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Johnny Depp Teeth Before And After

What happened to Johnny Depp’s teeth? Everything you need to know

Johnny Depp is among the most famous actors in America. He is known for his roles as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. Depp is also known for his high-profile divorce and domestic abuse case that he won against his ex-wife Amber Heard. But apart from his fame and personal life, did you know that the star has bad teeth? What happened to Johnny Depp’s teeth?

Johnny Depp's teeth

If you are a Pirates of the Caribbean fan, you might have noticed Captain Jack Sparrow had terrible teeth. Most fans assumed that Jack’s (played by Johnny Depp) teeth were part of the make-up trying to fit the pirate role. While it might be true, Johnny Depp’s real-life teeth are indeed bad.

Profile summary

Full nameJohn Christopher Depp II
Date of birth9 June 1963
Age59 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac signGemini
Place of birthOwensboro, Kentucky, USA
Current residenceHollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California
Height in feet5’10”
Height in centimetres178
Weight in pounds172
Weight in kilograms78
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
MotherBetty Sue Palmer
FatherJohn Christopher Depp
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-wifeAmber Heard
SchoolMiramar High School
ProfessionActor, musician, film producer and writer
Net worth$150 million

What happened to Johnny Depp’s teeth?

Johnny Depp is among the Hollywood personalities with bad teeth. The renowned star has suffered from tooth decay for a while now thanks to his bad lifestyle habits. His dental condition has sparked controversy online, with many wondering why such a high-profile and wealthy personality can have bad teeth. So what’s the reason for his condition?

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A lifetime of cigarette smoking

Johnny Depp’s bad teeth are allegedly a result of his lifelong habit of smoking cigarettes. The star reportedly began smoking cigarettes aged 12. In addition, fans have also pointed out that in Johnny’s role in films like Loathing Las Vegas and Fear, he smokes most of the time on screen.

According to Webmd, smoking can cause tooth loss, yellowing and gum bleeding. The star has gone on record admitting his cigarette addiction, so it is no surprise that his teeth have deteriorated.

Substance abuse

Johnny Depp's teeth

During his highly publicised court case, Johnny admitted to using various dr*gs, like coca*ne, by age 15. This lifestyle of substance abuse has contributed significantly to his teeth degradation. Dr*gs like coca*ne cause gum erosion and staining, especially when rubbed on the gums.

In addition, during the court case, Johnny went on record admitting that he also used E, also known as MDMA or Ecst*sy. According to Better Health, one of the side effects of using Ecst*sy is the degradation of the user’s teeth. Other side effects include tooth grinding, jaw clenching and dry mouth.


Johnny Depp has repeatedly admitted to his reliance on alcohol to numb his pain. During the trial, Amber Rose’s defence team tried to expose his excessive use of alcohol. The star allegedly spent $30,000 on alcohol monthly.

According to Healthline, long-time alcohol use can cause tooth decay. Drinks like wine are acidic, dries the mouth and attack the teeth, causing discolouration.

Does Johnny Depp wear veneers?

Johnny mostly wears veneers for his various film roles. According to Dr Sara Hahn, the star wore veneers for his Pirates of the Caribbean franchise role. The doctor also noted that the star had some gold crowns inserted for the same role.

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Did Johnny Depp wear false teeth in Willy Wonka?

According to Dr Sara Hahn, the star had on a Snap-On Smile. A Snap-On Smile is a custom-made denture worn to cover crooked or stained teeth. The denture comprises a crystallised acetyl resin, making it more durable and stain resistant.

Why doesn’t Johnny Depp fix his teeth?

Johnny Depp's teeth

There is no true answer to this mystery. Despite fame and fortune, Johnny remains with crooked teeth. Fans have quickly speculated that the star prefers his look despite concerns about his teeth. Johnny has played offbeat characters in most films and seems to feed off this as part of his charm.

Are there Johnny Depp teeth before and after pictures?

No, not really. Johnny has had bad teeth most of his career. Any work done to them has been for cosmetic purposes, for appearances in movie roles.

Johnny Depp’s teeth have been a matter of discussion among fans worldwide. Most are wondering why the star doesn’t want to fix his teeth despite having the financial capabilities to have the best dentists fix him. The star has gone on record admitting his substance abuse which might be the culprit of his bad teeth.

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