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How To Wear A Circle Scarf

How to Wear a Scarf: 15 Chic Ways

I love scarves. Scarfs are an easy way to take an ordinary outfit and make it next level. It’s a way to take a simple dress and elevate it. It’s a great way to take a basic classic wardrobe. We all know we live in leggings and t-shirts at home. Yet, all of us have those classic “get out of the house” staples – the favorite jean, basic shirts, and favorite jackets – we can’t be THAT Mom that’s wearing the same out AGAIN to the weekly dinner date.

Collage of Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf

Scarfs help us take our wardrobe favorites and expand the looks and outfits we can create. It not just that, what if you’re traveling and need to make a single black dress have seven personalities? Again, scarfs to the rescue.

Unfortunately, I’m fashion impaired, so the only way you’ve probably ever seen me wear a scarf is around my neck. And not in some fancy knot, either… just draped across my neck. Which I mean is fine until it slips, slides, and faints to the floor.

I’ve also somehow managed to mangle my favorite silk scarf dragging it through the melted cheese of a kiddie dinner. (Note to self – Cheesy Enchiladas with a side of Guac don’t mix well with kids. Well, to be honest, neither do kids and a dinner date. Occasionally, a dinner date should be kid-free).

I know… I’m impossible.

Recently, I decided it was time to ‘expand my horizons, so to speak, and learn other ways to tie a scarf. My reasoning was if I tied it maybe I could look more chic and have fewer (scarf) tails to drag through the kids’ dinner plates when dining out.

I did some searching, some learning, and a lotta, lotta, lotta practicing. Now, in an effort to improve my own fashion sense (and yours too ?), I’m sharing 15 chic and easy ways that I’ve discovered to wear a scarf.

Hello, instant wardrobe versatility!

If you own a ton of scarves (and have ambitions to someday wear them in a chic way) or if you love to wear scarves but need a little help learning different ways to tie a scarf too, prepare to be amazed yourself by these options.

Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf

A scarf makes an excellent addition to any outfit, any time of the year. Again, it’s a great way when traveling to take a couple of simple classic pieces and create a unique dinner date outfit every single night of your trip.

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If you think wearing a scarf is just for the fall and winter “the cold months”, you couldn’t be more wrong! You may be surprised just how many different ways you can tie a scarf – and wear one all year long.

Find out more below.

1. Belted Cape Style

photo tutorial showing how to tie a belted cape blanket scarf

The blanket scarf is one of my favorites, and you can tie it in many ways instead of just wearing it like a shawl.

I love, love, love the belted cape style even though I can’t personally pull it off. I will continue to use this as an excuse to find a scarf that I can wear as a belted cape.

2. How to Wear a Scarf Tied Low

chic scarf with blazer

Now that’s the way to dress up a pair of jeans!

This scarf looks absolutely gorgeous tied low. Look how simple it is – yet I never would have thought to do this on my own.

With this simple addition, we have next leveled this outfit.

Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf in Cooler Weather

3. Flyaway Vest Scarf Tie Style

tutorial on how to tie a fly away vest

Here’s a cute flyaway vest version without a belt, which is a more forgiving style, and look for those of us without tiny waists. I just love this drapey look – it looks so chic and stylish (and comfortable!).

4. Add Some Flair

fabric poppies pinned to a yellow scarf

fabric poppies pinned to a yellow scarf

How about flyaway vest version to your scarf with a pin or two? They can help add pops of color to solid scarves. They can also make your scarf design look cohesive.

5. How to Tie a Long Scarf

Tutorial on How to Tie a Long Scarf

The flyaway vest version is the best way to disguise a top that you’re not exactly crazy about. (… or maybe its your favorite top and you’re still trying to figure out how to get the catsup stain out for good.) Out of these different methods, I have to say I love the twisted lattice tuck the most.

Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf in all Seasons

6. How to Tie a Scarf in a Bow Knot

An Example of How to Tie a Scarf in a Bow Knot

Money doesn’t buy elegance. You can take an inexpensive sheath, add a pretty scarf, gray shoes, and a wonderful bag, and it will always be elegant.

Carolina Herrera

Smarten up any blazer by tying a scarf as a flyaway vest version . Use a scarf ring (or hair elastic) to create the look. This is perfect for silk scarves which can be hard to tie (the knots tend to slip). It can also help elevate a denim jacket and allow it to do double duty as a blazer.

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7. Tie Your Scarf With a Braid

how to wear a scarf braided

Give your scarf a whole new look by flyaway vest version. You can even braid two scarves together to blend patterns and colors. So unusual and wonderful at the same time!

8. Tie as a Beach Cover-Up

tutorial for wearing a Scarf as a Beach Cover Up

Lightweight scarves make a wonderful flyaway vest version and provide that perfect flow-y beach look.

Plus, they are lightweight, easy to pack, and if they get sand on them it doesn’t stick to a flowy scarf the way it would a terry cover-up. I think this one is so feminine and pretty, don’t you?

9. The Jillee European Loop

how to tie scarf using The Jillee European Loop method

Have a scarf that just won’t lay flat? flyaway vest version It looks more interesting than just tying a knot, and it lends a softer yet very chic look to your outfit as well.

10. Half-Tied Blanket Scarf

example of half tied scarf method

The flyaway vest version is one of the easiest ways to wear one, so it’s a must-wear for many women. It looks cute and stylish with just about everything! I love easy go-to techniques like this!

11. Kimono-Style Cover-Up

Kimono-Style Cover-Up made out of a scarf

Turn a scarf into a flyaway vest version by tying the corners together in double knots to create a shrug. This tutorial has 4 different styles so that you can easily make 4 similar but different looks. Don’t stop just with jeans or chinos. This is an easy way to “add” sleeves to that little black dress. You can even give that little black dress several looks, just by changing up the scarf you wear. Easy peasy!

12. Make Your Scarf Into a Belt

A woman wearing a scarf as a belt

Wrap the scarf around your waist, and tie the ends in a low double knot to flyaway vest version. I’m blown away by how amazing this looks. This would also work to add a dash of pizzazz to a pair of dark denim jeans or even a classic twill pencil skirt. Again, next level that classic look and give it your own spin, just by adding a scarf.

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How did I never think to do this?

Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf to Expand Your Wardrobe Options

13. Sweater Vest

Woman wearing a scarf tied as a sweater

Style a knitted infinity scarf as a flyaway vest version. This is perfect for layering in the fall (or spring!) when you’re not sure how the weather will unfold. That chunky sweater vest look is so popular. If you need to you could add a jacket for another layer for extra warmth or even just to change the lookup a bit.

14. How to Tie a Layered Knot

steps to tie a layered scarf

A flyaway vest version will keep you extra warm this winter. It’s a super stylish way to tie a scarf and is perfect for those extra-long scarves that you just don’t know how to style! Pair it with coordinating gloves and you’ll stay nice and toasty.

15. Classic European Slip Knot

How To Wear A Circle Scarf

And, finally, the flyaway vest version is a definite keeper. It’s as easy as it is classy, and it always looks great no matter what type of scarf you use.

I know that I will defiantly be pulling these scarf ideas out of my “bag of tricks”. With just a few scarfs and a little bit of practice, you can have a completely transformed wardrobe. A little twist here, a gentle tuck there, and a strategic pin, broach, or even a flower placed at the perfect spot you now have an infinite number of ways to jazz of your classical pieces.

What do you think of all these different ideas?

The best part is that nearly all of these sites provide great step-by-step tutorials to guide you as you learn all the new ways that you can wear a scarf.

I think that even I can pull off some of these different methods of tying a scarf!

a collage of ways to wear a scarf

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