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Kate Upton Tall

Kate Upton Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Katherine Elizabeth Upton is an American model and actress, best known as the cover model for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2012, 2013 and 2017 issues. This sexy actress has also made appearances in several films like Tower Heist (2011), The Three Stooges (2012), The Other Woman (2014) and The Layover (2017). In 2012, Kate Upton was also voted as the 5th sexiest model by She has also graced many fashion magazines such as American Vogue, V Magazine, Vogue Spain and numerous others. Upton also shared the screen with Tony Hale in Lady Antebellum’s music video Bartender (2014). In the same year, she was voted as the “Sexiest Woman” by People Magazine.

Before taking up modeling as a career at the age of 15, Kate was a famous equestrienne and has also won 4 championships. Her great-grandfathers Michigan brothers – Frederick Stanley Upton and Louis Upton are the cofounders of the Whirlpool Corporation.

Born Name

Nick Name

Kate Upton during a photoshoot in March 2020

Sun Sign

Born Place

St. Joseph, Michigan, United States



Kate Upton did schooling from Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, Melbourne, Florida. It is a college-preparatory school for grades up to 12th.


  • Father – Jeff Upton (High School Athletics Director)
  • Mother – Shelley (Former Texas State Tennis Champion)
  • Uncle – Fred Upton (U.S. Representative)
  • Others – Frederick Upton (Great Grandfather) (Co-founder of appliance manufacturer and marketer Whirlpool Corporation)



She can be contacted via these modeling agencies –

  • Chadwick Model Management – Sydney
  • IMG Models – New York
  • IMG Models – London
  • IMG Models – Milan
  • MGM Models – Dusseldorf
  • MGM Models – Hamburg


Actress and swimsuit model


5 ft 10 in or 178 cm


71 kg or 156.5 pounds

Boyfriend / Spouse

Kate Upton has dated –

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander

  1. Mark Sanchez (2011) Mark, a football star dated Kate in December 2011.
  2. Kanye West (2011)
  3. Sean Combs (2013) Sports Illustrated model was RUMORed to be dating American rapper and record producer, Sean Combs (aka P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Diddy) in 2013.
  4. Sean Faris (2013) – RUMOR
  5. Blake Griffin (2013) – 1 foot taller than Upton, Blake, the basketball player was RUMORed to be dating Kate in the past in June 2013.
  6. Maksim Chmerkovskiy (2013) – She dated a Ukrainian dancer, Maksim from June 2013 to December 2013. Maksim is 13 years her senior.
  7. Justin Verlander (2012; 2013-Present) – She started dating Justin Verlander, American professional baseball pitcher with the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball in 2012. She met him while filming MLB 2012 commercial. From July 2012 until December 2012, the duo was dating together. A year later, the couple reconciled in December 2013, as soon as Kate separated from Maksim. The duo got engaged in April 2016. On November 4, 2017, Justin and Kate got married in Tuscany, Italy in the church. They welcomed their first child together, daughter Genevieve Upton Verlander on November 7, 2018.

Race / Ethnicity

Hair Color

Eye Color

Sexual Orientation

Distinctive Features

  • Mole mark above her lip
  • Voluptuous build


39-28-36 in or 99-71-91.5 cm

Dress Size

Bra Size

Shoe Size

8.5 (US) or 39 (EU) or 6 (UK)

Kate Upton in a princess tent in July 2020

Brand Endorsements

Bare Necessities, Beach Bunny, Betsey Johnson, Bon Prix, Canada Goose, Dooney & Bourke, Guess, Guess accessories, Guess lingerie, Jenna Leigh, RYGY Sports Swimwear, Victoria’s Secret, and others.

In December 2014, she appeared in a Game of War commercial.


Best Known For

Her appearances in “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue” (published annually), first in 2011 and again in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2017.

First Film

2011 film Tower Heist for her role as Mr. Hightower’s Mistress.

First TV Show

In 2011, she guest appeared in an episode of Comedy Central series Tosh.0 as herself.

Personal Trainer

Justin Gelband has served as her personal trainer in the past. Justin has also trained Candice Swanepoel.

Kate Upton Favorite Things

Kate Upton in Black Mini Skirt in June 2016

  • Favorite Food – Sushi
  • Favorite Model – Adriana Lima
  • Favorite Color – Yellow
  • Favorite Restaurant – Nobu
  • Favorite Sports – Baseball
  • Favorite Baseball Team – New York Yankees
  • Favorite Photographer – Terry Richardson
  • Favorite Mascara – Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill
  • Favorite Eye Shadow – Revlon ColorStay in Coffee Bean
  • Favorite Beauty Product – Chanel Hydramax + Active moisturizer
  • Favorite Hair Product – Sebbag Essentials
  • Favorite Perfume – Coco by Chanel

