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Rachel Mcadams Mole Dr Strange

The Real Reason Rachel McAdams Hasn’t Removed Her Iconic Mole

Rachel McAdams has become a staple within Hollywood since rising to fame in the early 2000s. The actress, known for her iconic roles in movies like Mean Girls, The Notebook, and Midnight In Paris, managed to shock fans in 2020 with a revelation about one of her most prominent features.

Thanks to the magic of make-up and airbrushing techniques, Rachel McAdam’s iconic mole on the side of her face has been hidden for much of her career. Looking back at both footage and promotional photos for her earlier movies, the actress’s skin was nearly always clear of blemishes and moles. Many longtime fans of the actress were shocked to learn that the mole on her face is real, causing millions of people to flock to the internet to verify the information.

Why Was Rachel McAdams Mole A Top Google Search?

Nearly anything can go viral these days if there’s enough interest. Rachel’s mole, in this case, intrigued and distracted viewers so much that it became a common question asked on Google. Some viewers thought the mole on her face was placed there for the movie as part of her character’s costume.

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Rachel Mcadams Mole Dr Strange

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According to Cafe Mom, Rachel has numerous moles on her face and neck and has for years. She’s also never considered removing them, including the raised mole on Rachel’s face that sparked the influx of searches.

On MovieChat.Org there’s an entire thread titled “Rachel McAdam’s Giant Mole”. The originator of the thread created it to ask chat with others about the actresses’ mole. They say, “This isn’t a beauty mark, it’s a lump of skin the size of a chickpea right on her face. I wonder why a millionaire actress can’t spend a few hundreds to get it removed.”

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While most of the following comments agreed that they didn’t know she had a mole on her face, most applauded the actress for letting her natural skin shine on camera. One user said in response, “I know what you’re talking about. Actually, I think it makes her look more realistic and down-to-earth. There’s a sense of humbleness and lack of vanity about it. At least, I hope that’s her intention.”

Idk why but Rachel McAdams mole triggers me in every movie she plays in — Frankie (@tougas28) April 18, 2020

The actress’s mole became a topic of conversation again when Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness premiered in May 2022. Twitter users flooded the app with jokes and questions about the “new mole” on the actress.

“Doctor Strange 2 was great, but I was very distracted by the gigantic mole on Rachel McAdams’s cheek. I’ve never seen that growth before, but on IMAX, it was massive. I hope it’s benign,” said @RockLover79 on Twitter.

It wasn’t long before a thread titled “They Couldn’t CGI Remove Rachel McAdam’s Damn Mole?” popped up online. With over four pages of comments, the actress has a resounding amount of support from the public for refusing to hide her mole.

Rachel McAdams Helped People Embrace Their Moles

Praise for Rachel’s mole wasn’t held solely among the internet comment sections. A reporter for the Metro UK, Rebecca Reid, wrote an article commending Rachel for helping the viewers love their own moles and blemishes.

Rachel mcadams mole standing out in dr strange 2! I believe it is not a coincidence that they shot her scenes using this angle. As someone who also has a mole on the face, I have never been that relate to a female character on screen 😄 — Princess diaries 3 👑 📖🐈📝 (@oryzasass) May 12, 2022

“I realised part way through that Rachel McAdams was moley. Like me,” wrote Rebecca after watching Eurovision. She continues, “and not just a teeny little freckle mole. She’s got a proper, significant, raised mole on the side of her face which, for once, wasn’t covered by airbrushing, her hair or make-up.”

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The writer highlights how beauty marks and moles have either been edited out of movies and television or become the butt of the joke. She highlights Austin Powers as an example of the latter, precisely Michael Meyer’s character’s inability to speak to Fred Savage’s character without calling out his gigantic mole.

Rebecca’s article points out that without women like Rachel showing their skin, flaws, and all. She helps others embrace the reality that not all skin will be unfiltered, uninterrupted, and mole free.

Who Are Some Other Celebrities Who Have Embraced Their Moles?

A handful of other celebrities have chosen to embrace their moles and freckles, like Rachel. One of them is Jennifer Lawrence. Slate dubbed the Oscar Award Winning actress the mole-iest sex symbol of all time. It’s true that until recently, moles weren’t something people saw on the front of a magazine or covering a leading man or woman. For years, many considered them and talked about them in women’s magazines as a sort of blemish unless they were positioned favorably.

For example, celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Scarlett Johansson, and Marilyn Monroe weren’t covered in moles, nor were their moles too big or positioned unfavorably. The public accepted their moles as accents to their facial features, with people even emulating their style by drawing moles on themselves. What makes one celebrity’s mole more appealing than the next? The normalization of it.