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The One Beauty Rule Leslie Mann Won’t Let Daughter Maude Apatow Break

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Many of us learned our first beauty tips from our moms—and that doesn’t change even if you happen to be part of an A-list Hollywood family. Mother-daughter duo Leslie Mann, 47, and Maude Apatow, 21, are all about swapping products and sharing advice to the point that they even star in ads for Jergens together and work as two of the brand’s ambassadors.

Their current go-to from the brand? Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, both for its ease and efficacy and because the classic scent takes them both back to their childhoods. “I’ve been using Jergens on and off for my entire life. It just has that scent that brings you back to when you were a little kid,” Mann tells Glamour. “But now the lotion is so easy because you can put it on in the shower.”

We caught up with the two actresses to have them answer our Big Beauty Questions, in which they shared some of their other favorite products, the lessons Mann passed down to her daughter (brows are involved!), who spends the most on makeup and skin care, and what Apatow took away from the Euphoria set.

Glamour: Maude, what’s one beauty lesson you’ve learned from your mom?

Maude Apatow: She’s definitely taught me to moisturize—and not to overpluck my eyebrows.

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Leslie Mann: I made that mistake.

Maude: I’ve been taught my whole life: Don’t touch them.

Leslie: I’ve told all her friends that too. Thin eyebrows aren’t cute anymore, and once you overdo them, they won’t grow back.

Maude: The ’90s killed your eyebrows!

Which of you spends the most on skin care?

Leslie: Me. I’m a total sucker for skin care. Anything and everything. This morning somebody sent me this website for a new product, and it had some ridiculous description of all these things that it can do. I caught myself believing all of it. I was like, I have to get it because it’s going to make my skin do all of these different things!

Which of you spends the most on makeup?

Leslie: Me again.

Maude: She buys everything, and then I just kind of borrow or steal it.

Leslie: Maude and Iris [Mann’s 17-year-old daughter] borrow or steal everything.

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What’s the one makeup product you guys can’t live without?

Leslie: Lip balm. I’m constantly putting on lip balm. It’s my number one thing.

Maude: Lipstick!

Which of you spends the most on hair?

Leslie: It’s me again. We like to use conditioner for coarse hair, even though we have fine hair. It’s so good—it’s like a hair mask. And then.

Together: Olaplex!

Leslie: I love Olaplex No. 6.

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Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother Reparative Styling Creme

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Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

Is that because you guys are coloring your hair often?

Leslie: Well, I have to color my hair because. you know. But Maude doesn’t.

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Maude: I’ll color my hair sometimes, and the Olaplex masks are good for that. But with the Bond Smoother, you can use right after you get out of the shower every day. That one is so good.

Which one of you takes the most time getting ready?

Leslie: I can be ready in, like, three minutes.

Maude: Yeah, that’s definitely me. I like to relax and do my whole routine. I just take my time putting on makeup. I don’t really know why.

Leslie: She does a really good job. She does great eye shadow and brows.

Maude: Oh, yeah, I love doing my eyebrows.

Leslie: I don’t wear face makeup. Usually I’ll put on mascara and that’s it. So I’m quick.

Maude, did you pick up any good tips from the Euphoria set? We can’t talk makeup without talking Euphoria makeup, because it’s incredible.

Maude: Donni Davey, who did the makeup on Euphoria, was so good at doing foundation and glowy face makeup without it ever looking cakey. It never looks like makeup! I sort of just watched her do it, and the way she did my eyebrows. She’s amazing. Working on that show made me want to try more fun makeup looks.

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