Kate Upton Facts

  1. Kate Upton attended the fashion show – Ready to Wear, Spring/Summer (Beach Bunny) in 2011 and 2012.
  2. Kate has a mole mark just above her lip.
  3. Kate wishes that she could have smaller boobs. But, then she laughs and says that she was just kidding, in an interview with GQ magazine.
  4. Kate is the niece of the U.S Representative – Fred Upton.
  5. Kate Upton started modeling at 15.
  6. Kate Upton has been voted no. 2 in AskMen’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2012.
  7. Her name was the 4th most-searched-for term on Yahoo! in 2012.
  8. She is the first model since Tyra Banks (who appeared in 1996 and 1997) to appear on the cover of the SI swimsuit issue back to back (in 2012 and 2013).
  9. In September 2013, during the 10th annual Style Awards, she was named “Model of the Year”.
  10. For the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, Upton had a photoshoot in zero gravity inside an airplane. The zero gravity was achieved by an aircraft that was taken to about 34,000 feet at 45 degrees and a series of turns are performed like a parabola curve. For around half a minute, weightlessness is achieved. Read the complete story at
  11. In 2011, she adopted a boxer dog named, Harley. Harley passed away in September 2021.
  12. In 2014, she was ranked in the 12th spot on Maxim‘s “Hot 100” list.
  13. In 2022, Kate and Justin Verlander sold their Beverly Hills-based mansion (to relocate to Florida) for $11 million to actor Timothée Chalamet which was built on 1.5 acres of land and over 5,500 square feet of living space.
  14. As an equestrienne, Kate had won 4 championships with her horse Roanie – 13 and Under Horsemanship, 13 and Under Western Riding, 13 and Under Reserve All-Around Champion, and 14-18 Western Riding.
  15. Kate is a white belt in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

Kate Upton Tall

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  1. Skeptical August 18, 2012 At 10:25 PM

She’s lovely, but I don’t think she weighs 130. She’s too zaftig for that weight. That would give her about 18.5 BMI which is not far off Alessandra Ambrosio’s of 17.5 (about). She’s more often 140 than 130 at 5’10” – I think.

  • Prince August 18, 2012 At 10:29 PM

Yes, you may be right Skeptical. Though weight is ever changing, I will check after this and will surely update, if there would be any update.

I’m very skeptical of her stats. I’m 5’9, 41 years old have measurements of 36-29-38 and I’m at best a size 8. And I weight 149. 130 lbs and a Size 2 sounds absurd

  • Ashley February 13, 2014 At 12:39 PM

The weight to height ratio sounds plausible, but the size has to be off. I’m 5’3 and 109 lbs/33-26-35, and can squeeze into a standard Size 2 at most stores, but the fit is snug, and I generally go up to a size 4 for comfort.

  • Nicoleee June 10, 2015 At 10:56 PM

i agree, im 5’3″ in my teen years with measurements of 34-27-37 and wear a size 4 or 6 and 130 lbs
Hey Post40 with measurements like that I would love to see you in a hot bikini!!

Doesn’t sound absurd to me. Everybody has different bodies and their bones weigh different amounts. Me and my mum are the same height but at 130lb she look chubby and is bulging out everywhere. But at 130lb im very thin and a size 8nz and look fantastic with very little fat on me. Yet we are the same height both 5’4.

  • Breezer April 30, 2017 At 7:43 PM

katrina, that extra size will be mostly due to ratios of muscle/fat you both have. You’re slimmer because you have less fat and the weight that makes you heavier is muscle weight – two people of similar size otherwise, will have about the same weight of bone. Bone only builds mass as the muscles build in order to support them (as thats what the muscles attach to) and not that fast/that much in comparison, its a slow process compared to building muscle/adding fat.

There’s no way a voluptuous woman with a waist of a size 2 weighs only 130, it’s physically impossible

  • Joshua Andersen May 10, 2019 At 5:24 AM

My ex-wife was a size 1 maybe a 3 during her period and weighed around 125 and she was only 5’4” tall and very petite. Where Kate Upton is a very tall woman at 5’10” and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of.

I have to disagree being 135 lbs and 5′ 9″ myself.She has the same body type as me 32 dd here and 27 inch waist so we are very similar except she is in way better shape and thinner than i am so 130 is dead on for her.

  • notbuyingit August 4, 2013 At 8:31 PM

I beg to differ. I’m 5’9″ and weigh 130lbs with a 25″ waist and minimal tits, and I sometimes get made fun of for being too skinny. There’s no way in hell she shares the same stats, or close to that of me. Looking at photos, I’m like half of her. And in no ways am I saying that’s a good thing, I’d rather have some curves. Just pointing out how ridiculously exaggerated stats are these days.. especially on this site.

  • Hal March 20, 2015 At 5:53 AM

Different people have different amounts of muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. People with more muscle weigh more but appear thinner.

wah wah wah shes 140 not 130 im a 50 year old women who was hot in the 80’s like you are all ridiculous for even caring go knit a sweater and if youre wondering yes me and kate bumped uglies what up

youre a big old hag aren’t you

Yeah I’d have to agree with you. I’m the same height and my measurements are much smaller, but I weigh 137. I know the whole muscle vs. fat thing comes into play, but I’d put her at 140 or more. Boobs weigh a lot, and I don’t mean that in a bad way!

OMG READ! They said she’s 141 pounds not 130! Are you stupid??

  • Lis May 29, 2015 At 6:27 AM

The information was updated recently. Couldn’t you infere this, dear?
More like 150

There is no way she is 140 jennkfer lawrence weighs 139 and she is way skinnier that kate uptin , kate weighs at least 150

the weight slot above says 141
Her waist isn’t 25…look at her. 34-25-36. She doesn’t even have a Waste

  • tanya February 10, 2013 At 12:34 PM

i agree! she is very disproportionate. and her face isnt all that attractive either.

