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Real Vs Fake Bape

Bape Sta Sneaker Real vs Fake Guide 2023: How can You Tell if Bape Shoes are Fake?

Bape Sta Sneaker Real vs Fake Guide 2023: How can You Tell if Bape Shoes are Fake?

In 2002, Nigo released the Bapesta sneaker, which later became the “epitome of collectable footwear”. Bape entered the footwear realm with the Bapesta sneaker, arriving in bright colorways and distinct collaborations with brands like Marvel, Spongebob, MoWax, Kanye West, jjjound and more. Along with the shoe’s stand-out color combinations, part of the Bapesta’s allure was its exclusivity, with only a handful of U.S. stores stocking authentic pairs. How can you tell if Bape shoes are fake when we shopping online? Is Bape Sta Nike? Where to buy Bapestas? In this fake vs real Bape Sta guide, I will tell you step by step!


1. The Overall Look of Bape Sta sneaker

1) The Bape Sta sneaker resembles Nike’s Air Force 1 design, but instead of the swoosh on the side, it has Nigo’s Bapesta logo, a star with a lightning zap extending out of it. Most important was the fact that the Bapesta was constructed from patent leather, giving pairs a distinctive sheen that Uptowns (the Air Force 1’s most commonly used nickname) didn’t have.

2) The sneaker has a branded tongue tag pairs with white laces to accentuate the overall design. The midsole proffers a white or other colors, or yellowed midsole akin to vintage, while the laces and lining above opt for a much more pristine white treatment.


2. The Style and Material

1) Bapesta has also released models that looked like the Air Max, Adidas Shell Toe, Dunks and others, but giving their own personality to the shoe.

2) The Bapesta was unique in that it came in colors and materials that Nike simply wasn’t offering at the time. Think candy paint-like patent leather in bubblegum pastels and camouflage patterns. The upper, heel and logo are dressed in a glossy patent leather that leaves the silhouette with a glass-like finish.

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3) The new iterations are emblematic of BAPE’s iconic camo motif and bold hues, keeping with the brand’s recognizable aesthetic. For a sleeker look, customers can choose between the more muted grey, blue, and green colorways, and for those who prefer to make a bold statement, vibrant shades of red, purple and pink are also available.


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3. The Tongue of Bape Sta sneaker

1) There is the Bape Sta logo and “®” symbol on the tongue and they are sewn with thread. The image below shows that the registered trademark “®” symbol on fake shoes is too thick, while the symbol on real shoes is thinner.

2) The letter “B” in fake Bape’s logo appears smaller than the letter “B” of the real shoe’s letter pair, while the real pair’s letter is stretched more and wider than the fake pair’s letter.


4. The Size Tag of Bape Sta sneaker

1) Go inside the shoe check the size tag when it comes to legit checking Bapestas. The content of the size label consists of cm, US and the text “* A BATHING APE®”.

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2) We can see that the letters “US” on the fake Bapestas are too thin and too narrow compared to the real ones. The “US” on the original size label is thicker, larger and more pronounced than the imitation.

3) Below the label, the text “* A BATHING APE®”, is thicker and larger on genuine shoes, and thinner and smaller on fake shoes.


5. Bapesta Sneakers Rear Details

1) Turning over the Bapesta shoes to their backs, we can see the logos of the shoes and “®” symbol on it. The same as those on the tongue, they are sewn with thread. The stitches are fine, dense and neat, showing a high level of craftsmanship.

2) As you can see from the picture, the registered trademark “®” symbol of this pair of fake shoes is placed too low, and there is almost no space between the letter “B” in the word “BAPE”. However, the ‘®’ character is placed slightly higher on the real Bapesta sneakers as it is further from the word ‘BAPE’.

3) Besides, looking at the “STA” text, you can see that the letters of the false pair are too thick, while the same letters of the true pair are thinner.


6. The Midsole of Bape Sta sneaker

The color of the midsole is determined by the different styles and colors of the shoe. And the stitching on the fake shoe is poor compared to the clean stitching on the real shoe. Some of the threads on the fake pair are thicker and shorter than others, however, the threads on the authentic shoes are all the same thickness and length.


7. The Sole of Bape Sta sneaker

The real sole is well-defined with little stars, however, the fake sole dosen’t have these symbols and instead have some odd bumps. And the pattern engravings are also not well done and not very clear.

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8. The Stitching of Bape Sta sneaker

1) The quality of Bapesta sneakers look better than ever. The construction and stitching are a collector’s dream, as it looks like these sneakers will last a long time.

2) When you compare each stitch on the fake sneaker to the original, you’ll notice how precise and seamless the real stitches are, but the imitation ones are messy and dirty.


9. How do BAPESTAs fit?

BAPE’s sought-after sneakers are constructed to US sizing, so make sure to check your size. BAPE sizing is, in general, true to your usual size.

If you fits a pair of Nike Air Force 1s and you can order your BAPESTAs in the same size. On some occasions, however, BAPE sneakers have been reported to run half a size bigger, so if the true-to-size-fit feels off, consider buying another suitable size.


10. The Box of Bape Sta sneaker

1)Every year years nigo or whoever designs the stuff like to throw the fakers off by publishing new tags / new designs / new boxes / new packaging etc.

2)The material of the shoe box is good and very sturdy, while the texture of the fake box doesn’t look very good.The counterfeit box, on the whole, has significantly darker colors and less detail. And the majority of fakes are still packaged in gold boxes.


  • Where To Buy New And Second-hand Bape Sta sneakers The Cheapest?

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