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How Tall Is Nicole Richie

How tall is Nicole Richie

How tall is Nicole Richie

A Very Happy Big 4️⃣-0️⃣ to Nicole Richie!
Have a beautiful day and a healthy, happy year ahead.

Nik Ashton said on 12/Dec/20
@ me – How tall are you?

@ Jesica – How tall are you?

Jesica said on 8/Dec/20
Jenn said on 23/Jun/18
I think Nicole is 5’4.
Here she is towering over Mary Kate Olsen who is 5’1

Ah, she’s not “towering” over Kate, who is 4”11ish. Plus, she’s closer to the camera. Nicole is 5’1.5 barefooted.

Nik said on 1/Aug/19
It’s interesting to find out how tall some of the commenters think she is!

Jenn said on 23/Jun/18
I think Nicole is 5’4.
Here she is towering over Mary Kate Olsen who is 5’1

Layla said on 28/Sep/17
In pictures with Christina Aguilera, she always looks slightly taller. I think she might actually be a littler closer to 5’2”.

Jessica said on 10/Sep/17
I think Nicole Richie is 5’6.
Here she is with Sarah Jessica Parker who is 5’3.
Click Here

And she appears much taller.

Towering over people.
Click Here

Here she is with Andrea Martin who is 5’4.
Click Here

Sandy Cowell said on 28/Apr/17
The comment from the 2nd September, 2011 is well worth reading folks! It was written by someone who goes by the name ‘me’!

Sandy Cowell said on 28/Apr/17
I’ve just seen Nicole walking onto Ellen de Generes’ stage, and her heels were so high that
she looked the same sort of height as Ellen!
Ellen was wearing her usual flats, of course.
I don’t know why but I get Nicole mixed up with another American celeb, even though they are poles apart in height!
Today, I’ll put 5ft1 for Nicole. I have read it too and seen her standing with others, so I don’t have to guess – I know!

who cares said on 9/Mar/17
button is a wackjob

laura said on 2/Nov/14
I always used to believe that Nicole is 5″1, but lately I have stumbled across pictures with other celebrities that make me think she is smaller. Next to Paris Hilton when they are both in flats, she looks about 4″11 seeing as Paris is 5″6ish. I don’t think she is over 5″0. and I think Christina Aguilera is 4″11 with very good proportions that make her appear taller.

Emily said on 24/Dec/13
I worry for her health. She looks unhealthyly thin, even though she’s short.

Benjamin said on 31/May/13
She looks like the typical Jewish or Italian east coast woman. Shes 5’1 solid.

marla singer said on 26/Oct/12
I think she is near 5’1 but in this pic above, I’m sorry, she looks under 5 ft. It’s probably because of the long dress and those heavy platforms that look bigger than her

me said on 2/Sep/11
she might not downgrade intentionally. believe it or not there are some people out there for whom height stats aren’t that important. shocking but true 🙂 Plus I know a few people who have very warped ideas about height- a friend who simultaneously believed herself to be both the same height as me- 5ft- and as our boss- 5ft 9. our boss was very fat, but a normal guy height. she was 5ft3 so. figure that one out! another friend who we actually measured at 5ft4 maintains adamantly that she is 5ft2.
I think nicole is either someone who is actually honest about her height and thus shows others up, or is about the 5ft2. although the best evidence comes from fully body shots with others her height and i think in Xtinas case she is being shown up for her true height
Click Here
Kristen bell is 5ft 1 max and she seems marginally taller than xtina here. i actually struggled to find pics of nicole with other petite celebs. just her and paris mostly and to be honest paris’ height seems as changeable as her bra size. I think posture counts a lot for her.

karen said on 26/Aug/11
I have to say that I think Button is right. I have met Nicole at a book signing and she’s a little taller than me. I’m 5’1″. She is at least 5’1.5″ or 5’2″. I’m not sure why she would downgrade her height but she did. Christina Aguilera is shorter than Nicole.

Button said on 13/Jul/11
Oh, well it seems since my last post on this page that my post I did before that has now appeared. Thanks Rob. I thought it was simply getting ignored, but now I see that I was wrong. Once again, apologies if I sound very irritating in any of these posts. I will wait and see what happens with Nicole’s and / or Christina’s height, and even if you decide not to change either of them, that’s still OK.

How Tall Is Nicole Richie

Editor Rob

I was just away on the weekend and didn’t have as much energy or time to do much comment reading/approval.

Button said on 9/Jul/11
Well I just want to say this. Either Nicole Richie needs an upgrade or Christina Aguilera needs a downgrade, or even a little bit of both. If Nicole is 5’1″ then Christina is not 5’1.5″, but if Christina is 5’1.5″ then Nicole is not 5’1″. For this to be the most accurate height site, one or both of their heights should be changed. Please, how about it? I know I sound obsessed in old posts of mine, but I’ve tried to tone it down a notch. I just hate seeing it like this because it’s incorrect. Even a little change would be great. Just so long as Nicole is listed taller than Christina, as that’s the real truth. What about just switching their heights? 5’1.5″ for Nicole and 5’1″ for Christina? Although, I still think there is more than just 0.5 inches between them, I would say it’s near an inch between them. Anyway if you think Christina should stay at 5’1.5″ then Nicole could have 5’2.25″ or 5’2.5″? But if you think Nicole should stay at 5’1″ then Christina could have 5’0″ or 5’0.25″? I reckon the former is somewhat more likely than the latter, because I don’t see Christina being only 5’0″. Sorry if I’m being a pain but I want to see something happen about this. If I know I won’t get anywhere in this and you won’t budge either of their heights, then I’ll shut up now.

Button said on 16/Jun/11
Runt, I’m sorry, I know my posts are usually excessively lengthy. Sorry. I do get pretty carried away with height sometimes. It interests me and I can talk about it a lot on this site. But fair enough if you think it’s too much. I’ll take on board what you’re saying. I’ll make more of an effort to downsize the length of my posts. Oh, and I’ll try not to snap like I did further down this page. Hopefully you prefer that.

runt said on 15/Jun/11
I couldn’t get through chapter 12 of your posts. I hope there isn’t a quiz later on. I might run out of highlighter if I have to study them.

Button said on 12/Jun/11
Jon, sorry, I realised I probably sounded like a complete cow in my last post to you on here. I didn’t mean for it to sound like that at all, but reading back on it, I think it did. Sorry. OK, perhaps my points about an anorexic person taking off an inch or so from their height are somewhat invalid. I don’t know. I really just thought Nicole might have done it as she has also claimed to be 5’0″ before too. To me she looks so blatantly above 5’0″ that it’s not even funny (if she is 5’0″ that makes Christina 4’10” or 4’11”, Britney 5’2″ or 5’3″ and Paris 5’4″ or 5’5″, and I seriously fail to see how any of those heights can be right). I felt like Nicole lying about her height so much, may have shown how desperate she was to try and justify her 80lb weight. However, it may be the case that I’ve got it utterly wrong. I know what you are getting at when you said an inch or two makes virtually no difference to whether someone is anorexic or not. I guess, 5’3″ and 80lb might not look so much different to 5’1″ and 80lb. For smaller heights like the 5’0″, 5’1″, 5’2″, 5’3″, then 80lb might not appear drastically different for each. I imagine anything above 5’3″ though, then 80lb would look rather alarming, and even more rapidly so with every inch increment above 5’3″.

If you’re saying that it’s most people who upgrade rather than all people then I definitely agree. For sure. Most people do indeed upgrade their heights. I still don’t really understand why because what’s wrong with being shorter? I wonder if most of the people who upgrade their heights are insecure about it? I guess some people could genuinely not know their height and estimate it and so maybe give a little more than they really are, but for the most part I have to wonder if many of the upgraders are really so dissatisfied with their height? Maybe many people have their own ideas of a “perfect” height, and really wish to attain it or seem as close to it as possible, and if it means upgrading themselves then they’ll do it? Also, I would like to know why taller is generally seen as being better? Why is that? Well I suppose I sort of understand why it may be a man’s preference to be taller, but for women? I’ve no idea why they would want to upgrade themselves at all, but so many of them clearly do. Shorter is seen as a negative thing by a lot of people. But that’s not good. People ought to try to be accepting of their height, even if it’s less than average and not necessarily the height they would like. I’m at least 3 inches below average height but I’m not bothered by that. I like it.