  • isla May 13, 2014 At 5:38 AM

Lol at that rate, I could model. And I’m 5’6″ and weight 104 lbs.

  • Tam December 27, 2014 At 11:01 PM

You’re very underweight Isla. That would make your bmi like less than 17. Are you sure that’s right? A bmi of less than 20 for a caucasian person is underweight. Which would mean you were severely underweight.

  • arienfire January 1, 2015 At 3:30 PM

BMI should NEVER be followed. That formula is a load of bs.

They’ve upped it to 29. Obviously, nobody was buying that 25″ BS. She still looks like a a 35-35-35 to me. God only knows how a woman with a body like that ends up on an SI cover… TWICE.

  • Alex March 8, 2013 At 6:43 AM

Because she has a great rack! Just because she doesn’t have the most curves doesn’t stop me from fantasizing her in bed. Lol

  • Richard Polleri May 15, 2019 At 10:47 AM

10-4 on that guy!!

i agree! i dont get it at all. i dont even know how she made it one time on the cover. must be giving favors 😉

One word sir…Tits.. :/

Don’t see what all the fuss is about, At least she’s looking more like the average woman. I’d rather see this than a bag-of-bones-model!!

  • Anonymous September 14, 2014 At 4:00 PM

Agreed! Plus, (imho) I think she’s still very pretty
She looks a bit out of shape. Methinks someone needs to change her diet.

shes not dateing mark sanchez hes an ugly ass man im pretty sure ive heard justin verlander and mark was justr dating eva longoria haha this is bs at least that was

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Here stats are bs. She looks more like 160 pounds than 130. I’m 5’10, 36d, and weigh 167. There’s no way this chick is 130.

She looks great! I love that she’s not “perfect” by modeling standards, yet she can still get these amazing modeling jobs. I do have to say, though, that those stats must be wayyyy off. I am 5’4”, around 118lbs, and I have a very skinny but athletic build. I am a lot skinnier than her, and my waist is a 26. There is no way that she is as tall as she is, weighs 130, and has a 25 inch waist. She is said to not be affected by people’s perception of her weight, so I don’t think that SHE lied about these stats. They’ve just got to be exaggerated. Either way, she is stunning!

I think she looks beautiful and curvy..I love that she is able to be comfortable in her own body. That being said, why publish her STATS? If so, then lets be honest…She is more like: 5’10
145lbs +
30+” waist Again though, more power to her…just delete the stats and let the pretty girl represent..we don’t need the numbers..

  • hope March 23, 2013 At 11:42 PM

great comment. I love Kate and I love that we are appreciating different body types. she is still thin and healthy and beautiful. I love her. She is soo refreshing

I agree when you say “just delete the stats and let the pretty girl represent.” However, I think your estimate of her size is way too large. She’s nowhere near 5’10 or 145 lbs; And there is no way on Earth that she has a 30+ inch waist. I’m a man, 6’2 265 lbs and I have a 36 inch waist. But we agree that pretty is pretty and she clearly is; throw away the stats.

Just saw Upton @ Super Bowl standing next to Cheer leaders. She was head & sholders above them all. Gotta be at least six feet tall. 5’10”? I don’t believe it!

Stunning in so many ways -the girl next door look and absolutely beautiful, I dont care what she weights, she is gorgeous and congrats on the si cover.

Guys. I think she is perfect. So shut up. I like angirlnwith some meat on her over the girls who are just skin and bones. I think she is a old role model for younger girls to show them that you don’t need to be incredibly skinny to be successful. And besides…she has a great rack!

  • Bob March 24, 2013 At 8:09 AM

So any woman with ‘meat on her bones’ is automatically well built to you?? Kate Upton is shaped like a refrigerator, she has no a$$, no waist-hip ratio, and her legs are about as toned as those of a Somali refugee. Her weight has nothing to do with any of that. Look at other swimsuit models like Bar Refaeli, Genevieve Morton, Emily DiDonato, Katherine Webb, etc. They all have amazing, curvy bodies and toned, fit legs, and none of them are ‘just skin and bones’.

  • Marisa August 9, 2013 At 7:09 AM

So if she’s a role model, wouldn’t younger girls feel inferior unless they had a “great rack”?
In case you missed it, she has an outstanding rack!

  • gtfo March 27, 2013 At 4:56 AM

Just to compare: Marilyn Monroe (you all remember her, right?)… Worked as a model in the mid-’40s, graced the covers of hundreds of magazines and won many beauty contests… Her height? 5’5 1/2″. Her weight? 140. Measurements: 35-22-35. She wore a size 16. We need to get over the scrutinizing of specific measurements and look at the whole package. Kate Upton has something remarkable about her… Or she wouldn’t be where she is today.

  • Lulu May 3, 2013 At 5:50 AM

Well Marilyn Monroe had curves unlike Kate.
One HUGE difference between Upton and Monroe: Waist-Hip Ratio. Nuf said.

Marilyn Monroe was never a size 16. That’s a myth. She averaged a size 8, back when size 8s were much smaller than they are today. Also, 140 was her absolute heaviest weight. She weighed around 118 most of the time.

First I am a girl, she is pretty, but definitely not 130 lbs.

