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Nike Made In Indonesia

Where Are Nike Shoes Made in 2023? 8 Countries

Where Are Nike Shoes Made

No wardrobe is complete without shoes. A misfit shoe can destroy your personality. And when it comes to athletic shoes, without any doubt, the first name that crosses anyone’s mind is Nike.

Nike is considered a benchmark worldwide for quality apparel, accessories, and sports equipment.

The iconic tick sign or otherwise known as the Swoosh Logo, speaks for the brand itself. But do you know where are Nike shoes made?

Well, if you have, your question is quite valid. So, are you ready to find it out? Let’s dive straight into it.

Where Are Nike Shoes Made?

The majority of Nike shoes are made in China and Vietnam. Apart from these two countries, Nike shoes also come from Indonesia, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, and Italy.

Other countries where Nike shoes are manufactured include Argentina, Brazil, Bosnia, Thailand, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and the list goes on and on. The company has factories in around 36 countries worldwide.

China and Vietnam account for 36% of the total production of Nike Shoes, while Indonesia has a share of 22% in the production; the rest is divided among the other countries mentioned above.

But what made the company so big, and how did Nike spread its success to far corners worldwide?

Let’s discuss the fantastic history and manufacturing strategies of one of our favorite athleisure brands.

How Nike Was Created:

Nike was initially known as BRS, abbreviated as Blue Ribbon Sports. Phil Knight, a track athlete at the University of Oregon, and his coach Bill Bowerman started the firm.

Nike was founded around 58 years ago, in 1964, by these two guys. The shoes made on a waffle iron mold went on to be the humble beginning of one of the most famous sneaker brands of all time.

The company initially worked as a distributor for Japanese shoemaker Onitsuka Tiger and sold 1300 shoes in the first year.

Later, the relationship between the two companies ended, and that’s when BRS decided to launch shoes with their brand name.

The brand was given the name Nike, and Swoosh Logo was registered as the official patent of the company in 1971.

The Nike slogan “Just Do It” you hear now and then was first coined by Dan Wieden, co-founder of Nike’s primary ad agency Wieden+Kennedy. Nike opened its first retail store in Downtown Portland in 1990.

In the same year, the company moved to its official World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. This place is still the Headquarters for Nike Inc.

Throughout its rich history of 58 years, the company has made several acquisitions. These include companies like Hurley, Cole Haan, Bauer Hockey, Converse, Starter, Umbro, and Catalog.

As of 2023, Nike is among the leaders of fitness apparel and athletic shoe manufacturers and is celebrated as an international brand worldwide.

The company provides a wide selection of shoes. These include football shoes, cleats, table tennis shoes, skating shoes, basketball shoes, and many more.

Nike History Timeline:

The company has a pretty rich history of ups and downs. The path to becoming a leading sportswear brand has not been easy. Here is a look at some of the crucial events that took place in the past.

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Nike History Timeline

The above timeline is just a glimpse of the importance, and much more happened during the company’s tenure.

Where are Nike Shoes Manufactured?

Well, now let’s look into the manufacturing facilities of Nike.

1. China:

When it comes to manufacturing, the first place one can think of is China. The country has progressed so much that every success is attributed to China.

It is reported that the first Nike factory in China was opened in 1981. Today, there are more than 160 Nike Factories operational in China.

Forty-six are reported to have been dedicated to producing Nike’s footwear. It makes up more than 25% of Nike Footwear Factories present worldwide.

These factories employ thousands of workers for the mass production of Nike products. The production of Nike shoes today in China results from a decision taken by the management in the 1990s called the Swoosh Index.

The company started looking for inexpensive labor and raw materials and began establishing factories in those countries. The result is lower costs and increased profitability.

Nike flagship shoes manufactured in China are supplied throughout the country. Some of them are also exported to nearby Asian countries.

Nike faced some backlash in the past couple of years as the company was blamed for forcing Uyghurs from rural Xinjiang to work unwillingly in Nike factories.

Nike, along with some other famous brands such as Apple, H&M, and many others, were reported to have forced Uyghur labor work at their production plants across the country.

The firm dealt with a lot of criticism due to its heinous act. Nike has tried clearing its position of not supporting such campaigns and has denied any ties with such forced labor.

China still is the manufacturing house for the majority of Nike products.

2. Japan:

Japan is among the first countries where Nike opened its factories. The company houses around 12 Nike facilities, of which three are dedicated to footwear manufacturing, where thousands of Nike sneakers are made.

The firm launched its first factory in Japan in 1964. There was a time when a mass exodus of companies’ sneakers was made in Japan.

Although there isn’t much production in Japan due to a hike in labor costs, Japan is still one of the epicenters for Nike’s manufacturing.

Some of the most iconic Nike shoes, such as the Nike Wimbledon Tennis shoes, were made here in Japan in 1974.

The management has focused more on producing in countries with inexpensive labor, such as Vietnam and China, in the past years.

3. Vietnam:

As discussed earlier, due to inexpensive labor, Nike has long moved its majority of production to countries like Vietnam.

Today, Nike is reported to have around 200 contracted factories in Vietnam, making it one of the Largest Nike Manufacturing Markets worldwide.

