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Kristen Stewart Look Alike Teresa Palmer

51 Celebrity Look Alikes That’ll Surprise You!

Kristen Stewart Look Alike Teresa Palmer

If you thought movies with a celebrity look alike bit were unrealistic then think again. Because there are people who can be totally unrelated and yet look so similar. Sometimes the resemblance is so uncanny that it would force you to do a double-take. And here we are with one such list of your favorite celebrities with their famous as well as not-so-famous look-alikes. From Kate Middleton to Kendall Jenner, we have got them all. We promise that the following photographs are going to leave you confused and shocked. Look for the original on your left and their doppelganger on the right and tell us what you think.

So, let’s get started!

51 Popular Celebrity Look Alikes


1. Ariana Grande Look Alike

Let’s start this celebrity look alike list with the Ariana Grande doppelganger, Paige Niemann. Paige is a Tik Tok star who bears an uncanny resemblance with Ariana and this is exactly what got her famous. Even Ariana reached out to her once but things changed last year when Ariana publicly clapped back at her impersonator for crossing the lines. But that has not stopped Niemann from doing what she does best. Recently, she received even more flak from the netizens for recreating Ariana’s bridal looks.


2. Rihanna Look Alike

28-years-old Tik Toker Priscilla Beatrice is a celebrity look alike who looks more like Rihanna than the real Rihanna. She bowled everyone over when she created the Good Girl Gone Bad singer’s look from the British Fashion Awards ceremony. Rihanna acknowledged her doppelganger in her own way by leaving a comment under her post that said, “where the album sis #R9”.


3. Kate Middleton Look Alike

Heidi Agan was once a waitress but today she is a very successful Kate Middleton look alike. Initially, she had no idea about the resemblance. But as Kate’s popularity grew, Heidi’s customers started pointing out the very obvious truth that Heidi looked like the Duchess. It was their persistence that made Heidi send her headshots to a talent agency. And since then, she hasn’t looked back to her life as a waitress.


4. Kylie Jenner Look Alike

Yes, these are two different people. Shocking, right? The Algerian-born teen who goes by the all-caps name, AMIRA on social media looks so much like Kylie that it can even confuse Kris Jenner. It’s not just Amira’s facial features but also her love for makeup and colorful wigs that make her a perfect Kylie Jenner doppelganger.


5. Zooey Deschanel Look Alike

There are many Zooey Deschanel look alikes but her most popular celebrity look alike is the Dark Horse singer, Katy Perry. Blame it on their brunette locks, blue eyes, and a similar face shape that their fans often get confused between the two all the time. These two look so similar that it is hard to believe that they are not twins or even somehow related.


6. Angelina Jolie Look Alike

Like Zooey Deschanel, there are quite a few Angelina Jolie look alikes as well. The one that got a lot of attention for botching her face from having undergone 50 surgeries was Sahar Tabar from Iran. It turns out her exaggerated looks were only clever use of makeup and editing tools. Sadly, she has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for corrupting the youth of Iran.

Another Angelina Jolie doppelganger who went viral back in 2015 is Chelsea Marr. She is an HR worker from Scotland and is the one featured in the picture above. Her likeness to the beautiful Jolie got so much attention that she received a lot of modeling gigs which she refused.


7. Marilyn Monroe Look Alike

This Marilyn Monroe look alike is Jasmine Chaswell who also happens to live in the late star’s house. Call it a coincidence or simply fate, but Jasmine found her dream house and it happened to be the one where Marilyn had lived for a few years. She loves dressing in vintage fashion and has the same hair and even the same bubbly smile that Marilyn was famous for.


8. Kim Kardashian Look Alike

Here is another celebrity look alike, Sonia Ali. She is based in Dubai and is a part of the famous blogging duo Sonia×Fyza. From her brows to her lips, everything will remind you of Kim Kardashian and will leave you confused as to how these are two different people. However, it is crazy how a white woman’s doppelganger is an Asian woman.


9. Jessica Chastain Look Alike

Jessica Chastain found her celebrity look alike in her co-star from the movie, The Help. Bryce Dallas Howard looks so similar to Chastain that it even confused the former’s father and director Ron Howard. These two actresses get mistaken for each other all the time. And can we really blame anyone in the face of such similarity?