I tend to always claim 5’1.5″ on here as I think that’s most accurate for me and this site is all about accuracy with the heights. 5’1.5″ is indeed my height for the main part of the day. But of course, I’m a little more than that first thing in the morning, and a little less than that last thing at night. In real life, I used to always try and claim my genuine height of 5’1.5″, but now I don’t bother because no one ever believes me. I cannot even claim my real height without most people thinking I’m lying. So normally I’ll say just 5’0″ as many people seem to reckon I look it. However, I tried to claim my true height the other day. My Dad asked me how tall I was in cm, so I told him and I said 156cm, and his face went O_O and he was like “Are you sure about that? I thought you looked more like 151cm”. I found it quite funny the way he picked such a precise height. 151cm is actually slightly shorter than 5’0″. He was totally convinced I was not 156cm. I must say, I used to get a bit miffed that no one believed my 156cm, but I really don’t mind now. So, in real life I claim 5’0″ a lot and no one bats an eyelid. I think I seem shorter than I am as I nearly always wear thin ballerina shoes that have no more than 0.5 inch heel, and I have awful posture and slouch and shuffle around. So I can easily see how I come across shorter than my actual height.

No way do I look 5’3″, and no way could I get away with claiming it. Surely, the general population notice a height difference between a 5’0″ person (we know I’m not 5’0″ but like I keep saying most people think I look that height) and a 5’3″ person, whether it’s in pictures or in real life? 3 inches is a very significant difference. 5’0″ virtually always looks short, and I think the only times it may appear average would be in fluke instances which happen literally once in a blue moon, so that would be almost never. That’s exactly how I feel with my height. I still have had the odd once in a blue moon moment where I feel average, but it’s so so so rare to get. 5’3″ on the other hand often does not look short though. I don’t actually reckon it’s all that uncommon for it to come across as an average height, or super close to it at least. But I always look and feel short and just never feel average really, except for those fluke occasions I have said about. I certainly still think around 85% to 90% of women I see are taller than me. That wouldn’t be the case if I was 5’3″. If I was 5’3″ then around 75% of women would be taller than me, but not 90%. Based on everything I’ve said in this comment, I really couldn’t even get away with claiming 5’2″, let alone 5’3″.

Jon said on 1/Jun/11
Sorry button but I can’t accept your points. First of all an anorexic person doesn’t take an inch off their height to justify their weight. First of all 1 or 2 inches would make virtually no difference to whether anorexic or not.

My point about average person lying about their height by one inch has been said many times before and makes sense. Of course not everyone does but a lot do and at very least they round it. I can’t accept someone that short would significantly downgrade. Would you start saying I’m 4’11 and a half, very unlikely! I’m not saying everyone upgrades but loads do. Maybe you don’t and thats good on you but girls your height normally will say 5’3 in my experience. They wear high heels and it sounds plausible, No one would question it. Not just short girls as well, short guys definitely do it, probably more so.

Button said on 26/May/11
Jon, you said “no way does a 5’1″ girl downgrade herself”. But that is just such a generalisation. Please, let’s not just lump every 5’1″ girl into the same boat like that. Also, it is not a “fact” that people upgrade by an average of over an inch. We know it’s very true that “most” people do it, but it’s silly to call it a “fact” that “people” do it. What do you mean by “people” anyway? Everyone? And you said “short girls must upgrade by 2 inches”. Really? Who made that rule? Not all short girls feel a need to inflate their heights, believe it or not. I am in the 5’1″ range myself, 5’1.5″ (156cm) to be precise, but I would not dream of inflating my height. Why would I do that? That would be lying. Sure, a little upgrade isn’t so bad if the person genuinely doesn’t know their exact height and is somewhat guessing. But, I can’t exactly go around saying I’m 5’3″ when I know full well that I’m not, can I? That would make me look daft. I do not understand why so many people want to try and seem taller than they actually are.

As for Nicole, I still believe she is one of the few people who downgrades their height. If she is 5’1″ then how does she consistently look above this, no matter who she is with? And it’s not due to heel height advantage by the way. There are pictures of her with Paris Hilton (sorry, I would post the links for them, but I don’t know how to on this website) both girls are in flats and the difference is around 4 inches at the most, never ever 6 inches. Only way Nicole is 5’1″, is if Paris is no taller than 5’5″. But Paris is above average height, you can tell it just by looking at her. No way is she only 5’5″. You could also search for Nicole with 5’5″ Lindsay Lohan (or close to 5’5″ I should say, as she may not be a full 5’5″). Surely that can’t be 4 inches difference between them? More like 3 inches at the very most I would say. And I have said plenty on the pictures with Nicole and Christina Aguilera. At least, we can agree that Nicole is taller than Christina. I still don’t believe Christina is under 5’1″ though.

Another thing is Nicole got pretty skinny a few years back and was reportedly at around 80lb, and I do think this is one reason she claimed, and still claims, to be shorter than she truly is. Anorexia rumours were circulating around, and with estimates of her weight around 80lb, many people would have been more shocked if they heard she was in 5’2″ to 5’3″ range rather than 5’1″. In fact, I do believe she has claimed 5’0″ as her height in the past too. 80lb on that height does not sound quite so shocking. Still really thin, but not as thin as it would be for a 5’2″ or 5’3″. So yes, I think one reason she claimed less was to try and justify her low weight, and to make herself sound “less anorexic” if you get me. I don’t know if she was actually anorexic then, she could well have been. But I’m 5’1.5″ and 86lb, so that’s a pretty similar size to how she reportedly was, and I’m not an anorexic. 80lb shouldn’t sound as horrifying for 5’0″ to 5’1″ as it might for 5’2″ to 5’3″. I think she wanted to dispel the rumours and make her weight sound OK for her. Downgrading her height was an attempt at that.

Jon said on 23/May/11
No way does a 5’1 girl downgrade herself button. People upgrade by an average of over an inch thats fact and then if you take into account tall people don’t upgrade or even downgrade (most 6ft girls will say 5’11) then short girls must upgrade by 2 inches. So Christina is lying. From all evidence she’s just shorter than nicole so would say 5’0.5-5’1 making nicole’s height bang on 5’1 as listed so no upgrade required.

Button said on 21/May/11
I would really like it so much if someone could please explain to me why Nicole Richie is listed 5’1″ on this site and Christina Aguilera 5’1.5″, when in every picture from every angle of the two of them standing together, Nicole is taller than Christina. Honestly I challenge anyone to find me some pictures of the two women standing together with Christina looking taller than Nicole. I’m sure you won’t be able to do so. Look at pictures of them standing together and you will see that Nicole looks visibly taller in every single one. And I’m sorry, but if you cannot see this then I really don’t know what to say. It’s beyond me how she still has this 5’1″ listing, it really is. At least most commenters on this page agree with her being taller than Christina. Good, because that is true. But what I will not agree with, because I’m totally convinced it’s wrong, is the 5’1″ for her right here on this page along with people suggesting she really is 5’1″, and that Christina is 5’0″ or less.

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Of course, it’s absolutely fine if some people genuinely believe Christina to be 5’0″ or less and that Nicole’s 5’1″ is correct. You can believe that if you wish to, but I would bet money on it that you’re wrong. I still completely think it’s Nicole’s height that is listed wrong, not Christina’s. I fully believe Christina to be in the 5’1″ range, and 5’1.5″ sounds pretty reasonable to me. Just look at images of her with Britney Spears, and there’s about 3 inches difference between them. I hope people agree that Britney is in the 5’4″ to 5’5″ range. Seriously I don’t understand how people see only 5’0″ or less for Christina. Only way she is this height is if Britney is 5’3″ or under. Britney is not that height though. I know what 5’3″ and under looks like and Britney isn’t it. I actually think she’s closer to 5’5″ than 5’4″ anyway. Christina is somewhere between 5’1″ and 5’2″, I guarantee it.