As of 2023, Vietnam is the biggest manufacturer of Nike Shoes. This shows how much Vietnam means for Nike as regards its footwear.

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It’s no surprise that most Nike shoes we wear are from Vietnam. Nike has plans to expand its operations in Vietnam further to shift its manufacturing focus to Vietnam.

4. Indonesia:

Indonesia is also among the most significant economies for Nike’s footwear, third only to China and Vietnam. Indonesia has been reported to have around 28 Nike factories exclusively used for Nike Footwear.

Recently, the company opened a new factory in Majalengka, West Java which has an annual production capacity of more than 15 million pairs.

Nike has exponentially increased its production in Indonesia due to cheap labor and efficient operations in the past few years.

Apart from footwear, the country also houses several other factories for its apparel, equipment, and raw materials.

5. South Korea:

Although there aren’t many Nike factories in Korea, Nike footwear factories here constitute a good portion of Nike footwear factories worldwide.

Korea is reported to have around 17 Nike footwear factories making it a big station for Nike shoes.

6. Taiwan:

Taiwan is another sweet spot for Nike as its footwear is concerned. Huali Industrial Group is the manufacturer of Nike and Converse shoes in Taiwan. There are a total of 10 Nike footwear factories in Taiwan, where Nike and Converse shoes are made.

Nike has had a prominent presence in Taiwan since its early days and has gone through several stages of development.

Most Nike shoes made here are made by third-party contract manufacturers such as the Huali group. Some of Nike’s footwear research and development is also said to have been done here.

7. India:

Feng Tay Enterprises and Apache Footwear are third-party manufacturers of Nike in India. Nike is one of India’s most used athletic brands and holds a prominent place.

Most Nike shoes in India are made in Feng Tay’s Tamil Nadu manufacturing facility in Cheyyar. Nike in India operates in cooperation with the private company SSIPL.

With hundreds of retail stores spread nationwide, Nike has made a name for itself over the past decades. Nike also sponsored the Indian official cricket team kit until 2020. Apart from it, Nike has sponsored athletes from a diverse stream of games.

8. Brazil:

Last but not least, Brazil also stands tall among Nike footwear manufacturing countries. The country houses around 7 Nike footwear industries where Nike shoes are made.

Being the largest country in South America, Nike footwear manufactured here is exported and supplied throughout the South American region.

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Are Nike Shoes Good for Running?

There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing a good pair of running shoes. Most importantly, they should be comfortable.

Nike’s reputation is well-established in the running shoe industry. After all, it all started with Phil and Bill selling shoes for jogging. Isn’t it?

The cushioning, stability, support, and traction are all critical to a good running shoe. Nike’s scores are very high in all of the above aspects. They are great for long-running, short-running, or jogging.

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They are comfortable, and they come in many different colors and styles. The shoes designed for running provide a good amount of cushioning to your feet and a solid midsole and outsole for better traction.

Many athletes wear these shoes and are official partners for many renowned sports teams globally.

Players like Micheal Jordan, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, and Cristiano Ronaldo are the brand ambassador of their shoes and have played many games wearing these fantastic shoes.

In the end, Nike is an excellent brand for runners and is one of the best brands to buy shoes for running.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are Nike Shoes made in China?

Yes, Nike manufactures a good proportion of its shoes in China. Until recently, China used to be the biggest manufacturing country for Nike Shoes. Currently, the company is shifting its focus to Vietnam and shifting more production facilities to make it a production hub for Nike.

Are Nike Shoes made in the USA?

Nike manufactures almost all of its shoes outside the US. According to a report, the company has 35 manufacturing across the US. However, 30 factories are used for apparel, and only 5 are dedicated to making sports equipment and accessories.

Where Are Nike Dunks Made?

The company manufactures Nike Dunks in Vietnam. Along with the Dunks, the Nike Air Force Ones and Jordan 1s are also manufactured in Vietnam.

Sustainable Nike – Move to Zero

Nike today is celebrated as the most iconic footwear brand of all time. The company has sponsored thousands of International Athletes and events since its beginning.

With manufacturing locations in more than 36 countries comes a social responsibility for conserving the environment.

Nike has started the Nike Grind program with other programs to stop pollution and avoid wastage by recycling. Along with it, the company also keeps a check on water pollution, air pollution, carbon footprint, and release of toxic chemicals to play its part in the conservation of the ecosystem.

The Move to Zero initiative from Nike is another example of trying to protect the environment and be sustainable.

The company aims to produce zero carbon footprint and zero waste to save the environment and sports.

Verdict: Where Are Nike Shoes Made?

There is hardly a country around the globe where this brand does not exist, or its users are not found. The company has around 785 Contracted manufacturing facilities worldwide to cater to their massive demand.

The company’s quality control and quality assurance ensure its products are worth their price. They ensure that we will enjoy our favorite sneakers, running, and athletic shoes for a long time.

All of their shoes are crafted from the highest-quality materials currently available on the market. They continue to innovate and improve their products to ensure that consumers get the best performance and comfort.

In the end, it took Nike less than 50 years to arguably be the best sportswear country globally. It is an American Sports company and certainly has made all Americans proud.