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Rosary Tattoo On Foot

65 Stunning Rosary Tattoos Designs To Try On Your Ankle

Whether you are a man or a woman, getting a tattoo design on your body is a great way to show pride in your religion. There are many places where you can get a rosary tattoo inked, and you can choose different styles to get the design of ankle Rosary tattoos.

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To rank up the top religious designs, one of the design ideas for ankles comes as a great option.

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Tattoos come with a specific symbolic meaning, and the form of body modification is a language of commitment, belonging, and religious affiliations.

The tattoos are worn by both genders equally, and the style and variations vary from person to person. For example, Rosary tattoos signify the Catholic faith and express that you are a religious person.

What Does The Rosary Tattoo Mean?

Rosary tattoos are popular designs and are inked on the body for different reasons. The tattoo’s inspiration and ideas look great on the ankle with a wide variety of designs.

It is an area that lends itself well to small designs and can also look chic with a wrap-around piece. The rosary is an instant identifier of a believer of the Christian faith. It is a symbol ubiquitous to all Christians.

1. Rosary Tattoo Design

Ankle tattoos are elegant and feminine, and one of the best designs is small tattoos. The tattoo design is a big statement to get meaningful pieces to you regardless of the size.

Making the rosary cross design in black look with a white color effect gives a designer appeal to the style statement. The outlined cross tattoo on foot provides a design appealing to the tattoo look.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

2. Realistic Rosary Feather Ankle Tattoo

A Rosary feather tattoo is a way to show that you are spreading your wings and taking a flight. A tattoo design is filled with meaning that often represents the ideas of freedom, courage, and bravery.

The grey ink style with the addition of white color adds an ornamental value that always works beautifully on the ankle.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

3. Rosary With Heart Tattoo Design

The single decade in the form of a body modification loop of beads wrapped around is said to be blessed. It is a design believed to keep all evil spirits away from them.

The rosary beads can be considered an object used in Roman Catholic devotion and symbolize faith and protection.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

4. Rose Art Rosary Tattoo Design

A red rose symbolizes love. Together, a rose and a rosary represent love and devotion. Rosary Tattoo with a rose is an ankle style. Wearing one around your ankle is traditional.

With beads wrapped around the ankles, the crucifix piece symbolizes offering prayer to the Lord and regretting your sins.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

5. Humming Bird Rosary Ankle tattoo

Hummingbird tattoos have a history and deep meaning to the tattoo style. The addition of the rosary to the Hummingbird connects to strength and overcoming difficulties.

The unique design idea gives a delicate look with the addition of roses. The colorful flower design idea gives an elegant look to the style.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

6. Blue Rosary Ankle Tattoo

Used explicitly with a cross for the rosary is an instant identifier of the Christian faith. The blue rosary symbolizes Virgin Mary, and a startling rosary bead is depicted.

The lovely blue art with dotwork is designed beautifully. The artistic look of the tattoo gives a stunning appeal to the style.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

7. Star Heart Rosary Ankle Tattoo Design

The rosary tattoos have a symbolic significance, and the modification of the body comes as a language of commitment, belongings, and religion.

The tattoo of the star heart rosary on the ankle gives an elegant and significant appeal to the tattoo and is considered to represent God’s protection from evil.

8. Stylish Black Rosary Tattoo On Ankle

The rosary beads come as a symbol of protection and faith. The stylish tattoo design depicted on the ankle of the wearer with multiple motifs offers enough canvas to portray a variety of different tattoos.

The intense passion for the Catholic faith and the conveniently beautiful design idea gives a distinct appeal.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

9. Ornamental Detailed Rosary Tattoo

An ornamental rosary tattoo is a form of body modification in the language of commitment, belongings, and religious feel. With different symbols, the decoration is not disrespectful.

There are several options to opt for a simple design idea. You can add colors to the design idea.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

10. Grey Ink Rosary Tattoo Design

The most popular tattoo for this area is the single-decade loop of beads wrapped around the ankles with the crucifix piece planted on the top of the foot.

Getting a rosary ankle tattoo is a sign of Mary’s role in directing your paths and guiding steps.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

11. Grey & White Rosary Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

The grey and black ankle band filled with sacred geometric design ideas are simple, and the shading effect looks great.

