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Jessica Alba Divorced

Is Jessica Alba Divorced? All About the Rumours!

Is Jessica Alba Divorced?


Jessica Alba has been sparking and fueling divorce rumours ever since the pandemic started. So, is Jessica Alba divorced? The rumours are only rumours that have been going on since 2020, but the couple is still together. The actress met her husband, Cash Warren, on the set of Fantastic Four in 2004. She was playing the leading role of Susan Storm in the movie, wherein he was the production assistant. The couple got married in 2008 after dating for four years and shares three children.

The actress has never sparked so far in their long years of marriage. However, it came during the lockdown period without some definitive proof. It seems that outlets are quite insistent that the pair is facing problems in their marriage and putting out several claims. It further went around after the actress spoke during an interview that her husband is quite like a roommate. She also spoke about how it is difficult to maintain that spark with the children in their long marriage. Now, the rumours fuelled more in the New Year after she got spotted without her wedding band.

Is Jessica Alba Divorced?

No, Jessica Alba is not divorced, but she is definitely sparking divorce rumours ever since the lockdown started in 2020. It has been almost fourteen years that the actress is happily married to Cash Warren. But, it is not known exactly if the couple is struggling to keep their marraige, as she spoke during an interview last year about how it is difficult to keep the spark in such long years of marraige. Nevertheless, the actress has never failed to express her love and feelings for her husband now and then during interviews. Thus, we could expect that the couple has a long way to go as she recently shared a lovable family picture on social media.

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Jessica Alba Divorce

How Did Jessica Alba Divorced Rumours Come Around?

Jessica Alba divorce rumours have been going on ever since the pandemic lockdown started, and several news sites reporting that they are having troubles in their marraige. The news outlets even claimed that an insider mentioned to them about the couple facing problems. Well, the rumours and speculations are continuing with the special focus of tabloids and the public. The actress nor her husband has responded to any of those rumours. Rather, they are enjoying their life, as evident from the social media posts.

The site National Enquirer claimed that the birth of their son saved the marriage of the actress. The outlet’s insider source stated that the couple was going through a tough time, and the addition of a little one would bring them back together. Another outlet, Life & Style, stated that Jessica and her husband Cash fought repeatedly during the quarantine. The outlet also claimed that they acted as a perfect couple, but it is far away from the truth. Thus, various outlets claimed several things and rumours about the couple.

Is the Actress’s Divorce Rumours True?

No, the actress’s divorce rumours are not true. The marriage of the couple is still thriving despite all the speculations since two years back. Several outlets and tabloids claimed various speculations regarding the couple. They also mentioned how they came to know such things from close insiders. But, the outlets never mentioned the name of the close insiders. Furthermore, they also did not provide any definitive proof that the couple is facing problems or troubles in their marriage. Jessica and her husband like to keep their private life away from the limelight. It does not mean that they do not love each other or undergoing problems.

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Jessica Alba Divorce Rumours

Jessica Fuels Divorce Rumours Without Ringless

Jessica further fuels divorce rumours as she is seen without her wedding ring during the eve of New Year. She posted a reel on December 31, 2021, wherein she showed off before and after look. The song Praise to God of Kanya West is being played in the background. The video shows her left finger without a ring in the first half and missing the wedding ring from the middle finger in the second half despite her wearing other accessories. Before that, she also got seen without her wedding ring coming out from her office during the mid-month.

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