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Is Chanel Transgender

Chanel West Coast Transgender History

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The Chanel West Coast Transgender story is interesting. In early 2021, a widely spread rumor stated that outgoing singer, song writer, and actor Lee Norris had undergone a sex swaps to become Chanel West Coast. Though it was intended to be a joke, people thought it quite seriously. The hoax was just a hoax, and Chanel is actually a different person. The name is actually used for a common image used in tattoos. We also wrote about Michael Obama trans here.

There is no evidence that either man was ever in fact born as a woman

Is Chanel Transgender

The celebrity in question is instead a woman who used the alter ego of a male singer for parts of several years, before finally coming out as a transgender woman. This artist used the persona of a male singer for years, until she identified as a woman. She then changed her name to Chanel, which she considered to be better suited to a woman.

What makes this girl so different is that she is also a member of the transgender community

Her journey to becoming a fully fledged transgender woman is filled with twists, turns, and many surprises. Many in the transgender community were skeptical at first of what they saw as a gimmick. People like myself who are questioning our culture’s definition of what is truly gender non-conformity, were really skeptical at first of the new trend that seemed to only come around every once in a while.

Is Chanel Transgender

A few months before her death, Chelsie spoke publicly on her struggle to gain acceptance among her peers. During an interview with Complex Magazine, she discussed how she often felt the need to cross over into the male world to find acceptance, yet in doing so always remained true to herself as a female. It is easy to label someone as trans, but until you know someone personally that is going through a journey like hers, it is hard to understand what she is really going through on a personal level.

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Young age

For someone who started recording at age twelve, it is no small feat to seek stardom and build a successful music career as a transgender woman of color. Chanel West Coast Transgenderis a trailblazer, someone who followed her heart and made a name for herself. She is not one of the many who choose to play the same gender role that society has forced upon them. Her transition was fueled by an intense desire to break free from the constraints of gender roles. She wanted to explore her true biological makeup, explore her sexuality, and become an artist who stands apart from the rest.

A few years before she began transitioning, Chanel had discovered she was transgendered

Is Chanel Transgender

It was then she decided to take on a new identity as a transgender woman of African descent in order to better match the body measurements that would determine eligibility for a male to female restroom in many public restrooms. It was at this point in her life that she decided to start documenting her story in an online journal. After undergoing several crucial treatments and discovering that the body dimensions that required surgery did not work, she changed her mind about using plastic surgery as a way to permanently change her appearance. Instead she would use her natural beauty and her hard work in the music industry to gain her freedom and stardom.

This is all history now

In her new memoir, Chanel shares how she found the strength to pursue her dream despite the constant threats that her new identity would face from both her family and society. The fact that she repeatedly refused to embrace the white cis-gendered woman’s boundaries gives readers a unique insight into the minds and lives of transgender women of color. Instead of being victimized by the system, Chanel tells how she consistently chose to climb over the obstacles placed in front of her in order to move forward with her life. By following the example of another Transgender woman of color, namely Leyna Helms, who is currently an acclaimed singer and actress who recently came out as a transgender woman, the lesbian community is learning just what it means to live a full life despite having to struggle with gender roles. In her own words, “Chanel West Coast Transgender is my wake-up call.”

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In the past, many transgender women of color have been stereotyped as mentally ill, criminals, or worse, but Chanel West Coast Transgender shows that there is more to being transgender than most people think. Through her insightful writing, Chanel reminds us that being Transgender is simply a form of beauty. In fact, the writer reminds us that “the journey is the same irrespective of gender identification.” Transgender people deserve to be judged according to their abilities, not their race. This book is definitely a must-read for all who are curious about what living as a Transgender entails!