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10. Selena Gomez Look Alike

Sofia Solares from Mexico has received a lot of attention for her striking resemblance with the Good For You singer. Her Instagram is flooded with comments pointing out the resemblance and yes, the 22-year-old is well aware of it.


11. Zoe Saldana Look Alike

Did you also think that Zoe Saldana starred alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2? Then you are not alone who made this wrong deduction. Because that was not Zoe Saldana but her celebrity look alike and famous actress Thandie Newton.


12. Kendall Jenner Look Alike

Kendall Jenner must have dozens of doppelgangers but the one that really got our attention was model Meghan Wiggins. Because she was the one who made us do a double-take. The crazy part is that Meghan, just like Kendall, is friends with the supercool Gigi Hadid.


13. Channing Tatum Look Alike

In another news of celebrity look alike who can leave you baffled, we have the 29-years-old Will Parfitt who has an uncanny resemblance with the Magic Mike star, Channing Tatum. However, it is Will whose life is more like that of Magic Mike. He is a performer and regularly posts clips of his performances on his Instagram feed.


14. Taylor Swift Look Alike

Tik Tok is full of celebrity look alikes and in that sea of doppelgangers, the netizens found a Taylor Swift doppelganger named April Gloria. Taylor’s fans cannot seem to get over the resemblance and truth be told neither can we. Look at it yourself, same blonde hair, same blue eyes, and same bow-shaped lips!


15. Ed Sheeran Look Alike

Here is another celebrity look alike that left us super shocked owing to his resemblance with the Shape of You singer, Ed Sheeran. Not only does Nic from Germany look like Sheeran but also performs like him.


16. Julia Roberts Look Alike

Arpi Petrosyan is an Armenian singer who took the internet by storm with her amazing and dynamic voice. But some netizens just could not get over how she reminded them of a young Julia Roberts and we agree. Arpi has similar facial features, the long curly brunette locks, and a million-dollar smile just like the Pretty Woman star.


17. Natalie Portman Look Alike

There might be many Natalie Portman look alikes but she has a famous celebrity look alike in fellow actress Keira Knightley. Despite their different hairstyles over the years from short and curly to long and straight, both the actresses bear an uncanny resemblance to each other. They look so similar that Keira was chosen to play the role of Natalie’s double, Sabe in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. So yes, their resemblance is Hollywood-approved.


18. Scarlett Johansson Look Alike

It was only recently that a Tik Toker who goes by the name Kate Johansson has brewed a storm on the internet for cosplaying Scarlet’s famous character from the Marvel universe, Black Widow. She looks like a spitting image of the actress even when she is not cosplaying. Someone really said Ctrl+C when making these two.


19. Jennifer Garner Look Alike

Jennifer Garner’s celebrity look alike is yet another famous actress, Hilary Swank. Fans often mistake one for the other and the actresses are well aware of this confusion created by their similar looks.


20. Lily Collins Look Alike

It is Emilia Clarke that often gets confused for being Lily Collins. Blame it on similar facial features and dark hair.


21. Lili Reinhart Look Alike

Sarah Gordon of Are You Afraid of the Dark? fame looks so much like Lili Reinhart that it even confused her. The resemblance is so uncanny that these two can practically be twins.


22. Kristen Stewart Look Alike

Another popular celebrity look alike combination is that of Kristen Stewart and Teresa Palmer. One starred in Twilight and had a vampire boyfriend whereas the other starred in Warm Bodies and had a zombie boyfriend. Stewart and Palmer also have similar facial features and the same long blonde hair. But hey, Kristen has chopped her long locks but there is still some resemblance between the two that the fans cannot help but notice.


23. Emma Watson Look Alike

Kari Lewis is a 31-years-old from Indiana who can make you do a double-take thanks to her resemblance with the Harry Potter star, Emma Watson. Keri looks like the spitting image of Emma and once she is in her Hermione attire you would be barely able to tell the difference.


