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Infiniti Qx60 Commercial Actress

That Infiniti Commercial With The Out-Of-Tune Children’s Band

Since YouTube got rid of dislikes, it’s a bit harder to see what commercials are unpopular these days. But the comments for this Infiniti ad…oof. The kids are terrible at band, and the mom rolls up the windows to her Infiniti QX60 so she doesn’t have to listen to their bad rendition of Richard Strauss’ “Also Sprach Zarathustra.” Fun fact: The version used seems to be influenced by this one from inclusive English orchestra Portsmouth Sinfonia. YouTube comment: “Why does that woman have such a horrified look on her face. She’s the one parked with a vehicle in the middle of band class.” Hmm. Good point. Although a minority of people are finding this one hilarious and relatable. So what say you?

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Infiniti Qx60 Commercial Actress

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168 Responses to That Infiniti Commercial With The Out-Of-Tune Children’s Band

Well, maybe the first 3 times I thought it was cute but now I want to throw something at the TV every time it plays (which is frequently). I’m a big thumbs down on this one.

Christine says:

I HATE this commercial. As a music teacher, it is very offensive and would never make me want to buy that car!!

Daisy Homan says:

I can’t stand this commercial. I always mute it EVERY TIME it comes one. I don’t know what makes it fun to the developers of this commercial. It’s offensive to the students and parents, like me, that supported my children in music, sport, etc. Shame on INFINITY…

Carole W Anthony says:

I agree. We have an Infinity but we love to go to our grandkids concerts and find this ad very offensive. These concerts are precious to us and the idea of shutting them out makes me very upset and sad.

Totally agree! I am appalled by the poor judgment this advertisement displays. This will discourage young musicians and is an insult to music educators. When a young person is struggling to learn there will be wrong notes played. We all need to celebrate their imperfect efforts and encourage them to keep practicing!

This commercial has no redeeming qualities. AT ALL. When it comes on, my wife and I race to see who can grab the remote first and change the channel. People! Don’t mute this ad. Hit Infinity and their misguided amateur ad agency in their pocketbooks and change the channel. Maybe if enough of us do that, it will dump their next Nielsen book in the toilet.

Rivian Smith says:
I love it! I love it!! I LOVE ITTTTT. This is the best commercial since the Allstate Mayhem. The faces of these children speak to my core that I smile as if they were on of mine or like the dark eyes of puppies lookin into you soul!! They take their task as seriously as any professional musician, such as the little girl playing the violin you would think that she was performing at the Boston Philharmonic.
If you were into music, you would know that the musicality is a very difficult piece tp play even for trained musicians!! Give the kids a break & don’t be so sarcastic! Tuck away in the closet & get a life!! XOXO!!

Corla says:

I totally agree Christine and it should be pulled. Mom is sending the wrong message to her child. Children have enough to deal with in life as it is. So mom, instead of celebrating those babies for working and practicing so hard you simply let your window up so it will go away. I am furious at Infinity. Mom you need to do better!

I agree !! I thought that the first time I saw it . I would embrace my kid during his band concerts even if it wasn’t that great

Pappou says:

Note to all “nay-sayers” — CTC … if you cannot just watch and enjoy the ad, then move on.
Oh, “CTC” is for all the simple-minded and it means “Cut the Crap”. BTW, that is a fine-looking lady.

Rand Ford says:
How do you “move on” when it’s still playing? Huh?
Carebear says:

There would be no symphony orchestras without an opportunity for children to learn their instruments and participate in an ensemble. It all begins somewhere! What in the world is this ad teaching our children about the value of studying music and improving in their craft? This is a truly offensive, stupid and thoughtless commercial. CTC indeed!

Chris says:

Did those children know they were going to be insulted nationally and repeatedly? CTC is right. Cut this crappy ad.

Mike Arksey says:

This ad is so wrong on a few levels. Stupid premise of a car in a concert hall with a high school band and a 40 something rich cougar. She wants not to hear the band that her daughter is playing in. That is sad. What is really sad is the ride home where she appears to tell her daughter that she played well with an approving look. Bad parenting. The ad makes me sick!

My husband and I had exactly the same reaction to this ad. Hey, if that had been our granddaughter or child in the school band, we would have given them a standing ovation instead of rolling up the window in our expensive car and rolling our eyes. It was disturbing. We love our kids and know how hard they work to put on a program. This ad was actually heartbreaking. Bad ad.

Don R. says:

You are on the mark! What a terrible example of parenting! Nice job Infinity, you are modeling lousy parenting. I will am not interested in anything you are selling.