Back to Nicole, she clearly can’t be 5’1″ if Christina is that height or half an inch taller. More proof that she is not 5’1″ can be found if you see pictures of her with Paris Hilton, who is listed 5’7″ on this site. I’m not sure about Paris but even if she was a bit under 5’7″, like 5’6″ for example, then there is still not a 5 inch difference between them. Not even close to 5 inches, more like 3 or 4. In some pictures it only looks about 2, but that would mean Nicole is 5’4″ to 5’5″ and I certainly don’t think she’s that tall. Clearly the camera angles must sometimes play tricks, but I’m telling you, that is not a 5 or 6 inch difference between them. Never ever in a trillion years. And, I know what some people might say, but no, it is not Paris who is shorter than 5’7″ (or even 5’6″). Paris is a legit above average height woman, so I hope no one starts suggesting she’s 5’4″ or 5’5″ or something because that is silly. Come on guys, please try to realise this, Nicole is taller than 5’1″.

I love this site and I love how the heights are done to the nearest 0.25 inch so Rob must want this to be the most accurate height website out there. It’s a very enjoyable and interesting site, and most of the heights are very close to what I think and I really like it, but this is one of the few I reckon is significantly wrong. There is just far too much evidence to suggest Nicole is well above 5’1″. Keeping her at 5’1″ isn’t a good idea at all in my opinion. Doing so would just be downgrading the accuracy of the site. 95% of the other heights I see on this site are brilliant, and there is plenty of picture evidence to strongly suggest the heights are correct, and that is awesome. But this time, something can’t be right. All the image evidence I come across points towards Nicole being nothing under a very strong 5’2″.

Even that though still seems a little too low for her to me. I wouldn’t rule out the full 5’3″ actually, as she does easily pull off looking that next to Paris, but conversely there are other occasions where she appears a bit under that. She is always over 5’2″ in my eyes though. I’ve said before that I believe her to be either 5’2.25″ (158cm) or 5’2.5″ (159cm). I still reckon so but at the same time 5’2.75″ (that also rounds to 159cm) does not seem impossible for her either. She may well measure it first thing in the morning after a decent sleep, but, in the evening she would be shorter than that. Still not convinced she’s as low as flat 5’2″ in the evening though. I think maybe 5’2.75″ morning, 5’2.5″ afternoon, and 5’2.25″ evening. Flat 5’2″ might be possible yes but I think pretty unlikely. So for now, I think 5’2.75″ is her highest and 5’2.25″ is her lowest, therefore I think 5’2.5″ is probably the fairest listing for Nicole.

I realise I probably sound so annoying in this message the way I go on about it, but it’s just that, I really enjoy the site and don’t like to see an inaccurate height for someone. I’m just trying to help make it more accurate. I understand that an upgrade to 5’2.5″ is quite a big jump from 5’1″, so people may not want this to occur straight away, but for now I don’t think an upgrade to a flat 5’2″ is unreasonable. I really hope at least some sort of upgrade will be considered for Nicole.

Button said on 1/Apr/11
If Nicole Richie is 5’0″ like a lot of you here are saying, then that must make Christina Aguilera about 4’10” or 4’11”. Every single picture I’ve seen of them both together shows Nicole to be taller than Christina. If you look at pictures of them you can clearly see it. So if anyone believes Nicole is 5’0″, they must also believe Christina is an inch or two below 5’0″. Come on though. There is no way Christina can be as short as that, so there is also no way Nicole could be just 5’0″. She has never looked that short to me and 5’1″ is still too low for her I think. She looks in the strong 5’2″ range to me. I really think 5’2.25″ (158cm) or 5’2.5″ (159cm) is right for Nicole. Not 5’1″.

tanya peters said on 26/Jan/11
I believe NO more than a SOLID 5 foot nothing 🙂
Ryan said on 7/Jan/11
5 feet if she’s lucky
Ashley said on 22/Nov/10
She looks about 5ft 1. just like me!! We are really short but cute !!

Alex said on 19/Apr/09
Mr.R, really? Paris no taller than 5’6? I would have pegged her at 5’7 and Nicole at 5’1.

Wanda said on 23/Mar/09
Hi! I’m 30 years old, I’m 5ft1 and weight between 93.9-94 pounds. I’ve been told I’m thin but never scaringly skinny! My frame is small, my bone structure is small, like many asians and they, we, don’t look anorexic. It’s a lot to do with genetics. A person with the same height BUT with a medium/large build/bone structure should weight more, then those 94 pounds would be too little. My step sister has the same height and weights at least 25 pounds more than me but her bone structure is big, she looks healthy, not fat or anything. much of her weight is precisely the bones as well.

Gwen said on 15/Feb/09
5 ft 3.2, Nicole has longer legs than girls of her height.

Mr. R. said on 2/Feb/09
I have never met Nicole, but I have met Paris. She is about 5-6. It is possible that Nicole is closer to 5 feet. By the way, some classic Mr. R trivia: How many of you know that Nicole Ritchie’s birth father is musician Pete Escovedo Jr. who is the brother of musician and Prince protege’ Sheila E? It is the Escovedo genes which give her the unique looks.

5 ft 3.2 said on 22/Jan/09
Yeah, she’s about 5 ft 1. Sometimes it says that she is 5 ft 2. Maybe. Unlike most short celebs, she has short legs, so she looks her height.

Christal. said on 3/Jan/09
I agree with ‘Brown Sugar’ there is absolutely no way that there is seven inches between them! I would say that Paris is 5ft 7, i wouldn’t say she’s any taller then that. With nicole, i think she needs to put on a bit of weight but she desnt need to put on loads, tbh its up to nicole, and if she feels happy the way she is, we should be happy for her. 🙂

M said on 25/Oct/08
My friend is at least 5’1” and she is 95 pounds. and she is super healthy and she eats constantly. As long as Nicole is not starving herself, which is possible, then its fine. Some people just dont gain weight easily.

Alice said on 8/Sep/08
I just saw this pictures of Nicole and Christina Ricci(5’1′ in the moring. ) but they are on a sit. what do you think?
Click Here

Emily : ) said on 23/Aug/08
Hey guys there is no point in arguing about someone else’s height/ weight. Also if you have a question on your weight qualification, ask YOUR doctor and not the random people on the celebrity height website. LOL. She is not that much under weight, I mean have you seen her teeny frame. But remember don’t qualify yourself on the judgement of these arguing people. LOL

Alex said on 25/Jul/08
6’0 70lbs for any person, you’d be dead.

Alex said on 25/Jul/08
Nicole would have at least an inch on Eva I think. Eva claims 5’2 but Nicole claims 5’1.

Anonymous said on 23/Jul/08
As I’ve long said before, tongue in cheek comment on your example. Obviously you have nothing better to do, so you continue to draw out an old “argument” — on your part it was seeing your anger. But for me, the convo has long been over. You should seriously move on. Also, I never accused you of being stupid. You said it yourself. And again, go somewhere else if you want to argue.

@ B.: Yes, she looks less than 95 (I’ve heard somewhere around the 80 range) and I still think she’s about 5′, but between 5′-5’1″ it’s hard to tell anyway.

brapp said on 23/Jul/08

“If a girl is 6′ and 70 lbs. she is anorexic. There’s no way you can be that tall and still eat and live. Get real.”

Don’t accuse me of being stupid because you lost the argument. 1-0

anonymous said on 17/Jul/08
that’s b/c paris always slouch when they take pics

B. said on 16/Jul/08
I saw her in person and she is definitely 5’1″ or shorter. She looks so unhealthy and if people hadn’t been yelling her name I could have thought she was a little girl. She weighs much less than 95. She looked about 80. She has some serious problems.