Kate upton has a beautiful face that conform to the majority’s standards. Full teeth, no gum showing, clear skin, small nose, plumped lips. Then there is her boobs people love.
No waist and “waist” to hip raitio = no curve she doesnt need tyo be a stick figure but tone up some if she wants to to reg modeling. unless she wants to do plus size. second pic has obvious photoshoped along her waist and arms.

  • lala March 30, 2018 At 2:57 AM

Her gums show when she smiles.

yeahhh i dont think she weights that much because im 15 and we have the same body type and i weight 146

I have a friend who is 5’0″ and 130lbs and she is literally skin and bones. There is no way Kate is anything under 150lbs.

  • Sue June 22, 2013 At 10:10 PM

No Way. I am 5’8″ and 135 pounds and I have some fat on my hips. A “skin and bones” weight at 5’0″ would have to be under 100 pounds.

  • Annoyed August 10, 2013 At 6:52 PM

Exactly I have a friend who is tiny: 5’0 , 105lbs. That is tiny. She’s very petite, wears kids jeans and size 5 shoes

Yeah she’s got a beautiful face but definitely not near 130. I’m 5’5, a 34DD and I weigh 160 and appear no fatter than this girl.. She’s probably around 170 honestly which is fine because she’s very busty and tall but people need to stop over exaggerating. I think she’s a bit over rated..

Ok, people, different people wear weight differently. I totally believe that Kate is 130 lbs. And she obviously has a great body or she wouldn’t be with Victoria’s Secret and modeling so much more. So what if her waist is not super small? That’s her body type. She’s in great shape.

  • Bob June 15, 2013 At 4:41 PM

Actually, she’s not a model for VS, and with a 29″ waist, she never will be.

  • Valleygirl October 30, 2014 At 2:41 PM

Whats up with you obsessing about her waist? Seriously you’ve b*tched about it like 3 times already. Kate Upton is hot no matter what any negative comments are said here

I think it’s funny how everyone goes on and on about wanting natural bodies, but the minute someone with an actual natural body shows up, they’re criticized. She’s being compared to ppl who don’t have her body shape, so it’s not really fair to say oh she doesn’t look like them. Who gives a fuck? She’s natural and confident and I love it.

  • Bob June 15, 2013 At 4:51 PM

No, people don’t go on and on about wanting natural bodies, they go on and on about wanting to be in shape. Rosie O’Donnell has a “natural” body yet I doubt anyone wants to look like her. As for why she’s being criticized, part of being a professional swimsuit model is having a perfect body with an hourglass shape, fit legs and a toned stomach. The only reason Kate Upton made it this far in modeling with that weird body is because she’s the grandkid of Whirlpool’s founder and can afford to buy any modeling opportunity she wants.

  • Alex July 26, 2013 At 4:01 PM

You poor fellow don’t have a real girlfriend yet eh and mad at the world too .

bob, I don’t know how old you are, but you sound like an “angry young man”. you seem to be pissed overall at this woman who is just trying to make a living doing the thing she loves to do. she isn’t the one that started the “great rack” or “naturally curvy” thing, others did that. she also didn’t measure herself and send in her “fibbed” or “outright falsified” stats, her publicist(or whoever)did that. if she’s been airbrushed it’s been at the behest of whatever agency she’s modeling for. and even if the only reason she got her job is because she “knows” somebody who cares! we all know that that is how things work in modeling, acting, music, etc. who you know tends to be as, if not more, important than how talented you are. there are tons of artists, etc. that are in the same position, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have any talent. they just got a push, or had someone to open the door for them. besides, if you really wanted a job, and someone offered to help you get it, would you say, “No.”. well, maybe YOU would, saying you’d “make it on your own steam”, but you might miss your shot. as you get older you come to realize that we all need help sometimes, and you should take it when it’s offered. when you don’t that’s usually pride talking. anyway, you, and all the other kate-bashers, are getting on this poor girl for things that are/have been out of her control(such as the things I stated earlier). you are also saying hurtful things about her body like bullies do to scrawny, overweight, “nerdy”, and other children that don’t fit into the “acceptable” modalities on the schoolyard. we say these children should be punished, and/or made an example of so that others will discontinue this behavior toward others in the future. if someone said these things to our children(those of us that have children or youngsters we care about)we would become quite indignant and demand something be done immediately to ensure it never happened again. yet many of you are doing the same thing here. many are even saying it as if they’re supporting her when in reality your compliments are “back-handed” at best: ‘there’s no way she’s 130…she’s probably 170, but that’s ok cuz she’s tall and busty…’. does any woman, even at 5’10” or 5’11”, want to be told they look like they’re 170lbs? I put down 5’11” and 170lbs cuz I dated a woman that was that height and weight, and though she was VERY busty(DDD) and pretty curvy, she hated it when others learned of her weight. though they never believed her, as she truly did not look like it, the amount of weight those numbers implied made feel “as huge as the titanic!”. it took her years of therapy to feel comfortable in her own skin, but she was also teased about her weight as a child and even after she blossomed as a young adult. we’re still friends, and she is finally ok with herself/her weight, and hopes to instill that since of strength and acceptance of yourself in her little girl who is going through the same things. many of you are doing the same thing to this young woman, and feeling justified in doing so even when it could hurt her, or someone like her, very deeply. you realize that other young women, who may have similar builds or just feel disproportionately curvy or not curvy, will read these(all of our)statements and judge themselves accordingly. in addition to counseling children for 13 years I also worked in a suicide prevention program and answered the phones as well, and one of the reasons tis kind of talk really gets to me is because a young woman I had just convinced to step away from a ledge was about to climb in her window when an annoyed neighbor in her mom’s apartment building yelled at her, telling her to “get that sweet rack and fat curvy ass back in your room, now!” she then said, “it’s the same thing almost every day. mostly behind my back, but I wish they’d just stop it’s not my fault! god gave me this body, this curse. well he can have it back!” you should think about what you say before you say it. think about where you are. think about what you really mean, and the real reason why you’re saying it. don’t do what you’ve been doing cuz that’s bulling people with your words, and it’s no better than the bullies we left on our junior high playgrounds many decades ago. let’s continue to leave them there, ok?
sorry this
was so long :- <)>