24. Beyonce Look Alike

Can you believe that only one of these pictures is of Beyonce? We could not believe it either. In another baffling celebrity look alike instance, we have Brittany Williams from Detroit who looks like Beyonce’s twin sister. She resembles the Single Ladies singer so much that she is often chased by over-enthused Beyonce fans.

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25. Megan Fox Look Alike

Here is another celebrity look alike who looks more like the celebrity than the actual celebrity. See for yourself. On the left is the real Megan Fox and on the right is her doppelganger Irina from Germany.


26. Madonna Look Alike

Anne Winters is known for her role in the Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why. And fans could not help but notice the resemblance between her and Like A Virgin singer Madonna. Winters took it to next level when she transformed herself into the iconic singer and posted the results on Instagram in a bid to land the titular role in the Madonna biopic.


27. Nina Dobrev Look Alike

Doppelgangers exist outside the world of The Vampire Diaries and nobody knows it better than Nina Dobrev who found her celebrity look alike in Victoria Justice. Justice is a spitting image of Dobrev and thus, the two are always confused for each other by their fans.


28. Margot Robbie Look Alike

Tik Tok is full of celebrity doppelgangers and we found another one. This time we have a celebrity look alike for the Suicide Squad actress, Margot Robbie. A who is just another girl from Watford who likes to go out with her friends and post videos about it.


29. Lady Gaga Look Alike

We even found a celebrity look alike for Lady Gaga. If you take a look at Amethyst Rose, it will leave you very much confused as well as shocked because of her striking resemblance with the Poker Face singer. Even Rose is aware of it and has said, “If I had a dollar for every time someone said I look like Lady Gaga, I’d be very rich”.


30. Gigi Hadid Look Alike

Netherland-based model and blogger Iza Ijzerman did not believe it at first that she resembled fellow model Gigi Hadid. It was only when her own modeling agency called out the striking resemblance between her and Hadid that she was able to believe. And just like everyone on Instagram, we see it too!


31. Ryan Gosling Look Alike

A few years back the internet went crazy over this celebrity look alike of Ryan Gosling. Johannes Laschet is a menswear blogger and has studied law. He also happens to be the son of a prominent German politician, Armin Laschet.


32. Laura Dern Look Alike

Maria Wojciechowski is an actress and stand-up comedian who received a lot of comments over her resemblance with the Jurassic Park actress Laura Dern. Finally, when she could see it herself, Maria made a separate Instagram account where she regularly posts a side-by-side comparison just like the one above.


And she also got to meet the actress to bring us this blurry gem of a picture. They do share a resemblance, don’t they?


33. Audrey Hepburn Look Alike

There have been any Audrey Hepburn look alikes over the years but one celebrity look alike who we really agree with is none other than actress Lily Collins. From strikingly similar facial features to the acting genius, Lily can truly be labeled the modern-day’s Hepburn. You can see the resemblance very clearly when she channels the iconic 60s fashion.


34. Shakira Look Alike

On the left, we have Shakira but the one on the right is not Shakira. Shocking, right? It was shocking and confusing for us as well. This celebrity look alike is Rebecca Maiellano who calls herself “Shakira’s international double”. And she sure looks the part. She is also a singer and songwriter and performs on her own show, Shakibecca Live.


35. Jennifer Lopez Look Alike

Here we are with a post where Jenny from the block meets Jay from Houston. Janice Garay is a bodybuilder from Texas who has received a lot of attention for being a celebrity look alike of Jennifer Lopez. If you wanted to see how a buff JLo would look then go and take a look at Janice’s Instagram feed.


36. Meghan Markle Look Alike

This is Akeisha Varnado, an Instagram influencer from Missouri. She caught the attention of the internet last year when she started posting her pictures with her kids. Everyone from her family and close friends to strangers in church and movie theatre compliments her over her resemblance with the actress. However, Akeisha doesn’t see the resemblance but graciously accepts the compliments.


37. Khloe Kardashian Look Alike

One look at the Colombian singer Carolina Giraldo Navarro aka Karol G will remind you of the famous reality TV star, Khloe Kardashian. Carolina knows that she is a celebrity look alike as she often gets compared with the reality star. She says that it takes a lot of styling to resemble Khloe but we can still see the resemblance in pictures where she is being herself.