Brown sugar said on 15/Jul/08
I am a short 15 year old girl (4’11”) and even I weigh more than Nicole Richie. She should at least be over 100 pounds. But i don’t know if she’s that short, when she’s next to Paris Hilton, she doesn’t look 7″ shorter than Paris.

C. said on 2/Jul/08
Did I ever say I didn’t? Read.

Anyway, Nicole Ritchie is pretty much stated as 5’1″ all across the board. I’ve seen 5’2″ listings, but I don’t think she can get away with any higher. Which makes me wonder why Eva Longoria is consistently said to be 5’2″ when I honestly cannot see her as any taller than Ritchie.

v said on 2/Jul/08
i recall an article or two in star about her weight a while back saying she was 5’2″. after seeing her in pictures with other celebrities i don’t think she’s shorter than 5’1″.

brapp said on 2/Jul/08
C. so you now accept that anorexia is not diagnosed at a set weight and loads of other reasons can cause extreme thinness?

Alex said on 25/Jun/08
C, I agree with what you said.
Most here agree on her being 5’1 so there wasn’t much debate on her height so it was turned into a debate on her weight.

C. said on 22/Jun/08
Everyone knows that anorexia is a complex mental illness, and isn’t just about extreme thinness. I don’t think anyone was refuting that, just commenting about the example that was given. However, it was taken way too seriously. Especially when anger, screaming, and insults occur as a result. In fact, it was highly uncalled for.

Besides, this site is about height in the first place– specifically Nicole Ritchie’s height. If you don’t want acknowledge that fact and talk about it, the you’re free to go somewhere else.

C. said on 27/May/08
Get a grip, brapp. You’re the only one making yourself look ignorant, not me. Obviously you have some issues, especially to be screaming in caps on this site.

And can this get back to Nicole Ritchie? This is her height page.

brapp said on 20/May/08
The reason I’m annoyed is because of the ignorance surrounding anorexia. Read my first post on here. ANOREXIA IS NOT A DESCRIPTION OF LOW WEIGHT, IT IS A COMPLEX MENTAL ILLNESS.


And you’re proving yourself to be ignorant yet again. “as we’re on a Nicole Richie page it would be logical we’re talking about anorexia blah blah” – WHAT ARE YOU A ****ING DOCTOR? WHO SAYS SHE’S ANOREXIC JUST BECAUSE SHE WAS THIN? DON’T BE SO BLOODY I-G-N-O-R-A-N-T
As for splitting hairs, you must have a short memory – you’re the one who started on the semantics, not me.

Mike said on 4/May/08
i need to know how much a 6.4 in mans bones weigh.i have lost a bunch of weight due to malabsortion.i weigh 174.bones and how much is the difference between bones and fat and /or muscle mass. thanks

C. said on 24/Apr/08
She still looks around 5′, but it’s hard to distinguish 5′ from 5’1″. However, she looks no taller than that.

Sunny said on 24/Apr/08
Alice – thats a good picture. I dont see the height difference though, they look pretty close and they’re both wearing flats (from the other pics) Maybe they’re both 5ft1.

C. said on 24/Apr/08
And honestly, “eating like a horse” and still 6′ ft., 70 lbs.? Christian Bale was at a dangerously low weight during “The Machinist”, but even then he wasn’t 70 lbs. However, I do know an individual who literally does have to eat all day to essentially live, she’s very thin but still doesn’t have that weight-height ratio.

C. said on 24/Apr/08
@ brapp: Of course anorexia isn’t the only thing that can cause low weight, but given that you’re on a Nicole Ritchie page it seems logical that we would be talking about anorexia (in this case anorexia nervosa) in general. It seems that you’re one “splitting hairs” so to speak. But keep on attacking me and making rude remarks, I could care less. If anything, you’re the one making yourself look insecure, not to mention ridiculous as you were the one who got so angry (and apparently you still are) over the rather tongue-in-cheek comment I made about the 6′, 70 lbs. Seriously.

brapp said on 23/Apr/08
most people die before 90.

Your brain cell cannot seem to differentiate between attack and retaliation.

Then you admit, after trying to tell me my argument was flawed, that I was right – anorexia is not the only thing that can cause low weight.

Then you resort to arguing over semantics with me and writing pretentiously to try making yourself seem slightly credible.

Deary, don’t split hairs, even experts shorten it to just anorexia unless they need to be formal. Don’t pretend you were talking about lack of appetite. Lets give you this analogy – in the olden days, gay meant happy and cheerful. It still does. But its common-use meaning these days is homosexual.

For the record, a 6ft 70lb person may eat like a horse and not be able to keep it down, or keep it down and not absorb it. You don’t think things through do you ;]

C. said on 23/Apr/08
And again, if you’re 6′ and 70 lbs., chances are you died before you hit 90.

C. said on 23/Apr/08
@ Brapp: What’s your problem? I see that you have to attack me personally since your example is extremely flawed. Yes, physical illness, perhaps. Or cancer. Along with several other possibilities. However, you cannot seem to distinguish anorexia (lack of appetite– which one would have at 70 lbs, 6′) from anorexia nervosa.

Alice said on 22/Apr/08
I think that Nicole is 5’3′ look this picture with Rachel Bilson (5’2′) Nicole seems taller than her.
Click Here

SN said on 12/Apr/08
I live in Hollywood, have family/friends in the business, and can write this unequivically — Nicole IS 5’1″. Majority of the Hollywood celebs, both male and female, are short; but some claim to be taller because they don’t want anyone to think they’re a munchkin.

brapp said on 12/Apr/08
C. do you have a low IQ or something?

is anorexia the only thing that can cause dangerously low weights? No. What about PHYSICAL illnesses genius?

C. said on 28/Mar/08
@ Brapp: If a girl is 6′ and 70 lbs. she is anorexic. There’s no way you can be that tall and still eat and live. Get real.

@ Sasha: You remind me of myself. However, I don’t play sports nearly as much as I did in the past although my appetite is still the same. Actually, I’m quite ashamed of my weight and I have been trying to gain for the longest. It runs in my family unfortunately. I don’t care for being thin, just normal.

And Nicole Ritchie is more like 80-5 lbs. and 5′ even.

Sasha said on 24/Mar/08
I know a lot of people are probably thinking, quit complaining, you are lucky! Yes I am a girl, and I am 23.

Jason said on 19/Mar/08
Some people are just like that, Sasha. I’m the opposite; eat little but *weigh* a ton. lol. Don’t worry, 5’8” 110lbs is a nice size, and you might put on weight as you get older.

Hang on! You’re a girl, right? I remember there was a guy here called Sasha. lol.

Hey, Rachelle, I wonder if anyone will say you guys look the same height or almost? 🙂

Sasha said on 18/Mar/08
I’m 5’8″ and 110 lbs. and I eat A TON and play sports and am constantly active but I have never been able to gain more than 5 pounds. I definitely don’t think it’s normal but it’s not like I’m doing something wrong. I guess it’s just the way I was built.

Rachelle said on 2/Mar/08
Nicole and me: Click Here

For those who are going to ask, I was wearing boots with a 2 inch heel, so I’m about 5’8″.

brapp said on 11/Feb/08
eliza – anorexica is a complex mental illness, not a description of a low weight. thats so ignorant. even if a girl was 6 foot tall and weighed 70lb she wouldn’t necessarily be anorexic. She could be physically ill etc.

i’m your size and im definately healthy.