I would love to have a body like hers. Have the boobs, just need to loose some weight lol. The face isn’t much, but thats not what guys look at hahahahaha

  • Alex July 26, 2013 At 4:09 PM

Remember this , beauty is in the eye of the beholder . Loosing weight takes time , don’t forget to eat three meals a day . Forget the fried food and exercise regularly . No short cut , it will cost you dearly .

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Lets face it’s she is hot I don’t know why y’all say her face isn’t good that’s one of my favorite things about her. Although if it came down to doing it with her I’d say
Yes. But personality wise no because I’m pretty sure all this fame would go to her head and she would be kinda a b if u know what I mean. And would you want your gf to go around showing off her Body like that. Back like 40 years ago wished would be considered a big whore.

cool swim-suit.

  • allie July 25, 2013 At 12:53 AM

best comment on here.
hi , you are very beautiful

uh. this is so wrong. theres no way she’s that tall and only weighs 135 pounds and looks that big. i’m 5’4 and i weigh 130 pounds and my proportions look about 20-30 pounds skinnier than hers. even at her skinniest look she’s going to be at least 145 being that tall with that amount of thickness because she’s not one of those stick models at all. she has good proportions not too skinny and not too thick. except lately she’s been venturing to the more thick side. but she could never weigh 130. that’s absurd

  • doober December 4, 2013 At 2:21 PM

i totally agree i have a friend who is the same height as kate and looks similar in shape but she has like no boobs and she weighs more than 130 lbs. kate upton def has to weigh more than 130, it doesnt make sense other wise.

To me she beautiful as ever. She has money , brains and body . She should be Miss America for all I can say eh.

I’m a tailor and theirs no way with those measurement that she could ever be a 2 or 4. According to the measurements they gave she is a 8 maybe squeezing into a 6.

  • megan December 8, 2013 At 6:17 PM

those measurements are way off too. theres no way she has a 34 inch chest, she has large breasts. even right underneath it says her bra size is a 34d, which means a 38 inch chest. i’d guess shes even bigger than a d cup. dd at least.

“Maksim Chmerkovskiy (2013) – She was RUMORED to had fling with Ukrainian dancer, Maksim.” ie. they fu*ked.

she is the fattest model i have ever seen holy crap she weighs at lest 160 pounds look at her stomach wtf. she is 35-35-37

  • Jen January 13, 2014 At 10:06 AM

um she is not that either.. that would mean she has an ass.. she is more like 38-29-30

All I can say is darn is she ever hot! She’s got
( . ) ( . ) , that’s for sure! And nice ones at that!

This makes me so sad for her. She must have worked hard to get the first cover when she was only 19. That’s a big deal. To be on the cover of SI is like saying,” Watch out world, this is the newest supermodel!” And that model usually gets all the huge modeling contracts and poor Kate didn’t get any. She got the contracts that non supermodels get and with her talent for modeling, it’s so unfair. I’m proud of her for having thick skin at such a young age. I hope everyone can get over the fact that she’s got this beautiful thick body and appreciate the fact that there isn’t just one type of beautiful.

Am I the only one who thinks she’s really gross? NOT because she isn’t a rail, because those stick thin curve-less models are just as gross. I just think she has a BAD figure! Maybe I’m just jealous. I’m much smaller than her and I work at the low levels in the modeling industry. It amazes me that I can hardly land a runway show to save my life but she’s on the cover of every magazine. Looks like it’s time for me to get some boobies.

  • Taylor July 4, 2019 At 11:47 AM

lol. I’ve been modeling for six years but I have 0 boobs. I’m an American girl as melody, vouge, old Navy looks and my rra name is Imani.

Okay, guys we all know that her b**bs are good, but look at her runway pic. Her armpits and belly looks terrible. Also her face is not attractive at all. She is just an average girl who has big b**bs. And with that height i don’t see her as a model, she only looks like a p*rnstar.

the reason she weights that much is because all models are skinny and tall.
so i believe she weights 58kg.
me too i’m starting to lose 40 pounds. i’m 10 year-old girl and yes i’m pretty fat now. i like eating healthy foods.
you think she weight more compare to yours, but on these pictures she is skinny.

some-days i can be a model.
you guys know that models have to be 170cm or more. okay heres is my thing.
born: Calgary, Alberta, Canada April 23, 2003, 10 years old.
nationality: British, Canadian
Height:5ft (but i’m considered as 4’11”)
weight:55kg 125 pounds. still losing 40 pounds same girl who posted yesterday.