Nancy Silver says:

It was never a cute commercial. Those who created it and ok’d it to be shown should be drop-kicked across the room and out the door. It is appalling to anyone with a modicum of music in their brains, an insult to young people who study music and adds to reasons for the bullies in their lives to have more to tease with. It is horrific. Another reason I record everything so I can FF past. And write Infinity as a car to look at if I decide to purchase new in another year.

John DeFazio says:

I’m a professional musician and a retired music educator. You are absolutely correct! This is an insult to all music educators who dedicate their life to teaching young instrumentalists.

Ralph D. Jeffords says:

Agree 1000 fold! I’ve always thought advertising has been corrupted to appeal to peoples’ basest gullibility, but this is beyond reason. I cringe when I hear such crap (obviously faked—takes pro session players to come up with such shit!) which actually almost makes my ears hurt. I’d never buy a f***ing Infinity!

I keep trying to write to MSNBC to tell them I turn my TV off every time it runs. As a professional musician, it makes me absolutely cringe and gag… As a sometimes music educator of kids, I find it beyond insulting to striving young musicians! I would deliberately refuse to buy that car just on principle!

I think Infinity finally got the message and started running another commercial with the same lady and same suv.

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bryankiran says:

Which is worse than the content of this ad is, apparently the kids themselves didn’t know their playings were going to be replaced with horrible sound! The company actually auditioned the kids very thoroughly (which the kids put on a lot of practicing for), just to eventually dub over the kid’s playing with the sound of an adult ochestra playing badly on purpose. And now the ad itself is still online sitting there on their official Youtube channel? This shows that they don’t care nor do they felt sorry about it.

Thank you for bringing this up. I’ve been waiting to comment on this awful commercial. This does not make me want to buy this car! it makes me want to change the channel! Why would anyone think this is an effective commercial? And who buys a luxury vehicle for its sound-blocking abilities anyway? Argggh send this commercial to the dust bin of history, STAT.

I DO change the channel every time it comes on! The stations who carry this commercial should take note. says:

This commercial is just plain rude and obnoxious. The sounds actually hurt. I would NEVER EVER buy an Infiniti.

Im trying to reach the car company AND the TV network (MSNBC) to tell them the same. Its horrifying.
Marilyn says:

I think it’s hilarious! I actually laughed out loud the first 6 or 7 times I heard it. Now I still laugh every 3rd or 4th time I hear it, especially if I just hear it from in the kitchen. I love GOOD music, but maybe it cracks me up because my son-in-law teaches band at a middle school. Or maybe I just enjoy a good surprise and a good joke. Not sure I care about the car though. So-so marketing.

Grizzle says:

It would have been fine for an add to play a few times, but the fact that they threw it on the every break rotation is just obnoxious, rude, and really the channels carrying it should say no. Im sure they can get their add revenue elsewhere, while not blasting our ears.

Marilyn says:

It’s not the only ad that comes on constantly to the point of annoyance. I think it was worthy of a Superbowl for surprise and humor. Unfortunately, the car is incidental. Someone said they won’t consider buying the car because of the ad! That is the dumbest reason to choose or not choose a car. Good luck with that.

Tommy says:

I’m with Marilyn. The commercial is genius. I’m still laughing and you are still talking about the product.

Suzette says:

I agree: I laugh too. I was in band (middle school & high school) and this is SO REALISTIC!! And, come on, I don’t care if it IS your child/grandchild, if you’re honest, sometimes it’s hard to listen to & every performance does NOT deserve a standing ovation. Most every parent with a child learning an instrument has at some point shut the door, put on headphones, turned up the TV, etc. The commercial is SO REAL, it’s hilarious. Oh, & one of my best friends is a HS band director & he thinks it’s funny too.
It just might be that some people are too easily offended.

Suzette that. Is because you have a good sense. Of humor a lot of these others got to get a life and look at the bright side of things and one other th ing here is I thing some of these woman are a little jealous of this super attractive lady with two of the greatest eyes around.

Most annoying commercial ad on TV!
Suzanne says:
I can’t stand this ad. It is like fingernails scratching a chalkboard. Stop it!

I’m the president of my kids’ Band Parents Organization, so I believe I’m qualified to comment on this. It’s funny and people are being ridiculously over-the-top about what is obviously a joke. I’ve been to more band concerts in my lifetime than any man should. Not once have I seen an SUV in the middle of the concert. But even if they had, here’s the dirty secret that people don’t want to admit – kids’ music concerts are really painful. Nobody is there to see anything but their own kids’ performance. At least the woman in the SUV didn’t drive off during the performance. Many parents just leave when their kids’ piece is over.

It’s not really about kids bands… its an advertisement for an Infinity SUV, and for that reason it failed.