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anyway, every time i seen nicole richies height listed in magazines it’s 5’1″

Jade said on 8/Feb/08
I’m 21, 5’0″, 90 lbs. At one point I recently weighed 87 lbs, but nothing lower.

plush levity said on 26/Dec/07
ive noticed that wenever someone tall says somethng bout themselves they mlght say ‘m pretty AND tall’ though short ppl mlght say ‘m pretty BUT short’- belng short ls as fyn as belng tall.lts nt that blg a deal.get of lt ppl.

mike said on 5/Dec/07
she is really tiny. look at this pic with mischa barton. I doubt if she is really 5ft 1

ally said on 3/Dec/07
wow..most of you girls are husband thinks i’m too skinny for my height which makes me feel not so good about exactly 5’0 and weigh 98 lbs..i think nicole richie is 5’1 as she says she is its because she is very thin that is why she looks tall and me being at 5’0 tall people think im actually taller because of my small husband is 5’10 and when i stand next to him he doesn’t look too much taller than me..maybe like 4 or 5 inches i believe nicole is 5’1 she is short.

sasa23 said on 1/Dec/07
hy guys ..i’m a 5’2” and i weight around 98pounds..i think i’m fat and short i sometimes feel insecure about my body,,in the other hand i know that my mind is biger and people say i’m smart,i agree,,but when they say i’m pretty,ijust think they make fun of me. is this a montal illness or what?i’m only 17 so i guess i have time to grow up and get u think so?is it true that i can get taller? thanx forward..x0x0x0

Alex said on 14/Oct/07
Dreamette, 5’1 91lbs is pretty skinny but its ok if you’re in healthy shape and eat normally or its just your natural body type.

dude said on 11/Oct/07
ive seen her multiple times, i live in her area ive been on set with her at a couple of appaerances shes made. ive seen her a a few parties. she is for sure 5’1

dreamette said on 6/Oct/07
hey im 5’1 and weigh 91 pounds and im average-skinny looking. but i am nowehere NEAR as thin as ritchie.

UMMMM said on 6/Oct/07
I always thought she was taller but she only looks taller because she is skinny, I have a friend who is 5’1, she looks like 4’11 or something, she is skinny, a celebrity probably only gives me the impression that they are taller because they are a celebrity, I dunno why lol.

EMMA W said on 14/Aug/07
EDIT – she is above Paris’ eyes

EMMA W said on 14/Aug/07
She always says she’s 5ft1, but beside every single tall celebrity she hangs out with she’s not much shorter! Paris Hilton is rumored to be 5ft8 and when Nicole stands beside her without heels on she’s still at Paris’ nose which is only about 4 inches shorter than Paris. interesting.

Jackie Treehorn said on 13/Aug/07
Saw her close up in Jimmy Kimmel audience. She had mega shoes on and was hard to get a feel for her height. but if you didn’t look at her feet you would think she is taller than 5-1. Jimmy looked about 6-0.

Jason said on 10/Aug/07
You’re ok, Eliza. Just very slim. Nothing wrong with that so long as you eat normally.

TJ said on 9/Aug/07
Eliza. Anorexic would be an extreme description, but you do appear to be underweight according to your Body Mass Index. That’s never exact though, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

John said on 28/Jul/07
on a uk living programme ” The World’s skinnyest celebritys there was an article about Nicole Richie describing her as 5’1″ and 85lbs.

Alice said on 5/Jul/07
Sorry i forgot the link:
Click Here
Crystal said on 24/Jun/07
she said she was 5 ft 1 on the Tyra Show

Adrianna said on 23/Jun/07
I have seen Nicole before and she is not any taller or shorter than 5’01. She definatly weighs less than 90lbs too. She’s skeletal which would maker her low 80’s :/

spongebob said on 21/Jun/07
she only looks5’3″ or 5’4″ because she’s so skinny. trust me. i’m skinny and people think i’m 5’2″ or 5’3″ when i’m really 5/5’1″ because of it. i’m sure she’s about 5’1″ or 5’2″ at the most

Aix said on 6/Jun/07
I knew this is right, because Nicole Richie isn’t really 5’3″. Click Here Look at the picture because if you take a look, Paris is bending her head (and looks even MORE tall with heels) and I think they’re both wearing heels. They have a great height difference, if you watch “Simple Life”.

aquarius said on 4/Jun/07
I agree with Gemini.. only visiting the site you can see very high heels shoes(125MM)

Brad said on 4/May/07
Wears HUGE heels like the Duffster & the O twins. Can’t really tell.

Gemini said on 25/Apr/07
To those people who are saying that Nicole looks like she’s 5’4” sometimes. that’s becuase she wears really high heels. One of her favourite shoe designer is Christian Loboutin, who is popular for making really high heels. check out their website: Click Here
look how high the heels are. I think Nicole is really 5’1”, especially since she said it herself like a million times. also, hilary duff is also 5’1”. It would be helpful if someone can post a picture of them together for comparison.

Wannabetall said on 14/Apr/07
i just watched an old interview and she was talking about simple life 3 and being a firefighter and how the uniform was too being because she’s 5’1″

X said on 4/Apr/07
Two people who are exactly the same height & weight can look a different size because of build, weight distribution, etc.

I’d estimate her at 5 ft. 1 & a half to 5 ft. 2. Forget the virtual food, this girl needs the real thing.

jess said on 3/Apr/07
i think nicole lies about her height or maybe she dont know how tall she’s.
i would say she’s 5.2 to 5.2½.

How Tall Is Nicole Richie

Editor Rob

many women do drop 1/2 inches, I measured my sister to give her an exact height, yet she still drops the 1/2 inch, actually she doesn’t give a flying monkeys about height anyway.

Emily said on 29/Mar/07
wow I am actually a little taller than Nicole Richie! And it’s true 5 pounds does look like a lot

Anonymous said on 27/Feb/07
when she was arrested for DUI, the police report said that she was 5’1 and weighed 85 pounds. i am 5’2 and weigh 93 pounds and i am thin but nicole looks emaciated she obviously lies about her weight.

Ellie said on 20/Feb/07
Okay, according to these pics, 5’1″ is definately accurate
Nicole and 5’9″ Mischa Barton:
Click Here
Nicole’s shoes (2-3″?)
Click Here
I think Mischa is wearing flats

Ellie said on 6/Feb/07
Click Here
You list Joel as 5’7″, so if that is actually true I’d put Nicole at 5’2″-5’3″ according to this pic. but since Nicole has said so many times that she’s 5’1″, I highly doubt she’d downplay her height. Maybe Joel is shorter than 5’7″ (and Paris is shorter than 5’8″)

a random Brit said on 8/Jan/07
Ye i do agree wit u two, wen u say she looks 5’1 when she’s walking by herself, but seriously-next to Paris, she does NOT look only 5’1

Qiana said on 6/Jan/07
Omg. you guys when she was on the Trya Banks show she said she was 5’1 two or three times.

Alex said on 5/Jan/07
With pizza its one of the foods I can pig out on if hungry enough. If I’m hungry a normal amount I’ll still down 4-5 slices but very hungry 6 minimum. Nicole could afford to eat a whole pie! LOL

5’4 for Nicole? no way
5’1 she looks, maybe 5’2 at the very most.

A random Brit said on 1/Jan/07
People are saying she’s 5’1/5’2 but if you look at her next to 5’8 Paris, she only looks a few inches smaller. Same when she’s next to 5’5 Lindsay. My guess is she’s 5’4.

Jason said on 24/Dec/06
I see people eating pizzas to themselves at fast food places and wonder how they do it.

Alex said on 23/Dec/06
And speaking of pizza, I had 8 slices yesterday at home. We ordered 2 pies and I had 5 pepperoni and 3 plain. I can down pizza that much if I’m hungry enough, but even not that hungry I can easily eat 4-5.

How Tall Is Nicole Richie

Editor Rob

stop being greedy and send a spare pizza to nicole, bulk her up a bit!

Alex said on 18/Dec/06
I eat a lot of beef actually, burgers, meatloaf, but beef from the grocery store ,not fast food. I just try to stay away from fast food as much as possible as I do get other junk foods anyway sometimes. I get 3000-4000 calories mostly, varies in that range.

Jason said on 18/Dec/06
So why not a little fast food. lol. I must have one of the slowest metabolisms going as I don’t consume more than exactly 2000 calories a day.

Alex said on 18/Dec/06
Even though I don’t eat fast food or fried foods, I do eat a lot of pizza like I said and I do like sweets, and half the time I can eat candy or other sweets. Around Halloween time I was eating a ton of candy, also cake, donuts, ice cream I eat sometimes so its not like I’m on a strict diet. It really depends because I can eat more healthier or unhealthier depending on the day.
Now 2 of my friends, the 2 heavy ones they eat too much of it and it affects them not like some thin guys with a fast metabolism.

