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Shoes For A Long Black Dress

What Color Shoes To Wear With A Black Dress

Shoes For A Long Black Dress

  • Ana Roberts
  • March 23, 2023

The black dress is a wardrobe basic for women who want a timeless, versatile and stylish outfit. Black dresses are easy to wear, can be dressed up or down, and go with virtually everything in your closet, making this classic item a favorite. If you want a fashionable look, you’ll need to think about what color shoes to wear with a black dress. The best shoe colors will match your aesthetic, suit the occasion and generally complement your style, taking your outfit to the next level.

When choosing your style, you can pair heels, boots, sneakers, sandals or flats with your dress to achieve the perfect look. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal occasion or just want to look extra sexy on a night out with the girls, these shoes for a black dress will help you create a stunning outfit. While most women will put on nude, black, white, tan, beige or light brown heels for a classy finish, you can also have fun with red, blue or animal print shoes for a playful, fashion-forward look that will really stand out.

In this post, we will share the best shoe colors to wear with a black dress. From nude to brown, check out these fashionable colors to find cute shoes for your black dress.

Shoe Colors To Wear with Black Dress

  • 1 Shoe Colors To Wear with Black Dress
    • 1.1 Black Shoes
    • 1.2 Silver Shoes
    • 1.3 Gold Shoes
    • 1.4 Pink Shoes
    • 1.5 Nude Shoes
    • 1.6 White Shoes
    • 1.7 Red Shoes
    • 1.8 Brown Shoes
    • 1.9 Leopard Print
    • 1.10 Snake Print
    • 1.11 Blue Shoes
    • 1.12 Tan Shoes
    • 1.13 Green Shoes

    Shoe Colors To Wear with Black Dress

    Black Shoes

    Black shoes are the most versatile to wear with a black dress, offering a classic and stylish look that works with any outfit. Depending on the event, you can style elegant heels, casual sneakers or chunky boots with your black dress. For a semi-casual look that gently toes the line between upscale and casual, try strappy heels or wedges to add a hint of bohemian sophistication to your style.

    Black Shoes with Black Dress

    Heels can be a cute and feminine choice for women who want footwear that will never go out of style. If you’re a business professional woman heading to the office, simple pumps are effortlessly chic and comfortable for everyday wear. For a slick cocktail party outfit, try adding light texture around the ankle with lace-up heels or delicate ankle straps.

    Black Shoes To Wear with Black Dress

    You can accessorize the look with a stylish leather crossbody bag or clutch, striking gold hoops and bold sunglasses for the ultimate celebrity style. For something slightly bolder, try a metallic or colored bag for unbeatable contrast.

    Black Boots with Black Dress

    For a casual fall style that’s chic and contemporary, try black Oxfords or Chelsea boots that will keep your toes covered. If you’re going for a relaxed aesthetic during the summertime, minimalist gladiators or ballet pumps can be the perfect way to run errands without looking drab. Throw on a lightweight leather jacket or a light overcoat and you’ll be able to tackle any season with a spring in your step.

    Black Heels with Black Dress

    Cute Black Heels

    Stylish Black Heels To Wear with Black Dress

    Silver Shoes

    Silver shoes can be an eye-catching and sharp choice to wear with a black dress, adding instant glitz and glamor to your look with minimal effort. Silver tones tend to work best on women with cool undertones, making them a popular choice with paler individuals. You don’t need to choose shoes encrusted with crystals to make a bold statement. Instead, you can go for options with an iridescent sheen to add personality to your look without turning into a walking disco ball.

    Silver Shoes with Black Dress

    If you’re attending an important work event, elegant stilettos with a jeweled clasp are a feminine option that will instantly elongate the leg. For something cool, casual and suitable for semi-formal events, try low-key pumps or short kitten heels for a professional but playful appearance.