Grizzle says:

It is an absolute, utter failure. It actually swings my choice away from Infiniti because of that add.

I’m a retired band director. And, for the record, I have a great off-the-wall sense of humor (you have to have one to stay in education for 34 years).
If you truly feel that kids’ band concerts are “really painful”, and find this commercial to be funny, please do your local band a favor and resign immediately as a booster officer.

Thank you, I just love hearing the children play. Isn’t it amazing how good they all sound, knowing how hard it was to have learned that much.

John DeFazio says:

It’s obvious you have absolutely no respect for what elementary band directors do. To say “kids music concerts are really painful,” is an insult to music teachers and music education. Do you realize every famous musician and the hundreds of musicians in the Pittsburgh Symphony, New York Philharmonic etc.etc. all were beginners? Obviously you do not understand the process.

I think this Infiniti ad is rude and insulting. Music teachers, band directors, and their students work their butts off all day long—on Zoom and in person— and they (we) don’t appreciate being the butt of nation-wide television jokes. In Very bad taste! How about a baseball game with 7 year olds instead? Same thing! Why are we laughing at the process to success and perfection? No one wants to be on the down side of something like this….

Capt. Hank Jackson says:
Okay, this is how it should sound. . Enjoy…..
Ann McReynolds says:

I agree with you entirely. This ad is rude and insulting to all young people learning how to play musical instruments, as well as to their teachers. It is NOT easy. How about lampooning 4th grade girls playing basketball? It’s equally painful for observers, but a rite of passage for learning.

Lover of 20th Century music says:
I think it is great! It sounds like a Charles Ives version of the Also Sprach Zarathustra theme.
Capt. Hank Jackson says:

This commercial snaps me out. I just watched it again for the 5th time. You see, reminds me of our concert band in Junior High School. I played drums (snare drum) in the band, some of the wood winds and brass, would send chills up and down your spine. To make it worse, I had a 64 bar rest, before my part came in. The violins would mess up at the 60th bar. Start over again!

Cheryl Rudd says:

This reply made my day. Hilarious 😂. I can only imagine waiting 59 bars and thinking “it’s almost my time to shine”, only to be gipped by the violinist at bar 60! P.S. I love this commercial😅

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Grizzle says:

This is the WORST ADD I have ever seen! F***** torture! Why on Gods green earth did they think this was a good add to play over and over. I would now avoid Infiniti at all costs. Its torture…

I appreciate theses annoying ads. It signals my time for a bathroom break and another adult beverage. Between Infiniti, Lincoln EV snow in the desert, Liberty insurance ads, My Pillow and Balance of Nature etc stringing them together gives me plenty of time for normal programming or starting a Netflix movie.

Grizzle you got to get a life you must be a fun person to be around no sense of humor I bet you have a lot of friends ( wink wink)

Tom Logan says:
Fuck Infinity! I’ll NEVER buy a car from you
Steve says:

Got that right! I cringe when this ad plays. If they thought it would make me want to buy an Infiniti, they are on crack. I purposely will NOT buy one now.

judy wood says:

PLEASE, PLEASE make it stop. My mute button works probably better than the noise reduction on the Infiniti. If you think this commercial makes me want to buy an Infiniti, think again. This, after about the third time hearing it, is pure torture. Again, PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

Katie Martinez says:

Terrible, terrible, terrible commercial. I would never buy an Infinity just because of it. And totally degrading to children who play in bands . . . most NEVER sound like that. And to have a mom TUNE THEM OUT? Disgusting.

Trudy Draper says:
I agree 100% that this ad awful. It presents a self absorbed, uncaring mom.
P Brummett says:

Can’t remember a worse commercial. certainly not going to buy Infinity. Ridiculous concept that mother is sitting in car during a band rehearsal. Fire the advertising agency and please stop commercial immediately.

B rudio says:
It’s a terrible commercial.
richardv1900 says:

I think the commercial is sad. A snobby mother is to heartless to listen to her daughter playing in a group of children and trying their best. The ad agency really blew it. Shame on her ( mom) the ad agency and Infinity.

Selkiebug says:

Ditto all the neg comments. It hurts my ears too. I complained to ZOCDOC when they aired the girl screaming over and over, ad NAUSEUM. Of course my complaint wasn’t the reason, but shortly after the commercial was actually pulled. Now they just play the same two unintelligible ones over and over again. And BTW, why do both ads show women? Sexist.

Katherine says:

This is a truly horrible commercial. Get it off the air the sound is so painful. Also how insulting yo school bands everywhere.

Capt. Hank Jackson says:

The kids were having a good time. Watch at 0:16 time, you will see one kid, using their legs as a metronome.