Jason said on 17/Dec/06
I don’t know you do it. Life would be too spartan for me without fast food and soft drink. 🙂

Viper said on 17/Dec/06
Man, I love Mcdonalds.

Alex said on 17/Dec/06
I don’t consider pizza fast food actually, lol. Nor do I consider Chinese food fast food either. Its real food, not like mcdonalds, burger king, Wendys where ist pretty much processed.

Jason said on 17/Dec/06
Pizza isn’t fast food? 😛 I don’t like to have McDonalds or something more than once a week or so. Though my diet is far from optimal lol . but I am working on it!

Viper652 said on 16/Dec/06
My mid section could be more defined, but yes I can see my abs, especially If I crunch them. Ive never been above 8 percent, and I eat a lot of fast food. See, Im even guilty of unhealthy eating but I stay thin.

Alex said on 15/Dec/06
Nicole may be 85lbs as they estimated, she is has gotten smaller from when she was 95lbs so she’s 90lbs tops.

Viper with 7% body fat you have a 6 pack I assume right? I have 12-13% body fat last I checked and probably in that same range. My abs are fair, but the rest of my body is pretty good though.

Jason said on 15/Dec/06
I just do walking. Viper, see? You’re still filling out so your wrists will get bigger. We are still growing like I said. I actually browsed through the NFL linebacker profiles on as I’m not all that familiar with American football. Quite a few of them were my height/weight but those that were would be leaner yeah. Alex, you are in GREAT shape compared to average men lol. I can believe Nicole Richie is 80lbs – I was 5’7” 108lbs when I was 12 believe it or not – and I wasn’t as skinny as she apparently is.

Viper said on 15/Dec/06
Ive actually gained about 5-10 pounds of muscle the last year and a half not doing anything 🙂 I hardly ever lift weights now. I use too though back in high school. Was 6-1 170-180 back then and Im now 6-3 190-195 with 7 percent body fat. Jason, at 234 pounds at 6-3 you could be a linebacker in college. In the pros that would be too small though. You would need to be at least 250 pounds on a 6-3 frame. And Im talking 80-90 percent of your body being all muscle. I mean, there are a couple of Tight ends in the NFL who go 6-3 254 with about 3 percent body fat If you can beleive it. And also have 42 inch verticals and 4.38 speed in the 40 to boot. 🙂

Alex said on 14/Dec/06
I guess I could say I’m in great shape but not that great of shape. I really don’t have anything more than a fair 4 pack, its really my arms, chest, shoulders that are pretty good and my legs are actually pretty big too at 25.5 inches. I’ve actually been into weightlifting/bodybuilding since April 2003 when I joined a gym after being in kinda poor shape but wasn’t fat though.

Dahlia said on 14/Dec/06
I’m 5’1 and weigh 90lbs, but there is no WAY I look as thin as Nicole. My bones don’t stick out like hers. Remember that photos tend to make you look heavier than you really are. So if you can actually see her entire ribcage and hip bones, that means she went well under 90lbs if she does stand at 5’1″. And she is right, 5 lbs is a huge difference on her frame. I know I’m underweight, but I like to inhale a Big Mac every 2 weeks, I doubt she does the same.

Jason said on 14/Dec/06
I actually don’t lift weights, just naturally large. I joined because I used to want to start but never got around to it and ended up changing my mind lol. I’m not quite as in as great shape as you, though! I’ve got a flat tummy and am in fairly good physical shape compared to the average bloke, but I could still stand to lose a few pounds. I couldn’t be a linebacker if my life depended on it man — I was hopeless at sport and the idea of being flattened by 300-pound guys doesn’t appeal to me! 😛 I am good at sprinting though and planning at trying my hand at that this coming year . just for some fun & meet people if nothing else.

Alex said on 14/Dec/06
6’3.25 and 235lbs, thats big whatever build you are. Are you naturally heavy like that or do you lift weights or whatever else? Also 1/2 on a wrist is a big difference too, its not like 1/2 on your arm where its not a huge difference. You could be a linebacker if you wanted.

Jason said on 14/Dec/06
I’m 234. I think 7” is the average for a man. I remember a sizing chart saying large started at 7.5”, so I guess small starts at 6.5”? So, 6.5” is just kinda borderline small. I wouldn’t worry about it; you’re still growing anyway. My wrists even don’t look as big as they are.

Alex said on 14/Dec/06
Nicole Richie is black, white and hispanic.

Jason, you have 8 inch wrists? Thats kinda big. What do you weigh then with 8 inch wrists at 6’3 1/4? I just measured mine recently and got 7 inches even.

Viper said on 14/Dec/06
Jason, do you consider just under 7 inch wrists small boned? I do but I have good size overall to compensate for it. I think mine look even smaller than 6.5 actually, they look dainty as hell. 🙁

Jason said on 13/Dec/06
I think she’s black and hispanic.

One guy I know’s wrists are 9” — makes my 8” feel dainty. He’s 6’4” 255lbs and isn’t fat at all. Though he isn’t an Islander.

Alex said on 13/Dec/06
Since 2005 she’s been under 100lbs. On the Howard Stern show she got on a scale and weighed 97lbs and since then hasn’t gotten any heavier, lost a little more at least too. In a magazine they said she was estimated to be 85lbs last summer too. She is around 90lbs though, 85lbs is possible too.

Viper, you’ll agree. She was a good looking girl in the simple life seasons 1-3, even though in season 1-2 she was a bit thick but still looked good and by season 3 dropped to 110lbs but was still healthy looking and was hot. Now its just bad.

Viper said on 13/Dec/06
85 pounds? Wow they need to feed her some cheeseburgers.

Alex said on 13/Dec/06
Was there a mugshot picture of her though? 5’1 I am pretty sure she is though.
90lbs 3 years ago? who are they kidding? lol
in 2003 she was 125lbs which is a bit thick for a 5’1 girl but she looked ok still, but that was in season 1 and 2 of the simple life, and by season 3 she was down to 110lbs, leaned out but was still nice looking, but after that by 2005 she was down to 95lbs or a bit less and she is rumored to be 85-90lbs now. She is part black and white so I guess she can change it on paper if she wants back and forth.

Alex said on 13/Dec/06
Viper, My wrist is 7 inches flat, could be 7 1/4 though. I’m medium boned. I can put on weight a bit easy depends what I eat and do though.

Jason, I don’t believe my 2 heavy friends are big boned though, more likely just fat but since you guessed one of them 60lbs or so less than he really is then there is a slight chance he’s big boned but I highly doubt it. BTW, he’d love your weight estimate on him though. I still gotta tell him that. You’d make him feel lighter! LOL

Maggie said on 12/Dec/06
She was arrested yesterday and her mug shot and arrest papers were released to the media. She is 5’1”.

Also, apparently 85 lbs and African-American. She was arrested three years ago and her measurements were 5’2, 90 lbs (yeah right) and Caucasian-American.

I guess only in Hollywood can you shrink an inch and change races within three years.

Jason said on 11/Dec/06
Yeah, fat people use the ”big bones excuse” when it’s really because they’re just fat lol. Some people really are ”overweight” because of their bones and natural musculature, though. The New Zealand government allows Maoris and other Polynesians a higher BMI before they’re considered overweight because they tend to be bigger-framed than white people. We have a lot of them in Australia and they are big mofos.

Viper said on 11/Dec/06
Im pretty small boned, my wrists are only 6.5 inches around. Ive always figured Ill never gain any fat because my light bones couldnt support it:)

Alex said on 9/Dec/06
When fat people say they have big bones and aren’t fat its really just an excuse for them to say they’re not fat. 2 heavy friends of mine both have said it once in the past and its really just an excuse for being that heavy.

Jason said on 29/Nov/06
BMI is way off for some people, but it’s good for the great majority. You’re not gonna throw it off much unless you’re into lifting weights or have big ass bones.