The popular style of the tattoo features a rosary wrapped around the ankle. Making the design elegant, a Holy Christ design on the ankle uses beads on a string to complete the look.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

12. Catholic Rosary Ankle Tattoo

A rosary is an object that is used in Roman Catholic devotion. The beads aid prayer and are a symbol of faith and protection.

Women who want to get inked with this design may do so to remind themselves to avoid temptation, and it can help safeguard them from evil spirits or individuals who wish them harm.

13. Left Ankle Rosary & Cross Tattoo

The ankle is undoubtedly one of the best places for this tattoo because of the way it wraps around the leg.

It is incredibly eye-catching when completed here! The left ankle rosary tattoo design with beads of strings makes the style look realistic, making it elegant.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

14. Rosary With Initial Tattoo On Ankle

The charming bracelet tattoo design expresses your love for the alphabet or letter. The light inked rosary tattoo design with an eye-catchy look gives a decent look.

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The light ink style on the ankle makes the design idea help enhance the style. With the distinct appeal, the design looks elegant and gorgeous.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

15. Lovely Detailed Ankle Rosary Tattoo

Rosary beads are used to pray and get rid of sins. The other way of offering prayers is by joining the hands in front of the Lord.

So this is a powerful way to pray and display your atonement and become a peaceful and loving soul.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

16. Marvelous Purple Rosary Tattoo

The rosary tattoo inked in purple signifies the Catholic faith. Making the tattoo look stunning for the designs and depictions vary when inked on either man or woman.

The addition of colors on the ankle makes the design look elegant and gorgeous, giving realistic appeal to the design.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

17. Reggy Rosary Anklet Tattoo

The rosary is believed to ward off demons and evil spirits. Someone who wears rosary beads on the body is meant to remind them of faith and protection.

The blending of religious views and new-age fashion style makes the tattoo look great. With the Crucifix of Christ, the tattoo style looks impressive on the ankle.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

18. Water Effect Rosary Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

The innovative and popular modification of the tattoo design is the language for commitment, belongings, and religious look, showing the devout faith in God.

The anklet tattoo design idea with the bracelet gives a deliberate look.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

19. Fineline Black Rosary Anklet Tattoo

Generally, rosary beads are designed in darker shades to be visible and lend a beautiful look to the person’s hand.

However, here the image covers almost the entire hands and inspires the person to carry attributes of life and spread happiness with his actions.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

20. Rosary With Quote And Roses Tattoo

What’s excellent about rosary tattoos is that they are not the type of designs that people regret later on.

The addition of words is highly personal and meaningful to the wearer, and they can be placed anywhere on the body. The outstanding rosary design gives an incredible idea.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

21. Inked Rosary Tattoo On Ankle

The beads of the prayer are a symbol of faith and protection. In addition, the rosary is a fundamental and essential part of the religion of Catholicism.

Therefore, the rosary is an important symbol, and having a tattoo is designed to incorporate a rosary as a faith.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

22. Pretty Rosary Cross And Anchor Tattoo

This tattoo is another symbol of faith, hope, and love. It looks cool because it almost looks like a bracelet for your ankle or a set of rosary beads are those to signify the Catholic faith.

The addition of colors to the tattoo makes it look distinctive.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

23. Purple Ink Cross Rosary Tattoo On Ankle

A design that works beautifully on the ankle is the rosary tattoo—opting for a more simple design to ward off demons and evil spirits and add colors to enhance the tattoo’s look.

Making the design look delicate and straightforward for the tattoo looks stunning on foot.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

24. Black Rosary Tattoo On Foot And Ankle

Getting an ankle Rosary tattoo represents Mary’s role in guiding steps and directing your path. The black ink design is a symbol of protection and faith.

The rosary design shows the popular body ink design as sacramental or sacred. The distinguished design idea makes the style look gorgeous.

Ankle Rosary tattoos

25. Crowned Rosary Tattoo On Foot

The rosary is believed to ward off demons and evil spirits. Making the delicate design on foot usually holds symbolic value to the wearer.

The addition of the crown shows powerful symbolism and is often associated with victory and strength. Making the design inked in grey enhances the look.

Crowned Rosary Tattoo

Credit: sheskylene

26. Red & Black Rosary Tattoo

The black and red shading effect on the rosary aids prayer and symbolizes faith and protection. The rosary tattoo signifies the Catholic faith, and both men and women wear the designs.

The old traditional tattoo design gives a delicate and old classic tattoo design to the foot.