There are few TV commercials that make me do that! The Infinity ad with the out of tune band makes me run to the TV to either mute it or change the channel. From changing my baby’s diapers to seasoning the chicken for dinner, from having a serious conversation with my wife to reading the mail.. etc. I haven’t found a single activity that would allow me to endure the punishment. I wasn’t planning on purchasing this car, this comercial ensured that I don’t, ever! 😡

Liz white says:
Who is the lady in the vehicle is she an actress ?
Liz I don’t know who she is but she is definitely gorgeous with mesmerizing eyes
Jerri Robbins says:

If they are trying to entice me to purchase their cars, they have failed. I cannot stand to listen to the commercial with the out of tune orchestra. It grates on my senses and I immediately turn the channel or mute the sound. They need to fire their marketing group because this is pretty much the worst commercial EVER.

Michael Phillips says:
The band commercial is awful! I can’t listen to it!
Tony Dambrosio says:

Love the commercial and so does my wife. We crack up every time we see it. Keep it coming! Very effective’

Helen Evans says:

This commercial really turns me off. I mute or change channels
Every time it comes on. It is just awful. Give it up.

Kevin O’Brien says:

These kids are not awful. It’s a beginners’ orchestra, and they’re doing fine. Of course their intonation is not like a real orchestra’s. Or even like a high school’s orchestra. BUT NO music director of a beginners’ orchestra anyplace in the world would have the kids playing Also Sprach Zarathustra. It’s a piece for top tier orchestras. And what is an Infiniti or any automobile doing in a band practice hall. And take a look at “Mommy,” who rolls up the windows so she can’t hear her own kid playing. What the hell kind of mom is that? Obviously a wicked stepmother. I hate her.

John DeFazio says:
joei’i says:
i luv this commercial… kids are amazing
and Mom’s expression is Awesome
Walter says:

I felt so sorry for the kids in this commercial. They might have been acting but they also might have practiced for hours to entertain that ungrateful lady in that stupid car. Instead they get shunned for their supposedly lack of talent. I can’t believe how insensitive some people can be. Even the people that asked these kids to be a part of this cruelty should be ashamed. I can’t stand this filth but I am forced to watch it because it is on Discovery+ and I can’t even skip it if fast forward it. I feel disgusted.

The kids are actors and they know they are performing. Their feelings are not hurt. It’s make-believe—you know—pretend, like when you were little and played cops and robbers. It’s not real. Trust me.

Wanda Se says:

As a former band kid and now a music teacher I find it funny. My poor parents had to endure all the awful squeaks and sounds but I got better. It’s a commercial. Stop being so dramatic. Worry about real problems. Kids aren’t eating at home. Parents can’t pay bills. But let’s focus on this commercial.

I prefer to focus on funny, uplifting, and positive messages. There are enough things in the world that grate on my nerves that I don’t need a car ad to add more aggravation.

Right on Wanda these people here should focus on more important things
Joseph Savoie says:

I listened to my kids in band concerts and loved it. But I didn’t listen to it ten times a night. I can’t switch the channel fast enough when this lousy commercial comes on. I hate it!

Dorothy Williams says:
I love this commercial!!
Cathy says:

Worst most annoying tv ad. I have to mute the tv when it comes on. They should fire the ad agency for this one.

Bonnie Dickinson says:

This commercial is hilariously precious. The looks the mother and daughter exchange in the car when pulling away say it all.

Kelli M Trick says:
I absolutely love the commercial! Every time. It cracks me up

Will never buy an Infiniti car after this ad. It makes me have to drop what I’m doing to look for the remote mute button.

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Kristi Devick says:
Unbearable commercial
Susan Cole says:

This ad is absolutely horrible and a good reason to NEVER get an infinity car. It inflicts hearing pain on your potential customer. . how stupid.

Robert says:

Every parent of a musically inclined child, along with anyone else with an ounce of common sense, should boycott Infiniti, and their ad agency, and unfriend anyone they know who purchases one of these cars.

Lauren Teague says:

Absolutely the most annoying commercial. What moron puts a car in the middle of a kids band. They should have put more thought into this since people are tuning other commercial out just like the mother is tuning out the kids. Whoever thought of it should be fired.

John Keller says:

One of the most cynical, anti-child, anti-parenting commercials ever made. And you have been showing it incessantly. Check your numbers after running this commercials. You’re behind, Infinity, irrelevant and anyone who loves kids and watching them grow will avoid your product. Time for a new CMO!

