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Meghan Markle has the ‘world’s most beautiful feet’ while Emma Watson’s are ‘near perfect’, according to golden ratio

MEGHAN Markle has the “most beautiful feet” in the world according to the Golden Ratio equation.

The Duchess of Sussex, 39, has been found to have the perfect ‘Golden Ratio’ feet by Miss Foot Fixer Marion Yau and Dr Kenny who analysed the feet of leading celebrities.

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Meghan Markle has the 'most beautiful feet in the world' according to the golden ratio

Kim Kardashian and Emma Watson also scored highly – based on the theory – a system developed by the ancient Greeks to measure physical perfection.

The ancient Greeks claimed there was a Golden Ratio for all things when they approached perfection.

Celebrity podiatrist Marion and foot health practitioner Dr Kenny said they were able to use the Golden Ratio measurements to work out foot ratings and scores for modern celebs.

Marion, who shares her work on her Youtube channel, said: “In ancient Greece, the Greeks devised a mathematical formula to determine the Physical perfection of an individual by measuring ratios and symmetry of specific features of the body.

Her trotters are 95 per cent perfect according to celebrity podiatrist Dr Kenny

“Now while all women have beautiful feet, we can use the Golden Ratio measurements to score whose feet are the most beautiful.

“Feet can be hard to measure, as it can depend on the angle of the foot and what the person is wearing on their feet.

“When measured against the Greeks’ golden ratio of physical perfection, we were able to give these 8 celebrities the following ratings.”

The mathematical equation known as Phi is based on the historically known golden or divine ratio, Phi (1/1.618).


Royal beauty Meghan Markle was given the highest Golden Ratio rating, using the formula.

Marion and Youtuber Dr Kenny said it is obvious that the former actress, 39, has beautiful “royal feet”.

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Marion commented: “Coming in strong at number one with 95% is Meghan Markle.

Meghan may have had secret and agonising bunion surgery in a quest to get perfect feet, a surgeon previously said

“The length of the middle of the arch of her feet scored 97% on the Golden Ratio, the highest compared to all 8 celebrities.

“One could say she has royal feet!”

However in recent years it has been reported that there is an explanation behind Meghan’s “perfect” feet.

She may have gone a step further than most and had secret and agonising bunion surgery in a quest to get perfect feet, a surgeon previously said.


Miss Foot Fixer, who specialises in corn removal, conservative bunion correction, foot fillers and nail correction, said second place for the most beautiful feet goes to Emma Watson.

Emma Watson has 'near perfect feet'
Emma scored highly due to the golden ratio on her forefoot

The legendary Harry Potter star, 30, is often known as having the most popular tootsies – but Marion and Dr Kenny rated her with 91%, using the Golden Ratio formula.

The expert duo commented: “The second highest rating goes to Emma Watson with a magical score of 91%.

“Emma scored high due to the Golden Ratio of her forefoot.”


Meanwhile Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim, 40, came in third place and therefore has the “third most beautiful feet” in the world – according to the Golden Ratio.

Marion, who does cosmetic foot procedures, said the rating is a “respectable 89%”.

Kim Kardashian has the third most beautiful feet in the world

The expert added: “Kim scored 92% with the golden ratio from the widest part of the foot to the base of the toe line of the big toe.

“This gave her an overall 89% rating and brought her in at 3rd place.”

Kim’s feet have always been a controversial subject and she was – once again – accused of having six toes in a snap from her birthday trip last October.

The strange conspiracy involving the KUWTK star started in 2019 when fans believed they spotted a bonus toe on her left foot.

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Kim was forced to address speculation over her feet on Instagram after fans claimed they spotted an extra toe.

Kim was previously rumoured to have a sixth toe
What people believed to be an extra toe was just the side of her foot

She took to Instagram to “prove” she didn‘t have a bonus toe, nor suffer from polydactyly, the term given to someone born with extra fingers or toes.

In a series of videos about her feet, Kim said: “Everyone thinks that I have six toes, and it’s really wild.”

After counting her five toes, the Skims founder explained that what people believed was an extra toe is in fact the side part of her foot.

She continued: “But it’s this, part of my foot, that when I wear a shoe just like this it smashes down right here and in a picture. I don’t know why, it looks like a sixth toe.

“I hope that answered my sixth toe question. Because I only have five toes on each foot.”


And Hollywood A-lister Mila Kunis, 39, was given a strong 88% rating using the Golden Ratio equation.

Marion and Dr Kenny said they were “surprised” by the result from the formula as they believe the actress’s feet are “extremely beautiful”.

Mila Kunis has 'extremely beautiful feet' according to the experts
Experts were surprised that the actress only came in at fourth place

The expert cosmetic duo commented: “Surprisingly coming in 4th, Mila’s feet are extremely beautiful in my eyes.

“She scored the highest at 93% in the forefoot proportion of her foot.

“However her overall rating using the Golden Ratio brought it down to a respectable 4th place.”


This Morning beauty Holly Willoughby has “pretty” feet, according to Miss Foot Fixer and Dr Kenny.

The experts said the presenter has 84% feet perfection after following the Golden Ratio formula.

Holly's tootsies come in at fifth place
Experts agreed that Holly has 'very pretty, well-proportioned' feet

They said: “Holly has a very pretty and well-proportioned foot with a good mid foot to forefoot ratio.

“This gives her a score using the golden ratio of 84%.”

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This isn’t the first time Holly’s feet have been a topic of discussion – back in October, the star attracted foot lovers after showing off her trotters while teasing an “exciting” announcement.


Love Island bombshell Molly-Mae Hague has a “nice and slim” foot, said Marion Yau and Dr Kenny.

The experts gave her feet an 81% rating after using the Golden Ratio equation.

Molly-Mae's feet are 'nice and slim'
According to experts it was Molly-Mae's 'lower arch' that let her down

They commented on Molly-Mae’s foot analysis, adding: “Her foot is nice and slim, scoring well in the forefoot measurements.

“However, she scored the lowest in the arch portion, giving her an overall score of 81%.”


While Our Girl star Michelle Keegan’s “forefoot” scored the lowest rating according to the Golden Ratio.

The forefoot is one of the three primary regions of the foot, in addition to the midfoot and the rearfoot (or hindfoot).

Michelle Keegan's feet slide into seventh place
Michelle scored lowest on her forefoot

Marion said: “Michelle’s forefoot scored the lowest rating in the Golden Ratio.

“However she still managed to score 80% due to the proportion of her middle of the arch which received a high score.”

Back in 2017, eagle-eyed fans became convinced that Michelle also had six toes – an unusual speculation that she later decided to address.

As the much-loved actress prepared for a night out, she posted on Instagram a video of her two feet with the caption: “Me and my six toes are off out tonight. Oh wait…”


Jungle queen Jacqueline Jossa’s feet scored 79% using the Golden Ratio formula.

Jacqueline Jossa has 'petite feet'
Her smaller feet meant that she had a smaller proportion in the golden ratio

Miss Foot Fixer said her lower percentage is due to her “petite feet.”

The expert said: “Last but not least at 79% in the Golden Ratio is Jac Jossa whose feet scored lower.

“This is because her petite feet meant she had a smaller feet proportion in the Golden Ratio, with petite arch proportion.”