger Things, one of the most iconic characters is undoubtedly Eddie Munson, the loner punk rocker with a mysterious past. As the character grows and evolves throughout the show, one thing that remains consistent is his fashion sense, and his fondness for the classic Nike Cortez shoes.

The Nike Cortez is a unisex shoe designed in the early 70s by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman while he was a coach at the University of Oregon. The shoe was designed to be lightweight and comfortable, making it perfect for running and, more importantly, perfect for a punk rocker like Eddie.

The Nike Cortez features a leather upper with a reinforced toe, a padded tongue and collar, and a cushioning midsole. The upper material of the shoe is made of durable and comfortable leather that provides breathability and will last for many years. The sole of the shoe is made of rubber that offers great traction and grip, making it ideal for all types of activities, from running to skateboarding.

The classic Nike Cortez has been a favorite of punk rockers for years, and Eddie Munson is no exception. For Stranger Things fans, seeing Eddie in his Nike Cortez is a reminder of his character’s evolution, as well as an opportunity to reminisce about the styles of the 70s. Whether you’re a fan of the show or just looking for a classic pair of shoes, the Nike Cortez is the perfect choice.

Nike Cortez

High-top Chucks

Eddie Munson, a character in the popular Netflix show Stranger Things, is rarely seen without his iconic pair of high-top Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. The Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker, often called “Chucks”, is a type of basketball shoe first released in 1917 by Converse. Chucks come in a variety of styles—from the classic canvas low-top to the modern high-top—but the majority of the shoes have a classic rubber sole and a simple lace-up design. The sneakers are available in a wide range of colors, from the timeless black and white to modern, bold patterns.

High-top Chuck Taylors have become especially popular among fashion-conscious people looking for a distinct style as well as comfort. The shoes are highly versatile, and are often found in street-style fashion as well as sneakers for skateboarding, yoga, circuit training, and more. Additionally, the shoes are extremely durable and can last for years with proper care.

For Eddie Munson, the high-top Chucks are the perfect choice for his rebellious, adventurous character. The classic black color of his shoes represent his tendency to blend in with the shadows and darkness, while the classic design and unique rubber sole make them perfect for running around Hawkins and battling monsters.

High-top Chucks are a great way to achieve a classic and timeless look, while also expressing your individuality and staying comfortable. They’re a great choice for any lifestyle, whether you’re an Eddie Munson-style adventurer or just a fashionista looking for a unique addition to your wardrobe.

High-top Chucks

Adidas Stan Smiths

Eddie Munson, the beloved and complex character from the hit Netflix Original Series, Stranger Things, has a wardrobe to die for. From classic 50s leather jackets to perfectly pressed chinos and perfectly groomed hair, Eddie’s style is to die for. But no article of clothing stands out quite like his Adidas Stan Smith shoes.

The Stan Smiths are among the most iconic tennis shoes of all time, and when it comes to style, there is nothing quite like them. Sky blue laces, a classic white and green design, and stellar comfort and durability have helped make them one of the most popular shoes of all time. Even after decades, they have maintained their popularity.

The Stan Smiths were created by a professional tennis player, Stan Smith, and were first released in 1971. With a focus on comfort and a sleek design, they became a popular choice for tennis players and casual dressers alike. The shoes were originally made in white, but after a few years, the classic green and white design was adopted to make it stand out from the competition.

The Stan Smiths are incredibly comfortable, durable and stylish. The shoes are made with a mostly leather upper, and the bottom of the shoes have a thin rubber layer, designed for maximum comfort and traction. They have a classic look, but have been updated with modern features to make them more comfortable, such as a padded tongue, extra cushioning around the ankle and a supportive insole.

When it comes to style, Eddie Munson’s choice of the Adidas Stan Smiths is a great one. Not only are they comfortable and durable, but the classic design goes great with just about any style. Whether you’re dressing up or down, the Adidas Stan Smiths are a great addition to any wardrobe.

Adidas Stan Smiths

Styling Ideas for Eddie Munson’s Shoes

For all those who are fans of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, you’ve surely noticed Eddie Munson’s classic style of shoes. The show takes place in the ’80s, so Eddie’s footwear is a perfect representation of the fashion of the time. Here are some tips for recreating Eddie Munson’s style with the right shoes.

To start, opt for shoes with classic ‘80s styling. Eddie wears a variety of different shoes in the show, but they’re all reminiscent of traditional ‘80s style. Think lace-up Oxfords, loafers, and chukka boots with simple designs and minimal detailing.