    Cute Silver Shoes To Wear with Black Dress

    Most silver heels are slightly reflective, meaning you’ll need to shop around for an option that doesn’t overpower your ensemble. A few sparkles can add an alluring edge to a classic bodycon dress, but larger-than-life A-line pieces or ballgowns will work best with a simple matte heel. If you’d rather rock flats and are attending a casual weekend brunch in a flowing maxi dress, stick to gladiators or stunning ballet flats for a cute look that gives you freedom of movement.

    Silver Shoes To Wear with Black Dress

    To finish your look, pair silver heels with matching silver jewelry and an elegant clutch. It’s best to keep the tones of your accessories the same to avoid unsightly clashes. If you don’t have an appropriate metallic bag, a simple black one will do.

    Cute Silver Heels with Black Dress

    Silver Shoes

    Silver Shoes To Style with Black Dress

    Gold Shoes

    Gold shoes are always regal and fashionable, adding a cute and feminine touch to your stylish look. Bright metallic golds are usually designed to be the focal point of a dress, making them a bold choice for high-end formal events and casual afternoons on the town. Gold footwear tends to flatter deeper skin with golden undertones, but you can easily shop around muted shades that lean neutral if you’re on the pale side.

    Gold Shoes To Wear with Black Dress

    Gold heels always look incredible with cocktail dresses, providing a bold metallic pop to the simplest styles. If you want something bolder, try textured strappy shoes or a romantic rose gold kitten heel for a stunning and low-maintenance look. For a playful weekend style, put on thick Cubans, sneakers or Oxfords with a loose-fitting dress for an effortless summer style that’s youthful and feminine. If you need something more bohemian, sandals or slip-ons will add a trendy and easygoing feel to any outfit.

    Gold Shoes with Black Dress

    To keep your outfit coordinated, match your accessories and bag to the tone of your shoes. An oversized pair of gold hoops can look funky and fresh while timeless studs scream old-school Hollywood glamour. Finish things off with an iconic clutch for an irresistible look that will have all eyes on you.

    Gold Heels with Black Dress

    Cute Gold Shoes For Black Dress

    Stylish Gold Heels For Black Dress

    Pink Shoes

    Pink shoes may be an unconventional choice for some women, but they’re a cute and feminine way to add pizazz to a black dress. Whether you go for a bright bubblegum pink, a sultry hot pink or a muted mauve, you can easily express your individuality by playing around with the color wheel. If you feel like channeling spring vibes, you can experiment with playful pastels.

    Pink Shoes with Black Dress

    Vivid pink heels will always look striking, making them an excellent option for parties and upscale office events where you might want to stand out. If you need to be light on your feet, cute ballerina flats or short block heels are ideal picks for girly brunches. To take things a step further, play around with materials like suede or pleather for texture and contrast that will make you the center of attention.

    Cute Pink Heels with Black Dress

    When choosing pink shoes, make sure you take undertones into account. While warm pinks can look beautiful on olive-skinned women, they may look unflattering on paler skin tones. To keep things cohesive, rock a bold pink bag and muted accessories for the ultimate boss babe feel.

    Pink Shoes To Wear with Black Dress

    Stylish Pink Shoes For Black Dress

    Pink Shoes For Black Dress

    Nude Shoes

    Nude shoes are a timeless and classic option for women who want to achieve an elegant and sophisticated look. As nude shoes are not designed to pull focus, you can easily find a shade that blends beautifully with your skin for a barely-there feel that effortlessly elongates the leg. Suitable for formal, semi-casual and relaxed events, nude shoes are a safe and reliable option for when you’re struggling with outfit paralysis.

    Nude Shoes with Black Dress

    Nude heels are the go-to choice for most fashionistas as they add height and elegance to any outfit. While stilettos always look breathtaking, you can dial things down with stylish kitten heels, youthful block heels or ankle-strap sandals for a cute and casual vibe. For a refreshing and modern feel, pair nude sneakers with a miniskirt or jean shorts for a playful outfit that’s perfect for the summer.

