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20 Famous People with Herpes That You Should Know About in 2022

If you are adamant about living a happy and secure life, do not feel down and live every day to the fullest. In this article, we will talk about 20 famous people with herpes that have made their mark in stardom with amazing skills and don’t let their STD come in their way.

Britney Spears

Famous People With Herpes

Britney Spears is a famous pop singer and songwriter. Although she looks extremely healthy and active, the celebrity has a troubled past. She was the center of paparazzi attention in 2007 when she was once reported purchasing Zovirax in the drugstore. Like all other celebrities, she denied the accusations immediately and refrained from commenting on the matter. Britney Spear is hands down one of the most famous people with Herpes . Table of Contents Britney Spears Usher Janet Jackson Pamela Anderson Robin Williams Katie Holmes Magic Johnson


Celebrities Who Have Herpes

With his melodious voice, Usher is well known throughout the world. The ‘I don’t mind’ singer-actor was called to court in 2012 for giving Herpes to her stylist. In fact, according to the court documents, Usher paid $1.2 million to the petitioner to settle the lawsuit. On the other hand, Usher continually denied all allegations. In fact, to this day, the celebrity claims he was accused of STD. He is one of the most famous people with Herpes.

Janet Jackson

Celebrities With Herpes

Janet Jackson is the sister of Michael Jackson, who made his mark in the industry for one after the other hit songs. Like many others, she did not confess to having the disease. She continually purchased the medicine by telling the media that she was buying the meds for her chef. In return, her chef sued her in a court of law for defamation. She is one of the most unlikely celebrities who have Herpes.

Pamela Anderson

Celebrities With Herpes List

The former Baywatch star was reported to contract Herpes from her ex-husband Tommy Lee. She also stated that her illness was completely cured in 2015 after medical treatment. She is known as one of the famous people with Herpes .

Robin Williams

Famous people with genital herpes

Robin Williams is a famous Hollywood actor who has gained a good reputation for his hit movies. The standup comedian/ actor was once sued by a cocktail waiter claiming she had contracted Herpes. The case went on full heed in 1986. However, a court settlement was done of the case for an undisclosed amount. Despite the disease, the actor lived a happy and wonderful life and gained good publicity. He is one of the celebrities who have Herpes in Hollywood .

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Katie Holmes

Female celebrities with herpes

The doe-eyed actor has been suffering for years silently from Herpes. The news dispersed like fire when she came to the premiere of her films with cold sores around her lips. She is one of the female celebrities with Herpes that caught massive media attraction.

Magic Johnson

Black Celebrities With Herpes

You must have heard about a popular NBA star Magic Johnson. The star opens up about his struggle with life as an HIV-positive person. However, the rumor is that the basketball player is also suffering from Herpes for years. He is one of the black celebrities with Herpes.

Paris Hilton

Famous People With Stds

From the day she was introduced to the media, Paris did not leave the platform for one second. Back in 2007, according to an anonymous source, Paris Hilton developed severe stress-induced Herpes. Undoubtedly, Paris is one of the famous people with STDs .

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a famous Hollywood actor. According to various sources, the star contracted Herpes before Marrying Jennifer Aniston. The media, however, received complete silence from Brad over the subject.

David Beckham

David Backham

David Beckham is a famous model and football player. The star is reported to have contracted Herpes from her wife, Victoria Beckham, in 2008.

Derek Jetter

Derek Jetter

Derek Jetter has acquired various Hollywood positions, like famous stars and athletes. He was one of the males behind the Hollywood herpes epidemic. He spread Herpes to so many of his famous partners like Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey, and Vanessa Minnillo. Derek is one of the most famous people with Herpes .

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

The former spice girl Victoria Beckham is now known to be one of the most successful businesspeople in the world. Victoria is very vocal about her STD despite the backlash. The source where she got the disease is still unknown.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss

Kate Moss is a famous English Model. The celebrity is rumored to have been using drugs that cure Herpes for over a decade. It is still not clear from where she got the disease.

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Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster dated Derek Jetter, and all the rumors indicate he has given her Herpes.

Hannah Jetter

Hannah Jetter

Hannah Jetter is the wife of Derek Jeter. Both couples suffer from Herpes and are very vocal about their STD.

Scarlet Johansson

Scarlet Johnasson

Scarlet Johansson was one of the celebrities who got the disease from Derek Jetter. Scarlet dated Derek for years before contracting the disease. Like many others, she is also keeping her STD in the shadows.

Adriana lima

Adriana Lima

Adriana lima has been seen with lip sores at multiple events. She dated Derek Jetter when he was at the peak of Herpes. The reports also claimed she is seeking treatment for the disease in complete privacy. Adriana is definitely one of the most famous people with Herpes.

Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli

The 60 years old English actor caught the disease before meeting her former husband, David. It was the potential reason behind her divorce. She should be on top of the celebrities with herpes list due to her fame.

Billy Idol

Billy Idol

Billy is a renowned English Rock musician. He releases hit songs one over the other in the 1980s. Billy admitted that he is suffering from Herpes, and a treatment plan is sought for him by the doctors.

David Hassel Hoff

David Hassel Hoff

David rose to fame with his high-level acting skills. According to the media, his ex-wife Pamela Bach told the world about his Herpes. The ex-wife also claimed David has kept the illness hidden from his fans. Meet Herpes Singles in Your Area These celebrities teach us that no matter how different life gets with an STD, it is still worth living. All these celebrities (the alive ones) are in a happy, committed relationships and have kids too. This means that the hope of a better life is still there. Do not let yourself down by thinking you are not worthy of living because your potential partner is just a few clicks away. No matter how you are caught, the STD does not let your disease define or make you feel down. You still have a whole life ahead of you; therefore, you must eventually come out of the bubble. Talk to another Herpes-positive individual with full privacy through Mypositivesingles . Now, you do not have to go on failed dates anymore, as we give you a platform to access the other person before sealing the deal. Now is the time for you to enjoy herpes dating again with complete freedom and no shame. Both you and your partner can discuss subjects that were scary for you before. The site has excellent features that let you be you and give you all the right expression of freedom: Features for your reference : ● Talk to verified members. The interface is free of scammers and bots, so your dating pools remain legit. ● The advanced search option will help you find like-minded people with the same interest. ● Anonymity when finding a potential partner online is especially important. The platforms keep you safe and anonymous while talking to others. ● One section of the website is dedicated to useful advice and tips that let you find like-minded positive singles in your area. You can access the section and find the information that you require.

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Herpes is a disease that takes away all the happiness from a person’s life. It doesn’t only take a toll on the physical state of the person but also on the mental health too. Do not let your disease define you, and live life to the fullest. Here, we have sourced 20 famous people with Herpes that are living a happy life despite the illness. All these celebrities teach us to be contented and happy in our new state and to have more acceptance. Find the best positive partner through Mypositivesingles. The website/app is the best platform to find compatible individuals. Your chance of living a happy and free life is only a few clicks away.

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