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Lea Michele Height

How tall is Lea Michele

How tall is Lea Michele

Lea Michele Height

Editor Rob

Maybe 5ft 9-10

phoebe said on 9/Oct/18
I’ve just rewatched scream queens-
She looks taller than the other 3 main girls Emma Roberts / Billie Lourd and Abigail Breslin. Although I think all the girls are on the shorter end of the spectrum and their isn’t much between them – I just think she has the slight edge

Hannah said on 9/Oct/17
Looks like 5’3
Dom said on 23/May/17
Compared to other celebs, looks closer to 5’3”

andrea said on 14/Jul/15
I met her and she’s definitely not 5’2 haha, I’m 5’0 and she looked a couple inches taller but she was wearing high heels and I was wearing vans

Ally said on 30/Mar/15
5’2 seems correct for Lea
Cami said on 22/Dec/14
season 2 episode 1 called Audition
Jordan said on 5/Nov/14
In what episode did she say her height?

Cami said on 1/Aug/14
On a glee episode her character Rachel says she is 5’2 so it makes sense for that to be Lea’s actual height.

lisa said on 22/Jun/13
if 5’2 or 5’3 are below average, then that’s considered short.
Jen said on 1/May/13
Becca Tobin is about 5’2″ (or maybe a little bit less). Lea is also 5’2″.

Caroline said on 22/Mar/13
Do you know how tall is Becca Tobin, the one who plays Kitty on Glee?
And Lea’s proportions are perfect, I mean I’m 5’2 and my legs look way shorter than hers

Derick said on 12/Jan/13
How long are her legs?

Denny said on 11/Oct/12
She can look taller because her legs are stupid long (and sexy), but I’d say 5’1-5’2 is about right.

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Lisa said on 28/Sep/12
5’2″ is pretty accurate. She’s over a foot shorter than Finn.
mimi said on 14/Sep/12
I met her at independence day this year. she is adorable!! I´m 5´3 and she was slightly but stil noticeable smaller than me, I wore flipflops and she was in chucks, so I´d say she is 5ft 2. not smaller nor taller!

K said on 21/Aug/12
WOW is Lea Michele only 157 cm, i am a 12 yaer old girl from Norway and i am 163 cm and the heigest one in my clas is 167cm(i am the oldest in my clas)

Mr.Hosanna said on 17/Aug/12
I’m only 5’6″.As a teen boy,I’m short.Sometimes I feel very sorry about my short height.But,I was not always disappointed.Because height is not a pretty thing.Only good soul is the most beautiful thing in the world .
Good luck,Rachel.

Silent d said on 6/Feb/12
Dianna agron has her own page and she is listed as 166cm. You can all discuss her height on her page. 5 foot 2.

Cindy said on 21/Jan/12
If she’s 5’2 or 5’3 then she’s not short, considering 5’4 is average. Cory is just really tall, and all the other girls are above average.

Rebecca said on 4/Jan/12
that weird i thought she was taller than me but i guess not maybe it the big heels she wears well she’s short for a girl sooo petite i like it not to be mean or rude or anything but i like her height it’s a cute height for her!

lee said on 2/Nov/11
its wierd that they say lea’s short. i am 4’9 and i know that anything above 5’0 is tall

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@dan said on 13/Aug/11
i think Jonathan groff is about 5’8-5’9..he looks about 2 inches shorter than Matthew Morrison who’s about 5’10, yeah and plus groff always wears those massive boots.

Lina said on 3/Aug/11
In an interview from Harper Bazaar September issue she says she is 5´3.

pricilla said on 1/Jun/11
i’m 4’9 and she seems tall to me. then again anyone even a little taller than me is pretty tall to me lol

bink said on 26/May/11
moo, i think her character’s supposed to be shorter. actually, they all seem shorter than they are on the show. before i looked it up i thought naya was 5’2 and diana was around 5’4. it’s not very realistic for a 5’2 girl to be teased for her height anyway, when there are people under 5 feet in almost every school.

Isabella said on 23/Apr/11
@Moo! 5’2″ may not be, so to speak, “amazingly” short, however it’s still pretty short. I’m 5’1″ and my friends refer to me as a dwarf. Clearly I’m not. It’s just teasing. Anything below 5’4″ is short for a girl. Whether it’s slightly, quite, very, or extremely, it doesn’t matter; short is short. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

marc said on 14/Mar/11
she referred to herself as a “Dwarf” on a recent episode so i think 5’2 is rather optimistic!

niki said on 8/Feb/11
Rob, you need to add all the Glee cast members’ heights here.
Jimmy said on 18/Jan/11
I’d say she was 5’2 and Diana Aggron was 5’4/5’5

dan said on 7/Jan/11
I wonder the height of her Spring Awakening and Glee costar, Jonathan Groff; He doesn’t look that much taller than her, and most of the times he’s wearing big boots. can anyone tell what his height is?

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