    Stylish Nude Heels For Black Dress

    Nude shoes should never be the center of attention. This gives you room to experiment with bold jewelry, vibrant purses and kitsch headbands to inject fun into your outfit. To keep things timeless, stick with muted shades like white or black for a sophisticated finish.

    Nude Heels with Black Dress

    Cute Nude Shoes with Black Dress

    Nude Heeled Sandals with Black Dress

    White Shoes

    White shoes are a dazzling way to create a sharp and contrasting look that’s appropriate for every season. The black dress should anchor your outfit, but you can create a fresh appearance by wearing heels during springtime or retro platform boots during the winter months. If you want to take things down a notch, white sneakers or sandals can be a great way to showcase your individuality on a casual brunch date or a night at the bar.

    White Shoes with Black Dress

    White heels are effortlessly bold and beautiful, allowing you to instantly draw the eye if you choose stilettos or strappy lace-up shoes. If you’re not going for the playful sex kitten look, heeled boots can add height to your look without any discomfort. For the ultimate street style, match designer sneakers with an edgy black dress for cool summer vibes.

    White Heels with Black Dress

    Stylish White Heels with Black Dress

    White Boots with Black Dress

    Red Shoes

    Red shoes add a hefty dose of sex appeal to any outfit, creating a vibrant look that oozes glamor. Although a classic black dress will ground your look, the shoes will probably be the focal point of your outfit. For elegant events, sky-high heels or pumps are ideal.

    Red Shoes with Black Dress

    If you’re on the hunt for something edgy and modern, pair red shoes adorned with bright floral patterns or boots made with suede or patent leather that will draw the eye during the warmer months.

    Red Shoes For Black Dress

    Wearing short, thick heels will keep your outfit functional without sacrificing style, but you can easily rock open-toed high heels for a dressed-up look that’s perfect for summer weddings. For a sophisticated and feminine silhouette, cone heels or comma heels are stunning options.

    Red Heels with Black Dress

    If you’d prefer to keep things casual, try claret Chelsea boots or crimson slip-ons for a simple look that works beautifully with maxi styles and cute wrap dresses.

    Stylish Red Shoes with Black Dress

    Cute Red Heels with Black Dress

    Brown Shoes

    Brown shoes are far less formal than black shoes, making them a great choice for women who want to rock something different at office hangouts or weekend outings. If you have a darker complexion, you may want to experiment with shades that are slightly lighter or darker than your skin tone to avoid moving into nude territory.

    Brown Shoes with Black Dress

    As brown shoes are undeniably casual, they give you an excuse to prioritize comfort with lower kitten heels, chunky block boots and gladiator sandals that will bring out your inner Grecian. If you need something universally flattering, simple ballerina pumps are a cute choice that will add feminine flair to shorter dresses and flowing maxis.

    Brown Heels with Black Dress

    Cute Brown Shoes with Black Dress

    Stunning Brown Boots with Black Dress

    Cute Brown Boots For Black Dress

    Leopard Print

    Leopard print shoes are the best way to add character and excitement to a black dress without relying on bright and bold colors to lift your look. Animal prints can sometimes overpower an outfit, but you can avoid this by choosing larger patterns and sticking with slim heels that showcase skin around the ankle and front foot. If you’re not afraid to showcase your daring side, a classy heeled boot will allow the leopard print to pull focus.

    Leopard Print Shoes with Black Dress

    Whether you opt for lighter-colored shoes or deep tones for a more relaxed feel, make sure you align the style of your dress with the feel of your shoes. Casual dresses work wonderfully with Chelsea boots, platform sneakers or cute pumps, while formal dresses are given a sexy edge with elegant stilettos or medium-length heels. To complete your look, throw on your best soft gold jewelry and grab a classic black bag for a sleek finish.

