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The My Name Is Earl Cast: Where Are They Now?

My Name is Earl ended back in 2009, but the cast members have been keeping busy with new projects & opportunities.

my name is earl cast

It is hard to believe that it has been over a decade since My Name is Earl went off of the air. In just four seasons, the show received a cult following thanks to its sharp wit and hilarious sense of humor. It gained enough love from critics and fans to at least garner a few award nominations, including four Golden Globe nods and five Emmy wins.

For those unfamiliar with the premise, it follows Jason Lee as Earl, who wins $100,000 and uses the money to commit to righting everything wrong he’s done in the past. Even those who don’t recognize the show most certainly recognize its cast filled with recognizable actors, all of whom have kept themselves busy over the last decade.


10 Jason Lee Is Working On Mallrats 2 & Animation

jason lee holds a chocolate covered pretzel

Following Jason Lee’s two-time Golden Globe-nominated turn as the title character, the former Earl hasn’t been as frequently seen onscreen in recent years, but that is mostly because he’s found a comfortable position in the sound booth as a voice actor for works like American Dad, Marvel Super Heroes, and most prominently in the We Bare Bears franchise that just wrapped up after five years.

Now, he is prepping a return to the big screen in a sequel to the movie that gave him his breakout role 25-years ago, Mallrats. In an October 2020 interview with Entertainment Weekly, writer-director Kevin Smith promised that the sequel, currently titled Twilight of the Mallrats, will feature the entire original cast and will focus on Lee’s character Brodie and his daughter.

9 Nadine Velasquez Reunited With Paco

on the set of major crimes

During her 98-episode run on My Name Is Earl as Catalina Aruca, Nadine Velasquez’s character had a boyfriend named Paco, played by Raymond Cruz. After the show ended, the two would reunite on the set of Major Crimes when she joined the cast during its second season as D.A. Emma Rios. In the crime drama, her love interest is none other than her former Earl boyfriend Cruz, now playing Julio Sanchez.

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Outside of television, Velasquez also has some noteworthy movie roles under her belt, including starring in Snitch opposite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

8 Ethan Suplee Is In The Best Shape Of His Life

ethan suplee flexes

On his podcast American Glutton, per Entertainment Tonight, Ethan Suplee revealed that while filming My Name Is Earl, he weighed something closer to 400 pounds. When the show ended, he committed to a diet plan and quit drugs.

In the years since that time, Suplee has entered into the best shape of his life. As of now, he has cut his weight down to a slimmer, muscular, and overall astounding 255 pounds.

7 Jaime Pressly’s Love Life & Acting Life Blossom

screenshot from cbs mom

Like Jason Lee before her, Jaime Pressly was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in My Name Is Earl, as well as an Emmy win. This would prove the height of her career, though she’s continued to receive steady work, most notably as a regular on the show Mom.

Even more notably, just two months after Earl’s series finale, Pressly became engaged to entertainment lawyer Simran Singh and they wed the following September, although they’d divorce within two years. Although, a light at the end of the tunnel comes in Pressly giving birth to two twin sons in 2017 with boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi.

6 Alyssa Milano Is A TV Judge & Poison Ivy

poison ivy screenshot on young justice

Alyssa Milano is perhaps best recognized for her role in the show Charmed, but fans should not forget what she brought to the table upon joining the cast of My Name Is Earl for its third season as Billie.

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In more recent years, she’s taken a bit of a back seat from acting, instead mostly appearing on shows as a judge for guest spots on Project Runway All-Stars, Rupaul’s Drag Race, and Hollywood Game Night. Although, when she does decide to break out her old acting boots, she makes some interesting choices, like voicing Poison Ivy in Young Justice.

5 Eddie Steeples Kept Himself Busy Without Rubberbands

screenshot from jiu-jitsu

Before being recognized as the show-stealing and lovable character known best as Darnell Turner, Eddie Steeples had a successful career of his own as the Rubberband Man in a series of OfficeMax commercials. The Howard University attendee continued working after Earl with a recurring role on Raising Hope.

In the time since then, he has consistently popped up in different movies – some, like Ho Ho, he actually wrote, produced, and directed. Some notable Hollywood films are Truth or Dare and, most recently, Jiu-Jitsu.

4 Billy Gardell Gained His Own Show Alongside Melissa McCarthy

mike and molly screenshot

It’s been so long since his 11-episode run as Officer Hoynes that it seems hard to believe that Billy Gardell originally got his start in mainstream media with an appearance on My Name Is Earl. Not long after the show went off the air, he finally acquired his own TV show, called Mike and Molly, in which he acted opposite Melissa McCarthy just as her fame was breaking out in Hollywood.

Although he never received an Emmy for his part as McCarthy did, he continues to get respectable family-friendly work in notable stories like Phineas and Ferb, Young Sheldon, and Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas.

3 James Crawford Is A Next-Gen Captain America

Next Avengers

My Name Is Earl was something of a breakout career opportunity for the young Noah Crawford who often appeared in episodes playing a young child version of Earl. Playing Young Earl was actually Crawford’s first role in acting and his introduction to Hollywood.

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From that, he catapulted into the world of voice acting, where for the straight-to-DVD release Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, he played James Rogers, the future son of Steve Rogers and Black Widow. Now at 26-years old, he seems to have all but quit acting, with his last credit dating back to 2019.

2 Greg Binkley Has A Voice Spot On Legend Of Korra

my name is earl

Another often recurring character from the show was Kenny James, played by Gregg Binkley. The actor’s name may not sound familiar to many, but his character’s 18-episode run on My Name Is Earl is memorable enough to at least remember Kenny.

His voice may sound familiar as well, particularly to fans of the Avatar franchise, since Binkley provided the voice acting for the character of Kong on The Legend of Korra. More recently, he has had recurring roles respectively as Dr. Cooper and Detective Rogers in Diary of a Future President and Finding Love in Quarantine.

1 Dale Dickey Became An Actor For Marvel

iron man 3

Prior to joining the cast of My Name Is Earl as the recurring Patty, Dale Dickey had plenty of small appearances to her name in notable movies and shows but no notable performances to truly showcase her ability. When My Name Is Earl ended, this began a career as a character actor for numerous projects, starting with a supporting role in the Oscar-nominated Winter’s Bone.

What followed was another recurring role as Martha for True Blood, also appearing in Iron Man 3 that same year. More recently, she’s gained a starring role in TNT’s Claws alongside Niecey Nash.