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38. Adele Look Alike

Ever since Adele went under a transformation, people can’t help but say that her celebrity look alike is actress Sarah Paulson. And truth be told, we see it two. They have similar face shapes and hairstyles.


39. Mila Kunis Look Alike

It is Sarah Hyland who is often seen as Mila Kunis look alike but the internet has found just another doppelganger for the actress. After watching the Netflix show, Let It Snow, they couldn’t help but notice how the Israeli-American actress Odeya Rush looks so much like Kunis.


40. Britney Spears Look Alike

It was Michaela Weeks’ sister who first noticed her resemblance with the Toxic singer when they were watching the music video of Baby One More Time. And now, the UK-based Michaela has made her place as the Britney Spears look alike and charges about £3,500 for a single appearance. The resemblance is so uncanny between the two that it even shocked the Spears family.


41. Mariah Carey Look Alike

Here we have another celebrity look alike who started as a military policewoman but now is a very successful Mariah Carey impersonator. Jessie Castro from Florida received many comments over her resemblance with Carey and on meeting Chris America she decided to give it a try. Her life hasn’t been the same ever since.


42. Elsa Look Alike

A simple photograph can break the internet but Anna Faith Carlson didn’t think that it would be her picture that she has reluctantly clicked on her mother’s insistence. Anna became an online sensation and works as a cosplayer now. Even though she is an Elsa look alike, she has cosplayed many other characters too.


43. Katy Perry Look Alike

Here is yet another celebrity look alike photograph for you. Try to find the difference. On the left, you have singer Katy Perry but on the right is actress Zooey Deschanel. The two have been confused for one another so many times that they decided to use it as a running gag in the music video for Perry’s song Not the End of the World where aliens abduct Zooey mistaking her for Katy.


44. Simon Cowell Look Alike

Andy Penfold looks every bit like Simon Cowell with his crisp white shirt, casual jeans, and aviators. The two of them look so eerily similar that it boggled our minds. Even Cowell was shocked at this uncanny resemblance when Andy was invited on the sets of Britain’s Got More Talent.


45. Jennifer Aniston Look Alike

In the sea of doppelgangers, we found another celebrity look alike that would shock you with the close resemblance. Here we have a Jennifer Aniston look alike, Lisa Tranel who has gone viral with a lip sync video where she can be seen mouthing a dialogue from Friends. Aniston is well aware about her doppelganger from Tik Tok and was freaked out.


46. Kate Moss Look Alike

Denise Ohnona is a celebrity look alike of supermodel Kate Moss from Lancashire. She is a mother of one who revamped her whole wardrobe and sweated it out in the gym for a full year to fully bring out her resemblance with Moss.


47. Benedict Cumberbatch Look Alike

Yes, even Benedict has a celebrity look alike but is a teenager Tyler Mitchell. He looks like a mini Benedict and has been noticed for the same by his townsfolks as well as strangers on the Internet.


48. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon has clearly mastered the art of cloning because her daughter Ava Phillippe looks like her carbon copy. The mother-daughter duo often posts their pictures together and the fans can’t help but comment on how similar they look.


49. Billie Eilish Look Alike

Many netizens believe that Claudia Sulewski is a celebrity look alike of her boyfriend’s sister, Billie Eilish. Truth be told they don’t look that similar but yes, there are certain angles at which you can’t help but notice the subtle similarities.


50. Harry Styles Look Alike

The one on the right is not Harry Styles but Tom Rickles, a contestant on The Voice UK Series 5. The uncanny resemblance did not go unnoticed and we are just as much shocked and confused as everyone else.


51. Lizzo Look Alike

Here is yet another mind-boggling celebrity look alike edition. Lizzo and her doppelganger Kenni Powe look so eerily similar that they can pass off as twins. Powe is a model, body activist and holds a degree in biochemistry. She has been likened with the Juice singer so much that she went on to write about her experiences in a piece titled, “My Life as Lizzo’s Doppelganger”.