Mona E says:

I love this commercial, especially because of the dissonant start. It gets my attention, I try to hear the out of tune notes, which are then is transformed with that base line to a beautiful conclusion. I can’t say why, but I am also a singer. It would be hard to sing this out of tune.

Susan Cole says:


Alexa MacKinnon says:

I adore this ad!! The majestic musical selection now brought to a level we all understand grabs my attention each and every time. With that I have to see who/what we’re advertising.
Former Copywriter

That tv commercial for Infiniti car model with the children’s music band is a disaster .
Who ever thought that we viewers would like to hear this. Such a torture!
It does not incline me to even consider buying a car from Infiniti.
That terrible sound will hit me each time I will drive behind or beside an Infiniti Model.
This company will never be on my list of car choices.
Please pass the message along so the company removes it. Lise Massie

Makes me want to throw up every time I hear it. As it is played multiple times each day I can’t keep anything down. Must be part of some companies diet plan.

Ronald Chong says:

I agree! It is so annoying. Doesn’t Infiniti see these comments? And it plays so often on cable tv. It won’t get my dollars!

Maureen Gates says:
Hate it. My ears bleed every time I hear it.
Mark Hemphill says:

So you all think you’re clever making fun of the children. Some people may not realize how the subliminal and “implied” aspects of situations are brought to light but MANY of us do, and seeing this in your commercial is insulting and refers to the reality of the “dumbing down of America” and I, for one, am offended and will surely NEVER lay a hand on an Infinity Auto product. The world is seeing Americans in a different light because of BS like this and other SUPREMACIST movements.So that being said. YOU SUCK!

Jennine Walsh says:

This commercial is absolutely horrible. Would never buy an Infiniti and change the channel everytime it’s on. Get better people on your advertising team.

It is so unusual that I ever offer my opinion on this sort of thing. However, as a former advertising and marketing executive, as well as a professional musician and orchestra conductor, I MUST offer a comment! First, any TV station who knowingly airs such an egregious commercial ought to be investigated for mal practice! While it definitely gets one’s attention, after the first half a second of listening, it either ruins your hearing ability, you’re tone deaf, or you’re so in love with the Infinity, nothing could dissuade you from watching the commercial again and again. The damage this spot could easily have on our youth…perspective world-class musicians…is not to be understated! Shame on the advertising agency, the marketing department of Infinity, and the TV stations who are so greedy for those advertising dollars, they’re willing to air virtually anything. I refuse to watch any of the stations that are showing that disgraceful spot!

Gail Storch says:

I’m 74 and never hated a commercial more. It makes me I’ll and I immediately turn the channel. I’d never but an Infiniti! Is there a way to complain directly to the company?

Teresa says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this commercial! I smile every time. Takes me back to when my kids were learning to play an instrument ❤️

Really…? Trying to sell a car by ridiculing young musicians? How obnoxious. Depicting a smug arrogant woman insulating and isolating herself in her fancy little car… how elitist! Who do you think your market is? Arrogant elitists? They’ve already bought far better — and far far more appropriately marketed! — automobiles! They’ve got — we’ve all got — choices. We’ll choose anybody but you!

Cheryl M. Phelps says:
Joseph Borchardt says:

That commercial with the kids playing music is awful. Please take that off the air as soon as possible!! I’m hoping to God to never view this horrific mightmare of a commercial again. Please listen to this feedback. I actually liked infinity before I viewed that. Thank you .

Paola Mac says:
I run to mute everyone this airs…like nails on chalk board. I’d never buy this car.
John McGarvey says:

This is the worst commercial I have ever seen. I have played and been around music all my life a this thing just cuts to the bone. Just stop it.

Regina Gavlick says:

The woman represents snob; shouldn’t be a parent or around children; certainly nothing special about her, clothes and makeup do nothing for her… honestly it’s a turn off for any consideration for the car or the manufacturer. Who wants association with a snob….

Larry Ray says:
Maybe the most IRRITATING Commercial ever made!
Davis says:

This commercial is the best. Kids being kids and not perfect like the parents who think they should be.
The comments I’ve read are pretty shallow. I’d be willing to bet that none of the commenters have a musical bone in their body and if they are capable of playing, they too weren’t perfect at this age. Get over yourself. Life’s short, enjoy the ride while you can.

L. F. Hurd says:

Not much of a mother. Did she really expect the kids to be perfect? Does she think they won’t notice she put the windows up?

Karen Knoeb says:

I can relate! My kids – 1st year of band – we parents always gave standing ovations at the end…. But during…all of us had to clench our ears. I love it! Brings back great memories.

healthcoachmoniquepettaway says:

Love the commercial. It’s cute and innocent. I think viewers are missing the point. NOTHING negative about this commercial.