Crowned Rosary Tattoo

27. Red Rose With Rosary Beads Tattoo

Rose and rosary mean raised garden and come as a symbol of love, devotion, and balance between pleasure and pain.

The expression of unconditional love is a subtle twist with artistic ink. The usual representation of the rosary is an expression of unconditional love.

28. Outline Rosary With Virgin Mary Tattoo

Catholics who get this type of tattoo will often choose to show the two praying clasping a set of rosary beads. It signifies their faith and devotion to their religion and God.

The outline design idea gives an incredible tattoo ink on foot with fine detailing.

The most popular rosary design is the religious rosary style and single beads wrapped around the ankles with the crucifix piece planted on top of the foot.

Rosary Tattoo

29. Detailed Religious Rosary Foot Tattoo

The arrangement with roses around the foot inked in black gives a delicate look to the style. The intricate detailing with religious appeal makes the style look gorgeous.

30.Rosary Beads And Spider Ankle Tattoo

The rosary beads are often associated with religion and beliefs, especially with the Catholic faith. The addition of a spider with the tattoo makes the design look different.

The unique tattoo style at the neck of the foot makes the design look decent and wards off demons and evil spirits.

Rosary Tattoo

31. Aqua Blue Rose With Rosary Tattoo

A blue rose tattoo often represents imagination, fantasy, the impossible, and the mysterious allure of the unattainable.

The mixed emotions with the unreachable feeling of a lost one and the rosary represent the Catholic faith. The addition of both elements makes the tattoo design look elegant.

Rosary Tattoo

32. Small Beads Rosary Tattoo With DotWork

These beads allow the person to be focused entirely on their thoughts and prayers, and each bead is symbolic of one devotion, one decade, and one mystery.

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The string of these beads is known as a chaplet, and the dotwork makes the style look delicate and gorgeous.

Rosary Tattoo

33. Blue Shining Rosary Cross Tattoo

The beautiful rosary tattoo inked in blue gives a delicate look to the tattoo style.

In addition, the shining blue effect of the rosary tattoo inked on foot offers a desirable approach to the tattoo style. Making the design decent, the tattoo symbolizes faith and protection.

Rosary Tattoo

34. Memorial ‘Lumpy’ Rosary Tattoo

The rosary memorial puppy tattoo is associated with appealing to those who want to honor their faith.

The small tattoo design associated with freedom gives a memorable moment to the wearer. In addition, the love for the pet makes the style look distinctive.

Rosary Tattoo

35. Floral Anklet Rosary Tattoo

The rosary seeks to communicate with God through repetitious and methodical prayer, and it helps people to worship.

The black floral bracelet rosary design idea wrapped around the ankle makes the style look gorgeous. In addition, the tattoo design looks great on foot.

Rosary Tattoo

36. Rosary Beads With Star Hanging Tattoos

Along with the rosary bead star on the ankle, the divine symbol is designed to lend an indigenous look to the wearer.

The rosary star tattoo design inked on foot in a blue shade gives a decent look. In addition, the simple yet elegant design inked in color makes the design look stylish.

Rosary Tattoo

37. Traditional Rosary Tattoo With Shadow

The black shaded effect of the tattoo design enhances the design making it look real gives a stylish look.

The traditional rosary tattoo design makes the style look like a maternal figure in the Catholic faith. The black ink design wrapped around the ankle gives a delicate look.

Rosary Tattoo

38. Rosary Tattoo With Initials

The rosary tattoos with initials hold a significant meaning. Rosary tattoos are worn by both genders equally, and the designs and depictions with initials make the style look decent and lovable.

The blue ink design rosary with initials inked in black gives a worthy and glorious look.

Rosary Tattoo

39. Animated Arrow With Rosary Tattoo

The animated rosary tattoo design inked on the foot in bright and vivid shades makes the style look great.

The foot idea offers enough canvas to portray a variety of different things. In addition, the bold and intricate detailing makes the kind precious and gives an elegant look.

Rosary Tattoo

40. Rosary Tattoo With Floral Beads

When inked on the body, the rosary tattoo represents some commitment to higher power and dedication to God.

Making the style look generous for the floral beads inked in a slight red shade makes the tattoo look delicate. The delicate and gorgeous ink design on foot makes the style elegant.