Who cares what her weight is…there is always so much focus on the number. She is beautiful, she rocks those curves and I love it! I’m on the taller side, thin but curvy with big boobs and I wish I had her confidence. When I look in the mirror I hate my curves, but looking at her I’m really thinking I should embrace them. After all, guys dig the curves…right?

Bra is too small. Notice the pinch. She’s like Britney Spears. Great and thin in her youth, but will plump up in no time.

  • kaity October 27, 2014 At 2:23 AM

I think any woman out there that thinks she s not b.eautiful is jealous and needs to focus on the way a real not fake body should look you go Kate your gorgeous just the way you are and that says a lot for our younger generation that thinks they need to be stick thin and sickly to fit in .You are a great role model to all.

You go girl stay just the way you are happy healthily and beautiful

I’m not sure if it’s me but it seems like the site layout is a little messed up. it might be my version of firefox though. anyway cool blog. cheers Omar Yasseen

There’s NO WAY that thick waist is 27″, more like 30″, at least… she has no waist and no butt really. BOXY. I’d bet those two specs in actuality are very similar! I’d say her chest, at a D, has to be at least 36″. I’m only a 36C and am 38″. Also, at 5’10”, as heavy as she is, her weight is 150, at least. I’m 5′ 6″, 130 lbs., have a 27″ waist, 38″ hips, and look much thinner than she. These infos are alway so inaccurate. Plus, has anyone noticed her stick like, chicken legs. No calves at all. WEIRD LOOKING.

  • Bob November 22, 2013 At 2:49 AM

@Erin This site had her waist measurement at 29″ a few months back. I have no idea why they changed it (pressure from Whirlpool Corp or her PR team?!), but you’re absolutely right, 30″ is a far more realistic number. And it’s not just how thick it is, but its location! On most women the waist is a few inches below the tit-line. With Upton it’s immediately below it, making her refrigerator gut look all the more weird! I don’t think you’re right about the weight, though. People carry a lot of weight in their legs, and as you’ve noted, hers are incredibly skinny. So 134 lbs. actually makes sense in this case.

Here’s the thing. I think she’s gorgeous and has a beautiful natural body. So why lie about it? 134 lbs at 5’10” is an 18.5 BMI which is almost underweight (<18.3=underweight). This chick obviously isn't close to underweight which is a good thing. So if she is going to stand tall and proud and love her curves then why not just tell the truth about her weight? She has a very real body, but i think it's just as bad that now women are supposed to look voluptuous, curvy, and natural with big boobs and still weigh very little. Makes no sense and it's not possible

  • Fitty Stim December 10, 2013 At 3:58 PM

“She has a very real body…” That’s pretty funny. It’s almost impossible to find a picture of this “real body” of Kate Upton’s because all of her pictures are significantly retouched. She does not have an hour-glass figure. She has a thicker than normal waist and her thighs are much larger than one sees in photos. Now I’m not saying that she’s fat or in any other way not super fine. But her BMI is probably around 22-23, which would make her in the range of 150 to 160 lbs.

Yeah no way does she way anywhere close to 130- I’m 5’11” and a size 2 with much smaller boobs at 33-25-32, and I weigh 130. I agree with Fatty, she’s up to more like 155. I’ll be interested to see how she looks in 10 years. She’s certainly beautiful now.

Let me go out with you

No way is she a 34D. I am a 34 D/DD and my breasts are no where near as big as hers and my torso is not as small as hers either. She is atleast a 32F or a 30G. They keep squeezing her into these ill fitting bras and shows in all these photos she’s in. I guess they think it makes her breast look bigger but it doesn’t; it looks awkward and she doesn’t need it. She’s a beautiful woman.

  • Bob March 11, 2014 At 5:35 PM

No, her tit*es really aren’t that big. It only looks that way because they always make her wear bikini tops that are too small. Go look at some of her candid photos. Her chest ain’t that big.

She is definitely NOT 135lbs. At 5’10” and those curves, she is minimum 145. And what is that waist measurement?! lol.

No way that is a 34 D…Im a 32 DD and i sometimes wear a 34 D and my breasts do not look as big as that. I honestly do not understand the hype about kate upton, she just looks average, and her body does not look like that in real life, the photos are retouched.

  • Bob March 11, 2014 At 5:28 PM

Her tatas only look bigger because they make her wear tops that are a few sizes too small.

  • Taylor July 4, 2019 At 11:52 AM

Lots of small push up bras

Curious she looked much more petite in the 2011 SI Swimsuit Ed., her “rookie” year. Breasts were more average size and even a bikini bridge in some shots. She seemed to put on a lot of weight before the 2012 and 2013 SI Swimsuirs, but even in 2013 and now 2014 the photos hide her midsection. Having said that, very cute face and was pushed to take over from Brooklyn Decker and Marisa Miller as “the American” swimsuit model.

  • Bob March 11, 2014 At 5:29 PM

She only looks “petite” in pics that have been heavily photoshopped.
I’d like to fc*k her in the ass! 🙂
she is so apple shaped ! Whatever she does, she cant lose that apple shape gut.Even she is thin !

If you want to fix yourself, fix yourself! She is just fine the way she is. No one is perfect. Stop being jealous. Most women are totally unnatural these days anyways. Natural girls feel they can’t compete. Maybe so… maybe not. Even if you wear no make up that’s okay. Just don’t be jealous and waste all of your time.

