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Vickie is shown to be extremely kind and bubbly, yet oblivious to her classmate Robin’s pining for her affection. She is shown to share many of Robin’s quirks, such as her sense of humor, comparing Tammy Thompson’s tone-deaf singing to a Muppet. Vickie is shown to be compassionate, volunteering to make PB&J sandwiches for the homeless at Hawkins High following the opening of the Gate – or what the town believed to be an earthquake. Vickie also shares Robin’s love of movies, saying she should’ve dumped her boyfriend when he critiqued Fast Times for having no plot. Like Robin, she also has a tendency to ramble, telling Robin about how her boyfriend left her after the opening, before apologizing for sounding selfish and saying that she feels like her mouth is like a train that never stops. But this makes Robin and Vickie bond even quicker.


Vickie was born in the late 1960s, and grew up in Hawkins, Indiana. When she began attending Hawkins High School, she joined the school’s marching band, playing the clarinet. Between 1985 to 1986, within the marching band was a girl named Robin Buckley that began to have a crush on her, unbeknownst to Vickie.


Friday, March 21

On the morning of the school’s big pep rally, Robin and Steve debate on Vickie’s sexuality and whether Robin should take the risk on asking her out. Steve believes Vickie to be queer due to returning the movie Fast Times to Family Video paused at the scene where Phoebe Cates takes her top off, proclaiming, “Vickie likes boobies, definitely!”.

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During the school’s pep rally, Robin plays next to Vickie in the marching band as the basketball players trot into the gymnasium, and watches her carefully. Later that evening, the school watches a former student named Tammy Thompson (who Robin formerly had a crush on) sing the American National Anthem incredibly off-key. Steve whispers to Robin from afar that he told her Tammy sounded like a Muppet, to which Robin agrees in embarrassment. Vickie, hearing the conversation, agrees and chuckles when Robin says that she sounds more like Miss Piggy. Robin almost slips and says that she knows Tammy because she has a crush, but covers up by saying they took a massively hard class together. She realizes she’s rambling and asks Vickie if she had said something, causing Vickie to simply say no. Robin turns back and smiles. They soon watch Lucas Sinclair score and win the championship.

Thursday, March 27

While Robin and her friends get supplies at the War Zone, she notices Vickie shopping there as well. Steve tells her to stop gawking and say something, but Robin tells him to shut up. Before she can do anything, however, Robin watches in sadness as Vickie is approached by her boyfriend, Dan, a college student from Purdue. She runs away in embarrassment as the two kiss. Vickie takes notice, and when Dan asks who that was, Vickie says it was someone from band. Later that evening, four holes from another dimension linked to the recent murders in Hawkins open and cause a gigantic hole to rip at the center of Hawkins, causing destruction and mayhem. The government covers it up as an earthquake that causes many residents to flee, while the remaining townspeople homeless. During all of this, Dan broke up with Vickie and headed back to Purdue since the disaster was not what he was envisioning for his Spring Break.

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Saturday, March 29

Vickie volunteered at Hawkins High to help make meals for the homeless. She is surprised to see Robin there making sandwiches, and apologizes for coming off so strange and startled. She begins ranting to Robin over her boyfriend, but once again apologizes for coming off as selfish since there is so much suffering going on. She says her mouth is like a runaway train, something Robin says she relates to, causing their friendship to grow as they make sandwiches together. However, their conversation is interrupted when they, alongside the rest of the people surrounding the school, see particles from the Upside Down beginning to fall into Hawkins.

Behind the scenes

Her character was officially revealed on June 9, 2021 via the show’s official social media accounts along with several other new characters. [1]


Season Four appearances
The Hellfire ClubVecna’s CurseThe Monster and the Superhero
Dear BillyThe Nina ProjectThe Dive
The Massacre at Hawkins LabPapaThe Piggyback


  • Vickie’s appearance was modelled off Molly Ringwald, a popular teen idol throughout the 1980s.
    • In particular, her appearance in “Papa” and “The Piggyback” was modelled after Ringwald’s character, Andie Walsh, in the 1986 film, Pretty in Pink. [2]


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