Rosary Tattoo

41. Designer Rosary Tattoo

Some associate the rosary beads with roses as the rosary word in Latin means a garden of roses. It also connects Virgin Mary with the tattoo designs.

The designer’s idea makes the style elegant, and it gives a decent look to the tattoo style. With black inking, the tattoo makes the style look unique and gorgeous.

Rosary Tattoo

42. Long Rosary Beads Tattoo

In addition to the rosary beads design, an ink lover incorporates different designs with the addition of other elements such as Cross.

The long rosary beads wrapped above the ankle pass on the love for the religion. The black ink design makes the tattoo gorgeous.

Rosary Tattoo

43. Gold Rosary Tattoo

Representing the significance of the Catholic faith, the gold rosary tattoo ink makes the design look gorgeous.

With the addition of stones on foot makes the style look stunning. The stylish tattoo design looks feminine and makes the design look realistic.

Gold Rosary Tattoo

44. Black And White Rosary Tattoo

There are various tattoo art styles, and the artist specializes in black and white color inking. The Celtic cross design on foot makes the design approachable and has its meaning to the style.

In addition, the rosary beads with shading effect inked on foot make the style look decent.

Black Rosary Tattoo

45. Little Swallows And Rosary Tattoo

Beautiful swallows symbolize travel, loyalty, and fidelity. A unique foot tattoo design looks stylish, and the bold black ink makes it look incredible.

The reference to God and their omnipresence as a symbol of faith gives a delicate look to the tattoo.

Little Swallows And Rosary Tattoo

46. Cover Up Rosary Tattoo

Some foot tattoos are easy to cover up with shoes, and covering up the design with other shades gives a decent look.

The idea of the cover-up design with a bright and bold rosary design makes the tattoo look stunning. In addition, the black ink design helps make the design look elegant and delicate.

Cover Up Rosary Tattoo

47. Heart And Cross Rosary Tattoo

The rosary bead star, divine heart, cross symbol, and rosary are designed to lend an indigenous look to the wearer on the ankle.

The design idea inked on the body gives modification that is not always romantic. In depicting religious thoughts, getting a tattoo on your foot gives a decent look.

Rosary Tattoo

48. Feminine Rosary Tattoo

The elegant and cute rosary tattoo inked on foot displays the religious belief and the creative way with rosary beads and a cross with floral.

Extending down the tattoo style of the design idea looks impressive and gives an elegant appeal to the style. In addition, the colorful beading on foot gives an appealing look to the tattoo.

Rosary Tattoo

49. Rosary Tattoo With Cross

One of the reasons for rosary beads with cross holds a profound and personal meaning to the tattoo style.

The design looks stunning and is believed to offer the wearer the protection of God. However, making the style look delicate, the tattoo with the cross adds a sacred symbol of the Catholic Church.

Rosary Tattoo

50. Hibiscus Rosary Anklet Tattoo

A hibiscus rosary looks beautiful and it is a sign of good omens and happiness. The yellow colored hibiscus tattoo shows hope and joy.

To some cultures, this flower also represents life and vitality, and the anklet design makes the style look delicate. The black ink added to the style makes the design distinct.

51. Crystal Rosary Tattoo

Rosary tattoos had to do with roses and signify the Catholic faith. Making the design look elegant for the rosary seeks to communicate with God through repetitious prayer, and it helps to worship.

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In addition, the crystal appeal of the tattoo gives a distinct look to the style.

Rosary Tattoo

52. Small Rosary Tattoo

The tiny rosary beads come as a symbol of faith and protection. The famous ink lover gives a distinct appeal to the single-decade loop of beads wrapped around the ankle.

In addition, the black outline ink on the foot of the rosary provides a crucifix with a piece a styling look.

Rosary Tattoo

53. Custom Rosary Tattoo

You can customize the rosary tattoo inking with black as the dominant color.

The addition of elements in the bold look gives a delicate appeal. In addition, the bold black ink style makes the design look elegant on a woman’s feet, providing a stylish look.

Custom Rosary Tattoo

54. Beautiful Ankle Rosary Tattoo

The feminine tattoo design appeal and the beautiful ankle rosary tattoo give an anklet appeal to the style. The bold black ink design on the foot looks lovely.

The rosary anklet style with realistic and shining appeal gives a distinctive charm with the stunning appeal.

Rosary Tattoo

55. Stunning Rosary Tattoo

The best part about stunning rosary tattoos on foot gives an enhanced and distinctive look.