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Viper652 said on 29/Nov/06
Whoever invented the BMI should be cornered and shot. Its just awful. It doesnt take into account any muscle mass or bone size.

Alex said on 24/Nov/06
BMI is a crappy thing anyway. I’m 6’0.5 and weigh 200lbs and considered overweight while really I am in good shape.

AnnaRae said on 24/Nov/06
Nicole Ritchie is definitely at an anorexic B.M.I. and is EATING-DISORDERED! I have HAD anorexia and I have been extremely thin myself, but when I compare my anorexic pictures to Nicole’s I am still bigger looking than she is. I’m 5’4 1/2 and my lowest weight was about 93-94.

FiveOne said on 21/Nov/06
She’s 5’1″. And according to what I’ve read, someone around 5’1″ should weigh 101 to 106 lbs on average. At 5’1″ you’re considered underweight once you’ve hit 97lbs.

Alex said on 16/Nov/06
In a recent magazine they said she was around 85lbs actually which is pretty possible. She’s no more than 90lbs right now I can bet on. Nicole was 125lbs in the 1st season, 2nd season probably about the same, maybe 5lbs less then the 3rd season 110lbs after losing some weight and looking good still but after that went too far. Even at 5’1 you can get down to 100-105lbs and look ok and thats if you’re naturally skinny or thin where Nicole isn’t made to be. Paris is a naturally skinny girl so its ok for her.

5’2 105lbs fat? HAHA. Thats actually a nice petite size. Its thin but not sickly skinny though.

Anonymous said on 4/Nov/06
I’m 5 feet and weigh 100. So I think Nicole Richie is probably around the 80-85 pound range. She is nothing but bone and for me to look like that I would have to starve myself 20 pounds.

Anonymous said on 3/Nov/06
One more thing..she looked way bigger than 105 in the 1st season! That is unless she’s shorter like 5 feet or something. I’ve been 115 at 5’2 and i’ve never looked like that.

Anonymous said on 3/Nov/06
This thing is making me VERY insecure cause erika’s comment stated that nicole said she was called fat at 5’2 and 105 pounds and I am 5’2 and weigh between 108 – 110 pounds and noone has called me fat but now i’m wondering.

skarlette said on 2/Nov/06
WOW i feel fat compared to u people~~
im 5’1 and weight somewhere between 109-111 idk!i wish icould go back and be 79lbs, but some ppl say i look like im 95lbs, i agree, its all in the bone mass and also muscle mass, i run so.

FiveOne said on 26/Oct/06
Nicole looks 5’1″. That would make her the same height as me. There is NO WAY that she weighs 95lbs. I weigh 100lbs, and she looks like she weighs 15 to 20lbs LESS than me. That would put her at 80 to 85lbs.

her said on 15/Oct/06
ok well in my own opinion. ANYBODY that is overweight at one time in their life OBVIOUSLY has a slow metablisim, making it IMPOSSIBLE for them to be a ‘natural 95 lbs’ without an eating disorder

Anonymous said on 14/Oct/06
wtf your 5’1 and weigh 75 lbs. are you kidding. did you know that for every 5 feet you are supposed to weigh 100 lbs. and for every inch over that you add 5 more lbs to it. im 5’1 and weigh 105. you should be 105 too. NOT 75. are you anorexic? nicole richie looks like 85-90 lbs.

keyboard_star said on 9/Oct/06
it all depends on your bone mass actually. I’m 5’1 & weigh 75 pounds. heaviest was like 85 & I ate like a horse

ME said on 21/Sep/06
I would just like to comment that I am 5’2 small boned and my weight fluctuates between 125-135. Now most everyone that I know guesses my weight to be around 100, I’ve won several bets arguing with people about my weight, most guess my jean size to be 0-3. When in fact its a 8 or 9. Even some of the people I know to be size 0-3 themselves, guess me to be 5-7. So you can’t always go by appearance. Ive tried gaining weight, for years, After pregnancy, I went back to my pre- pregnancy, weight before I left the hospital. And as someone else put it, I eat like a horse to say the least, According to my doctor if you go by the charts they use I could stand to lose a pound or 2, which I can say is not the case.

kitty. said on 19/Sep/06
yeah i have a similar body shape to nicole richie and i’m exactly 5’1″ and 95 pounds. and i’m not anorexic or anything.. i eat like a horse. so it is believable.

even so i doubt that she’s naturally 95 pounds.. if she’s even 95 pounds. it’s quite obvious she has a disorder.

my said on 17/Sep/06
it seems to me that everyone who writes their own weight here are very thin .for example Tonka who says she is 5’2 and 107Ibs. And u write that Nicole was “curvy” when she weighed 130Ibs .For what i know its pretty normal to be 5’2 and weigh about 130 Ibs.

mandy said on 12/Sep/06
Yup shes definitly 5’1. I was watching the tyra show today and she was on it and she clearly said like 5 times that shes 5’1

Alex said on 12/Aug/06
She was weighed at 97lbs on the Howard Stern show. She def was around 95lbs, maybe closer to 90lbs. She still looks a little under 100lbs today.

erika said on 10/Aug/06
I distinctly remember her on the Howard Stern show right after season 1 of the simple life aired and she was still plump.. she repeatedly said she was 5’2″ & 105 and how Paris is so thin so everyone always immediatley labels her as the fat one. I’m thinking she’s about 5’1.5″-5’2″

Sienna said on 2/Aug/06
I believe it. She’s tiny, and in back when there were pictures of her and Paris together, she was always so much shorter.

Lisa said on 1/Aug/06
Nicole Richie does not look 5’1″. I saw her standing next to Lindsay Lohan and she was not that much shorter at all. I would say she is 5’2″ or 5’1.5″ at the shortest.

Bla said on 31/Jul/06
No way is she anywhere near 95 lbs. Just over 85, more like.

Haylie said on 15/Jul/06
She is often described as 5’2″ in magazines and I think that is probably closer to the mark- just my opinion!

Tonka said on 14/Jul/06
For sure Nicole is around 5’2″
Kelly Osbourne is 5’2″ & i’ve seen a pic of both of them together on her website & their about the same height.
I’m 5’2″ as well & i’m 107lbs.

Nadja said on 12/Jul/06
She’s 5’1. I met her at a book signing. Very thin and short.

Alex said on 8/Jun/06
Wait, going by the picture Milian is at least 2 inches taller, maybe 2.5 inches taller and Nicole is in sandals which won’t give her more than 1/4 inch and Milian is in heels that are going to give her 2-3 inches of height we know. So if both were barefoot I bet Milian would have just an inch on Nicole. I didn’t see the footwear at first is why I posted about it again.

Alex said on 8/Jun/06
I would bet Milian is wearing bigger heels because no way is Milian 2-3 inches taller then her. Its really more an inch.

nrclptcrkr said on 7/Jun/06
Ok, try this link:

Supposedly Christina Milian is just an inch taller than Nicole Richie (5’2″ and 5’1″ respectively), which in these photos appears to be accurate if you remove the three inches or so that Milian’s heels give her. Still, why are Milian’s features so much larger than Richie (aside from the obvious weight difference, seeing as one is healthy and the other is not, and you know who I’m talking about)? Nicole Richie’s head is like half the size. Could it be that the difference between them is more than an inch? Perhaps Richie is more like 5’0″? I dunno, could be an illusion.

Anonymous said on 13/May/06
ive seen her stand next to taller celebrities,and she doesnt seem much shorter than them.And shes taller than Alyssa Milano who’s 5’2″. I’d give her 5’2 and a 1/2. 5’1″ doesnt seem right.

