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12 Celebrities Who Have Clubbed Thumbs

Tory Musset

You see them strut the catwalk on the red carpet, with their flawless skin, expensive outfits, beautiful hair, and well-toned physique. They own palatial homes and drive expensive cars. Some of them have enough money to buy insurance for the weirdest purposes. If you’re wondering who this article is describing, then you’re about to enter the world of celebrities.

Clubbed thumbs or fingers is a deformity involving specific changes to the physical characteristics of your fingernails or toenails. Clubbing indicates an underlying medical condition of the heart or lungs.

Doctors diagnose clubbing by scrutinizing your medical history, family history or conducting physical exams to check your lungs and chest. By now, you have at least one celebrity in mind. Your perception is that of a person devoid of imperfections. You imagine someone like Damon Wayans or Charlize Theron; God’s gift to humankind.

The truth is these celebrities aren’t as near-perfect as you would imagine in the real sense. Most of them have flaws like the rest of us. Below is a list of celebrities with clubbed thumbs who have come out to publicly declare their imperfections.

Megan Fox

1. Megan Fox

Almost everything about Megan Denise Fox, an American actress, and model, spells perfection. If it isn’t her silky black hair, then it’s her beautiful face. According to 80’s Kids, the actress has starred in movies like “The Transformers”, “TILL DEATH”, and “MIDNIGHT in the SWITCHGRASS”. If you’ve watched her keenly, you may have noticed her clubbed thumbs.

A clubbed thumb, also known as brachydactyly, is a condition that makes one or both thumbnails to be club-shaped. The thumb looks fat and round. Some people call clubbed thumbs “a murderer’s thumb” and are often associated with fortune-tellers. Over the years, Megan’s haters have taken advantage of her clubbed thumbs to body-shame her.

The countless trolls from haters have turned into blessings in disguise because she was voted as “The Sexiest Woman in the World” by FHM in 2008. Despite her flaws, Megan’s achievement in Hollywood depicts going against all odds to win big.

Malin Ackerman

2. Malin Ackerman

Malin Ackerman is also another actress who’s appeared in dozens of films, the most popular one being “Watchmen .” According to Chicago Tribune, Malin has always viewed acting as more about vulnerability. She claims that being a celebrity means putting yourself out there to be judged and enjoyed. It is no surprise that she’s had her fair share of flaws, and some of her haters keep trolling her for it.

Besides having clubbed hands, Malin revealed in a recent interview about sustaining a second-degree scald. She accidentally poured hot water on herself on November 7, 2012, adding a poke in her already self-declared deformity.

She even went ahead to post a photo of her bandaged hand on her Twitter page. Apart from “Watchmen,” Malin landed an acting role in one of the most talked-about TV shows- “Billions”. The actress confessed that her flaws don’t stop her from being successful and that she’s grateful to the TV show producer for giving her the chance to showcase her acting prowess.

Tyler Joseph

3. Tyler Joseph

Growing up, Joseph Tyler was a skilled basketball player, and his parents always hoped that he would land a scholarship to college thanks to his sportsman talent. In his interview with Alternative Press, he mentioned that his parents would make him score at least 500 shots before dinner. His parents’ dreams came true when he finally got a scholarship to Otterbein University.

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Unfortunately, Tyler declined this offer and resorted to pursuing music instead. Today, Tyler is a renowned multi-instrumentalist who’s performed in various concerts in the US and internationally.

Like any other celebrities on this list, Tyler has clubbed hands and other flaws that he doesn’t like talking about. Upon close observation, you might notice that he has a three-part tattoo which he confesses it has something to do with his past. While he doesn’t want to talk publicly about it, he promises to tell you if you ask one-on-one, provided you don’t post it online or share about it with one of his haters.

Sanaa Lathan

4. Sanaa Lathan

Meet Sanaa McCoy Lathan, an American actress born on September 19, 1971. She’s landed various roles in films like “The Best Man”, “Love & Basketball”, and “Alien vs. Predator” among others. The actress followed her training at Yale, where she did many Shakespeare plays. In 1998, Lathan earned recognition when she played the role of Wesley Snipes’ mother in the “Blade”.

As is expected with celebrities on this list, it’s difficult to believe that Lathan has any physical imperfections. It is hard to imagine that an Afro-American actress is nothing close to near-perfect, but that’s what makes her human like the rest of us. She has a common deformity called clubbed thumb or brachydactylic. If you study her hands closely, you will notice her thumbs looking short and bulbous. The actress doesn’t let this weigh down her confidence, considering how successful she is in acting.

Leighton Meester

5. Leighton Meester

If “Gossip Girl” is your all-time favorite film, you should be familiar with Leighton Meester, who played “Blair Waldorf”. Not only is she a popular American actress, but is also a singer and model. Born on April 9, 1986, she’s appeared in films like “Killer”, “Country Song”, “The Roommate”, “Monte Carlo” and “The Judge”. According to AnswersToAll, Meester was born with clubbed thumbs.

Her thumbs look more like toes. Researchers believe that she has toe thumbs because it’s an inherited condition. People with clubbed thumbs have short bones in the fingers and toes, resulting in a shortened thumb, while the rest of their fingers are normal. Unfortunately, it’s rare to correct brachydactyly, and plastic surgery can only improve the finger’s functionality.

The most demotivating part about this condition is that it comes along with other deformities. In that case, the only solution is surgery which may involve osteotomy, which works by cutting the bone.