With the complete dedication to getting the tattoo design inked, the universal symbol wrapped with beads shows intense passion and faith in Catholic culture. Adding across to the tattoo design is a great way to show pride in religion.

56. Freehand Sketch Rosary Tattoo

Reflecting spiritual perception of life to unite the Christian faith, the rosary tattoo sketch design on foot gives an incredible idea.

The freehand design idea on foot makes a powerful and beautiful design to convey a complete dedication to the word of God. Making it cover the foot of the design looks stylish in black color.

Rosary Tattoo

57. Black And Green Ankle Rosary Tattoo

A Green and black ankle rosary tattoo design with sacred Catholic meaning is beautifully inked on foot.

The traditional inking was done beautifully and focused on crisp and tight details as of bracelet design. The charm bracelet inked on foot gives an adorable look to the tattoo style.

Rosary Tattoo

58. Faith Rosary Tattoo

A rosary tattoo design reminds you to choose the righteous path and do things that are followed by religion.

The intricate detailing of the rosary design in a circle at the center of the foot with a cross under it gives a different and unique look to the tattoo style. It helps enhance the tattoo appeal.

Rosary Tattoo

59. Rosary Tattoo With Feather And Cross

The rosary tattoo design with feathers and cross gives a different look to the tattoo style. Making the style appealing in black ink of a different look makes the design distinctive.

With an elegant tattoo style, the ankle design idea extended to the foot makes the idea an impressive one.

Rosary Tattoo

60. Silver Black Ink Rosary Tattoo

Someone who wears a rosary tattoo design on the body looks at the Christianity faith. The design idea inked in bold black and silver detailing helps enhance the look with subtle yet unique appeal.

The different colors of the tattoo make it an exciting design, giving the tattoo a unique look.

Rosary Tattoo

61. Butterfly Rosary Tattoo

The delicate look of the butterfly with rosary gives an enhanced look to the tattoo style.

Making the rosary a unique and customized design idea with loops of beads wrapped around the ankle provides a stunning look.

The blue ink tattoo design idea makes the style impressive with immense love for butterflies.

Rosary Tattoo

62. 3D Rosary Tattoo

The intriguing holy symbol of the rosary tattoo design on foot makes the tattoo presentable.

With a cross design inked on foot, the styling enhances the design giving a simplistic design in nature. The 3D tattoo design on foot looks good when inked in black.

Rosary Tattoo

63. Key And Puzzle Rosary Tattoo

A puzzle piece can symbolize many things, and finding the missing piece makes the tattoo feel complete, intelligent, and many more.

The key and puzzle rosary tattoo design on foot with colorful inking gives a subtle design idea. It gives you a unique and distinct reference for the initials and makes the design look elegant.

Rosary Tattoo

64. Small Rosary With Mother Tattoo

Discover forgiveness and mercy with the best rosary tattoo. The small rosary mother tattoo design inked on foot with fine dotwork gives a subtle appeal to the tattoo.

The tiny dots added to make the beads on the foot of the wearer in the small design help look styling.

Rosary Tattoo

65. Pink Colored Rosary Tattoo

The famous tattoo design inked in pink in the foot area is the single-decade look for the beads wrapped around the ankles.

Giving the crucifix piece on the top of the foot represents Mary’s role in directing your path. The faith and devotion towards God with colorful inking make the design look elegant.

Rosary Tattoo


What Does A Rosary Rattoo Symbolize?

The rosary tattoo is a sign that is believed to ward off evil spirits, demons.

It is inked to steering people away from temptation. Individuals who love to wear a rosary beads tattoo on their body may do it as they want to feel protected and safe by Mary and Jesus

What Celebrity Has A Rosary Tattoo?

Charisma Carpenter has got a rosary tattoo. When asked about wearing a rosary tattoo, she explained it is a reminder to her to stay in the middle of any matter.

She wanted to see the symbol every day because it tends to force her to stay focused, and it’s kind of spiritual for her and gives her positive energy.

What Do The Beads On A Rosary Mean?

The Rosary beads help us; they count our prayers and tell us which prayer to say. We are the Rosary Prayer with the Crucifix.

What Religion Does Not Allow Tattoos?

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have been hostile to tattoos, but many religions, in particular Buddhism and Hinduism, make extensive use of them.

This article examines their use as tools for protection and devotion.