Guys and girl stop with this weight people Come with différent weight ok!
32D Bra size Really sure Man. I am Gusse 34D is Real Bra Size
Hi, I think those boobs can’t be natural.

  • owens June 12, 2014 At 1:50 AM

They definitely are real, they just have a lot of adipose on them. I have the skinniest chest with huge boobs, and I can tell u that’s not what huge boobs or fake boobs look like. Hers carry on under her armpits and to her collarbone and to her waist, with no gap between them. Even fake boobs have a huge gap. She has gained a lot of weight since 2011 and before. Each year back and her chest is smaller, but like so is her whole person! She’s actually only btw a D – DD cup regardless of her weight, because cupsize is a measure of breasts size relative to torso width. She has breasts on the large side of average or a little bigger I would say. If you look at the percentage of women with each cup size, it’s like split pretty evenly between B, C, and D. Sure, in countries like Britain with rising levels of overweight, the national average is rising. This shouldn’t make sense, but it does because there are all these new plus-size brands designing bras to be worn at the waist and stretched across the torso. So instead of going up a bandsize when your torso gets fatter n wearing proportionate cups, women keep sister sizing to flatter themselves. All these overweight women assume the identity of big busted instead of fat. But regardless of bone structure there are normal levels of fat and then just excess accumulation. If your arm can’t lie flat against your side without your under armpits getting in the way….Denial!

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Awesome article! Thank you so much, However I am encountering problems with your RSS. I don
I must say she is beautiful,but as a model one should do more squats.Her ass is flabby.

  • owens June 12, 2014 At 1:25 AM

Her ass is not even flabby because she doesn’t have an ass! The girl does not have an oz of muscle on her, not anywhere. I really don’t understand how she could be perceived as healthy. But I know if she had a normal level of muscle, while she would look less fat, bc of the weight of muscle she would have to move to plus-size modeling n get paid a lot less. Anyways the ass is typically the strongest muscle in the body, so her incredibly weak musculature def shows there. Have u seen pics of her trying to run? Yea, you can’t run without a butt. In general there is this stereotype of white girls having flat asses and it’s because they all diet, lose their muscle,then call themselves “thin”. Kate Upton’s bodyfat percentage is definitely in excess, especially since 2013,it’s been accumulating every year…her arms n legs look flabby n spindly because she has less muscle there than an anorexic girl and she puts on fat around her ribcage and hips mostly (as each area grows more fat her waist gets shorter and shorter, but she’s an hourglass, that’s actually why she gains weight like that). It’s actually hard to keep fat stores down without muscle to burn it…so it makes sense that she would be thin for only a second.


  • HotTaylor July 4, 2019 At 11:57 AM

yummy stuff

I feel like that bra size is not right, she looks bigger. Anyone else agree? I wear 34DD fits perfect and I think she looks a lot bigger than me. Also, ya she’s def not 130 lbs, maybe 140, which I don’t care what weight she actually is, but c’mon. 5’10 and 130 would be stick thin which she’s not (and which is great!)

there is no way that kate upton weighs more than iggy!!

besides her boobs, she really doesn’t have curves which I think is the most sexy part of a women. E.g. no hips

She has an incredible rack, which is the only reason she’s been on the SI cover twice. Very few women have boobs (especially natural) like that. I personally find hips to be the sexiest part of a women, so I don’t find her that attractive. That chest, though, holy cow!

I’m 5’9, just under 140, and wear a 32DD. I even wear a size 8.5 shoe lol. Not positive on measurements but I’d say these numbers are definitely accurate. Only difference between her and I is that my mid-section curves more; hers is just kind of straight. Not bashing though, she’s gorgeous!

I’m sorry, but there’s no way in hell she’s 130 pounds being that tall and that thick… I’m 5’10” myself and I weigh almost 200 pounds. When I tell people they never believe it because I still appear “thin.” & honestly there’s hardly any difference between Kate and I. But realistically speaking, the last time I weighed 130, I was 12 and even then I was a size 5… And the last time I was a size 8 I was about 170 pounds. The people who are estimating that she weighs between 160-170 pounds are probably spot on. Which, when you are that tall, there’s nothing wrong with that and it’s not like people who are tall look like they weigh that much anyways. But realistically speaking for her to be 5’10” and weigh 130 pounds, she’d be like a size 2-3, which is just unhealthy and unlikely for someone of that stature.

  • Chantelle February 12, 2015 At 3:24 AM

Not necessarily i’m just over 5″9 and I’m 128 pounds and I wear UK size 10 clothes.
Dang Kate and I are the same shoe size.

I cannot believe the criticism of such a beautiful woman. Everyone is obsessing over whether or not her measurements are accurate or not. People! Just look at her! She is absolutely gorgeous! And to top it off she appears to be comfortable, confidant and happy. Whether her waist is 28″ or 34″ who cares? She is a beautiful woman! Period.

  • Bob December 27, 2014 At 12:28 PM

She’s being criticized because she doesn’t have the looks for her job, which is a professional model. The only reason she has that job is because she was born into a very rich family (her grandfather founded Whirlpool). And the magazines she works for sure do care about her waist measurement seeing as they always airbrush away many inches of it in her photos. 😉

I like how there’s a whole page of facts about Kate upton on here but the only comments people wrote were about one fact only: her measurements! The most shallow fact of all… Seriously people?