Vittoria Puccini

6. Vittoria Puccini

We all assume that celebrities should be willowy attractive, and have a timeless look, so Vittoria Puccini is considered one of the most beautiful actresses. Born in Florence, Italy, in November 1981, Vittoria studied law before leaving for university. She decided to spend a few more days in Milan before relocating to the US to pursue her career in acting.

Upon close observation, you may notice that Vittoria’s clubbed thumbs; a rare deformity that an individual inherits from their parents. However, this flaw hasn’t dissuaded Vittoria from scaling higher in her career. She’s earned recognition after becoming the lead actress in “Elisa di Rivombosa” a costume drama television series. She credits her acting success to her Italian father, an actor.

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Miles Teller

7. Miles Teller

Miles Teller is another popular actor who’s played various roles. Growing up, Miles hid his thumbs in photos, or else people would make snide remarks about his clubbed thumbs. In his interview with Harpers Bazaar, Miles revealed that though his fingers made him feel unattractive, he finally accepted that there’s nothing he could do about it.

As he grew older, he made jokes about it. When he was doing a movie (Get a Job), the director said, “Cut! Can we get somebody else’s hand in there?” It may have come off as an abusive remark, but this didn’t get on Teller’s nerves. He confessed that he likes to bite his fingernails, making his thumb look fatter. Like his character in “Whiplash”, Miles grew up playing drums and saxophones.

Together with his two older sisters, they played these instruments for fun in middle school. The actor has also played various roles alongside popular titles like George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

Ashley Tesoro

8. Ashley Tesoro

If there’s any actress known for multitasking, it is Ashley Lyn Tesoro. Born on February 15, 1983, Ashley is a popularly known actress, model, country music singer. You’ve probably watched her starring roles in NBC’s “Saved by the Bell” as Liz Miller. But what spices her uniqueness is a rare condition known as clubbed thumbs. It’s not easy believing, leave alone imagining, that this beauty has a flaw that can make anyone get trolled at.

Such an imperfection hasn’t stopped Ashley from being successful. She started modeling when she was only six years old. She won many local pageants until she was eight, crowned “Little Miss California”. She’s worked for modeling companies like Radiosa Gowns. Levi’s and Tommy Hilfiger. She’s also a renowned country music singer who’s made her debut with a self-titled EP on Tesoro records.

Megan Fox Brachydactyly

9. Kristen Van Dernoot

A few years ago, the internet realized that the extremely conventionally gorgeous actress Kristen Van Dernoot has toe thumbs, and it’s like the world came to a standstill. In her interview with MILKSQUID, Kristen says she knows everyone around her has noticed her thumbs and how it’s a little thick. She says that sometimes she has to remind herself that she needs two shoes instead of three.

Surprisingly, all her rings and gloves fit her right. The strangest part about her deformity is that she hasn’t come across any other family members with it. She reveals that her twin brother has the perfect fingers. One time, her mother accompanied her to a local doctor to see if her toe thumbs could be restored. The nurse recommended that she should arrange x-rays. However, as years passed, she decided to accept her flaws and learned how to live with them.

Anna Walton

10. Anna Walton

Of all English-born actresses, Anna Walton comes out as the most successful. She won the role of Princess Nuala in “Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army” even though she was eight months pregnant at the time of her audition. It is no surprise that she won “Best Actress” at the Milan International Film for Vampire Diary in 2008.

Born on December 18, 1980, Anna started working as a model while studying at Queenswood School in Hertfordshire. So, when you discover that she has clubbed hands, it gets you wondering if her life has been rosy or a nightmare. Anna Walton doesn’t let people’s snide remarks get to her like other celebrities with flaws. As an adult, she’s discovered that no human being is perfect. Her clubbed thumbs might seem like the last thing she needed, but they have only proven that no human is limited.

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Ashley Lyn Cafagna

11. Ashley Lyn Cafagna

Born Ashley Lyn Cafagna on February 15, 1983, Ashley Tesoro is an actress, model, and singer. You know her from the popular tv series “Saved by the Bell” by NBC and “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

As of 2022, her net worth was $700,000. For an actor getting netting that amount of money every year, it’s hard to imagine if her clubbed fingers have made her feel uncomfortable around people, leave alone taking photos and strutting the red carpet. However, Ashley’s success stories in acting, modeling, and music prove one fact; disability isn’t inability. She doesn’t let trolls or body-shaming enthusiasts weigh her down. Nowadays, she’s not afraid of posing while displaying her fingers for the world to see.

Tory Musset

12. Tory Musset

One thing that makes Tory Musset, an Australian actress, stand out is her first television appearance in an episode drama called the “Murder Call”. Born on June 26, 1978, Tory has a net worth of around $1 million. She’s a proud mother and wife. Having clubbed fingers may have proven to be a blessing in disguise for the blonde-haired Tory.

Growing up, her friends would comment on how fat her thumbs were. When she was manicuring her nails, one of her friends couldn’t help noticing her fat fingers. It may have weighed her down at first, but as she grew up, she realized that getting body-shamed because of deformity is normal. She knew that any person with a deformity is gifted in their special ways. She’s since embraced her toe thumbs and views them as what makes her uniquely gorgeous.


It is no surprise that the acting, modeling, and music industry are the only professions that people expect perfection. Fans and critics will always find something to talk about once they notice something unusual about these celebs. The truth is celebrities aren’t anything close to perfect. While some might have undergone plastic surgery to reconstruct their fingers, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that their fans have already noticed their flaws. So, if you have toe thumbs that make you feel unattractive, remember that these 12 celebrities share your deformity. That’s what makes everyone human.

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