A great option to wear in summer is a pair of canvas shoes, such as espadrilles. These look great in an outfit and offer a very casual, laid-back style. On cooler days, wear a pair of suede chukka boots for a classic and timeless look.

If you’re looking for something a bit more eye-catching, try a pair of leather shoes featuring decorative details like tassels or a buckle. This type of shoe was very popular in the ‘80s and gives your outfit a unique touch.

Lastly, make sure your shoes are the right color. Many of Eddie’s shoes are shades of brown, like chocolate or beige. But you can also add brighter colors, like yellow or red, to liven up your wardrobe.

Whether you’re attending a themed party or just looking to spice up your everyday style, drawing inspiration from Eddie Munson’s shoes in Stranger Things is a great way to get the look. So grab a pair of stylish shoes and channel your inner 1980s kid.

Pair with a White Tee and Jeans

When it comes to nailing the style of the beloved character, Eddie Munson, from the Netflix hit show, Stranger Things, his signature style relies heavily on pairing a white t-shirt and jeans with the right shoes. Whether you are dressing for school, casual events, or a night out, Eddie’s choice of footwear can help you achieve the same cool and effortless look. If you want to look like Eddie but don’t know what shoe style to go for, there are two silhouettes that should be your go-to.

The first style of shoes that Eddie Munson wears is a classic pair of black Converse Chuck Taylor All Star low top sneakers. These shoes are both comfortable and versatile, making them a great pick for everyday wear. The All Star low tops come in several colors, but if you want to emulate Eddie’s style, go for the classic black ones. They look great with a plain white tee and jeans, as well as other monochromatic attire.

The second style of shoes that Eddie Munson wears are brown suede chukkas. These shoes have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they epitomize the classic retro look. The chukka’s low profile is perfect for pairing with a white tee and jeans, and their timeless sophistication adds an extra touch of sophistication to any look. Whether you wear them with a blazer or a t-shirt, they will be sure to turn heads.

So when it comes to creating Eddie Munson’s iconic style, opt for a white tee and jeans paired with either a pair of classic black Converse All Star low top sneakers or a pair of brown suede chukkas. These shoes are stylish, comfortable, and durable, making them perfect for any occasion. If you want to look like Eddie Munson in Stranger Things, these are the shoes to go for.

Layer with Brightly Colored Socks

When it comes to nailing Eddie’s style from Stranger Things, layering with brightly colored socks is a must. While there is a variety of shoes seen on Eddie Munson, pairing them with a bright sock adds an extra flair that brings the style to life.

To get the look, start by picking out a pair of shoes that have some texture, whether it’s a boat shoe, high-top sneaker, or loafer. Then, layer it with a sock that plays up that texture. For example, a grey boat shoe looks beautiful when paired with a bright sock. Not only does it add a vibrant pop of color to the shoe, but it also plays up the texture of the shoe.

For a dressier look, Eddie likes to pair a pair of loafers with a vibrant printed sock. This style gives the look a touch of sophistication while also adding a bit of personality. To keep it classic, choosing socks with a subtle design, like polka dots or stripes, is a great way to add a hint of pattern without overpowering the shoe.

Layering brightly colored socks with your shoes is a great way to add some personality to your look. Whether you go for a classic style or something more playful, the trick is to choose a sock that will complement your shoe. With a few thoughtful touches, you can have the style of Eddie Munson from Stranger Things in no time.

Combine with Denim Shorts and a Printed Tee

If you’re a fan of the Netflix series Stranger Things, it’s likely you’re familiar with Eddie Munson’s signature look. Whether heading to the StarCourt Mall or enjoying a summer day at the beach, Eddie always looks stylish and put-together. One of his signature pieces is his shoes.

When it comes to shoes, Eddie generally pairs his signature denim shorts with a pair of classic sneakers. Whether it’s a pair of white low-top Converse or a pair of Vans, Eddie often opts for sneakers that are both comfortable and stylish. For a more casual look, Eddie can be seen wearing a pair of stylish slide-on sandals or a pair of flashy Nike Air Force One sneakers. He also loves to accessorize his look with a pair of printed socks for an added touch of personality.

Furthermore, Eddie loves to add a unique twist to his look by wearing a mix of prints and colors. For example, he can be seen pairing his sneakers with a printed t-shirt, a colorful bucket hat, and a pair of bright-colored sunglasses. It’s all about making a statement while still looking effortlessly stylish and cool.

No matter if you’re heading to the mall or just enjoying a day in the sun, combining some sneakers with a pair of denim shorts and a printed tee is always a go-to look for Eddie Munson. With the right combination of comfortable shoes and stylish accessories, you can take your look from mundane to unique in no time.

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