  • Bob December 27, 2014 At 12:29 PM

Shallow. LMAO! She’s a MODEL!! Is there a job that’s more shallow than one based on appearances?

She a has the body she has. I’d like to see what everyone who’s posted on here looks like jhaha. And I don’t understand how people could think she doesn’t have a good face! She has such a girly, cute little face, I think it’s lovely! I don’t know why I’m defending her so much because I don’t even know her and she could be a total bitch, but I understand what it feels like to have your body made fun of, and me and late upton have pretty much the same proportions to our height, only I have a bit of a smaller waist, but it must be really difficult to have so many people in the world talking about your body and how you should change it!

You’re not a model and neither is everyone criticising her looks. Kate Upton IS. BIG difference!

Big boobs don’t make a good body when the rest of the body is out of proportion. She is built like a refrigerator! Oh wait didn’t her grandfather start whirlpool? She is way too thick in the waist (A 29 inch waist? yeah OK! How’s that, when her waist is nearly the same size as her hips and her hips are 36inches? She is broad in the back like a linebacker, with a pancake ass and skinny calves. I don’t see all the fuss here at all and cannot see her as an SI Model for that matter. She has a cute face but we really have sunk to new depths of what we consider a good shape, just because someone got themselves some boobs. I guess some guys are blinded by T*ts but to me a healthy, fit and curvy (not hefty, soft, thick with a a saggy boob job) body is ideal! If the boobs weren’t there, there is NOTHING good about that body! She is built like a guy completely straight up and down! She comes across greasy skanky too…in every picture her hair looks dirty and like it smells like oil! For god’s sakes wash your hair!

your boobs r so s*xual

I have no qualms with her measurements but tell me, how in the world a woman with that large of a difference between their bust and waist measurements could wear a 34DD. Where does the 34 come from? Because if she truly has a 28in waist she would need a much smaller band and a much larger cup- like a K cup as far as American sizes go. I’d say she’s at least a 28G.
Seriously, why is a DD or a DDD seem to be the max limit for famous peoples measurements?

  • Dana January 24, 2017 At 11:10 PM

There is no way she’s a 28G but I do agree with the rest of your statement. People are shocked when I tell them I’m a 28D (probably between a C & D). I’m SMALL. 5’3, 114lbs (could stand to lose 5-10 and used to be less). My chest is very small, 28 band size, 27 in waist. She’s just taller/larger overall, and her band size might be a 32, but nothing smaller than that. Go look at Marina from Marina and the Diamonds, she’s tiny with big boobs. Kate is more proportionate. I’d guess her waist to be about 28 and her band size to be 32 (which would be she measure around 30-32). I have a waist that curves in, and there isn’t much “measurement” difference because of my tummy pooch. My waist should probably be more like a 24. I would say she’s bigger than DD though, maybe like a 32 F?

I saw Kate on a TV commercial for the 1st time. I thought, she is Very Beautiful and looking at her pictures here and her dimensions, I find her Extremely Attractive. In my youth She would have been a Goddess to Me. Good Luck Kate, You Unbelievably Beautiful Young Lady.

I think she looks great beauty comes in all different shapes colors and sizes. People carry theyre weight in different places. People like to critize others for there weight when some people are perfect in there own way who cares if shes not really a size 2 at the end of the day shes still gonna be a model and others are gonna be hating online.

She’s probably a 36 or 38 dd-ddd. Her back measures too big for a 34dd. Also I’m a 34ddd and hers look bigger than mine.

She is a 38B or 36B can’t remember which one though

I would believe she were a “healthy celeb” if the facts were facts!! I have pretty big boobs – let’s just say they don’t fall into the “d” category at all, but I also am fairly small since I have tiny bones – sometimes a 32 band size is too big on me. WITH THAT SAID, although I am no 5’10” (5’5″-5’6″), I have had a BMI around that reported of Kate here, and I can tell you I was VERY THIN – my friends and family even said I looked TOO thin (&they aren’t skinny bashers by any means!)! When you have larger breasts, even at a “healthy”/borderline low BMI of 18.5, the rest of you looks 10x skinnier bc of your boobs – I can tell you Kate must weigh at least 145ish just by the shape of her figure – at 5’10” w/a weight of 130, not only would she have NO “normal” fat around her waist, &c, but she would inevitably start to lose some of her breast size. I wish things like this would be reported accurately so we could actually aspire to something REAL and not fiction.

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141 pounds? No way! Last year, I weighed 145 llbs and was 5’4′ but I certainly wasn’t wider than her. Since she is tall and curvy, she is probs 153-168 llbs

She is at least 160 llbs.

In all this talk about Kate’s body I would like to point out that she is really much more deep and intelligent than people think. Who read the part about how she is bilingual? If you read about this you will learn that it was actually Kate who presented the idea of her speaking Swedish during her movie The Other Woman. Her character was orignially supposed to speak French, but Kate asked director Nick Cassavetes if it could be changed to Swedish since she could actually speak that. Ironically, while Cassavetes loved the idea of using Swedish, he still wanted the language to be spoken sloppy with random phrases to go along with the character and the point of that scene. So Kate got to speak swedish but had to purposefully make it sound bad…lol..sorry Kate, welcome to hollywood!