    Leopard Print Shoes For Black Dress

    Leopard Print Heels with Black Dress

    Cute Leopard Print Heels To Wear with Black Dress

    Snake Print

    Snake print shoes can be difficult to pull off for most women, but this striking pattern is an easy way to add depth and dimension to your style. For a classy and elegant appearance that works well for formal events, choose short kitten heels or medium-length heels that fasten around the ankle. If you’re heading to the mall or need something to slip on for a relaxed dinner, ankle boots or chunky wedges will add subtle glamour to your look without detracting from your stunning black dress.

    Snake Print Shoes with Black Dress

    Cute Snake Print Shoes with Black Dress

    Snake Print Shoes For Black Dress

    Stylish Snake Print Shoes To Wear with Black Dress

    Blue Shoes

    Blue shoes are an excellent option for women who want to play around with color blocking as they offer all-black outfits a bold and bright pop of color. If you want to be edgy and daring, consider vibrant shades like cobalt or electric blue. For a fresh, playful and modern style, experiment with light pastel tones.

    Blue Shoes with Black Dress

    When heading to formal events, wear elegant strappy heels or stilettos in a muted shade. This should allow you to make a colorful statement with decent contrast without looking garish. If you’re dressing for a first date and want to make an impression, let out your inner wild child with sexy snakeskin ankle boots.

    Cute Blue Shoes To Wear with Black Dress

    If you want to be edgy, badass sneakers in eye-catching tones can easily be jazzed up with textured laces or metallic accents. Whatever shade you choose, let your shoes be the star with basic accessories and a fashionable purse.

    Stylish Blue Shoes with Black Dress

    Tan Shoes

    Tan shoes look irresistible with almost any dress, allowing you to put together an attractive outfit in minutes. No matter the length of your dress, tan heels will instantly elongate your legs, help your calf muscles pop and increase your confidence tenfold. While nude shoes may be more appropriate for formal events, tan is a low-maintenance color that will keep your look fun and fresh.

    Tan Shoes with Black Dress

    High heels like stilettos and platforms are always reliable options for a sophisticated style, but Cuban heels and block boots can be a gorgeous option if you want to wear tights during the transitional months. If you’re heading out for brunch with the girls, flat sandals or chunky Doc Martens can lend your look a relaxed and grungy feel.

    Tan Boots with Black Dress

    Tan Shoes To Wear with Black Dress

    Cute Tan Shoes with Black Dress

    Green Shoes

    Green shoes are trendy and fun, but you’ll need to choose your tones wisely to avoid overwhelming your outfit. To keep things classy, try sophisticated heels in darker emerald or teal shades. If you’re heading to a relaxed event, cute mint sneakers or bright neon heels are bound to make a statement. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to rock matching or relatively neutral accessories to keep your kicks in focus.

    Green Shoes To Wear with Black Dress

    Green Shoes with Black Dress

    Stylish Green Shoes with Black Dress

    Best Shoes For Black Dress

    When it comes to creating a stylish outfit, the best shoes to wear with a black dress are heels, sneakers, ankle boots, knee-high boots and sandals. Heels and boots can be a great way to dress up your black dress, while sneakers and sandals offer a casual, comfortable and chic look.

    Best Shoes For Black Dress

    Stilettos will take things up a notch for a formal style or sexy ensemble that will elongate your legs. If you’re going to a club or dancing all night, pair strappy black heels for a cute and effortlessly gorgeous touch. For fall and winter, wear boots with your black dress for warmth, comfort and a seasonally-appropriate approach.

    Shoes For Black Dress

    Popular Shoe Colors To Wear With A Black Dress

    The most popular shoe colors to wear with a black dress are nude, tan, white, beige, gold, silver and red. When creating an outfit, you can style heels, boots, sneakers, heeled sandals, flats or loafers with a black dress to suit the occasion and season. For business casual and formal outfits, you’ll want to wear heels in a neutral color such as black, nude, tan or beige to achieve a classy and beautiful look. If you want some contrast, colorful shoes like red, pink or blue heels can make a bold fashion statement with a black dress. Brown boots and white designer sneakers are a classic choice for women who want a comfortable and stylish smart casual look for everyday wear.

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