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Shoes To Wear To A Funeral

10 Best Shoes To Wear To A Funeral

Do you wonder what shoes to wear to a funeral? Can you wear open-toe shoes or sandals? Choosing funeral outfits can be overwhelming. So if you’re unsure of the best choices for funeral footwear, keep reading. I’ve got you covered in knowing how to put your best foot forward.

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What Are The Best Shoes For A Funeral?

The most important thing to remember when dressing for a funeral is that you are not the center of attention. Instead, dress conservatively so that you show the proper amount of respect. Dark-colored clothing is still the preferred funeral choice. So you can never go wrong by choosing dark, closed-toe shoes.

Today, it is more acceptable to wear less formal clothing to funerals. But I’m a traditionalist who still thinks dark colors with tasteful accents are best. Of course, you may feel out of place if you’re under-dressed. But rarely will you show up to a funeral and feel over-dressed. So opting for sensible, dark shoes to complement your outfit is the safest bet.

What Color Shoes Should You Wear To A Funeral?

When selecting shoes for a funeral, decide on the clothing you plan to wear. Naturally, your clothes will dictate the color of your shoes. In general, black shoes are the best choice. Because black is versatile, it goes well with almost every clothing choice.

However, you might also choose shoes in navy, gray, or charcoal colors. Darker colors communicate sympathy and mourning in funeral attire. So darker shoes are your best bet.

Women’s Summer Shoes For A Funeral

Should you wear heels to a funeral? You might want to choose funeral heels on a pair of summer sandals. But that isn’t necessarily the best choice. Sandals and open-toe shoes look very casual, so they aren’t usually appropriate for more formal funerals.

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During the summer, we usually tend to dress in a more relaxed fashion. But for attending summer funerals, you still want to focus on showing respect. So closed-toe, low-heel shoes are the best bet.

In addition, if funeral attendees proceed to the cemetery for burial after the service, you’ll appreciate wearing comfortable shoes. Cemetery grounds are uneven and sometimes muddy, so low heels keep your shoe from getting stuck.

Comfortable, low-heeled summer shoe styles include Maryjanes or Ballet Flats. Both of these choices from Sketchers are machine washable, so if you get dirty at the cemetery, it’s no problem. Plus, the Air-Cooled Memory Foam® will keep your feet cool in summer’s heat.

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Pair the Maryjanes with slacks and blazers, while the ballet flats could also work with a dress or long skirt. Flats are an excellent shoe choice that complete an outfit with style.

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Select from classic wedge pumps or round-toe slip-on flats with floral eyelets for more formal summer options. Both pairs work well with dresses or slacks. And both are comfortable, in addition to looking stylish.

Best Boots To Wear To A Funeral In The Winter

If you’re attending a funeral during cold weather, you’ll want a shoe that looks nice but also keeps your feet warm. Boots make an excellent choice. Pair them with opaque tights and a skirt. Then top your outfit off with a cozy sweater for a great winter style.

Or choose black slacks or dressy leggings with boots for a slightly less formal look. Either way, boots are a classic addition to your funeral clothing.

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Choose from a higher-heeled boot for a stylish look during indoor services. Or select a low-heeled boot if you’ll be heading out to a graveside service. Boots are perfect in cemeteries full of winter snow and mud.

Shoes For A Formal Funeral

Classic pumps are a perfect choice when attending a formal funeral that requires proper shoes. In addition, pumps go well with dresses or pantsuits and provide the finishing touch to your ensemble.

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A good rule of thumb is that shoes appropriate for an office make good choices for funeral shoes. For example, stiletto heels aren’t your best choice for work or funerals. Instead, opt for low, comfortable heels. Selection A has a sturdier heel, whereas selection B is slightly more formal-looking.

Men’s Funeral Shoe Options

Men’s shoe choices are more limited than women’s, so you might think men have an easier time dressing for a funeral. Black, navy, and dark gray/charcoal are the preferred color choices in men’s funeral shoes. Dress smart rather than casual for a well-pulled-together look.

You’ll find many great choices for men’s funeral shoes. Black slip-on loafers look great with a suit. But they also look stylish for less formal funerals when you opt for slacks and a sweater. The effortless style of loafers means they pair well with different clothing options.

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A classic black oxford lace-up shoe perfectly complements a black suit for a funeral. Oxfords provide a comfortable yet stylish option to keep you on the pulse of fashion. But, of course, you will want to keep the laces dark. And verify that they are in good condition before the service. A snapped lace would not be a good thing at a funeral.

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Footwear Etiquette For Funerals

  • Break in the shoes ahead of time. If you purchase new shoes for a funeral, make sure you walk around the house in them. Since you’ll spend a lot of time on your feet, focus on the service rather than your sore toes.
  • Select close-toed dark shoes. Heels or flats are both appropriate for funerals, but sandals or peep-toes are best left to other events.
  • Choose shoes that work well in an office or that you might wear for a job interview. And save the sparkly, high-heeled shoes for clubbing.
  • Remember, when you attend a funeral, you don’t want to draw attention away from the reason everyone is gathering. So, just as you wouldn’t wear bright colors or sequined clothing, lean towards dark and neutral shoe choices.
  • Navy, dark gray, or black is the best color choice for funeral shoes. This is because they pair with most funeral outfits. In addition, black is the most versatile choice for preparing your funeral clothing.
  • Young children may wear clean and dark sneakers. But they should be in like-new condition.

Children often get a pass regarding the stricter funeral attire that adults wear. However, you still want kids to understand the importance of the event. So having them dress nicely teaches them to show respect.

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