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Shoe Goo Alternative

Shoe Goo Alternatives [Different Options Explored]

Shoe Goo Alternatives

From superglue to shoe glue, and all the others in between, choosing the accurate adhesive is very important for your RC projects.

Moreover, not every adhesive appropriately bonds on all surfaces. That’s why one fine morning if you find your whole shoe goo bottle dried up, choose an alternative wisely.

So, what are the best shoe goo alternatives?

Firstly, you can fix your hardened shoe glue by using hot water. If not fixed then go for other alternatives. Such as plasti dip, gorilla glue, epoxy resin, contact cement, or E6000. But before getting an alternative consider the facts like surface amount, temperature, how much glue you need, etc.

This was just the leading edge. There are still plenty of things to explore. So let’s get through the whole write-up.

  • Can You Fix Your Dry Shoe Goo?
  • What Things You Should Consider Before Looking for an Alternative?
  • So, What Can You Use Instead of Shoe Goo?
  • FAQs
  • Bottom Line

Can You Fix Your Dry Shoe Goo?

Yes, your dried-out shoe goo can be fixed! Isn’t it a piece of good news?

You see, most of the time shoe goo comes in relatively big packages. Also, they can dry out pretty soon.

Hence, we can understand, wasting a big portion of glue can be very frustrating!

Moreover, it gets hard to find shoe goo in local shops.

So, first of all, you can keep your shoe goo in a Ziploc bag to save it from clogging quickly. Because it hardens rapidly if exposed to moisture.

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Apart from that, sometimes if you can store them in the freezer they’ll not dry out too soon.

  • See if there’s a tough seal of glue. Because sometimes the covering of the glue gets stiffened and makes a tough seal. So, if you notice something like this, crack the seal using a screwdriver.
  • Second, grab a pot of hot water. Let the water cool for a minute before setting the goo bottle in it.

Don’t fully immerse the bottle. Just place the part that needs to be melted for 10 minutes.

This is how you can revive your stiffened goo again instead of throwing it out.

However, if the mentioned technique doesn’t work we can move to the alternatives.

But before that let’s learn about the things you should consider before getting an alternative.

What Things You Should Consider Before Looking for an Alternative?

You should not directly jump to buy some random adhesive for your important RC project. There are some things you need to tick out first.

Let’s find out about them-

Container Size

The size of glue you require hangs on what you’re attempting to do and how frequently you intend to use it.

So, If you just need to secure or repair a small area, then a minimal-sized bottle should do the job. However, RC projects aren’t very predictable.

In this case, you can get multiple small-sized bottles to deal with the bigger projects.

That’s how you can actually stop wasting your glues by drying them up shortly.

Surface Type

Before selecting a glue some important surface conditions should be checked. Such as toughness, evenness, absorbency, color, uncoated, length of the part, etc.

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So, let’s find out about some particular adhesives you can use in your RC project.

These are some types that you should keep in mind before selecting an alternative to your current glue.


Various environmental factors influence how adhesives heal and work over long periods.

One of the most substantial environmental aspects is temperature.

So, what temperature will the glue handle or be endangered during usage and preservation?

Most organic glues have full steady working temperatures. So, only if they’re endangered to higher temperatures for long periods their operation declines considerably.

However, thermosetting mortars such as melamine, phenolic, and formaldehyde resins structure tough connections. Besides, these types have considerable friction to higher temperatures.

Silicone pastes have a huge level of moldability and relatively high-temperature friction as well. Therefore, it makes them great options for marine or plumbing usage.

As a result, at lower temperatures, the healing of these adhesives will be slower. On the other hand, the healing will be quicker at higher temperatures.

Electric Insulation

You can find a ton of plastic automotive adhesive that performs as an electric bushing. But, if you want to protect external components or seal a crease, this might not be important.

Nonetheless, if you’re fixing any internal crack remember how much wiring your RC vehicle has. This means there are a lot of internal places and areas in the motor that need additional electrical safety.

Overall, these are the conditions you should keep in mind before jumping into the other glue options.

Now, let’s find out what are the cheap alternatives to shoe goo in the next section.

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So, What Can You Use Instead of Shoe Goo?

When we’re out of shoe goo mostly worry about, will I find any shoe glue near me?

Therefore, it’s important to consider the shoe goo alternatives for RC bodies that are available in RC stores.

Let’s find out the substitute for shoe goo or what works better than shoe goo.