Alex said on 10/May/06
Yo- 4’10 85lbs is pretty thin but hey if its your natural build and naturally like that its ok. Its not ok when someone is made to be heavier like Nicole and gets too thin or should I say skinny which she really is since thin and skinny I think or somewhat different. Paris’s case is ok too as she is made to be pretty thin.

yo said on 7/May/06
weell 96 lbs for 5’1 isnt too baad, but she looks pretty underweight becuz idk im 4’10 and 85 aand im not liiek woah thin. yea ha

Shae said on 4/May/06
If DJ A.M. is 5’11” then Nicole Richie is taller than 5’1″. There is not that much height difference between them. Also, people are not always towering over her like you would expect with a 5’1″ person. I would put her close to 5’3″. It seems like she tried to downsize her height to be thought of as smaller, probably because she was overweight. She wants to be seen as a “small person”.

Anonymous said on 29/Apr/06
Her b/f D.J. A.M. gets listed as 5’11”. There’s an article in the May 2006 issue of Teen People about him and how he lost his weight. They have his stats and list his height as 5’11”.

Jenna24 said on 22/Apr/06
Last time i measured, i was alittle over 5’0 ft (5 years ago). Now, if people ask me about my height i would probably say i am 5’0, maybe 5’1, or 5’0.5! God, i feel sooooooooooooo tall when i say i am 5’1 and i guess i am a lier too, fooling the world and all the stupid . i mean good people.

pixie_gal said on 14/Apr/06
I think Nicole is pretty cool and honest about her height but I really think she looks abot 5’2 or 5’3 next to Paris Hilton it’s weird! She creates the illusion of being tall very well especially as she wears flat shoes a lot. Also in the pic with her and Alyssa, Nicole actually looks about the same height as Alyssa who is probably not 5’2

giantHeels said on 29/Mar/06
95lbs?! ha! these days she pushing the 85 mark in my opinion – 95 was back when she still looked relatively normal, now she looks like a scrawney alien 🙂 I personally think she looked pretty good back when she was close to a hundred pounds – I’m guessing that shes 5’1 or maybe more – in her case she is more likely to round down than anything – so that her tiny weight may seem less anorexic

Anonymous said on 21/Mar/06
Nicole is definitely 5’1″. Here she is with Alyssa Milano (5’2″).
Click Here

Alex said on 11/Mar/06
5’1 looks to be accurate. 95lbs is too small too even on a 5’1 frame. She looked best around 115-120lbs when she was average. I remember she was like 130lbs or about that then dropped a little which was ok and looked good,but then dropped more and more and it was too much.

CelebHeights Editor said on 15/Feb/06
“I think when you see me in person, you see that I’m, like, five foot one — I’m a small person”

sianna said on 27/Jan/06
oh thanx, thats made me feel a whole lot betta lol.

6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 26/Jan/06
sianna, height really doesn’t matter for girls. You just have to have a good personality and if you look good (facial, body), that’s what prolly most guys including me will go for (like 95 percent). I mean, of course, if the girl was like 4 feet 5, then maybe there’s a problem. But with you’re height, like 5 foot 3.5, that’s like taller than Lil Kim, who me and my friends with wanna get with ANYDAY. NOt because she’s rich, but because she’s HOT. guys, I don’t think, really talk about height related with girls, only when we talk about like sports like basketball. Height for girls just doesn’t matter. I mean see hella hot female celebrities like scarlett johanson, rachel mcadams, elisha cuthbert, etc,etc,etc. so case closed, sianna don’t worry, I don’t give a s*** about height when related to anything about girls, and I bet almost all other guys don’t either.

sianna said on 26/Jan/06
im nearly 16, my mum says im “petite”, im lyk wateva ( im nowhere near as thin as nicole richie!). but i havnt done alot of growing so hopefully ill grow alot soon, i mean my dads lyk 6′, anywayz, is it just me, or has nicole shrunk. people say that u can shrink from being sick, well she is sick, she isnt eating! so is it possible she has lost some height. if she is 5’1, and has lost 5pounds (above) would that make sense of her weight, or has she lost more? ( wat is five pounds in kilos lol).

175cm16andgrowing said on 24/Jan/06
I was 5’7” and 90-95lbs, and doing sports. I’m male just so you know. It’s not that bad. at least you don’t feel bad and in the end you’re always sick but. 6’1.5,16, still growing, you’re right. We don’t like anorexic skinny girls. A friend of mine, she’s 5’9′ or even a little taller than me, 5’9.5” (she can look everywhere from 5’8” to 5’10”) was very skinny but now she’s about 120lbs or so and she looks great. So, Serene, don’t be skinny. It’s more ugly than good and I know what I’m talking about.
As for Nicole. 5′ she should be. she always looks so small. beside her dad who isn’t that tall. 5’10.5” is listed here I think so. she looks like a baby next to him :D. She isn’t 5’1”.

6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 24/Jan/06
hey serene, what’s good about being 95 pounds and 5 foot 1? Am I in another world? Most guys usually don’t go for anorexic looking she-dwarfs. Most of us would like girls who have at least SOME meat on them, not anorexic thin like lohan became. her prime was in the mean girls movie. editor rob, I think this deserves to be submitted.

Serene said on 23/Jan/06
Wow.. she is only 95lbs.. Good for her and bad for me.

5’1″ would be very generous I think.. how about 5’0.5″ ?

Sheyah said on 11/Jan/06
Excuse me but i think Nicole Richie is one of the most gorgeous people, you have to remember that beauty is often in the flaws. Personally i know how it feels to be a shorty as i am only 5″1.5 and it’s true that any weight flucuations you have when your a shorty makes a very BIG difference. At the moment i weigh 126lbs and i look huge but when i was 116lbs (which wasn’t even that small), i looked so much thinner and everyone thought i was having real problems which was very untrue it’s just that it looks like 30lbs when it’s really only 10lbs difference.

So this whole thing about Nicole losing SOOO much weight and being too skinny and everything is just ridiculos. For her height of 5″1, 97lbs(which she has said in an interview she is) actually isn’t that bad at all and we should be more concerned with the models and other celebrities out there that are 5″5 and up who weigh 100lbs or less and not Nicole who is in a healthy weight range for her height.

angela said on 3/Jan/06
she doesn’t have anything nice in her face. just a nice body and Money. because of her dad.. i dont know y is she that famouse. my boyfriend is 6 ft.. and he got a photo with this nicole . and she is half of him. so she is 3 ft.. just kiddin’ i think 5.2 is absolutely right.

Sab the Super said on 29/Nov/05
I just thought I’d add that I’m 5′ 41/2″ to 5′ 5″ and I’m only 110 pounds, and I’m not super skinny. So, her being 5′ 0″-5′ 2″ and 92-97 pounds isn’t all that bad.

Sab the Super said on 29/Nov/05
Nicole Richie is around 5′ 0″, maybe 5′ 1″. That’s why she looks so thin. She’s just very tiny. The reason she looks like she’s lost a lot of weight is because she was in drug rehab (so I’ve heard) and gained a little weight, when she lost it, it looked very dramatic on her tiny figure, and so everyone thought something was wrong. Nicole Richie is most definitely NOT 5′ 6″.

I just thought I’d add that I’m 5′ 41/2″ to 5′ 5″ and I’m only 110 pounds, and I’m not super skinny. So, her being 5′ 0″-5′ 2″ and 92-97 pounds isn’t all that bad.

Chloee said on 10/Nov/05

heightgirl said on 10/Nov/05
Maybe 5’1 and a half?

My guess said on 8/Nov/05
of course she is not 5’6

ANDREA said on 19/Oct/05

tashiboshi said on 25/Sep/05
usually i think stars lie about their height. nicole, i think, is one of the few who is being completely honest. she’s listed as 5’2″ everywhere. she easily could have just stuck with that, as she does look at least 5’2″ next to hilton. she is definitely 5’1.” kudos to her for being honest.

Z2 said on 9/Jul/05
Nicole Richie and Avril Lavigne are the same height. I saw them once on t.v. where the two stood side by side(straight as rulers). Again, they both look between the 4’11”-5’0″ range to ME. It’s common sense that if a person says a given height that is repeated like Nicole’s ( 5’1″), we can assume the height they’re giving is “rounded.”

CelebHeights Editor said on 27/May/05
Ok, here she said it: I’m 5 feet 1 inches, so even losing 5 pounds on my frame looks like a lot.”